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    • With the danger Chris McLean surrounded himself by every year, it was a wonder the man lived as long as he did. While testing one of his own challenges for his new season of Total Drama, Chris was in a horrible accident, and died shortly afterwards. Apparently, McLean anticipated his own death, because he had a will set up. Everything, including the island and his fortune, was set up to the only family member that was still alive: His younger sister. Kat. He also left her a note of his dying wish:

      "The show must go on."

      After seeing the island she was left with, Kat sold the island, and used the money she earned and inherited to but a much nicer island. Cabins were built, staff was hired, interns tested stunts. She was doing as her older brother wished, carrying on his show. But, she was determined to make some huge improvements before even thinking of looking for contestants.

      Once everything was finished, Kat made a public announcement that she was now accepting audition video's, and looked for people with a lot of diversity and character to add more excitement to the show. She also made the announcement that instead of the original 11 contestants her older brother allowed, she was going to be accepting 30 people: 15 males, and 15 females, who would be split up into teams of 3.

      So, do you have what it takes to compete in Total Drama: A New Island? Do you stand a chance of winning the grand prize of $1,000,000? Find out here!

      1. Each person may play 1-3 characters.
      2. Reservations can be made, but I will only hold them for three days.
      3. Ages can range from 16-19
      4. No one-liners, those just cause roleplays to die out quickly. 1-5 paragraphs, please.
      5. Try to post as often as possible. If you don't reply at least once every three days, I will move the plot on without you. It's unfair to make a group of people wait on one person.
      6. Use TDI-style or Anime pictures for appearance. (And yes, I'm going to require a picture for looks).
      7. BE FAIR! This is a competition, and only one person to win in the end. If you are playing unfairly, so that your character comes out in unlikely odds, I will give you one warning, and one warning only. If it happens again, the character will automatically be eliminated. Seriously, it annoys everyone when things aren't fair in roleplays like this, and I will not allow it.
      8. For each competition I will flip a coin to see who comes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
      9. For elimination, I will message each player of the loosing team for their votes, so things are kept anonymous. This does not mean you can't discuss who should be eliminated with you team within the roleplay, but the final voted are done in secret in the show, so they will be done the same way in the roleplay.
      10. I will play the cook (Who has been changed to a sweet old lady) when she is needed. Her name will be Matilda.
      11. We will start once all the spots are filled up, so feel free to invite your friends :)
      12. I will be making a competitor as well, but for my teammates: DON'T BE AFRAID TO VOTE ME OFF. Seriously, if you feel my character should be the next to go, then so be it. That's just how the game is played. Cast your vote, no grudges or judgement will be created on my side.

    • **** Their name shows their picture, the name of the member in the parathasis "( )" will bring you to their profile, and their age/clique/sexuality will bring you to the post with all of their character information.
      So, like this:
      Picture (Person playing them)-Permalink to their character sheet.

      1. Jennifer/Jenna (Brea)-16, Queen Bee, Straight.
      2. Sybil/Syb (Sav The Zombitch)- 17, The Shy Girl//Heartthrob, Straight.
      3. Astyr (Sav The Zombitch)-17, The Tomboy Gamer-Geek, Straight.
      4. Chasidy (Sav the Zombitch)-17, Possessive Know-It-All, Pansexual.
      5. Ayumi (IceQueen)-17, Singer, Bi/Heterosexual.
      6. Blachflor (FangirlingSinceBirth)-18, The Pastel Goth, Bisexual.
      7. Cassandra/Cass (ChemicalLove)-17, Geek/Gamer, Confused.
      8. Clarissa/Clary (Brea)- 16, Loner, Straight.
      9. Charlene/Charlie (SilentSerenity)- 17, Queen Bee, Straight.
      10. Latifia (Jazz)-19, Ghetto, Heterosexual.
      11. Vanessa/Ness (Samantha)-18, Girl Genius, Heterosexual.
      12. Stephanie (Samantha)-16, Disney Princess/Hearthrob, Heterosexual.
      13. Madoline (Samantha)-16, Performer/Hearthrob, Heterosexual.
      14. Anise (XxGiaXx)-19, Queen Bee, Closet Homosexual.
      15. Annabelle (Firejay)-18, Good Girl, Heterosexual.
      1. Parker (justic hunt)-18, Rebel, Heterosexual.
      2. Desmond/Des (justic hunt)-17, Artist, Heterosexual.
      3. Giovanni (Tear Gas and Anthrax)-18, Stoner/Geek/Gamer, Pansexual.
      4. David (justice hunt)-18, Soccer Fanatic, Pansexual.
      5. Matt (MrDubWubs)-19, Over-Achiever, Confused/Heterosexual.
      6. Kyle (Ice Queen)-19, Bad Boy, Pansexual.
      7. Xavier (andrew21234)-17, Loner, Straight.
      8. Link (FangirlingSinceBirth)-17, The Magic Critic, Asexual
      9. Justin (Andy)-18, Musician, Straight.
      10. Zayden (SilentSerenity)-19, Vegan, Bisexual.
      11. Kevin (Franco)-18, Timid, Bisexual (In the closet)
      12. Will (Andy)-17, Athlete, Straight.
      13. Maximillion (FangirlingSinceBirth)-16, Cross Dresser, Questioning Sexuality.
      14. Abraham (Jazz)-18, Delinquent, Heterosexual.
      15. Jacob (Jazz)-18, Student Gov, Bicurious.

    • This is the birds-eye-view of camp "Hackaloogi.". Read below for descriptions of each place.

      ****All the green is forest (trees, bushes, that good stuff), while the blue is water (clearly), and the tan is either sand or dirt.

      Cabins (open)

      There are 6 cabins in total. They are located around a small and seemingly bottomless lake, which is perhaps the safest place for competitors to swim. Each has 5 beds (two bunk beds and one located beneath the window. The whole thing is wooden, and pretty sturdy since it was recently built. There are two closet area's located along the same wall as the door, which all of the girls will have to fit their clothing into (there is also the option of storing their clothing in the suitcases below their bed, but that's probably not favorable for most of the contestants). In the center of the ceiling is a fan, which is also the only source of light, and directly below is a rug that takes up half of the floor. Outside, there is a small porch with two seats and a railing. The whole cabin is lifted off the ground, and so there are four steps up onto the porch.

      The cabins that have been filled with RED belong to Team: Cynical Cheetahs;
      The cabins that have been filled with PINKISH-PURPLE belong to Team: Fighting Falcons.
      The Cabins that have been BLUE belong to Team: Gruesome Meerkats.

      Commentary Booth (open)

      This is located by the Dining Hall. It's a small wooden structure that resembles an outhouse on the outside. On the inside, however, it smells of vanilla and the walls are covered in smooth red fabric. There is a stool with a comfy seat, and an counter in front of the stool. The camera has been placed inside the wall, at the average eye-level. This is where competitors can comment on events in the competition, without any of the other competitors ever hearing it.

      IMPORTANT: To share things in the commentary booth, please surround the text with these symbols: "< >" and make the text size 1. Things said/done in the commentary booth will go unknown by the other competitors, so even though we can all read what happens, please don't portray knowledge learned in the commentary booth with your characters. That's uncool, and if it happens I will remove the option of the commentary booth.

      Kitchen/Dining Hall (open)

      The kitchen is connected to the Dining Hall. This is where the cooks work. Only staff is allowed in this area.
      The Dining Hall has four long tables with wooden benches for seats. There is an opening in the wall to the kitchen, where the food is served.

      Main Beach (open)

      This is a sandy area, located on the west side of the island. Many challenges will be held here. Watch out for the poisonous vegetation in the reef.

      Elimination Area (open)

      It's hard to tell in the picture, but the elimination ceremony is held at the top of the island's waterfall. The rushing water is a beautiful background to the tragic departures that will occur here. Competitors will sit on benches that have been set up here, while the host stands on a podium. On the podium is a plate, where there are pre-made smores. Each smore is different: some has fruit, some has extra chocolate, some have nuts. Competitors are able to choose whatever they want as their names are called out. At the end there will be one competitor left, and this person will be the one going home for the night.

      Upon elimination, the ex-competitor is guided to the edge of the waterfall, where a helicopter waits just barely out of reach. There is a rope-ladder hanging out of the doors, which the person leaving will have to jump for. Should they miss, they will fall 110ft to the water below, and will have to wait until the helicopter gets close enough for them to climb onto the ladder. All of their personal items will already be waiting for them inside the helicopter, and they will leave the island forever.

      Commune Bathrooms (open)

      The boys and girls have seperate bathrooms. There are 3 showers located inside each bathroom, two toilets, and a large mirror with a counter and six outlets. There is a window located in each shower, but the type of glass prevents perverts from looking in. Showers have curtains, but otherwise there is no privacy, and toilets are in stalls.

      The Docks (open)

      The docks are located in the gulf of the island. This is where all competitors will arrive to the islands, and where all boats will be stored. Nothing special, really.

      Extra Island (open)

      This island is smaller, and has larger flat grounds than the original island. For this reason, obstacle courses and stuff along those lines will be set up here. It's really just another place for competitions to be held.

      Boathouse and Storage (open)

      These are small cabin-shaped structures that hold items and props used for challenges. The only people who will go in here really is staff, or competitor on the rare occasion.

      Kat's Mansion and Video-Editing Station (open)

      This is where Kat (the host) lives, as well as all of her other staff members. There is a small building where people are working around the clock to edit footage. She provides a separate and slightly-luxurious building for all of her workers to live in during the season. No competitors will ever come here. It is surrounded by an electrified fence, to keep wildlife and unwanted visitors out.

      Archetype/Clique: {Basically the kind of person they are. Some examples are: Jocks, Preps, Nerds, Cheerleaders, Know-It-Alls, Queen Bee's, Student Gov, Neat Freak, Control Freak, Artist, Actor, Mucisian, Hip-Hop, Punk, Goth, Slacker, Bad-Boy, Good Girl, Class Clown, Country, Rebel, Parkour, Surfer, Prom Queen/King, ECT}
      Audition Video: {Describe setting, and what they say. This is a good reflection for personality, as well.}

    • Color Ref: ff0090


      "It's Kat."
      Katherine Justice McLean

      "You should never ask a lady her age."

      "Female, obviously."

      "I run the show."

      Pretty much like Chris, but more girly and slightly nicer.

      ~ Hired a new cook named Matilda:

    • Color Reference: 04dbc6


      "I prefer to go by Jenna."
      Jennifer Maria Hart

      "Old enough."
      16, almost 17.

      "I'm a girl obviously."

      "I run the world."

      "I like to think I'm pretty cool."
      Jenna is a complicated girl. She's a bit of a trouble-maker, but somehow is able to display herself as a very good girl. A model citizen, even. She's very kind to her friends, and incredibly loyal to them. But, she can be a royal bitch to those who manage to get on her bad side. Jennifer is the type to hold a grudge until she feels she has gotten-even. She's an extremely competitive girl, who hates loosing more than almost anything else. Sometimes she let's her temper get the best of her, and once it does all hell breaks loose. But, underneath her tough mask, Jenna is a slightly insecure teenage girl, who fears rejection among her peers.

      "I have many."
      She's very flexible, and because she's on the cheer-leading squad she's also very fit. Jenna is very good at sprinting, and is one of the fastest girls at her school. She's also very persuasive, and good at making deals with others. Secrets are safe with Jenna, she'll never tell a soul. She's very compulsive {which might be a weakness?}, and a quick thinking when put under pressure. Also, she always has a plan A, as well as a plan B.

      "Bad boys. I mean, what girl doesn't swoon over one of those?"
      True, she does have a spot spot for bad boys, but that's not her main weakness. Actually, it's her inability to follow the rules. She has a big problem with taking orders, because she doesn't like to be pushed around. She also doesn't trust very easily, which can sometimes make her a bad teammate. Lastly, because she wants to be accepted by everyone, she can be a bit naive.

      "I laugh in the name of fear! Ha Ha Ha!"
      She's claustrophobic, and has a fear of heights. Betrayal, Snakes, the dark, monsters. All that good stuff. Oh, and she's also terribly afraid of clowns.

      "I'm in to boys, sorry ladies!"

      Audition Video:
      "You would not believe how many times it took us to get it this perfect!"
      The camera opens up on a football field, which is vacant for about ten seconds. Then, there's a sound of a sound of a whistle blowing on, and the whole cheerleading team comes flipping, cheering, and smiling into view. The beet to "Hey Micky," begins to play in the background, and the Cheerleaders begin their routine to the song. However, instead of saying "Hey Micky" they cheer "Hey Jenna."

      "Hey Jenna, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind..."

      After thirty seconds the music cuts, and the team splits in half. Jenna comes down the middle towards the camera, flipping and cartwheeling and roundoffing the whole way. Finally, after her final flip, Jenna lands in the splits just in front of the camera. She smiles dazzlingly into the lens, as her brown hair falls around her face and over her shoulders. "I'm Jenna Stokes," she introduces herself, "And I believe I have what it takes to win your competition."

      The whole team erupts in cheers behind her, and the football players flood into the screen as well, picking cheerleaders up and trowing them onto their shoulders. Jenna turns around to smile at her friends, giving them all a thumbs up. She then turns back to the camera, still smiling.

      "Well, that's it. I hope to see you real soon." She is seen reaching forward toward the camera, and the screen goes black.

      "There's not much else to know."
      ~ Loves cheerleading more than anything, even gymnastics. ~
      ~ Hates when secrets are kept from her. ~
      ~ She used to sing for the school, but she gave that up for cheerleading. ~
      ~ Wanted to pursue a singing career for a while, but doesn't even know where to begin. ~
      ~ Her favorite drink is pink lemonade. ~
      ~ Is very sarcastic and witty, but it takes a while before she reveals this side to those around her. ~
      ~ Listens to all kinds of genres of music, because she finds all types enjoyable. ~

    • Color Ref: a709db


      "Um... you can call me Clary."
      Clarissa Riley Scott

      "I just turned sixteen.."

      "I'm a female, I would hope that was obvious."

      "I don't really think I fit in with any clique."

      "I dunno, I guess I'm kind of shy."
      Clary is a very shy and timid girl. She has never been to a high school party before, and has a few very close friends. If given the option to work by herself or in a group, she almost always chooses by herself. She often stays at home, and when she does go out it's always with the same small group of people. She's a bit of a geek. She loves all things Marvel/Dc, and enjoys TV shows such as Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, and The 100. She's also a huge book and movie geek, and can sometimes be caught making a reference. Clary is a smart girl, but does little to show it. She's extremely quite, but once she becomes comfortable around someone they'll be lucky if she ever shuts up. The one sure way to get her to become very 'loud' is to let her catch you picking on someone she is fond of... he will always stand up for a friend, but never for herself. She's known as a 'good girl' back home, because she very rarely breaks the rules. Clarissa values honesty, and for this reason she never lies, even if the truth hurts.

      "Uhh... nothing comes to mind."
      Clary is extremely observant, and notices thing about people that most others don't. She's also a quick thinker, and very good at coming up with plans. She's also very nimble, and flexible thanks to years of gymnastics. Despite her small frame, she eats a lot, and has a strong stomach. Clary is an amazing singer, and had a few lessons when she was younger. Lastly, she's very empathetic, and finds it easy to sympathize with others.

      "Why would I tell someone else my weaknesses?"
      She is not a very fast runner, and sometimes over thinks things. She also has trouble speaking up, because she second guesses herself a lot. Because she won't stand up for herself, Clary often gets walked on and taken advantage of. She's also not very handy with tools or computers. Clary has a horrible habit of saying exactly what she means, and so some people mistake her for a bitch. Lastly, Clarissa is horribly clumsy.

      "Oh geez..."
      Spiders, Heights, and fire. Clary has an irrational fear of burning to death. She's also slightly scared of rejection, and extremely terrified of intimacy. As soon as a boy shows any signs of interest towards her she shuts herself down, and usually ends up ruining the whole thing.

      "I, uh, I like boys."

      Audition Video:
      "I redid this thing like a thousand times."
      The video opens with a girl sitting in her bedroom, her hands in her lap. The walls are painted a light color of purple, and there are several posters scattered around the place {Iron Man 3, Marvel, Hunger Games, ect.}. Beside her, an orange cat is curled up in a ball, and if you were to listen closely you could hear it purring.

      "Uh, Hello," Clary says, lifting a hand to give a light wave to the camera. "My name is Clarissa... Or, uh, most people call me Clary. I've watched every season of Total Drama, and have thought about trying out for some time now." The girl bit her lip nervously, and ran her fingers through her purple hair. "Uh," she said after a moment, her eyes shifting around, "To make myself stand out, I've decided to share one of my talents with you."

      Clary rose from her bed, and took a deep breath. Then, she began to sing, in perfect tune, the beginning of "Wayward Son" by Kansas. The cat on her bed lifts its head to see whats he is doing, and the screen fades to black while her voice fades out.


      "There's not much else to know."
      ~ The orange cat in her video is named Oliver, and she considers him her best friend. ~
      Bites her lip and runs her fingers through her hair when she is nervous. ~
      She's actually a brunette, but she felt the color didn't go well with her skin tone, and so she's been dying her hair the same color of purple since she was thirteen. ~
      She loves all animals. ~
      Is really hoping to make some friends, if she doesn't win the money. ~
      Would use the money for college, mostly. ~
      Likes to sing, but doesn't do it often. ~

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  1. May I reserve two females, my lovely Brea? :D

    I might make a male later, if we need it. :3
  2. Name: Sybil Tamara Allaway

    Aliases: Syb

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Archetype: The Shy Girl
    ((Melody would clarify as 'The Adapter' or 'The heartthrob'.))

    Personality: Sybil is a generally quiet, shy, and timid girl. She's extremely easily flustered, and is quick to embarrassment. However, once she becomes friends with someone, her shy shell seems to vanish and she becomes talkative, witty, and happier than she normally is. Despite her shyness, she always instinctively will help someone if they need it, and is very intelligent and obedient. She has a good sense of humor, and finds it easy to make others laugh. However, she has an extremely low self esteem. She's clinically depressed, and frequently puts herself down.

    However, Sybil has a split personality, Melody, who differs extremely. She's a straight-to-the-point type, but is fairly calm and composed. She could be described as laid back, but at times, she can be completely opposite of that. Basically, she changes in every different scenario. While she isn't terribly fond of her 'host', she is fairly protective of her. No matter her mood, she will tend to get snappy when provoked, and isn't afraid to throw a punch.


    Single or Taken: Single

    Sexuality: Straight

    Audition Tape: In the video, Sybil is seen sitting on a bed, fiddling nervously with the seam of her shirt. After a minute or so, she finally manages a small shy smile and wave toward the camera. "H-hello... I'm Sybil Allaway, and I'm hoping to be accepted for the show because... Because I 'need to get out more'..." she stated, with very slight confidence. Then, she gave another small smile. "So.. Please consider me as a contestant, and.. Thank you," she finished, before the camera shuts off.

    Talents: Sybil is an extraordinary artist, songwriter, and guitarist. However, she never admits to being good at anything. While it isn't really a 'talent', per se, she has an aura about her that makes her easy to talk to. Lastly, she's great with kids and animals, despite her lacking social skills. She's great at blending in with the crowd, due to her being a natural at hiding.

    Weaknesses: While Sybil is extremely clever, she's fairly easy to manipulate at first(though, the second she catches on, she slyly plans a counter-action). She has a tendency to try to see the good in people, even when it's not there. She's extremely protective of those she becomes close to, and often takes the blame for things she didn't even do to protect someone she cares about from punishment.

    Medical Conditions: DID, quite obviously. She also has MDD, Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, and paranoia. Though, she seldom lets anyone know about these things.

    Fear: She has an intense fear of losing people she cares about, as well as people turning on her. Ever since a number of incidents as a child, she has been terrified of being left alone in the dark, physical contact, and has an extreme fear of clowns. She also has a fear of her split personality doing something.. inappropriate, or uncalled for.

    Biography: Sybil grew up with a tough life. Her father left her and her mother at birth without even saying goodbye, and neither of the girls has heard anything from him since. In fact, even as an infant, she hasn't gotten even a glance at him, even from a picture. Why? Because ever since he left, she was the one to blame. Her mother went crazy when she found out he left, going through her apartment and smashing every picture of her and her boyfriend she had ever owned. But she didn't stop there, either; everything of his that had been left there was either destroyed or thrown out. Soon after, Sybil's mother turned to drugs and alcohol, all of this before Sybil had even turned one. As the years went by, Sybil was her mother's last target; the last remaining thing that was left to remind her of her unofficially ex-boyfriend. This landed Sybil a fate much worse than being smashed or tossed into the trash; constant abuse, demeaning words, and lack of affection from her mother. She received beatings, was constantly reminded how worthless she was, and was basically fending for herself, save for the roof over her head. This continued for years, up until she turned nine. It was then that her mother married a man named Walter. Which, Sybil thought would make life at least a little better..

    Boy, was she wrong.

    The man happened to have a fourteen-year-old son, named Ander. While the abuse from her mother had ceased, she was now outright ignored by both the woman and her new step-father. Ander became her only friend, and he taught her in private, since her mother had never sent her to school. She self-taught on top of this, advancing beyond the intellect of most kids her age. However, it came at a price. Because Ander was frequently left to babysit Sybil, he often ended up dragging her places with him, even when she didn't want to go. However, she adjusted, and grew used to this.

    However, things got out of hand when two years later, Ander drug her to a Halloween party. And, promptly ditched her in the haunted house to go out scaring people. Normally, she couldn't care less, but this time.. It all changed. The place was crowded to the brim, so it went unnoticed when a clown brushed past her, in doing so, giving her a light shove. This pushed her to the edge of the room, where the clown promptly covered her mouth and pulled her out of the main room. While Sybil kicked and screamed to no result, she was dragged down into a cellar, where the clown promptly molested her, before raping her and leaving her nearby. After awakening, she disorientedly found her way home, where she was punished for coming home late. She never told anyone about the incident, and still hasn't to this day.

    After this, the beatings resumed, and the girl fell into deeper depression than ever before; her split personna slowly developing. She withdrew even more, frequently locking herself in her room for days on end. She recalled experiencing extreme cases of memory loss around this time, and people frequently claimed she had done things that she swore she hadn't. However, a year later, she was told she had to sleep in the living room to 'guard the house' to 'make herself useful'. She thought nothing of it and did so, assuming nothing would happen.

    Again, she was wrong.

    Once night, she was secretly watching a movie, when she saw a flashlight being shined through the glass kitchen door. She instantly panicked, falling into a panic attack much worse than any other she had experienced. However, Sybil's extreme spite of being in the situation resulted in her split personality, Melody, taking the reigns. She silently called her step-father, asking him to come down. Surprisingly, he did, a few minutes after Melody had heard the door click open and slide open. And, of course, the culprit was none other than an illegally-drunk Ander. So, Sybil was punished. But as it had been occurring ever since the clown incident... Sybil could never recall the beatings. Why? Because whenever they occurred, it triggered her personality switch.

    So, this all continued through the years, till her mother passed away in a car crash two years ago. Because her step-father didn't want her, Ander took her in and has taken care of her ever since. She was taken to the doctor due to her memory lapses, as well as a variety of odd things happening for her, and was diagnosed with a number of disorders. Ever since, Ander has been trying to find a way to get her out into the real world, to finally have fun for a change. So, he naturally insisted she join TD when he saw an ad.

    -Sybil has a mainly Russian bloodline, and is fluent in the language, as well as Latin, Dutch, and Swedish. She tries to hide her Russian accent and heritage, as it has led to the few people she's gotten to meet picking on her. She fakes a Iowan accent, and the falsity of it is fairly obvious.


    Name: Astyr Isabella Moorington

    Aliases: Star

    Age: 17, almost 18.

    Gender: Female

    Archetype: The Tomboy Gamer-Geek

    Personality: Astyr is a very bubbly person, when she isn't caught up in gaming, reading, watching movies or her comics. She loves socializing, and makes friends fairly quickly. Typically, she's outgoing, caring, kind, and gentle; not to mention overly cautious. However, sometimes she can get carried away when caught up in video games, and frequently curses when she dies on any game. However, aside from this, she's a courteous and polite young woman. Stubborn and independent, yes, but kind. She typically hangs out with the opposite gender, and is often attracted to by them without realizing it. However, she frequently likes someone without knowing if they like her, and often gets a bit shy and flustered around them; which, with her, is a clear 'I-like-you-but-am-too-scared-to-say-it' sign. Though, she is now terrified of getting in a relationship with/too close to someone due to past events.


    Single or Taken: Single

    Sexuality: Straight

    Audition Tape: In the video, the first part is a short slideshow of varying videos. First, Astyr is seen juggling and laughing, surrounded by cheerful and elated children cheering her on. It appears to be a birthday party, with her as the entertainer. Next, there is a clip of her again, this time riding a skateboard being quickly pulled along by a group of excited dogs; a clip of her volunteer work for the local animal shelter. Then, it switches to her in what appears to be a hospital, carefully pushing a wheelchair bound teen down to a room, where a variety of gift baskets and other such things await. However, another video barely starts before being cut off, swapping to Astyr sitting in a dark-blue wolf-themed room, sat on a waterbed, carefully holding a large Boa. "Hey, TD peeps. I'm Astyr Moorington, and I think I got what it takes to win. Even if not, I'd love to go out there and have fun. So... Well, that's it. Hope ya consider me!" Then, it fades to black.

    Talents: Astyr, over the years, has obtained a natural ease when playing games. She has beaten every one she owns, and frequently plays against her friends, only to boast when she 'kicked your ass!'. She is extremely wise in the area of tech, and frequently toys with things to find ways to 'make them better'. She also is great at drawing and percussion, but isn't good at other forms of art. Her most favored talent, however, is her incredulous acting skills, which have given her extreme talent with impersonations. Lastly, she can juggle, and has mad skills with paintball, aersoft, and nerf guns.

    Weaknesses: Unlike most girls who claim to be nerds, geeks, or gamers, she truly is all of those at heart. And, she tends to be a bit prideful of it, and frequently boasts her savvy-ness with technology, and her ability to beat almost anyone at games. She sometime loses her temper, especially when she sees people being picked on. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, which sometimes gets her into trouble. Due to past events, she's scared of getting too close to people, out of fear of losing others or getting them hurt. She hates small spaces more than anything, and despises train and bus rides. Because of a medical condition, she is slightly lacking in physical strength, gets injured extremely easily, and fatigues quickly. Her immune system is weak because of the condition, leading to her falling ill fairly often. However, she typically completely hides her disease, which leads to her often getting hurt doing things she shouldn't do.

    Fears: Astyr is admittedly scared of lending her games, comics, books, CDs/DVDs, and controllers to others for the fact she thinks they'll damage or break them. She's terrified of small spaces, after being locked in a closet on accident and left there for over twenty-four hours. She has a chronic fear of losing those she loves, after an old friend of hers murdered her boyfriend. Since then, she's been scared that the murderer, who was an ex of hers that was apparently stalking her, is out there, looking for her. She's also scared to get in another relationship because of this.

    Biography: Since she grew up in a house with only a brother and her father(her mother was home off and on), Astyr has always been a bit of a tomboy. However, her family situation is what people assume to have caused this, though it's quite the contrary. At a young age, Astyr had started picking up comics, books, and games on her own. Her father wasn't exactly fond of the fact she enjoyed these things(save for gaming, since he was a gamer as well), but didn't try to stop her or judge her for it. Over the years, her skills in reading, general technology, gaming, and IQ increased incredulously. At the age of five, she had already started reading the Inheritance Cycle, the Harry Potter books, The Book Thief, and more. She got through almost all of her books, comics, and games in a matter of months, before persuading her father to get her more. This continued for quite some time, before Aiden, Astyr's little brother, was born. Her mother had already seldom been home due to working in a travel business, but she returned less and less after this. Though, Astyr was used to it, and Aiden adjusted to it as he grew as well. Soon enough, Astyr had gotten quite a few tricks up her sleeve. He convinced her babysitter to let her try her drum set, and turned out to be surprisingly good at it. At seven, the same boy had agreed to teach her lessons on it, and she learned quickly. The next thing she took on..?

    Acting. And to hell if she wasn't great at it, that little mastermind. She did it left and right, frequently reciting quotes from famous plays, movies, books, and television shows. Along with these skills, her talent of impersonations surfaced, as well. She started working with the community theatre, participating in a variety of plays and musicals. And, eventually, this took off for her. By fourteen, she was being paid to participate in a variety of play, musicals, and even to do voice acting for a few shows.

    She excelled in school, going above and beyond expectation. She laid low on her performances for the school year, rather making time to volunteer with a few shows here and there. She helped out at both the local hospital and animal shelter, and was persuaded to do some party entertaining by a few parents of kids she occasionally babysat. It always seemed like she never had enough time, nor enough to do.

    Soon enough, at fifteen, Astyr had her first long-term relationship. She'd had a few in the past, but they had all ended up to be psychopaths or total assholes. But this one was different; they'd been dating for about a year, and were so close that some mistook them for siblings. However, when they were almost to their second anniversary...

    He was found dead.

    Astyr was utterly devastated when she got the phone call. She cried for almost a week on end, keeping herself locked in her room. She didn't eat, didn't sleep, and seldom drank. When she finally left her room again, still sniveling and tear-streaked, she received a letter in the mail. There was no return address, nor anything else but Astyr's name. She opened it hesitantly, slowly sliding out the letter. It read, in bold red ink, "_ ____ ___, ____. _ ____ ___ _'_ __ __. ___ ____ ______ __ __." It was signed "____, S.E." She only sobbed harder, as she immediately knew who had murdered her beloved. What made it worse, was that the murderer had signed it with his initials: Seth Eastwood. Not only that, but when she handed it to the police for investigation, the culprit had written it in Seth's blood, in forged handwriting.

    Ever since then, Astyr has avoided relationships like the plague, even when she strongly likes someone. Why? Because it'd put her and anyone she got with in danger. She believes that _______ _______, the murderer and her insane ex, is still stalking her and plotting against her, even two years after the incident. She applied for TD in hopes of escaping, possibly making friends, and if she were lucky.. Falling in love again. Just... Without the merciless murder, this time around.

    Medical Issue: When Astyr turned four, she was diagnosed with EDS: which changed her physical life. She was forced to drop out of soccer, could participate in few games on the playground, and was to do little physical writing(limiting her to typing long assignments on a laptop). This is partially why she is so fond of all the other things she does, and boasts them a bit; she feels the need to prove she really is worth something, even with a disease.

    The form of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Astyr inherited is the hyper-mobility type. This results in; extremely soft skin(that is fairly stretchy) that bruises easily, abnormal and almost disturbing flexibility, a weak immune system(due to her body having to work hard to keep itself together), weak joints that make for easy bending, fragile bones that are easy to break, frequent dislocations, and much more.

    She also has to wear these constantly. They're ring splints that keep her fingers from bending ways they aren't supposed to. Though, she passes them off as regular rings: [​IMG](Mine are a bit tarnished.. But oh well. It works. She wears these on both hands.)
    -Astyr is Scottish, and thus has an evident accent. However, it isn't terribly prominent, because of the years she's spent in the US.
    -Astyr can use fairly inappropriate language(usually, this is only used when she's gaming).
    -Astyr volunteers in more places and programs than anyone has been able to keep track of.​
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  3. Both your characters are very interesting! I look forward to seeing you play them :)
    Hopefully more people join.
  4. Thanks! ^^

    I'll make some recommendations to friends. Maybe drag a few people, kicking and screaming.. >:D

    Maybe make a banner?
  5. Haha, Great!
    I did make a banner last night, actually, because of the lack of people joining. So, I'm wayyyyy ahead of you hon ♥
  6. Nice! Can't wait to see! <3
  7. may i reserve two males?
  8. Yes, I'll make the reservations now.
  9. thank you
  10. is there an age restriction?
  11. Yeah, it's in the rules. ♥
  12. oh okay thanks
    Parker Thomas
    Archetype/Clique: {Basically the kind of person they are. Some examples are: Jocks, Preps, Nerds, Cheerleaders, Know-It-Alls, Queen Bee's, Student Gov, Neat Freak, Control Freak, Artist, Actor, Musician, Hip-Hop, Punk, Goth, Slacker, Bad-Boy, Good Girl, Class Clown, Country, Rebel, Parkour, Surfer, Prom Queen/King, ETC}
    The Rebel!
    Parker doesn't follow the rules, he is a go with the flow type of guy. Parker is smart and diligent but can act sometimes dumb and foolish. He will never admit he is wrong unless it comes to the point where he has to. Parker is very sarcastic ans makes jokes a lot, if he makes jokes at you please don't take it personal, it's just how the character acts. Parker hates teacher/hosts pets, they will most likely be his first target. He is not afriad to go against someone bigger then him even if they are the toughest contestants there. Overall Parker is a nice guy, maybe at first he might sound really mean but if you get on his good side, he will watch your back.
    Parker is a prankster so he won't be afraid to take risks. that may be a weakness but he takes it as a strength. Parker is very fast so is great for challenges where you have to run a lot or sport competitions. If your on his good side then he will cheer you on and help you out. Overall Parker is an exceptional contestant for doing more hands on competitions. He can be good at mind competitions and can manipulate other contestants and is still working with the host.
    With being a Rebel you have to have weaknesses. Other then playing mind games, Parker isn't that smart, he has a short intelligence span and can forget stuff easily. Parker is a rebel but doesn't know how to fight, he may know how to use harsh words but when it comes to fighting, by the words of the giver. "They know nothing." He is really puny guy but can run fast. He isn't artistic but can spray paint with a spray can.
    Parker has a huge fear of boats, he gets sea sick easily. He is terrified of bears because of when he and his father went on a fatherly son camping trip, a bear almost humped him. (i would be terrified too) Parker has a fear of dying, when he heard about the camp being more safe he jumped at the opportunity. Parker has a really strange fear of rabbits, he hates how big their eyes are and they look like they will kill you any second. He has claustrophobia, so he hates small spaces and likes his space. He hates weird food like the recent years on the island, so if he comes across one of those foods he is not eating anything and will defiantly lose his appetite.
    Audition Video: {Describe setting, and what they say. This is a good reflection for personality, as well.}
    Parker was in his small room. There were Hollywood Undead posters all over the walls. The walls were black with posters everywhere all the wall. There was a Queen size bed sticking out of the wall. There was a white carpet spread on the ground. His dresser was near his bead and table and lamp shade on the left side. His hats and accessories sat on the dresser.

    Parker set up the Camera so it could see him and pressed the record button, from there he ran to his bed and sat facing the camera. "Hello my name is Parker Thomas from Greece, Athens. Everyone i meet either calls me a rebel or a stupid kid. The teens calling me rebel and the older people calling me a stupid kid. I am not afraid to express myself and do what i love, some people call me badass others call me an idiot. I call myself a rebel"

    Bees: Parker is highly allergenic to bees, if he was stung his throat would get puffy and his whole face would be huge. If he doesn't use his epi-pen then he would die in 20 minutes.
    Banana's: He is allergenic to banana's and the last time he had it, his stomach would feel like an earth quake.
    Dancing: He hides this talent but he is amazing at break dancing and mostly at ball room dancing, but shows his break dancing skills.
    Building: Parker is great at building stuff and welding with workshop. He is amazing at workshop being the best in his high school.

    no one​
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  14. hey i was wondering if you don't mind if Desmond (a character i'm making) have a crush on Sybil? it would be actually be really funny seeing him act really awkward around her lol
  15. Love him!
    Sure, no problem! I think that'd be pretty awesome, too. :3
  16. cool and thanks!
  17. Yup! No problem. Can't wait to see him!

    On a side note.. I'll talk to some other folk to see if they wanna join, too. :3
  18. I would like to reserve a dude spot
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    Desmond 'Des' Philips
    Archetype/Clique: {Basically the kind of person they are. Some examples are: Jocks, Preps, Nerds, Cheerleaders, Know-It-Alls, Queen Bee's, Student Gov, Neat Freak, Control Freak, Artist, Actor, Mucisian, Hip-Hop, Punk, Goth, Slacker, Bad-Boy, Good Girl, Class Clown, Country, Rebel, Parkour, Surfer, Prom Queen/King}
    Desmond is kind and sweet, he is not strong enough to stand up for himself, but will try too. He is very responsible but when he fails his duties at lets say watching somebody, he will freak out. He has a kind heart and tries to act sweet to everybody. Even though he won't stand up for himself, he may step up to the plate for somebody he really cares about. He is very artistic, he can draw amazing things and create different artwork such as hair styling, workshop and welding, painting and architecture. He is a terrible singer and gets made fun of for having a bad voice. Desmond tries to do the right thing but may cross the line if he has too.
    Desmond is an amazing artist, he has many different mediums. He is smart so he gets 80's in math and science. He is very determined so he won't give up. he is a good team leader, maybe not at first but more into it he will be a very valuable partner. He knows how to get on peoples good side and to get out of trouble. He is very responsible so he will take it upon him to do tasks that some people just can't.
    Even though he is artistic, he can't build anything except that he can architect. He is terrible in history and thinks that history is history. He has a terrible singing voice, but he doesn't know that. He won't step up for himself because hes insecure. He has a dark sense of humor, that he constantly gets made fun of for. Most times hes the one telling people that something is a bad idea or that they shouldn't do that.
    He has a fear of planes, he will go into a cradle and cry. He can't swim because he is afraid of water because he almost drowned when he was six, but he never told anyone. He has a fear of snakes because his grandfather died on a safari trip by a snake. He's also scared of bullies because they scare them and he feels alone when they do bully him, he was also bullied in grade/elementary school.
    Audition Video: {Describe setting, and what they say. This is a good reflection for personality, as well.}
    When the camera started it appeared as a small room, there was a small white bed sheet bed. The background of the camera showed a marvel wallpaper. There were a lamp on a small table next to the bed and another table that had a hat, necklace with an eagle on it and a watch. A boy in his teens sat on the side of the bed, his hands on his lap and his legs hanging from the bed.

    "Hello my names Desmond and i would love to come to the new island! I was going to do it last season but thought it was too disgusting so i heard of the new island i jumped at the opportunity. Desmond smiled and then fixed his hair. "My family and friends call me nice, responsible and most specifically an artist, i have many mediums like painting and drawing and much more. So i hope that you accept me and have a great day!" He the walked to the video camera and shut it off.
    ~Likes: Art,architecture,painting and hair styling~
    Dislikes: Fighting, dancing, history and swimming.
    ~Allergies: Birds, plants and watermelon.

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