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    Welcome all to my abode.

    Alright, I'm Demmy. Obviously. And I'm also looking for RP partners! Again, that's obvious. In any case, a bit about me:

    I live in Australia and go by AEST. At the time of posting this it was ____. I love roleplaying and have been doing so since 2012. I also love nature, destruction, evil, antiques, dark, gore, classic cars, fire, water, technology... I have a lot of conflicting thoughts. Aaaaanyway, following this will be a list of what you can expect from me.

    - Responses. I mean it. I will respond. If I don't, I'm either busy or completely missed the thread - so tell me.
    - I will let you know when I get bored. Seriously. If I don't want to continue, I will tell you and we can work something out or drop it completely.
    - Basic spelling and grammar.
    - Anime pictures. I find it extremely hard to find a real life picture that accurately depicts what my character looks like.
    - I can play both genders. I mean it, I can.
    - I love playing multiple characters. It helps the plot move along.
    - I will try my hardest to match what you write, but I am useless at extremely long posts.
    - If you want to fuse two or three ideas from below together, that's fine.
    - I'm willing to double up on ideas.

    Right then. The following list is what I expect from you!

    - Don't fucking disappear. If you're bored, tell me. I don't mind. If you just ditch me and not tell me I will assume that you are just busy and I will pester you.
    - Basic grammar and spelling. I do not understand text talk. Punctuation is also important.
    - I don't care how little or how much you write. I really don't.
    - Do not come to me saying that you can only play one gender. I will automatically turn you down.
    - I do not expect you to play multiple characters.
    - I don't expect lightening fast responses. Respond when you have a chance.
    - Don't ask to RP without any idea or concept as to what you want to do. Even if it is just a basic plot outline or even what genre you want to RP.

    Now. I will list the RPs that I am interested in. Please note that they don't necessarily imply romance:

    Real life (Note, this does not mean modern. It just means there is no fantasy elements involved.):

    • Wild west
      • Small town person x newbie
    • Medieval times
      • Rich x poor
      • Soldier x other
      • Two friends - I'm not big on romance.
    • Music college
      • Basically making friends, maybe more.
    • Zoo colleagues
    • Spy organization - 1700s-modern times
      • New recruit x other new recruit or something
      • Mission RP
    • Martial arts
    • Pirates

    Fantasy (Earth or otherworld):

    • Mercenary group
    • Supernatural creature school
    • Any otherworld fantasy element at all. I don't care. I love all fantasy.

    Sci Fi:

    • Mecha school
    • War soldiers
    • Space pirates
    • Post-apocalyptic
      • Zombies
      • Mutations
      • Steampunk
  2. I could do the mercenary group one maybe even the pirate one
  3. I'm SUPER interested in the mecha school!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.