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    Death is inevitable. We are born unequal and live unequal lives for that is how society intended it to be. Despite thinking ourselves to be not only advanced in every aspect but also superior to both other species and our predecessors, we still live in a Medieval society where you are defined at your birth and you can't skip between classes since that is pretty much impossible. All you can do is attempt to go up the ladder in your own cast. Basically, if you are born a worker, you will die a worker. All you can hope for is to die as a richer worker.

    Existing is unfair and there is nothing that you and me can do about it because we don't have a say in it. This has been decided long before us and no matter the many tries to fight back the institution, these futile attempts will bare no fruit since there will always be individuals that will fear the change that we bring. Their reasons vary - ignorance, stupidity, idleness or greed since many of the higher-ups think that such a revolution would strip them of their privileges.
    But said privileges are of no use to them really... Because, in spite of life being unfair, all are equal in front of death. And, for the better or for the worst, death is inevitable and probably the only secure thing in this world. You may or may not go to the supermarket, you may or may not marry that person you think you love, you may or may not lose all of your possessions but you will die one day.

    And people die a lot. At one moment they are here, and then suddenly they are not. They have moved on in the afterlife, if you wish to believe in its existence, they have been reborn, if this idea is favorable to you, or maybe they are just gone and will soon return to the stardust that gave birth to them. No matter in what you believe happens after we exhale our last breath, one thing is for sure - we leave behind marks... like letters to those special to us, clothes socked in our scent, goofy photos of campfires and drunk nights out when we did some things we aren't too proud of, beautiful objects we can pass on to our friends and family, stories about us that will travel from mouth to mouth, memories both sour and sweet, impression both negative and favorable. We continue to live on in the minds of those we have touched and influenced no matter in what way.​

    We also leave behind a corpse.

    There are a lot of disgusting jobs in this life - from a hotel maid to a pathologist, someone has to do it... from a sewer worker to a porta potty cleaner,someone has to do it... from a roadkill collector to a maggot farmer, someone has to do it...​

    A death-scene cleaner... Someone has to do it.

    And we are the guys for the job.
    In Japan alone there are about 1 269 000 deaths annually, most of which located in the Tokyo Metropolis, and we are here to handle them.​

    If you find yourself in need of a cleaner, call us - The Tokyo Death Purgers - at +8144 444 4444.​

    A Special OfferThere is equality in death. This is not debatable. Yet, the manner in which we die can be rather unforgiving and disgusting, unfair and enraging, sadistic and sorrowful. We are not just mere cleaners but protectors of our clients who can no longer speak for themselves. We make sure that their unfortunate deaths are avenged. So, if the police are unable to do their jobs properly and you, as the relatives and close companions of the deceased wish to find closure to the case, do not fear to hire us.

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    1. No godmodding, bunnying or overpowering your character
    2. No Mary Sues/Gary Stues
    3. Go easy on the sob stories, though this doesn't mean to exclude all sad elements completely
    4. Go easy on your character's intelligence as well. They can be a very sharp cookie, yet don't go overboard
    5. Follow the guidelines given in the CS
    6. I expect well-balanced and realistic characters
    7. This RP encourages diversity
    8. The limit of characters per roleplayer is one
    9. Grammar, grammar, grammar! Have a good grasp on it. I do not expect everyone to possess a flawless writing style. The only thing I require is effort and a decent knowledge of the English language
    10. Respect all roleplayers and characters
    11. Do not be close-minded, and, if you are, feel free to take your leave
    12. Don't make romance the central aspect of the plot... because it is not
    13. Despite this, love and all other relationships are allowed and can develop throughout the course of the story. However, if things get steamy, fade to black and take it somewhere else - for example PMs
    14. This is a HORROR ROLEPLAY. It will involve gruesome imaginary, descriptions, all sorts of crimes, body horror and all that jazz alongside foul language. If any of these trigger or disturb you, then don't join for your own well-being
    15. "Like" = Acceptance

    The characters work as crime scene cleaners aka "purgers", as they call themselves. However, they also double as private detectives and come in play when the police authorities can't do their job properly. Sometimes they are even employed by the police.

    At the beginning of each week a new assignment is presented before them by their mysterious boss, who communicates via the secretary. Together with it, they are given a list of witnesses and suspects as well as crime scenes. The former they need to question, while the latter - examine and investigate as they are layered with clues. THE SUSPECT LIST AS WELL AS THAT OF THE CRIME SCENES ARE NOT PERMANENT AND CHANGE IN REGARDS TO HOW THE STORY PROGRESSES. SOMETIMES NEW PLACES ARE DISCOVERED AS WELL AS NEW INDIVIDUALS TO QUESTION.

    In regards to the clues at the scenes, they are all over the place. However, not all of them are needed to solve the crime while some are actually useless decoys that have nothing to do with it. It depends on the "purgers" to figure out which are important and which not.

    And yet, sometimes that is hard to tell. When in a dead end, the roleplayers are allowed to contact the secretary of Tokyo Death Purgers and ask for advice.

    The timespan during which each crime must be solves is 5 days - one work week. On the night of the fifth, the "purgers" present their hypothesis and the villain is revealed. Each detective might decide to work alone on a theory or the whole group can cooperate and then choose a spokesperson.

    The other two days left are time during which the characters celebrate and get to know each other.

    When it comes down to my role, I will be playing as merely secondary characters - the boss and the secretary - whose tasks are handling out assignments as well as helping out through hints. My main job will be to describe the crime scenes as well as act as all the suspects.

    Character Sheet (open)

    [insert title here (what stereotype does your character play or how would you describe them?)]
    [insert character quote here]
    Age: (must be over 25)
    Nationality: (can be more than one depending on their descent)
    Occupation: (characters are allowed to have side jobs apart from that of "purgers")
    Appearance: (include anime picture (or drawing) together with a short description)
    Personality: (you can list their traits but also briefly describe exactly how they act)
    Biography: (include everything you want as well as why and how they ended up as a "purger")
    Quirks and peculiarities: (anything odd about them goes here, including mannerisms such as nail biting or parasitic words)
    Likes and dislikes: (at least 3 of each and make it even)
    Hobbies and interests:
    Theme: (their theme song... just 'cause I felt like it)

    "Tomoe-san" (@Dreamer) - THE SUIT CLAD BOSS - founder of "Tokyo Death Purgers", possibly a businessman
    Akiyama Satoshi (@Dreamer) - THE CHEERFUL PROTECTOR - secretary, manager and "retired purger"

    Hayden Kester (@Moogle-Girl) - THE MAD ARTIST - "purger", online artist
    Lilith Verlinden (@Lucifers Sairen) - NOT YOUR TYPICAL DOLL - "purger", part-timer at a corset boutique
    Marius Gray (@Void_coffin) - THE WATCHFUL CAT - "purger", gardener
    Lilou Takahashi (@Link) - THE LOST MIND - "purger"
    Inna Mariamna (@Heichou) - THE CLOSETED MARTYR - "purger", assistant sushi shef
    Tiffany Bianca Gilbert (@Shattered♦Secrets™) - THE CHARMING BLOOD PRINCESS - "purger", part-time butcher
    Ace R. Vladimir (@s k u l l.) - THE INQUISITIVE INTELLECT - "purger", psychiatrist
    Leon Corvinus (@Victor Markov) - THE HUNTER - "purger", bounty hunter
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  3. Interested; I'm busy at the moment but I'll try to have a CS up later tonight. :o
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    "The Sole Equality on Earth is death" - Philip James Bailey

    His real name is unknown as he does not wish to disclose it for privacy reasons.

    Nicknames and aliases
    Due to not revealing his identity, others have adapted to addressing him via nicknames. As a result to the man’s apparent obsession with death, the employees refer to him as Tomoe-san, the only exception being Satoshi who calls him Shi-kun.

    Possibly in his early 30s

    Presumed Japanese

    Founder of Tokyo Death Purgers
    Rumored to have an important post on the side, though it is unsure exactly what this other occupation of his involves

    Tomoe-san is a faceless body that has only been seen on video by the purgers. What is characteristic of his outlook is his way of dressing, which consists of wearing exclusively dark suits, combined with a white shirt and a black tie.

    He lacks in accessories but does keep gloves on his person at all times. This is thought to be a way for him to further conceal his skin or some marks on it that might give away his identity.

    +Levelheaded, Sharpminded, Reliable, Discrete
    -Morbid, Demanding, Secretive, Serious

    Little to no information is known about Tomoe-san and what is out there for the employees to view is scarce, giving an unsure image of their employer. The few videos in which he has appeared as well as what Satoshi has revealed lead to think of him as a very business-like individual, with an iron fist to rule his subordinates, a very professional approach to every issue, making him punctual, reliable and sharp-minded when in a tough situation. He is the stereotypical workaholic...

    However, these are all just speculations since what is truly known about the man portrays a different and unpleasant image. First of all, he obviously has some sort of fascination with death as that is the main (possibly the only) topic he converses about. This, combined with the fact that he doesn’t trust in people and refuses to reveal his identity makes for a creepy combination.

    There is no solid information regarding Tomoe’s past, yet he is rumored to have been born into an extremely poor family and then made a name for himself through tough work. He supposedly had a dysfunctional childhood due to his parents’ negligence and possible abuse. After years of enduring this he ran away and focused solely on prospering and education. As a result he became filthy rich and was able to establish Tokyo Death Purgers, which he funds as well as manages with the help of Satoshi.

    It is thought that due to his unhealthy predicaments early on in life, Tomoe became a recluse and developed a love for the morbid.

    Quirks and peculiarities
    Despite being a suited body without a face or anything close to a history, everyone knows that there is no aspect of Tomoe-san that is not peculiar or odd. Firstly, he is awfully morbid and shows an unhealthy interest in the occult and strange. The man also wears gloves at all times and has shown while on video to have the habit of adjusting his tie every few seconds seemingly unconsciously.

    Likes and dislikes
    • A job well done - when a case is solved or when a customer is happy, Tomoe-san rejoices
    • The dark and macabre - has an obsession with anything and everything death-related
    • Tokyo Death Purgers - he loves his little business and is not afraid to show it. It is in a way his offspring and he tends to it constantly as well as to the wellbeing of the workers

    • A failed objective - when a job is not carried out correctly, however, the man is obviously disappointed
    • Feeling helpless - Tomoe-san thinks it very important to always be in power of the situation. It is only on the few occasions when something has gone wrong beyond his reach that the man loses his composure
    • Being forced into revealing his person - this is something that the man cannot stand and when someone presses for him to show his face he simply ignores the plea

    Hobbies and interests
    • The bizarre and strange - he adores delving into these subjects and exploring them
    • Giving off directions - to him there is nothing like presenting yet another case to Satoshi for the secretary to then disclose to the purgers
    • Detective work - although he rarely does this, when the purgers are unable to solve a case he is always delighted to lend a hand

    The Paper Kites - "Willow Tree March"


    "We all die. The goal isn't to live forever. It's to create something that will" - Chuck

    Akiyama Satoshi

    He is mostly referred to as Akiyama-san by the purgers while Tomoe is quite familiar with him and calls the man simply Satoshi



    Secretary of Tokyo Death Purgers
    Manager of Tokyo Death Purgers
    “Retired” purger

    Satoshi is a youthful looking man with very childish and radiant features, who could easily be mistaken for a teenager if it wasn’t for his impressive height of 6’2 (1.90 m). However, he certainly does not look his age, his face being bright and adorned by two dark sparkling eyes full of enthusiasm better lined by thin brown eyebrows, contrasting with his bleached hair. His most prominent feature, however, is not in fact the man’s light puffy hair but rather the fact that he always seems to have a smile plastered across his face. Satoshi’s expression is that of permanent joy. He has a friendly aura around himself that makes people feel relaxed as though in a sort of safe zone.

    To add to his already beaming outlook, Satoshi’s clothing choice consists of brightly coloured articles in whites, yellows and blues. This includes T-shirts of all kinds with most commonly words sprawled over them, jeans, trainers and the occasional oversized jacket. The man is also bespectacled and never takes off his glasses, despite them being for reading purposes only. He just… forgets that he’s wearing them.

    His appearance certainly raises the question as to why such a guy would be doing a morbid job as that of a crime-scene cleaner...

    +Protective, Kind, Knowledgeable, Reliable
    -Overlyprotective, Disobedient, Hyper, Cryptic

    Satoshi is your stereotypical father figure, with all the traits a protector would have. He is a very caring person and a lot of the times will put others in front of himself due to not only good will but also genuine care for those close to him. The man is willing to do anything for his loved ones, which includes advising them, which he has become quite famous for. Satoshi is a wise guy when it comes down to solving puzzles and he is always there to lend a hand if any of the employees are having trouble with a case. Plus, most of the purgers have no problem when seeking him out as he is a most reliable individual.

    However, the way he puts across his knowledge is… annoying, in the very least. Satoshi enjoys talking in riddles when giving away vital information and clues, which means that sometimes he worsens the situation the purgers are in as it becomes more complex. He has quite an interesting relationship with the employees since he is not only a source of wisdom but also the guy who jumps in to save the day if anyone is in danger. This is where his role as a protector goes out of hand due to the fact that Satoshi gets concerned the moment one of the purgers coughs. He truly cares for those guys, yet his care sometimes goes over the limit.

    Tomoe has noted this side of his friend as well, though the boss hates another part of Satoshi… He detest the fact that the man is very very stubborn and due to this sometimes does not carry through with Tomoe’s orders and proceeds with his own plan.

    Satoshi was born into a middle class family and has lived in Tokyo for most for his life. He was the second child in a family which loved him and thus lived a good life throughout his childhood. He did well in school and excelled in English and IT, he had many friends and was popular. During those years he was actually quite the douchebag, who would push around others and did not care for their feelings. Teasing and hurting others was… fun. It gave him a sense of empowerment. Yes, Satoshi was what we would call a bully.

    However, the boy changed completely when his older brother died. He was not killed but neither did he pass due to natural causes. His demise was a suicide. Satoshi was heartbroken and confused. He hadn’t even known of his kin’s depression and due to ignorance had not noticed any signs of the upcoming tragedy.

    After this unfortunate event, Satoshi became closed off and was soon forgotten by his fiends. He graduated one year later quietly and moved onto university right after. It is assumed that this is where he met Tomoe. Apparently the two had developed a special relationship and had helped each other out. Satoshi says that it was Tomoe who helped him go through his own depression. Apparently he got over his sibling’s demise through the job of a crime-scene cleaner...

    Quirks and peculiarities
    • Can be very touchy feely and unconsciously invades others' personal space
    • Satoshi frets over the purgers at all times and can sometimes even become violent when a person he cares for is threatened
    • He readjusts his glasses every few minutes
    • He rarely speaks loudly and yells and has quite a quiet voice that can easily be compared to a whisper
    • Despite not disclosing a lot of information and speaking cryptically, he enjoys conversing on the topic of Tomoe

    Likes and dislikes
    • Crime novels - although not being a freak like Tomoe when it comes down to murder and mystery, Satoshi is extremely fond of detective and crime novels since, according to him, they make a person think
    • Puzzles and riddles - the man adores solving complex problems but even more than this he takes pleasure in assigning a mind game to someone else
    • Safety - being out of harm’s way is of utmost importance to Satoshi and he feels relieved when knowing the employees are not in any danger
    • Others getting hurt - this is something the man cannot handle as it makes him think back on his brother’s tragic death
    • Not being able to help - feeling powerless while those around him are being harmed is extremely triggering to Satoshi
    • Loud people - he can bare them for a while, yet it does not take too long for the man to become irritated

    Hobbies and interests
    • Reading - this is the pastime he practices most as he can be seen burrowed in the pages of some book at all times in his workplace
    • Organizing - despite being nothing close to a clean freak, Satoshi enjoys categorizing different things and later arranging them in a certain order of his. He views this activity as relaxing
    • Video games - he used to be an avid gamer, though his interest has recently declined. However, this hobby is still something he indulges in from time to time as it is in his opinion thought provoking and aiding in developing a person’s logical skills

    The Smashing Pumpkins - "Tonight, Tonight"
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  5. Interesting plot, I'll need some time for a CS
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  6. Side-note: if the RP is set in Japan, it might be more appropriate to make the phone number all 4s since four is heavily associated with death there. :o It can be pronounced the same way as 死 (death), "shi."
  7. Can't believe I didn't think of that! Yeah, I've heard that in most countries in the Far East the number 4 is generally a bad omen. Like, in hospitals in Korea they purposely do not have a fourth floor.

    Anyway, thank you for suggesting this!
  8. The Mad Artist
    "Death is nothing to be feared, my friend! It is beautiful, a thing to be celebrated. No other force holds such power to end all that it touches."

    Name: Hayden Kester

    Nicknames: Hayden asks that he never be addressed with a formal honorific like "san." Some people have taken to calling him Tori-kun or Tori-chan (with tori meaning "bird") after the way he jerks about when excited, like a bird looking for food, as well as his high-pitched voice.

    Age: 27

    Nationality: American

    Occupation: Along with his position in the Death Purgers, Hayden earns a little money here and there by selling his art projects online.

    Appearance: Anyone can tell at a glance that Hayden is He is short, skinny, and pale, and his short black hair is always bunched up in greasy locks. Dark circles sit under his eyes, stains cover his teeth, and dirt crowds his fingernails. Bright, expressive eyes and a near-permanent smile make his zest for life obvious, even if his habits put many people off. He tends to dress strangely as well, wearing suit pieces with mismatched colors and patterns, always with a bright red tie.

    Personality: Despite being old enough to be done with public education (not that he did any more than was absolutely required of him), Hayden is still a child at heart. He is whimsical, if a bit unhinged, loving to make new friends and play games with high stakes. Although he sticks fiercely to his morals, he can seem fickle when it comes to how he treats people: if he decides that he likes you, you'll have a lifelong friend who would do anything for you, but make him mad and he'll never forgive you, even if he pretends to. Inside he is always plotting revenge against people who wronged him in his eyes. Many would describe him as manipulative for this reason, and his schemes are often dramatic and have been known to result in serious injury or death. Not that he's ever directly murdered somebody. No, he's very careful about that. Always too many degrees of separation for the law to pin him down.

    Biography: Hayden was born in South Carolina to a low-class family with four other children. His brothers and sisters were much older than him, and for much of his childhood he was forced to share everything. He came to detest his parents as well as his siblings, and took out his aggression on them with of twisted pranks, often involving bloody corpses of wild animals he captured. As soon as he was old enough he was sent to a corrective school, but he proved too much even for them and was expelled after letting loose a swarm of cockroaches in the history classroom where he received his first failing grade.

    Eventually his parents gave up on normalizing the boy, and his siblings stayed out of his way. Hayden was more than happy to be left to his own devices, and he delved into the realm of painting. Aside from the typical crafts that his parents would always buy for him when he requested them, Hayden came to enjoy pricking his fingers and making designs with the blood that came out. He found the morbidity of it fascinating. They always said you should put your heart and soul into a work of art, so why not take it literally?

    Of course, as Hayden went on to higher education, he didn't have many friends. Everyone was either scared of him or bullied him outright, although the direct name-calling and fist-fighting came to a stop when he poisoned one of his bullies' lunch and made them violently ill. He continued to advance his art, moving on to crafting tools with the hair and bones of animals for more of his trademark flair. Eventually, during his final year of high school, Hayden developed a lust for travel. He'd grown tired of his quiet suburb. Time to move on!

    Selling his more easily-preserved art projects, Hayden pulled together enough money for a plane ticket. He chose his destination randomly, and before long found himself in Tokyo, Japan. What a fantastic place! Such bold expression, so many wonders. He picked up the local language by wandering around and listening to the conversations of others, so his grammar can be strange at times, but he gets his point across. It was during one of his people-watching trips that he heard rumors about the Death Purgers, a group that he immediately became interested in...

    Quirks and peculiarities: Hayden's most obvious quirk is that he is always moving. Twitches and bobs of the head, elaborate bows, and broad sweeping gestures accompany his every sentence. If told to sit still he will continue to fidget. He also laughs a lot, a high-pitched cackle that is instantly recognizable.

    Likes: The smell of roasting meat, challenging riddles, games of chance, being loud

    Dislikes: Vegetables, losing, being trapped in one place for too long, being told "no"

    Hobbies and interests: Abstract painting and sculpture, taxidermy, death-related lore from foreign countries


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  9. Not Your Typical Doll

    Humans must think about living on. And, must also understand death. Most important, we must learn to understand the truth.
    ~Yuuko Ichihara
    Lilith Verlinden

    Lilith means ghost or night monster. After moving to Japan the few friends she does have call her Yurei.



    Besides being a purger she works in a small corset boutique part time.

    Lilith only stood at 5' 3" and wasn't the usual ultra lean girl, she was a bit on the squishy side. Her face reminds anyone of a doll from the hear shaped face, rounded cheeks and large eyes. Lilith keeps her hair short and dyes her hair often. One day she could easily come in with rainbow colored hair. Other than that her clothes usually with the edgy styled realm. Simple clothes of colored tanks with her jacket, black skinny jeans and boots. Yeah, thats her usual wear.
    +Tenacious, intuitive, Loyal
    -Secretive, Complex, Aggressive

    Biography (open)

    Lilith was an only child to her parents while growing up in Belgium. Her mother was a secretary and her father was a coroner. After Lilith was born he became a stay at home dad and spent plenty of time with her. He taught her all sorts of things about being a coroner even though it wasn't really normal for a child to know. With that in mind her mother tried creating the perfect little girl. She took her to classical music classes, dance classes, made sure her grades were perfect. In the end she was still 'Daddy's little girl' but she loved being with him. Lilith loved being call his doll due to her doll like looks and so most of her gifts from him were dolls. Although they weren't barbies or anything of the sort. They were old Victorian dressed dolls that some people claimed were creepy. Lilith loved them and took a deep interest in dolls.

    For 10 years life was great, a little overbearing with trying to achieve her mother's dream of perfection, but Lilith thought everyone was happy. No one knew how unhappy her mother was and how much she tried to be happy with the way things were. Still, she wanted to be taken care of instead of being the caretaker. It wasn't long for arguments occurred behind closed doors and the perfect life Lilith knew of was fake. It felt like a knife stabbed her in the back as her parents torched their marriage and divorced. Lilith was granted full custody to her mother and her father could only visit. She knew her mother only did this to hurt her father. There wasn't any other explanation for taking full custody instead of joint.What she didn't know was how amazing humans can hide things behind a mask. All to pretend things were fine and allow everyone around them to live in a delusion just because it was 'easier'.

    Lilith saw the true colors of her mother and slowly grew a fiery hatred towards her. She was hurt by the divorce and felt betrayed. Now that she was living with her mother the idea of the perfect child would come in full swing. Grades had to nothing less than an A+. Her dance classes and music classes gave her dizzying schedules and little room to breath. For 6 years Lilith tried to keep her head above water. Keeping the facade that she could handle all of it, but it was nearly impossible. When she had finally realized that she became a complete rebel at a young age and had a wild side about her since she was 16. With the idea of her true self out there she fell in the wrong crowd and even started to think of them as family. They helped her numb the pain of her past life and it pissed her mother off. At 18 Lilith was kicked out of her mothers house and thought she had people to trust keep her safe. Instead it caused her nothing but pain, scarring and doubts about her decisions.

    At 22 she left her former boyfriend's house and found where her father living in Japan. Lilith needed a fresh start and wasn't going to find it in Belgium. Her father allowed her to stay with him with open arms as he always did/ She didn't have any interests or dreams to pursue so for awhile worked at a corset shop. On the other hand her father was working as a corner for the Tokyo police. Lilith listened to all of his stories about the autopsies he had in the past. There was one thing she absolutely hated hearing about. Hearing how a case couldn't be solved. To her it sounded as if Police had simply given up and pushed it aside. It just left people with an unsolved mystery that would haunt them for years to come. One day while she was waiting for her dad at the police department she overheard an officer telling a family member it was best to go to the Death purgers for help. Something grabbed her interest for the first time while being in Japan.

    Quirks and peculiarities:
    -Has an accent which is a bit on the heavy side.
    -Dyes her hair in different colors all the time. Her main favorites are red, green, blue and her natural brown
    -Always cracking her knuckles or her back just out of habit
    -Twirls her hair when shes stumped on a case.
    -If music is playing she either hums or dances to it. Humming if people are around or at a crime scene. Dancing if she was at home.

    Being out and about - Remnants for her wild days she does like to be out every once and awhile. Even if it's a walk through a park it's better than being stuck in the house everyday.
    Dolls - She has her own collection and even made a few to look like people she knows.
    puzzles- Lilith likes solving problems and getting her brain flowing

    Failing or giving up - Failure isn't an option and neither is giving up. The overwhelming feeling of disappointment and shame just eats at her.
    Betrayal - Lilith has been betrayed a few times in her life and for it rarely forgives. Depending on how big the betrayal it differ her actions.
    Being vulnerable - Putting her guard down like that for people to see her softy side makes her feel defenseless. People can take advantage of that and steer her down the wrong path. Something she doesn't want to feel again.

    Hobbies and interests:
    -Makes dolls: Its more of a secret hobby since she tends to use the people she know as dolls.
    -Books: anything from fiction to medical science.
    -Photography: Something she had a love for since her father did a lot of it with her. Since her father was a taxidermist for awhile they use to set he animals up in fun poses and take photos just for the hell of it. Now she doesn't do that, just uses it as a past time.​


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  10. So, unfortunately, by this time it is obviously that the RP will never take off due to a lack of interest... which is a shame, yet I can't really do anything about it.

    Sorry for wasting your time, guys.
  11. That's a huge shame, as soon as I saw the ad for this I knew it would be perfect for me.

    If it's too late to change your mind, I'll leave, but I still think this roleplay has some promise and, with enough time and effort, can transform into something amazing.

    You need to remember that there's no point in rushing something. If you take enough time to get the right amount of people together I'm sure you would be much happier with yourself than if you just give up now and quit. Please rethink your decision.
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  12. ^Agreed. Give it some more time. :o
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  13. The thing is that I am willing to take my time, yet its better to give you guys a fair warning that there is a {huge} chance that the RP will never take off, seeing as I have attempted it two times before in the past. Needless to say, both of them flopped... I am not quitting, though!

    Either way, this is an idea that I really really really want to get into! Thus, it's a joy to hear that others take interest. So, thank you. However, keep in mind all future prospects, some of which are not favorable.
  14. Well, I don't know about the other people here, but I'll stick around and see this thing through if it ever takes off. Should I submit a character sheet, then?
  15. Glad to hear that! Honestly, I suppose the roleplay can begin as soon as there are 3 or 4 purgers, despite the fact that others can join later on... So, yeah, if you wish do submit a character.
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  16. I am also interested in this, I'll have a character sheet out in a little bit.
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  17. The Watchful Cat
    "Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first." - Mark Twain

    Name: Marius Gray
    Nickname: As a child, Marius was always known for being the quiet kid in the neighborhood. Part of that was due to his born trait of shyness, but as a kid he never really knew what to say to the others. So, kids would call him "Shizu", a shortened term for quiet in their native tongue.
    Age: 32
    Nationality: Japanese/American
    Occupation: Marius Gray enjoys his side job as a gardener.

    Appearance: The first thing people typically notice about Marius is either his abnormal height of 6'4 or his calm and collected green eyes. Now,many would even say he holds his father's mature look. With his defined jaw line and his soft but collected look he's known to carry most of the time. Some would go far to see Marius looks just like a replica of his father, other than the softer facial features and lack of facial hair his father had. Although, Marius looked his age of thirty two. Young, but mature.

    Observant, Calm, open minded
    Negatives: Fraudulent, Audacious, Judgmental

    One could say that Marius was like a cat. Typically quiet, patient, and observant to his surroundings, acting as his environment changed. Though, this feature could give that he is a rather passive person, but don't let him fool you. He could be rather deceitful, bold, even daring of other people in order to cause something to fall his way in order to obtain his goal. He was always noted to use any method to get to where he wanted to be, and was also seen as someone who would try anything. Although, this open mindedness is accompanied with some judgemental qualities. Marius is rather open to new people, but he judges and begins to form his own opinions and judgements covering what he has seen. Which if spoken, could sound overly blunt and harsh, so he's grown to keep his own judgements to himself.


    Growing up, Marius was always the quiet kid. It wasn't because he was overly shy or scared of being around kids his own age, it was more because he could never find the words to express himself around his peers. Like he just chock up if he'd even attempt, but, his peers who invited to come play and hung around him despite his silence would eventually crack Marius's shell, and he gradually found a way to express himself among his peers. Yet, he would still hold his silence even when around his friends. Marius was also quiet because he used to watch people, watch how they acted and how they spoke. It was like he was studying them, but it was more his natural curiosity about people.

    Although, Marius lived with his struggling single mother. Unfortunately his father left when he was rather young and left his japanese mother in Japan while he continued his conquest around the globe, looking for his fortune. Marius never seemed too phased by the fact he didn't have a father growing up, but seeing his mother struggle to put him through school and to make sure rent was paid on time was something he learned he never wanted for himself or his family, if he ever got one. But, this struggle that he continuously saw day in and out drove his determination to succeed in life.

    Following high school, Marius joined the police academy with a few of his high school friends. He was young and honestly he was following a fad within his group of friends if anything, but he found police work to be more of an interest then he thought. He was able to meet and question people, watching their reactions and answers to see if they were lying. Marius was able to try his darker side in the force, lying and pressuring false accusations of others to get people to confess for their crimes, but he only employed such tactics if he knew he had the right suspect. Though, he felt something was still missing. He was paid decently, and it supported his gardening hobby, but, it felt hollow. His co-workers half the time didn't care as long as they were paid, like they had no passion. Passion, Marius figured out he was missing passion. He liked being a police man...but his disheartening work environment lead him to quit. Although, he came to know a group known as the purgers while working murder cases....Upon thinking about the group, he decided to try and enlist at the ripe age of twenty six. He wasn't sure if what they had would please him, but he was willing to try.

    Quirks and peculiarities:
    *Smokes when stressed.
    *Hates wearing all of one color.
    *Prefers to walk or bike places instead of using a car.
    *Despises computers. (he never was tech savvy.)

    Likes and dislikes: (at least 3 of each and make it even)

    Likes: His flowers, quiet walks through the park, and cats.

    Dislikes: Sudden loud noises, dogs, and aggressive people, and driving.

    Hobbies and interests:
    Gardening - It's a quiet and peaceful hobby Marius had grown attached to while working in the police force. His days off were spent mending to his quiet garden off in his small back yard.

    Reading - If it has words, he'll pick it up to pass the time.

    Meeting new people - Marius has a natural curiosity about people and likes meeting news one. Basically to just pick their brains on a variety of subjects.

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  18. I'll have a Cs up either later tonight or tomorrow.
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  19. The Lost Mind
    “Though I am often in the depths of misery, there is still calmness, pure harmony and music inside me.” -Vincent van Gogh

    Name: Lilou Takahashi.
    Nicknames: Most of the people she knows call her Red, her mother called her Lily but she avoids that name now as it saddens her.
    Age: 26.
    Nationality: Japanese.
    Occupation: Currently unemployed.

    She has waist-length white hair that she usually has in pigtails but sometimes keeps down. She likes to wear black clothing, primarily dresses with skirts and big boots but she can wear casual clothes if she needs to blend in or is simply too lazy to put anything on. She can be sometimes seen with bags under her eyes due to lack of sleep. She likes to wear contact lenses even though she doesn't need them, sporting colours like ultra blue and red. She hates wearing gloves as they remind her of her past. She is 5'6 and underweight. She has a small chest.
    Personality: She suffers from bipolar disorder, but hasn't been diagnosed so she is frequently depressed and confused while looking for an answer to why she feels the way she does. She often has mood swings, and her mood can completely turn around from just one small event. She is a smoker. She isn't disturbed by dead bodies or watching people die anymore as past events have changed her. She likes making jokes but is unintentionally mean sometimes. She only attended school up to the age of 16, so she doesn't know a lot, but she is well-informed when it comes so solving murders. She is generous to people who deserve it but feels no remorse when taking from those who do not. She can sometimes be shy around new people and isn't good with words. She is often shaky and clumsy.
    Biography: (It's a long one, TL;DR below.)
    Lilou grew up in a bad neighborhood, she was surrounded by violence and drugs through her whole childhood but her parents tried their best to keep her away from it. Her mother worked as a preschool teacher while her father was a mechanic. She grew up as an only child as her younger brother was a stillborn. She played with stuffed animals a lot as a kid and at times she valued them as much as real people. She named them all and would have long conversations with them daily. They were her only friends for a long time and she loved them all. Lilou was also very close with her mother and would sleep in the same bed as her if her father was out late. Her mother would call her 'Lily'. Lilou never liked her father. He was an abusive alcoholic and he'd often smoke inside. Constantly being subjected to smoke caused Lilou to pick up the habit as well later in her life. He was often getting mixed in with the wrong people, committing many crimes.

    One late night, when Lilou was at the age of 8, her father had been out again and her mother was asleep. Lilou was awake, playing with her toys. She could hear her father entering the house downstairs. He sounded drunk again and she was scared, so she turned off her bedroom light and hid in the bathroom. Lilou listened as her father entered her mother's room loudly, waking her mother up. She listened as the two argued, Lilou's mother asking for him to stop staying out late and coming home drunk. This was usually normal procedure, until Lilou noticed the sound of her mother crying. Her father was shouting something, using very inappropriate words to describe her and her mother. Lilou jumped in fear as she heard two extremely loud bangs. Her mother wasn't crying any more. Lilou heard her father leaving his room and entering hers, switching on the light and asking where she was. Lilou was terrified. She opened the bathroom door and quietly ran in to check on her mother. Her mother had two big holes in her head and she wasn't moving. Tears streamed down Lilou's face as she tried to wake her up, but there was no use. She was dead. An anger filled Lilou that she had never felt before. Her heart was beating at an alarming rate as she entered her own room to kill her own father. She ran at him from behind and bit the hand he was holding the gun in. She tasted his blood in her mouth as the gun fell to the floor. She grabbed the gun and, without any hesitation, pointed it at her father's chest and kept pulling the trigger until there were no bullets left. She threw the gun to the ground and looked around her room. Her stuffed animals were soaked in her father's blood. She picked them up and ran away.

    Eventually, the police found Lilou and she ended up in an orphanage. She made some friends but ultimately kept to herself. She lived there until she was 16 years of age, when she ran away to live her own life. She took her only remaining stuffed animal with her, a white, blue-eyed unicorn named Red. She ended up being affiliated with a group of thieves that would rob from houses and stores with guns and masks. She felt at home there, finally being free from restriction. She was happy. The members of the group made a mask for her to wear while preforming robberies, modeled after Red. They pulled off many successful heists and taught her many things to help her get away with stealing and even murder if it came to it. They showed her the best ways to cover up evidence so that nobody would know what happened if she ever made any "mistakes".

    She turned away from her life of crime when she was 21, preforming a late-night robbery on a home that had a wealthy couple living in it. Her and her partner, Ahri, had entered through a window of the house wearing their masks & rubber gloves and carrying their weapons; small, silenced pistols. It all went wrong when Lilou knocked over a potted plant while they were taking valuables from the bedroom, waking the man living in the house who promptly alerted his wife who then got up and ran to call the police. Lilou shouted at the couple to get down at gunpoint while Ahri simply raised her gun and shot the woman in the back. The man was shocked and fury burned in his eyes as he leaped at Ahri before receiving a bullet to the side of the head, this time from Lilou. Lilou was disappointed in her partner but shrugged it off. They would get their money either way but killing the people was just sloppy. That was until small footsteps could be heard and a young girl's voice echoed through the house.
    Lilou froze in fear. She turned to see a young girl, no older than 7, standing next to her mother's corpse, shaking it in an attempt to wake her up. She dropped her gun to the ground as the girl turned to face her. Lilou shook her head and smashed the window behind her before climbing out and running away from that life forever.

    She used whatever money she had on her at the time to rent out a small apartment in Tokyo. She lived there for 5 years, doing simple errands for people to earn money before hearing of a new job that was right up her alley. She went to join the Tokyo Death Purgers.

    TL;DR: Lilou spent a lot of time with stuffed animals as a child. Her father shot her mother before Lilou killed him, she then ran away and became a thief where she learned how to clean up crime scenes in case anything went wrong. She wore a mask resembling her stuffed unicorn when she stole. She killed a young girl's parents unintentionally which caused her to quit the life of thieving and move away. While living in Tokyo she learned of the Death Purgers and was interested.
    Quirks and peculiarities: She is a smoker but strongly dislikes her addiction. She usually has a low self esteem but mood swings can cause her to be overly courageous. She bites her nails and yawns a lot.
    Likes and dislikes: +Stuffed animals, slasher movies, the Internet, staying up all night, fixing things.
    -Seeing children cry, hearing the name "Lily", loud noises, drugs, wearing gloves.
    Hobbies and interests: She is gorehound and enjoys watching violent movies and playing violent video games. She finds that they relieve her of stress. She also enjoys solving puzzles and drawing. She likes "evil" music. She taught herself how to throw knives and likes to play darts, even though she's not great at it.

    I spent most of my day writing this, if this thing doesn't take off someone's gonna feel my wrath.
    I'm kidding, of course, but please consider doing this.

    Thanks for reading!
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  20. Guys, since there are now a total of 4 purgers, the game is ready to begin. I literally just got finished with writing up the starter as well as the first case. It might be kind of long but oh well~ Here is a link.

    Yes, so I am planning of starting this right off the bat with a mystery (the characters will have enough time to get to know each other after they have solved it, as stated in the rules). Hope everyone is okay with this.

    To anyone who hasn't turned in their CS yet or has just now stumbled upon the roleplay - don't worry. Take your time, submit your character, and then join us. This RP is always accepting.
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