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  1. Name: Derick Parker
    Age: 16
    Gender/Sexuality: Male Uke
    Appearance: Stands at 5 foot 8 inches, naturally blonde hair (dyed black), thin and lithe build, carefully shaved face, hair tied back into a ponytail.

    Derick hefted the bag higher onto his back. It was a little heavy, but that wasn't much of a problem. He started toward the school again, trying to catch up to Eric. Eric glanced back, giving a small laugh. "Y'know you don't need that much stuff, Derick." His voice was somewhat joking in tone, but his eyes gleamed with dark amusement.

    Derick grunted, trying to move a bit faster. "Yeah, but it's better to be over prepared than under prepared, as my mom always says." He caught up to Eric, taking his hand. His boyfriend slipped the hand away, making a tutting sound at Derick. He didn't mind. Eric wasn't fond of public displays of affection, or at least the tame ones. Hand holding, leaning on each other, and similar acts were always rejected, but Eric often would pin him to the wall and steal his breath with a lip-lock.
  2. Name: Zachary Vinson
    Age: 16
    Gender/Sexuality: Male
    Appearance: Stands at 5ft 9inch. Green eyes. Natural ash brown hair that reaches his nape at the back while long choppy bangs sometimes covers his eyes but is usually swept to the left. Usually seen in a black beanie. Whenever he goes out, he wears contact lens. He wears his black rimmed spectacles at home. Slightly muscular body though he doesn't appear bulky.

    Zachary sat on the top steps of the staircase that was nearby the school. His father dropped him off early that morning. In the first place, he wanted to go to school by himself but his father insisted on sending him. Anyway, it was a daily routine of his to sit on the steps every morning before school started. He held his school bag in between his legs as he watched the other students walk by and constantly whining about the number of homework they received the night before. It was a lucky thing his fringe covered his eyes slightly, so it wouldn't seem obvious he was looking at others. He readjusted the black beanie on his head. He checked his phone for the time, usually his friends would be in school by now, maybe they decided to skip today.

    From a distance, his green eyes noticed a couple walking towards the school. Every morning, he would watch them from a far. Heck, Zac would watch everyone from a far, it was as if everyone ignored his existence on the steps. All he could see from the two was the feeling of rejection, mainly from the boy with the ponytail. Zachary pitied him, not really knowing why he still stayed with his boyfriend. It came to Zachary's mind that he didn't really learnt their names. "It's their problem, not mine..." he muttered to himself. Shrugging, he stood up and made his way to his locker to retrieve the books he needed for the day. He would just take whatever he needed for that certain period but he didn't want to stop halfway through his journey in the hallways to get a book or two. After that, he made his way to his first period, which was Homeroom.
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  3. Eric led Derick inside, walking in front. Derick tried to pause a few times, wanting to say hello to some of the other students, but Eric always growled, forcing him to speed up. As they reached Derick's locker, he stopped to get put some things away. Eric growled again, but stopped, waiting for him. With a smirk, he leaned in. "There's that emo freak." Derick didn't need to look up. The black-haired boy's locker wasn't far from his own, and he knew Eric liked to talk trash about him. He was different, rarely talked to anyone, and even fewer people had seen his face.

    Derick, turning to his boyfriend, scowled. "He's not a freak, and how do you know he's emo? He could be goth. Or, hell, he could just like black." Eric looked to him now, as Derick looked over his shoulder to the stranger. "We have no right to judge him without knowing him. Most people say we're freaks, for being together. There's nothing wrong with being emo, or goth, or whatever he wants." He looked back to Eric, smiling a bit. "So just..."

    His voice trailed off at the angry look on Eric's face. Derick shrank slightly, his breath catching. He felt the strong hand press into his throat, stinging the marks that hadn't quite faded. His back was up against the lockers now as he stared, transfixed and terrified, into his boyfriend's eyes. "Did you just talk back to me, bitch?" Derick gasped, the pressure starting to make it hard to breath, as he shook his head. "How dare you try to humiliate me. Or should I show everyone the panties you're wearing to school today?" Derick choked a bit more, his face turning red. He hadn't wanted to wear panties, but Eric had burned all his normal underwear, leaving nothing left. Frantically, he shook his head.

    Eric stepped closer, his face not even an inch away. "I've got to go to class now." He let go, so Derick collapsed onto the floor, gasping for air. "I'll see you at lunch, Derick." While he tried to catch his breath, Derick felt the painful slap on his rear, causing him to choke again. Eric walked away, calmly, and none of the other students bothered him. None stopped to help Derick, either, as he started gathering his books while trying to fill his lungs with air.
  4. As he was about to leave his locker, Zac made a U-turn upon realizing that he left his sketch book in his locker, which he needed for his Art class in second period. Sighing, he opened his locker and began searching for the black sketch book. In the corner of his eyes, he noticed the couple he was observing from before. They seemed to be speaking to one another but it wasn't like Zachary was listening in or anything.

    Well, all he could hear from their conversation was "goth", "emo" and "don't judge". He rolled his eyes, having a feeling that they were talking about him. In reality, he wasn't so affected by the black haired boy's boyfriend words since Zachary was used to being called those names. It wasn't Zac's fault that he liked black. Plus, most of the clothing in his closet is dark.

    After looking under the pile of books in his locker, he finally found his sketch book and then stuffed it into his bag. As he was about to close his locker door, his sharp ears heard a soft sound made by the lockers though it wasn't loud enough to attract any attention. He turned his head and saw the black haired boy being choked by his boyfriend. Zachary's eyebrows furrowed as he noticed the others around them not doing anything to help the poor boy. Clutching his school bag strap, he made his way towards the two but by the time he was close, the boyfriend had already left, leaving the black haired boy on the ground.

    Zachary squatted down next to the boy as he tried to catch his breath. He picked up some of the boy's books, holding it in front of the black haired boy. Zachary looked at the boy, observing him now at a nearer distance. He muttered sarcastically, "Well, isn't he a gentleman..."
  5. Still coughing a bit, Derick nodded. "H-he doesn't l-like it when I t-talk back to him." He rubbed his throat, swallowing hard to relieve the pain a bit. "He was... well, talking trash about you, and I told him off. He... didn't like that." Derick took his books, holding them close to his chest as he started to stand. His head hurt from the lack of oxygen, as well as being pushed so hard into the locker, but he couldn't do anything about it. He looked back to the guy who'd helped him, his eyes taking in all the details. Not bad, really. Derick was with Eric mostly because he didn't have a choice, no other boys at school were openly gay. Also, Eric didn't really give him a choice. Either Derick was his boy-toy, or he was being beaten.

    Still, this guy was definitely attractive. Derick even felt himself turning a bit red looking at him. He was also obviously nicer than Eric, which was a definite plus. Still, Derick wasn't a cheater, and he was too afraid of Eric to really leave him. So for now, he'd just try to get to know his helper a bit better. "So, uh, what's your name? I'm Derick, and the, er, gentleman is Eric, my... my boyfriend." He shifted a bit, actually thanking the bruised throat. It made the higher pitch of his voice less noticeable. He didn't want to seem flirty, so it was quite alarming when he realized his leg was tilted inward, which was (at least in his mind) flirtatious. He quickly straightened it.
  6. Zachary observed the boy as he rubbed his throat as he tried to stand up. He didn't fully listen to what Derick was saying since the boy's current state kept bugging Zachary. As the boy spoke, the same line kept repeating in his head. What kind of a boyfriend is that? Zachary has been in a few relationships before but they weren't really that serious. It was usually the other person breaking up with him, claiming that Zachary was too boring for them. But, he knew it wasn't normal to choke anyone when in a relationship unless they're into that kind of stuff. Zachary kept his mouth shut from speaking his thoughts. Instead, he said, "It's okay. I'm used to people talking trash about me anyway." It was true though. It started back in middle school when he decided to get a new hairstyle. Of course, his father disapproved but he still did it anyway. Then, the verbal abuse began in middle school but Zachary didn't take it to heart. He knew that one day, someone would just accept what he was.

    He watched as the boy's face turn slightly red, not noticing the boy's stance. He automatically assumed the boy had a fever. Zachary had to admit, for a feminine looking boy, the black haired boy in front of him was better looking than those he had met before. It was a shame he was being treated badly by his so called boyfriend. "Zachary Vinson. Zac for short. Nice to meet you." he stated, offering a hand to shake. "Is your breathing alright? I mean, that guy literally choked you and your face is slightly red. Do you want me to take you to the nurse since there's still time before first period starts..." Zachary trailed off. Zac knew he had to help someone when they're in pain, that's what his father told him anyway. Plus, he might be able to skip a couple of minutes of Homeroom. "I'm just offering. You don't have to force yourself to the Nurse's if you think you're alright."
  7. Derick's redness increased a bit. "W-well, I... Eric will get mad if I..." He shivered a bit. Somehow, he felt that things were on the way to change. He couldn't be afraid of Eric his whole life. He gave a soft nod. "Y-yeah, I guess." He bit his lip, looking Zac over again. He was definitely cute, a sweet piece of eye candy at the very least. As he started walking, he did his best to keep his distance. He didn't want to make the guy uncomfortable. "My last name is Parker. Derick Parker." He gave a small grin, his face's redness ebbing a bit as he relaxed. He felt a stirring between his legs, but ignored it. He was feeling an attraction to Zac, but it had to be one-sided. Besides, he was still a virgin, and didn't plan on that changing anytime soon.

    It wasn't long before they arrived at the nurse's office. Derick stepped in, looking around. "Hello? Ms. Caulclan?" He looked about, but she wasn't present. Derick sat down, rubbing his still-sore throat. "Typical." His neck was turning purple with a deep bruising, and several hand-shaped bruises were becoming evident on his arms, as though her were being manhandled. He looked to Zac, his bright eyes almost pleading. "Look, when Ms. Caulclan shows up, if you're still here, don't tell her who did it. Eric won't get in trouble for it, and he'll be pissed at me. Please?"
  8. Zac felt relieved when Derick decided to go to the Nurse's office. Hopefully, she'll be in there. Both of them started walking, Zac was leading as Derick was nearby him. He hummed in acknowledgement as the boy introduced his full name. Zac thought the way he acted was cute, which was his weakness since he likes anything cute. Luckily, that's unknown to anyone unless they observe his habits in his private life. Soon, they arrived at the nurse's office. They entered, not bothering to knock.

    Apparently, to their unfortunate luck, she wasn't in there which made everything a whole lot worse. "I wonder where she headed to." Zac said aloud, as he began inspecting the medicine cabinets. He frowned slightly, "It's too bad I don't really know much about first aid." He turned to face Derick, noticing the bruises on his arms. Zac had a mixture of confusion and a slight bit of worry on his face. As Derick spoke, Zac could feel himself getting mad bit by bit but he didn't show. He shoved his hands into his pockets, his eyebrows furrowed as he eyed the terribly noticeable bruises on Derick's arm and his bruised neck due to the incident that morning. Some strands of his fringe fell over his green eyes as he spoke, "Then, if she asks who did it, what're you gonna say?"

    "Anyway, what kind of a boyfriend would do something like that to their partner?" he blurted out without thinking.
  9. Derick blushed a bit more, and shifted. "Uh, I'll say nothing. I won't tell." He rubbed his arm a bit, easing the tension. "You don't have to. I've... done this before. At the hospital." He grimaced a bit, his eyes downcast. "It wasn't anything serious, Eric just... well, he was holding my hand, and he got a little angry. He didn't realize how hard he was squeezing, and when we heard the snap..." He rubbed his hands together, still really nervous. "He took me straight there. I never said what happened. I-I don't know why I'm telling you, either."

    Derick sighed again, laying back. It revealed a bit of his stomach where welts were partially visible. "Eric's not that bad. He's just... well, he's a physical person is all. Aggressive. He'd never really hurt me, not on purpose anyway." He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. "Besides," he whispered to himself, "what choice do I have? No other guys in this school would put up with me, unless I put out."
  10. "And... it worked? The doctors really fell for it?" Zac questioned, slightly curious as he stared at the boy in front of him, leaning against the counter. "From an outsider point of view, you're being abused. Yeah, so what if he's aggressive. Shouldn't he control himself?" Zachary pointed out sternly as his gaze shifted from Derick's face to the welts on his stomach. He cringed slightly, not liking the sight of anyone's scars, not even his own.

    He started fiddling with the straps of his school bag, looking into the distance, not really making eye contact with the black haired boy, "In my opinion, there are other guys that are better than your Eric. Maybe they aren't in this school, maybe they are."

    As soon as he finished that sentence, he heard the school bell ring, signalling the start of first period. Despite that, he stayed rooted to his spot, not caring whether he missed it or not. His Homeroom teacher can send the whole school looking for him if he wants, and he still wouldn't care. "The point is, being in a relationship with someone who gives you scars instead of happy moments, isn't good nor healthy. You shouldn't be with someone who does that to you," he pointed at Derick's scars and bruises. A few moments later, Zac retreated back to his original stance, looking at his shoes, smiling bitterly to himself, "Look at me, I just met you and I'm saying those kind of stuff to you."
  11. Derick gave a small laugh, tugging his shirt down a bit. It was obviously making Zac uncomfortable. "W-well, you're a friendly sort of guy is all. I guess you just don't like seeing people hurt, so... yeah." He smiled a bit, rubbing his throat in a massaging sort of way. "Looking out for each other is what friends do. I don't have many friends, not anymore." He shifted a bit more, his hand reflexively going to his chest. It was a rather traumatic experience, and the scar was still red and angry looking. He hated it.

    Shaking himself a bit, he looked at the door. "S-so, uh, aren't you gonna be late? I don't want to see you get into any trouble over me." Derick continued to try and avoid looking Zac in the face. The last thing he needed was to truly start crushing on him. The guy probably had a girlfriend, and the last thing he wanted was to turn a potential friend away by somewhat hitting on him. He missed friends. Eric was okay, but having only his boyfriend to talk to was a little depressing.
  12. "I don't really have much friends either. Most of them left me, either they moved away or moved on." Zac said. Faces of his past friends kept flashing through his mind. He shook his head, trying to get rid of them, the thought of them brought only pain and disappointment to himself. He sighed, thinking of what his father one told him, "Father once told me that a real friend will always stick with you no matter what." Whenever it came to the topic of friends, Zachary pities himself to the extent of telling himself that most of the people that he befriends will eventually leave him. "What does he know, all he has is himself and me." he mumbled softly to himself, a hint of anger lingered in his tone.

    "I don't really care if I'm late. It's only Homeroom, Mr Pearson can find me if he wants. Anyway, it's not the first time I skipped his period." Zac answered, looking towards the door. "Plus," he faced Derick once more, a look of worry on his face, "I can't possibly leave you like this. It's not right, well to me."
  13. Derick gave a chuckle, shifting to sit up a bit more. He wanted to be able to look at Zac better. Laying down was doing this weird thing that made his features look very chiseled and, in a scary way, irresistible. "I'll admit, I'm not entirely shocked that you don't have many friends. I mean, you're quiet, you don't talk to many people, and you're alone a lot. Not hard to figure out." He stretched a bit, wincing. "But I thought you'd have a few. One, at least. Maybe a girlfriend or something." He blinked and immediately turned brilliantly red, stammering and stuttering incoherently.

    What did I just do? Derick demanded himself in his head. I basically just asked if he was single! He's going to totally think I'm flirting, get really awkward, and stay away from me! Oh, God, I'm making it worse! I can't even string to words together! Calm down, calm down, CALM DOWN! After a few seconds of his inability to speak, Derick coughed a bit, looking at the ground. "I-I, uh, sorry, I shouldn't have asked that, w-we barely know each other."
  14. Zac chuckled, slightly amused by Derick's reaction. He shook his head, smiling as he waved his hands in front of him, "No, it's okay. I don't mind..." Thinking back, Zac did have friends, at least a close group of them till one day, they moved away one by one. Either that or they started ignoring him and made friends with others. Honestly, he didn't know what happen but Zac blamed himself for some apparent reason. As he entered high school, it was a whole new territory for him. "Well, I did have two ex-girlfriends back then. Unfortunately, one cheated on me with this guy from the football team and the other wanted to focus on her studies." he readjusted the beanie on his head.

    Good times... he remembered those days clearly. Sorry, you're a boring person... he remembered them confessing after wanting to break up. He smiled bitterly to himself as he looked at his shoes, "And, about the friend thing... they abandoned me. But, I'm kinda over it right now..." He glanced back up to Derick, "We're waiting for the nurse, anyway. We might as well use the time wisely, getting to know each other." He scratched the back of his neck, grinning, "For all you know, I might make a friend~"
  15. Derick nodded, his face still a bit red. So he was straight. Of course he was. "Well, uh, we already know each other's names, so, uh... a bit of background I guess?" He shifted, still looking down toward his shoes. "I, er, live with my mother. Never met my father. Parents split when I was real young, like one or something, don't remember it." He nibbled on his lip, glancing up at Zac briefly. "Realized I was gay on my ninth birthday, when I was making my birthday wish and wished that my best friend would kiss me. Kinda easy to figure it out, after that."

    He chuckled nervously, trying not to make things awkward. "So, uh, after that, I started being more open. M-my friends abandoned me, and my best friend, the one I crushed on... well, let's just say he... wasn't happy." Again, Derick noticed his arm crossing his chest in a protective manner. He left it there, though, hoping Zac wouldn't ask further questions. "Then I met Eric, and... well, someone had made a bet that he couldn't get me in bed, so he tried it. He, er... lost the bet, but really liked me I guess, so we started going out. That was about two years ago."
  16. As Zac listened, he realized Derick's family situation was similar to his. Well, somewhat similar. "Me too... my parents split up when I was really young, my father took me in. I've been living with him ever since." he looked towards Derick's direction, though he doesn't make eye contact, "Dad doesn't talk about her. I don't even know what she looks like." Since he was a child, he had always wanted to know what a mother's love feels like. Often, he would watch other kids at the playground, holding hands with their parents as they walked out of the park. He only had his father, no one else.

    By the look of Derick's face, Zac knew he didn't want to be asked about his best friend, so Zac kept his questions to himself. It might be a touchy subject. Zac smiled to himself, reminiscing about his first friend, as he heard about the best friend part. "My best friend was my first kiss. We were in the eighth grade. It was more of an experiment and practice for both of us. We did it quite often as well but we were caught by his older sister. We could use pillows, but it'd be too weird. Plus, I was his only friend." he added as his tone became sadder, "Then, he had to move to Romania because of his father's work. I still keep in touch with him though, but not that often. Maybe once every month?"

    He laughed sarcastically, as though he was pitying himself, "As months and years went on, most of my close friends left me. I didn't know what I did but I kept to myself since then." He could still remember the nights he cried himself to sleep because of that. It was as if, everyone he wanted in his life would eventually leave him. Ultimately, it led him to believe that he was meant to be alone. Zac raised his eyebrows, "So, you two met in a bet, huh? I thought that-," he stopped himself from continuing, fearing that he might say something offensive about Eric, "Nevermind. But, two years is kinda long, isn't it? My previous relationships spanned about five to six months each."
  17. Derick had to stop himself from blushing, which was a lot harder to do than he thought. "W-well, it's not like I've got much choice. There aren't any other gay guys in school, or at least none that are, y'know, open. Even he wasn't open at first, he didn't even know until me." He sighed a bit, scratching his arm. "I-I don't like being alone, and Eric protects me, so... so I stay with him." He shrugged, stretching a bit more. "He's all I've got, y'know? If I could find someone else, maybe I'd leave him, but... well, there is no one else."

    He shifted a bit, looking at Zac. "So, er, your first kiss was with... a guy? That's cool. E-er, how was it? Like, did you enjoy it, or was it just... something that happened?" Derick tried to sound casual, but he was really curious. His first kiss had been terrible, and the thought of it made him almost want to throw up. Maybe if he could hear about another guy's first kiss, it might make him feel better. "And, like, was he the only guy you ever kissed, or were there others?"
  18. "Now that I think about it," he paused for awhile before looking towards Derick, the face and actions of his old friend kept flashing through his mind, "you remind me so much of him." He blinked once, the image of his old friend appeared in the place of Derick as though he was really there. He shook his head, blinking again, it was gone. "He was my only one. I didn't really know what our relationship was. It was like, friends with benefits but without the humping. No, till this day, I still don't know what to call it."

    "Anyway, I still remember where we had our first kiss. It was in his room, we were hanging out, playing video games. That was when he confessed he was gay. At that time, he claimed he had no feelings for me though. I wasn't disturbed... I was fascinated and intrigued." he shrugged slightly, "Then after that, we continued. Everyday after school, we were always in his room, making out..." It was the first time he told anyone about this, not even his father knew about it. "I guess, you could say I was bi-curious back then." He could still remember when his friend told him that he had to move away. That, was when his best friend confessed his feelings for him. After that moment, Zac didn't have time to respond, instead he was forced to the wall and their usual make out sessions started. Since that day, he kept telling himself that he didn't miss his best friend but ultimately, he admitted he did. They still keep in touch but not as often. He leaned against the wall, his eyes seemed distant as flashes of his memory appeared, a frown slowly crept his face as he murmured, "You're the first person I told this to."
  19. Derick nodded, a small smile. "That's way better than mine. I, well..." He shifted, debating about if he should share his own first-kiss story. Finally, he decided it was only fair. "I told you about my friends abandoning me, but first, they... well, after I told them about my sexuality, they were quiet for a bit. They responded when I talked to them, but it was brief, and they never started talking. Then, one day, they said they wanted to throw me a coming out party."

    Derick shifted, rubbing his chest. His face was almost a grimace of pain. "T-they tortured me... whips, knives, some hot wire... a-and they tried to rape me. My best friend at the helm. He said... I'd lied to him. Pretending to be his friend while trying to get in his pants. It was a personal insult, I guess." He shivered, trying not to start crying. His hand was gripping his chest hard and his breath was coming up in short stabs. "I-I don't know what happened... I got out of there, somehow... still a virgin... b-but I... I don't know how it ended... and they... they never talked to me again."
  20. Zac cringed as he heard what Derick's 'friends' did to him. He didn't like the idea of whips or any torture device, the thought of it made his insides feel weird and uneasy. "Those aren't considered friends if they do that to you," he managed to say. As he listened on, he noticed how Derick tried not to cry and the look of pain on his face as he explained what happened, Zac felt the urge to just go over to him and console him. He has a boyfriend, remember? Soon after that, his breathing became like previously. Moving his feet, he walked closer towards Derick, then standing in front of him, his chest was in front of Derick's face. Zac patted the boy lightly on his back then rubbed his back slowly, in a comforting manner.

    "They weren't real friends," Zac mumbled, looking down at the boy's head. He wasn't used to consoling anyone but he always tried. "You can... you can cry it all out if you want. Only if you want," Zac looked away, not believing what he said, "I bet your boyfriend never heard any of this before...? Or has he?" He paused for a moment, thinking of what to say. He grew up in an all male environment, so it was rare for anyone to cry around him. For all his life, he's never seen his father with a woman before. Plus, his father didn't really taught him how to console and such. He said in the most soothing voice he could, "I heard that it's good to cry it out sometimes. So, just cry it out. We're friends now, aren't we?"
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