To Be Human (Supernatural Rp)

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  1. I love the supernatural theme, and I really want put a lot of emphasis the humanity part of the supernatural beings. Especially with how difficult it appears to be for them to make it as "normal".

    I want to do an rp with that In mind, characters taking the roles of the people trying to be normal. Players could be various supernatural beings, trying to make due in a city, like the humans around them, only to be dragged forcefully back into the dark.

    I would like a group, maybe even make it one, but only with enough people.

    (This is a second interest check for this topic, although this is slightly different.)
  2. Oooh, I'm interested, as long as it's a group RP.
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  3. Splendid. ^_^ I want it to be a group. Haven't had much luck though. Haha
  4. I'd be interested in it as well. I love the supernatural feel to things
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  5. Interested in this.
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  6. Wundebar :)

    I'll go ahead and make a group for this, unless you all would rather we just do a regular rp with the four of us.
  7. Went ahead and made the group. Its called To Be Human like this topic. I made the sheet for characters an ooc that we can talk on. I'll be adding info and such soon.
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  8. Would it be too much trouble to just do an ordinary RP? owo'
  9. Lol not at all. Honestly, I just made the group in case more people decide to get involved. Its more a precaution than anything.

    I will in fact make a thread here soon as the OOC and when we're all ready, I'll make the IC.
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  10. Oh, uh, one more thing. I need to know if anyone here is uncomfortable with sexual situations, themes, and conduct in the roleplay. If you arent, I need to know now so we can work out a way to pass over it. I'm content either way, but am aiming to include it for the simple fact that it is a big part of natural existence.

    If you don't want it involved, or just not to be involved in it, we can leave it to personal preference, and if necessary, restrict it to private messages. Up to everyone.
  11. im interested
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  12. Sure beans. However, being me, I must ask this about vampires and darkness:

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  13. Super interested! I have time now so I'm checking everything out ^ o ^!!! I would totally like to join though, and I'm comfortable with anything.
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  14. Lol Philosoraptor...

    Actually, in this universe, Vampires evolved past that allergy. They are a little sensitive to light, but, they don't burn.
  15. Hey, bud, I'm sorry but, you're a little young for this topic. I hate to be that guy, but, these forums are VERY particular about these rules. I'm afraid I can't let you join due to the content that will be in this rp.

    However, next time I make an rp on a supernatural theme, I will personally seek you out and invite you.

    Again, I'm very sorry, but, rules are rules.
  16. I'd be 100% okay with some sexual content, yeah.
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  17. Woo, a lot of people now. Do we want to do one big rp, or, split up into a couple? I mean, I was expecting like, a four person apartment and now we have several.

    What do you all think?
  18. Well, perhaps it will be a pent house apartment so lots more people can fit in! Or it can be a bunch on the same floor, so everyone is neighbors?
  19. Aha, touchė, miss.

    Supernatural apartments. I dig it. I shall have the ooc up soon!
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  20. what rules are you talking about.
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