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  1. How did you come up with the title below your username? I've seen a lot of posts about signatures and usernames but never about the titles below our names. Maybe there has been and I haven't seen em.

    I've got two; Madman of Iwaku and Destroyer of Worlds. I got madman because well I am self proclaimed madman of Iwaku, and Destroyer of Worlds was because I decided for every misspelled word I have ever posted, it destroyed worlds.
  2. My custom title always relates to my avatar, and I change both of them every few weeks.

    For the past few iterations, all of my custom titles have been quotes from songs. The current one is from this in-game bard song from Dragon Age: Inquisition, about the character featured in my avatar, Sera.

    Before that, I had a picture of Red from Transistor along with the line "Wish I could just hear you talk." from this song.

    Before that I had some kind of steampunk picture, but I forget the song I used.

    Before that, I had a picture of a Bard with the line "Sing a lullaby for the doomed." from this song.

    So...my custom titles tend to just reflect what I'm in the mood for at the time.
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  3. Look at my username and then the little thingy. You'll never guess xD
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  4. Mine was because my Avatar was of a Saber Class servant.
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  6. I thought you were an owl for sure.

    (Still believes you are secretly an owl)
  7. Legend of Zelda. It hasn't changed since I made this account, and I don't plan on changing it ever. My avatars are a whole different story...
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  8. This.

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  9. Anyone who plays The Legend of Zelda knows the "TriForce" (I have a TriForce necklace that I've worn for 3 years straight now) and the different parts of it: Power, wisdom, and courage. Since I'm a female, I decided to go with Zelda's piece of the TriForce, which is wisdom. ^^
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  10. Cause I'm a twisted little thing...
  11. It was Ebullient Prism.
    Which basically meant "cheerful and full of energy" and a prism refracts light.

    It's from Halo. Name all my devices after AI or ships.

    Now it's from Risk of Rain because I stack crit and changed my avatar from a personal rune a friend made to that.
  12. I've had trouble sleeping my entire life. As a very young child I had night terrors, when I got over those I had constant nightmares. When I was about 11 or 12 I developed insomnia, and it became rather common for me to be up 2 or 3 nights in a row - with my personal record being around 5 or 6 nights straight, which caused some rather... strange hallucinations.

    Because of this, if I'm acting like a total bitch, or taking forever to respond, the most common reason is generally because, as my little label under my name says, I'm simply "too tired to care".

  13. My user title usually matches my avatar. And my avatar is currently Paul McCartney, who was one of the Beatles, so... yeah. Love Me Do is actually far from one of my favorite Beatles songs, though. I just thought it matched the avatar rather well. And now I've grown rather fond of both the avatar and the title, so... yeah. ^^

    Although, FUN FACT: As a reference to McLennon (that is, the shipping of Paul McCartney with John Lennon, another Beatles member... which is a thing that I'm not ashamed to say that I enjoy), I was very close to making my title for this avatar "John Lennon's bitch" (in fact I think it was that title for like... 30 seconds) but then I decided that was a biiiit much, so I changed it to "Love me do", which I came up with after very little thought. I'm surprised how much I like it now. I think I only originally intended for that to be temporary until I thought of something better. XD
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  14. After my older sibling moved out of the house and my dad was kicked out, there was nothing stopping him from popping in at any time since the only person he was scared of was my sibling. He proceeded to break into the house several times while my mother and I were away and just pop in at any given time despite the restraining order we had. I had decided then that I needed to become something that he would be scared of and essentially fill the shoes my older sibling left behind.

    Thus I became the Demon of the South. A tad overdramatic, but I really became a cold hearted little jackass during that period of time and it worked for a while. My dad stayed away because he knew that if he wanted to screw with my mother, he had to deal with me first.
  15. One day I made a meme on a previous site
    It stuck for me personally.

    It represents the overconfident person that I let the world see.
  16. No great mystery to my title: Aku Soku Zan, or "Swift death to evil", is the code by which Saito Hajime, the character whose name and face adorn my profile, lives by.
  17. Well now I know what she's saying.
  18. In the days before I changed my name to smdzTheCakeGodL, on Family Fabularis my friend Infinafis deemed himself the cookie god, and KayLove and I decided to join in on the fun. She became known as the Ice Cream Goddess, I became known as the Cake God, and we called ourselves The Dessert Trinity ever since.
  19. I can't sleep at night, and I think a lot when I can't sleep.

    I'm a very sarcastic person, and can become a nuisance.

    Simple enough to figure out, I think.
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