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  1. So, it's winter (for most of us), which usually means you and/or everyone you know is getting sick. Anyone been suffering from such sicknesses lately?

    I just got over the Stomach Flu about two days ago... Not fun.
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  2. I got my flu shot

  3. Looks like you flu past that bullet.
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  4. You got a smirk outta me.
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  5. Always sicc.

    As soon as I think I'm getting better from months of the flu, OH WELL I GUESS NOT.

    *sniff* Isn't fun, man.
  6. Pff, people are so weak! I only get sick once a year or less and only once was during winter. I've never had the stomach flue 8D
    *Laughs at all the sick people*

    I haven't heard about anyone getting sick this winter, but I'm not working atm and I only meet with one friend regularly now a days, so I would miss it if someone did get sick xD
  7. Snifflessss and sore throat rip
  8. I haven't gotten super sick, but I have that annoying low-grade achy, under-the-weather feeling. >_>
  9. I had a cold that lasted for at least a month this past fall semester. It had me a bit worried that it wasn't just a normal cold and instead was something worse.

    Looking back on it, though, I'm pretty sure it was a normal cold, and my immune system was just flaking out due to stress and lack of sleep.
  10. Thankfully I haven't gotten sick this winter... Yet. Usually I end up with a cold or throat infection, but nada this year.
  11. I have a cold. This is it, Iwaku. I'm dying.
  12. My fiance got me sick, and it was originally just a cold, but it turned into some sort of stomach flu thing. D:<
    To be fair, I put him in the hospital with dysentery a few months ago, so this is minor payback.
  13. I'm a sniffly mess.
  14. I rarely get sick even when everyone around me is. I haven't had the flu in years and never get flu shots. Funny enough, 3 people I know who got their flu shots actually ended up getting the sickness this year, go figure.

    During the winter months/cold and flu season, I make sure my diet consists of quality foods and I get as much sleep as I can. Limiting alcohol intake is also beneficial but not always possible, especially over the holidays.
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