Times of War: Chapter One- The Night Fire

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  1. Chapter One: The Night Fire
    "And so is the Golden City blackened
    With each step you take in my Hall.
    Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
    You have brought Sin to Heaven
    And doom upon all the world."
    -Canticle of Threnodies 8:13

    The chantry teaches us that it is the ignorance of men that brought the Darkspawn into our world.
    The Mages sought to uncover the glories heaven, but instead; they destroyed it.
    They were cast out, twisted and cursed by their own corruption.
    Returning as monsters- the first of the Darkspawn.
    They became a blight upon the land, unstoppable and relentless.

    Since that time, Ostagar has become a booming camp for King Caillen's forces, keeping the nasty creatures at bay and waiting for the day that they will rise up with all they've got in an attempt to overcome them. New members, willing and not, are briefed on the current Darkspawn situation, as well as any required news in camp, before being assigned a group and sent out on their first missions. Today, of all days, was a blessing to the dwindling numbers at Ostagar, fresh blood is being brought in by the scouts. These members will be crucial in the Kings plans to extinguish the Darkspawn threat.

    Three large caravans brought both capable men and women to aid in the ever going battle. Among new supplies and weaponry, they were going to be the key in achieving the goals set by Caillen and his wide spread intelligence.


    Hibce walked around the camp with his ax over his shoulder. It was strange seeing all these tall men and woman walking around. They didn't act like a dwarf at all... he didn't know how to react when one tried to talk to him. Soon enough he was lead to a man and given a note then told to leave. He did and when he was outside he read the letter. A mission? He thought wondering what they could possibly need him for. He was going into the Korcari Wilds... that seemed simple enough. He didn't bother reading the rest figuring he could when he got there. He started his slow dwarven hobble of a run to the gate before looking up at the guard with the letter in his hand. "I'm going into the Korcari Wilds." He said in a demanding way threw his beard. His ax was sharp and ready and he figured nothing was going to stop him now.
    "What about your party?" The guard asked a bit confused.
    "Their is no time for a drink. I will be back soon enough." Hibce said with a determined face. He wasn't going to get drunk before, he would survive and get drunk after.
    "No, the other members of your team." He said trying to reword it. "You should have others helping you on this mission. Doesn't it say that in the letter?"
    Hibce read over the letter quickly and found the names. "Aye, that it does." He turned and ran back to find the other members. "Do you know any of these people?" He said showing the list of names to random soldiers passing by. They all shook their heads.
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    There were a lot of people at the camp in Ostagar. However, Anthea didn't feel like she held much in common with any of them. She was sitting alone against a broken pillar sharpening her spear. A lot of curious recruits looked her way as they passed by. Some even tried talking to her, but she always gave short and simple replies that made it evident that she did not feel like talking. It wasn't surprising that so many people found her interesting though. She did stand out quite a bit. For one, she was extremely tall, taller even than many of the men. The red tattoos on her face and her overall wild appearance also made it difficult in keeping attention from herself. She was really starting to regret going into that town.

    About two weeks before Anthea had decided that she was tired of scavenging alone in the woods and decided to stay in a small town for a while. She pretended that she was a mercenary woman that was simply passing through. Unfortunately though, while she was there some troops from King Caillen's army had been passing through. Since she said that she was a mercenary the leader of the troops assumed that she would be happy to work in the army and immediately recruited her. They had offered her a fair amount of gold and she knew that a real mercenary most likely would not turn down such an offer so she was forced to comply.

    There was nothing she could do about it now that she was already part of the army. Although, it might be a bit interesting she thought to herself. It did get a little boring living by herself in the woods, which is why she had gone into that town in the first place. She put down the stone she had been using to sharpen her spear and slowly stood up. A small elf man, well, small compared to her, accidentally bumped into her when she got up and began apologizing profusely. She simply waved her hand and told him it was fine. Actually, she almost ended up laughing because the elf's expression looked so hilarious. He looked as if he thought she were going to stab him with her spear for a simple mistake. That probably didn't seem that far fetched given her appearance. She gave a small smile as he quickly dashed away. Now, she should probably go and find the rest of her group.

    Anthea looked down at a small piece of parchment that contained the instructions for her mission. Her spear was already nice and sharp, so her weapon was ready, and now she just had to find the rest of her group members. They were meant to go into the Korcari Wilds for their mission so she decided to walk towards the entrance. It was a little ways a way so perhaps she would meet the others on her way there.
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    That was a lot of blood.
    His brain ran through that night's heavy events. Scents of ash and people running around were still fresh on him, even a week later. The burned mansion wasn't that far from this convenient camp. Thankfully, the caravan waved him in to pass as a mercenary. Now, Ox stood in Ostagar eating bread and resting. After paying a grumpy quartermaster, to repair the dented helm, he wandered about the camp.

    With the commotion of the people, he spent a lot of the walk bobbing and weaving. His large frame wasn't always an ally. Truth be told, he was probably one of the largest people here. This doesn't sit well in the middle of flesh traffic. He did feel lighter today. Maybe the run shaved off a few needless pounds. Then again, he also felt naked...

    No weapon. Sigh...

    Backtracking, Ox decided to finish out the set by buying strategically. Having a lot of room to kind of store weapons, it was a shopping spree that would hopefully turn into a kill spree. Perhaps over zealously, he came out looking like a weapon rack. His mood had quickly for the better. It reminded him of when father use to let me pick a weapon to learn with. There where a dagger in each boot, a mace and long sword on either hip, a crossbow across his lower back, a quiver of bolts hanging off his butt, a large shield, battleaxe and throwing spears on his back, and he carried a large war hammer with a glaive. This was going to be the greatest adventure that even Grandpa would be proud. Unfortunately, in his sudden impulsive excitement, the young warrior made a couple of silly choices. most of the weapons he grabbed were from other soldiers and they really wanted them back. After that was sorted out, Ox was left with one dagger, shield, crossbow and bolts, long sword, and warhammer. He was happy. One weapon for each range and situation, with a back up to boot. Literally.

    Ox was already given the job brief, and decided it was time to meet the rest of the companions.

    The wilds should be a good start to get out of this camp.

    He hadn't actually seen who these people were, so a pre-search, before the actual search, was going to be needed. Ox spotted a spear wielding female, a bit away. Maybe she would know. She had parchment. Perhaps, that was the same one he received. Casually, the underground champion walked toward her.

    "Pardon me." He said in a soft, baritone voice. "Are you going to the wilds, by chance?" A smile was hidden under the helmet, but it was there, nonetheless.
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    Anthea noticed a large armored man walking towards her. Perhaps he was one of the people in her group. She searched through the names in her head that had been on the parchment. If this man was part of her group, then he must be Ox she reasoned, for he was most definitely a warrior. In fact, he looked like he was a walking weapon rack. She analyzed his movements closely as he came towards her. From what he asked when he did reach her, it appeared that she was correct in her assumptions.

    “Indeed. I am going into the wilds” she replied in a husky voice. “And would you happen to be Ox?” she asked, her amber eyes staring intently at him, her expression remaining neutral. Her height was close to the same as the man’s, but he was built much more sturdily, like an ox really. Anthea was built more like a large wildcat, strong and lithe. Her mannerisms were often quite similar to some of the creatures of the forest as well. Perhaps she had remained in the forms of other animals and in their company for too long and their habits had worn off on her. Her appearance certainly was quite wild looking with her piercing amber eyes and unkempt brown hair. She obviously didn’t care much about what she looked like.
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    Hibce was now getting frustrated with all these tall me giving him 'No's and 'Sorrys I haven't's. They were clearly holding back the information but he kept his dwarven rage under control until someone tried to make fun of him. He wouldn't let this guy get away with such a thing as to insult a dwarf. "So you think it's funny calling a dwarf 'hight challenged' do ya?" he said in his loud and scruffy voice. He drew his ax from his back which was almost the size of him, without including the extra length of the handle. He swung it in his furry but it was blocked by the young and confident warrior. The lad was foolish though, he was too confident in his abilities. Just as his ax was blocked by the man, who had to use two hands to block the force as well as slide back from the powerful blow, he slammed the but into the soldiers hands. This was a much unexpected move from a dwarf. Normally they would just back up and swing again but he wasn't quite the same as most of his race. The soldier was now unarmed and to finish it Hibce slammed the side of the ax into the man causing him to fly into the wall uncut. Hibce marched over "Don't make fun of Dwarfs." he said spitting in his direction as he hobbled away to find someone in his party.

    Soon he gave up asking people if they knew anyone on the list and just shouted out the names. A dozen of the people were still staring at him from what he had done previously so it wasn't hard to get their attention. "Hay!" he shouted which was surprisingly louder than when he was talking... which was saying something. "Where is Ox, Anthea, and" he had to stop to review the list. After looking at it with a diligent and almost confused look he finished with "Sca- Scet- Scathach!" the last try was much louder then the rest. He was sure he got it right.
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    He nodded. Their equally steady stares just...looked at one another. It seemed she was taken his appearance...at least what could be seen through the heavy armor or perhaps trying to get a read on him. All she might be able to see is the slight gleam of blue eyes. Ox didn't really know, because he was busy trying to take in her form.

    His gaze run over her, memorizing certain things to make sure he didn't forget. It was easier because there wasn't a helm in the way. Anne had sharp, ember eyes and a supple, female form. The red facial tattoos were rather inviting, to him. Perhaps, Anne looked wild, but Ox was used to it. In fact, he liked the look. Slowly offering a hand, the warrior was hoping to work gradually past her neutrality.

    "I see you put extra effort, in the morning. Looks nice." He said, chucking with friendly sincerity. "Nice to meet you."
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    Scathach was never known to stay in one place for so long. He was like the wind. He was a wanderer that held hope that the strong tides of fate would bring him to the one thing that could define him truly. The ultimate duel, a clash of such magnitude and significance that it would separate him from just a simple blood-thirsty animal. It was this that attracted him to mercenary work.

    It wasn't a surprise that he found himself recruited to help out in the Darkspawn situation at Ostagar. It was a decent paying job for its difficulty and well he wasn't exactly cold-hearted, and who knew maybe that warrior he sought for also fought for the king. He could tell that he was one of the more fresher recruits to the situation, albeit his experience in fighting in general. Darkspawn hadn't attacked his village too much, it was more of a bandit problem that plagued them and so it would be interesting in the very least to Scath.

    The caravan that he rode found itself in the center of the main camp of what he assumed was the King's forces. There were many formidable looking opponents going on about their time off the battlefield leading excitement to fill his mind, although his hard-eyed sun-kissed face managed to say the opposite.

    As he stepped onto the cobblestone with a corresponding click of his heel he glanced around once more, paying more attention then he had before. His rough hands untied the white cloth that held his messy, brownish-gray shoulder length hair in a pony tail form allowing it to fall down in it full form, the moving bodies and friction managed to heat the place or maybe it was the large fire spots placed around, but sweat trickled down his sharp features and he wiped them with the sleeve of his long coat. During the ride he was informed of his place in this war and his "team-mates"

    The job didn't hit Scath as particularly easy but with his caliber he was sure he would be fine, but the fact that he had to work in a group was rather annoying and he didn't enjoy it one bit, but nonetheless he made his way to where the members of his group were last seen with a quick pace as a duelist was expected to have, but then he was stopped in his tracks as his name was shouted somewhere in the crowd.

    "Hm? Who said that?" Scathach muttered to himself as he turned at the direction of the voice, it was a very hearty one and easily noticeable very much like a dwarf's would sound. Then he realized that there was a dwarf in his party, maybe that was him? Scathach began walking towards that direction until he came upon him, he was short as expected but he certainly had more muscles then Scath had, but that wasn't of the point right now.

    "You. Your Hibce. Follow me will you? Our groupmates are just this way." Scathach said rather bluntly, he didn't feel that introductions were needed after all they had all be briefed. Before waiting for the shorter man's reply he turned and began walking towards where he had at first before he found the dwarf.
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    Most of the people had just turned away not knowing, or willing, to help him. He scanned around at the faces and figured they must not like dwarfs here. Soon enough though a man walked up to him, his words were quick and simple. "You. Your Hibce. Follow me will you? Our group mates are just this way." He looked at the man questionably but he had already turned to go. "Aye, I am Hibce." He said returning his ax to his back. This man was large as well, he towered over Hibce just like everyone else. But at least he said more than four words. Quickly Hibce followed the man until they came upon a man and woman. Both of them huge... even larger than the rest of the soldiers. He was a good a good three feet shorter than the two giants and two feet shorter than the man who had helped him. He was not pleased.

    "Hello." He boomed as he came closer. "You are the other two of the..." He stopped and quickly served for the word. After a quick thinking session where his head ticked back and forth and he seemed to be chewing on something he looked at up at the two giants "party." His voice was no quieter and he was quite confident that he had it right. His eyes then went to the man who was armed with various weapons. The war hammer in particular caught his eye. He reached out for it "Give it here lad." He took it before the man could respond and looked the large hammer over. It wasn't dwarven but it was decently made. He handed it back "You need a dwarven hammer." He made a resolution to make one for him. If he was going to be fighting with a giant then the giant should at least be armed properly. Then he looked over at the woman, he liked her style. She wasn't dressed up in all that fancy metal, just a simple leather gear and a spear. He would make a better one of those too, she was a giant but at least she knew she didn't need heave metal to slow her down. He would make her a good spear. His gaze then turned to the man that led him over, he was armed with a sword... it was good enough. He wasn't a giant, just tall. His sword looked good and he most likely took care of it. He was fine, the other two needed better weapons. He would not be insulted by fighting alongside improperly armed ally's. As his people always said, 'The only good weapon is one made by a dwarf.'
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    Anthea had not expected Ox to comment on her appearance, and her expression changed for a split second to a mixture of shock and confusion before resuming back to her neutral expression. She wasn't really sure if she should react to what he had said or not. She knew that she certainly did not often tend to her appearance, so she wasn't sure if he was serious or just making a joke. Overall he appeared to be fairly friendly. It would be best if she was on good terms with her allies for the mission, however, she didn't want to get too friendly with them. They might start to ask too many questions. In the end, she decided to ignore the comment and simply accept his greeting.

    "Nice to meet you as well," she answered, her voice sounding a little bit friendlier, her lips curved slightly into a smile, though it looked a little forced. Her grip was strong and firm when she shook his hand, though her fingers were a lot thinner and more delicate than his, and her eyes continued to watch him cautiously. They were soon interrupted though by a dwarf and elf.

    The dwarf was quite loud, and perhaps a little slow as well, or at least from what she could see. She watched as he simply grabbed one of Ox's weapons before even waiting for him to grant permission. From what the dwarf had said though it appeared that he and the elf were part of their group.

    “You two must be Scathach and Hibce,” she said simply “Are either of you ready to head into the wilds?” she asked with a bit more energy in her voice as she moved her spear around between her hands, looking a little restless as she did. She really wanted to get out of the camp soon. Being around so many people made her feel a little overwhelmed and she felt she might end up acting out because of it. There were also some Templar in the camp so the sooner they got out the better.
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    Damn, I will have to let her know later. Hopefully, she wasn't offended.

    Ox returned the handshake, with equal grip. His eyes lingered just a bit longer, on her, before they turned towards the two warriors.

    The gaze shifted to seeing another rugged looking swordsman. He seemed like a serious character and didn't have time for anything that didn't involve getting the task done. It might take a little time to try and befriend him. Head tipped down, he looked at the borrowing dwarf. At first, he wanted to draw his sword on the mini-tank. Since it was rather insulting to just take something, but the dwarf was a formidable ally. Also, it wasn't his fault that the weapons the armory had weren't a higher quality. He could still use them, with raw skill. With obvious knowledge, about crafting weapons, Ox could probably learn a thing or two. Assuming he wasn't like this with everything, they would probably get along.

    He decided not to say much. Once they were ready, it would be to the wilds. Either way, after this is over, Ox is making a quick escape. As quick as he could, anyway. Potentially fighting darkspawn wasn't something he wanted to deal with. Before they really answered, Ox started to walk towards the camp's exit.
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    "Aye." He said in response to the female giant. "I am always ready for a fight." He said ready to run to the gate again. Something told him he shouldn't though considering he actually had to wait for others. Dwarves would have just ran out in a jumbled crowed and complete the task killing as many dark spawn as possible. He hoped the giants would at least be able to keep up. "What are we waiting for?" He demanded before noticing the giant had already started to head out. He followed a couple of paces behind the giant trying to make himself a little taller so he wouldn't look so short. He realized it was pointless, standing next to the giant he would always look short. "What are we supposed to be doing anyways." He grumbled to his 'party', he never really read his task, only where he was supposed to be. "And what are your name?" He didn't realize the sheet said it all for him. Those questions were more of a waist of air.
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    Scathach kept his neutral expression and posture as they approached the two warriors, who if he had remembered correctly were named Anthea and Ox. The only time he spoke up with his husky voice was when he was spoken too and frankly he felt that these people were to friendly. Or maybe that was because he was a mercenary. He never had any real allies. At least maybe Ox might be able to stand up in a duel against him. He kept it to himself but Scathach wondered if he was a sparring type.

    "I'm always ready." Scathach responded to Anthea, his hazel colored eyes meeting hers as he spoke. But his eyes darted back to the dark black scabbard that held his katana, the only thing visible of the blade was the grey colored hilt and the light golden guard wrapped around the perimeter of the metal shaped like the sun. It was a special blade, one his bloodline could only use, or so the elders of his village would say. But it's been a few years since he's listened to any of that utter hogwash.

    As Ox began to walk of towards the distance with Hibce close behind, Scathach decided to just unsheath the blade right then and there. His hand grabbed the grip and he pulled back, causing the katana to shoot out of its scabbard with a quick fluid motion. The blade itself was a tad bit longer than a normal one and it was also quite thick but he held it in his hands easily as if it was a feather. The steel itself also had black markings that went from the bottom of the blade to a little distance from the top in the form of a fire that seem to gleam in the sunlight. It was the "Sol Katti".

    Scathach then followed the group quietly, with the Sol Katti cutting through air around him as he ran over quickly.
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    "Good." Anthea replied when the two other warriors had said they were ready, and then followed Ox and the others towards the camp's exit. The elf, Scathach, seemed to be a very direct sort of person, and eager for a fight. She watched as he swung his sword around with swift fluid motions. Watching him and how he held his sword, and the ease with which he moved it, she concluded that he must have a lot of experience and skill. He would definitely be beneficial to have in a fight, though she wouldn't want to cross him, or any of them really. After all, she was more of a mage than a warrior and wouldn't pose much of a threat against them without her magic, which reminded her of something that had been beginning to trouble her.

    From her observations, all of her party members appeared to have very strong and defined personalities. They were also all fighters, and most likely eager to prove themselves. This could be troublesome for them and herself. Such aggressive personalities would be likely to clash at some point. Hibce lacked a lot of control, and had already likely irritated Ox when he had taken his war hammer without his permission, though she didn't know for sure. She wasn't completely sure about Scathach's personality as well, just that he looked like he was looking for someone to challenge, especially with the way he was flashing his weapon about. However, she had only just met them so it was difficult to deduce all of their personalities so early on. For now, she would remain cautious and continue to watch them.

    On their way there the dwarf, Hibce once again started talking in his loud voice and asked what their mission was. It appeared that he hadn't read the instructions at all. Anthea walked up beside him and answered in a strong, sort of authoritative voice, "Our mission is to find a deserter who ran off into the wilds. Apparently he stole some important supplies and war documents, which our employer wants us to retrieve." She also thought of snappily telling him that he would already known this if he had just taken the time to read the instructions he was given but then decided against it since it would bring no good upon herself. "You may call me Anne," she added "It's probably best we leave now while their tracks are still fresh." This reminded her, if she were allowed to use her magic then this mission would probably be much easier. She would easily be able to sniff the deserter out as a wolf or find them by sight by flying in the sky as an owl. Her brow furrowed slightly as she thought about it. Not being able to use her magic was really starting to irritate her.
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    Hibce looked over at the male humans sword when he drew it. It was well crafted and looked to be a great weapon. It looked like it was better than an average dwarven weapon and by the design he knew it was an elven creation. He figured the elves who created it must have used magic to create something so great, no elven blacksmith could create something so grand by hand. He was impressed to say the least but before he could say anything about it his question was answered by the large female giant. "Do we get to kill him?" He said bluntly "Also its nice to meet you Anne." He grabbed her hand and shook it whether she wanted to or not then he ran to catch up with ox who had somehow managed to get ahead of them. By the time Hibce could hobble run his way over to Ox they were at the gate and Hibce came straight out. "There, I got the 'party'. I can leave now right?" He sounded angry, and really he was. The guard hadn't let him past last time and he was ready to pumble the man should he decided not to let him past again. To his surprise the guard stepped to the side and Hibce nodded "Thanks." then started his hobble run, he was ready to show these giants what a dwarf could do.
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    Scathach caught the dwarf look at his blade with the very corner of his eyes, the dwarf seemed to be somewhat interested in his inheritance, and for a second he wondered if the dwarf had half of a mind to snatch it out of his hands, but much to Scath's obvious pleasure, he hadn't. Instead he hobbled down the cobblestone corridor faster than Scathach had ever seen a dwarf run, and despite his serious demeanor he concealed a small chuckle but it somehow managed to escape his lips very subtly. Hibce might prove to be somewhat enjoyable if he would continue to stay in the boundaries he had been, Scath thought.

    As they followed behind Ox who charged ahead, he listened to the conversation between Anthea and Hibce. Hibce still proved to be a happy-go-lucky dwarven man he was, proven by the fact he must've been care-free enough to ignore the briefing if he didn't know the objective of the mission their party would go on.

    As they slowed a bit at the gateway separating them from the camp and the battlefield the current Guardsmen opened them up as Hibce showed that he was just itching to get a fight, and frankly Scathach could understand. Darkspawns hopefully will prove to be a new and fun experience of his.

    "Hibce! We should wait for our group members before charging in!" Scathach shouted, following quickly after him, leaving the two humans at the gate. Even though he gave such a warning, Scath had a secret hoped that Hibce would charge right into a horde they'd have to fight. It was only a second after the thought passed his head did he laugh once again to himself at his own impatience.
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    With their initial meeting over, they all moved towards the gate. He learned more about them, by the minute. Overall, they seemed like nice people. Though, it seemed like Anne was holding up a shield to herself. She had to have been hiding something, but he had no clue what it is. Her expression suggested that the mental gears were usually turning. Definitely a thinker, possibly a great strategist. He didn't know what to make of the other two. They were, for sure, looking to try and showcase that they were the very best. Perhaps, that no one ever was. The magical swordsman and the uninhibited dwarf charged ahead....a bit too hasty. That kind of behavior was a danger to the party. It's one thing to charge an enemy but another to run off away from those you are partnered with. Fools rush in. One show-off move can get them all killed. Ox, for one, preferred to not be killed stupidity. They had an intelligent female and two chargers. In all that, he realized that the only real spot he could take, in the party dynamic, was...leadership. His eyes widened, at the thought. Someone has to be that sturdy center...mine as well be him.

    Sod it.

    Now, he had to rush off to make it to them. Ox turn slightly and beckoned Anne to follow. Their long strides should be able to catch up to them. His armor and weapon clicked and clanked, as they attempted to chase after the hasty ones. If there was any luck, they would get there before anything attacked.
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    Hibce looked back and noticed the other two had already fallen behind. "So the giants can't keep up with a mere dwarf?!" He shouted at them in good humor, most of the dwarfs humor revolved around insulting themselves and another. In this case he wasn't trying to insult them, it was just for a laugh before he turned to start running again. "Aren't you excited to slay some Dark Spawn?" He laughed again running in further. So far he didn't find anything and was quite upset about it, "Come on Dark Spawn!" He shouted in an even burlier voice than he usually talked in "Where are you!" Normally, when looking for a deserter you want to be stealthy, which was not a dwarfs specialty, really whoever decided to put a dwarf on such a team really shouldn't have been in charge. Even when they try to be quiet they have loud footsteps and heavier breathing which made it impossible for them to sneak around. Maybe they thought he could sneak up on the deserter because he was small? A bad mistake indeed.
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    Hibce certainly seemed to be eager for a fight, judging by the answer he gave to Anthea, and with the way he rushed to the gates. He seemed to be a bit impatient with the guard as well. Of course, she was really quite eager to get out as well, though not for the same reasons. She watched as he charged out of the gates, the elf, Scathach following close behind as he tried to convince the dwarf to slow his pace. The sight looked quite silly really, making her smile gently. Ox began to follow them as well and signaled her to follow, which she proceeded to do so. They could easily catch up with their long strides. Up ahead she heard Hibce calling insults, but she ignored them. However, being in the woods soon filled her with excitement and energy and her pace quickly rose till she was running as well, passing Ox and Scathach and very quickly catching up to Hibce.

    She looked much more alive in the forest, like she was in her element. Even though she was not smiling her expression still looked much softer. Her eyes looked bright and her body looked to be a lot more relaxed.

    Now that Anthea had caught up she began to focus on analyzing her surroundings. Her eyes darted all around, trying to find any clues, any sort of humanoid footprints, a broken branch, blood, or anything else that showed signs of human activity. She even sniffed at the air, but then sighed. She did have a good nose for a human, but a wolf’s was much better. If she could use her powers then it would be much easier to identify any clues.

    Anthea began to think of where the deserter might have gone and what sort of trail they would have left. Most likely, they would have been in quite a hurry to get away, so there would probably be a lot of broken twigs and branches, possibly even torn fabric. If they were still in the woods then they would probably be near water since they would need it to survive. However, if the deserter, or anyone else was nearby, they would definitely know of their position since the dwarf was quite noisy.

    "I know you are eager for a fight," she said to Hibce in a powerful voice, her amber eyes staring down at him intensely as she did "But our mission is to track someone, not fight Darkspawn. It would be best not to not cause too much noise or our prey may get away from us."
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    Scathach slid to a stop as Hibce shouted quite loudly, his remarks on the speed of the two humans resonating throughout their surroundings. Scathach prepared to tell him to be quiet, but alas the hobbling dwarf sped off again. It was true Scathach would have loved to fight darkspawn, and that was more or less the reason he charged with the dwarf but he hadn't planned on ruining the mission, which would happen if they stayed this loud.

    He was dragged away from his thoughts as Anne, shot past him like some wind elemental. He watched as the woman figure ran forward with grace and speed that he couldn't even match at his best. Clearly she worked best in the wilds and Scathach knew that would help on this mission gravely. She was an Admirable ally he thought.

    He sped forward once again, until Hibce and Anne were brought to a stop. Anne's soft expression transformed as she began to scold the dwarf like he had planned earlier. It was only after Anne stopped speaking did Scath speak up to ease the slight tension that had built up just then.

    "Well, if this deserter is in the forest, if we wait till night time we might be able to catch his fire. After all its pretty chilly here and I could only imagine what it would be like in night time."
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    Hibce heard foot steps behind him and he glanced back to see the giant running almost double the speed he was at. She pulled him to a stop and looked angry, though a little more relaxed... which was strange. He figured now that she wasn't surrounded by all the men in the city that gave her strange glances she felt safer. Then she gave him the eye and told him to be quiet. That was not what he wanted to hear.

    Now he was agitated from Anne trying to scold him about not doing the mission right. He stared straight back at her "Then why did they send a dwarf? Their isn't such a thing as a quite dwarf." His voice was back to 'talking' level though it still boomed. Even his whisper would do that, it wasn't his fault, he was a dwarf. Then the elf spoke up 'Well, if this deserter is in the forest, if we wait till night time we might be able to catch his fire. After all its pretty chilly here and I could only imagine what it would be like in night time.' He looked over at the elf and pulled on his beard seeming to be in thought. "Aye, this way I will get to the dozens of Dark Spawn camps." He thought for a moment "He would be at one of them," He pointed at Anne "The giant said he had some papers for them." Hibce was happy with this idea, everyone got what they wanted. Then something dawned on him "What do we do while we wait?"

    What Hibce didn't realize was at night everyone's senses raise do to the lack of sight. With raised senses it was impossible for them to move anywhere without Hibce being detected with his loud footsteps, and most of the others would have to take off their armor so it wouldn't clink. Really with a dwarf this mission would be close to impossible.
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