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  1. looking to create a group rp based on a group travelling together in a time of war. It will include romance, though romance is not a requirement (just a possibility).​
    We will need a variety of characters and both genders to play it out and see what ends up happening. I don't like the idea of anything being predetermined, so it would be open and very free to roam.​
    I want to model it after the flow in the Dragon age games. Simply because those played into the developing romance very well throught the game and I think it would be very fun to transition that to an RP.​
    Let me know if you're interested and what type of character you would be interested in playing.​
    Here are the races and classes available:​
    Human, Elf, Dwarf & Wardog
    Arcane Warrior, Blood Mage, Shapeshifter & Spirit Healer​
    Berserker, Champion, Reaver & Templar​
    Assassin, Bard, Duelist & Ranger​
    The only class available to the Wardogs is Warrior Training skill. All others are personal pets.You may play a Wardog on top of another character if you want. The role of Wardog may be best for someone who does not have a lot of time to post, or simply wants to play as a background character. Dogs may not speak, but they can signal their owners or the group to danger.

    Rough sheet right now till I have more of the history/plot made up:​

    Personal Bio:​
    Why are you here?​
    Pic: (optional)​
    Physical description:​

    My character:​
    Name:Neviha (neh-vey-ah) Zathrian​
    Gender: Female​
    Age: 22​
    Race: Dalish Elf​
    Class: Rogue Ranger​
    Personal Bio:​
    Why are you here?​
    Pic: 47862.jpg

    Name: Arwen Remulous​
    Age: 21​
    Race: City Elf​
    Class: Rogue Bard​
    Personal Bio:​
    Pic: 0a37e983df4523b8477ce156eecbba25-d5lk7qk.jpg

    Current characters:
    Elf-female- Rogue/Ranger: Neviha
    Wardog/pet-male-: Esessar
    Dwarf-male- Rogue/Ranger: Hibce
    Human-female- Mage/Shapeshifter: Anne
    Elf-male- Rogue/Duelist: Scathach
    Human-male- Warrior/Champion: Ox
    Human-male-Warrior/Templar: Ser Morven Dayne
    Human-male-mage/spirit healer: Father Vale
    Human-Female-warrior/?: Colette

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    Name: Anne, Witch, Crazy Woman (Real name is: Anthea Glenidel)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Class: Mage Shapeshifter

    Physical description: Anthea is a very tall woman (6') with a very unkempt and wild looking appearance. Her hair most of the time is kept up in a messy ponytail with long, uneven bangs to the left side. Her eyes are a very light brown, a sort of amber colour, and she has red, jagged tattoos, symmetrical on each side of her face. Her usual attire is her light leather armor and furs. She also typically carries around her staff/spear wherever she goes.

    Personal Bio: Anthea grew up in a small village close to the woods. Neither of her parents was magically talented, but Anthea and her elder brother Adrian were nonetheless. Anthea's brother was taken away to the Tower of Magi when he was ten years old. Anthea was only seven at the time. Anthea at the time was just starting to develop her magical abilities, but since her brother was taken away because of his powers she decided to keep her own a secret.

    Anthea spent most of her time in the woods just outside of the village. Shielded from the eyes of others there, she practiced her magic. She did not only go there to practice her magic though. Sometimes, she just wanted to be away from other people. Many of the village folk she found to be quite annoying. Most of them were not very ambitious and quite simple minded. Anthea was a high-achiever, very independent, and much more curious than the others, which was why she didn't get along well with most of the villagers.

    One day though, Anthea was careless, and she paid the price. She was sixteen at the time. It was only a small, simple spell, and completely harmless, but she had used it in the presence of one of the villagers. She hadn't noticed them until she heard them gasp behind her. She didn't know why they were there. They could have followed her, or had only been going towards the woods to get firewood. What was also unfortunate though was that the particular person that had witnessed her use magic was also not exactly on good terms with her. They ran towards the village as soon as they saw Anthea use magic, and she knew what they were going to do. Anthea ran towards her own home, but quickly changed her mind when she saw the witness conversing with others not far off and point in her direction. Anthea ran back to the woods and never went back.

    Anthea survived well enough by herself. Before she had left she had already been practically living in the woods. She did get close to being captured and killed a few times though. Her worst experience however, happened a little over a year after she had initially run away. While wandering, Anthea came across two Templar attacking a lone mage. She wasn't very fond of the Templar, and she felt she should help one of her own kind, so she jumped into battle with them. Her attack took the Templar by surprise and she and the other mage easily took care of the other two. To her surprise, the mage she had helped was actually her brother, Adrian, who had been taken to the Tower of Magi many years before. Apparently he had escaped and had been fleeing from the Templar. He looked very different now though. He was much older for one, but what she found the most different was how he acted. Overall, he spoke the same, smiled the same, and laughed the same, but there was something in his eyes that put her on edge. Despite that, she decided to stay with him. However, it wasn't long before she regretted it.

    Anthea gradually learned that Adrian had changed a lot more than she had initially thought. At the tower, her brother had learned quite a few new tricks. He taught some of them to Anthea, but some she pretended were beyond her current capabilities, though really she just did not want to try them at all. He had been dabbling in dark magic, forbidden magic, however, Anthea only learned to what extent when they encountered another group of Templar. Adrian walked up confidently to the four Templar that were sent to capture him, and turned over to Anthea and said,"Now Anthea, watch carefully."

    Anthea was utterly shocked, and devastated. Blood was everywhere. Only one Templar was still alive. Adrian was torturing them. He had killed all of the others quite swiftly but he was toying with the last one and draining their energy. As he did he wore a horrible grin on his face. It made Anthea want to vomit. The blood and dead bodies didn't help either though. Anthea whispered, but then quickly began to shout for him to stop. Adrian turned around and looked at Anthea. He looked mad. His eyes didn't look right and his skin looked discoloured.This was not her brother. Adrian began to mutter softly and slowly walk towards her. "More...power...", he said as he walked towards her and gradually began to raise his hand. Anthea felt her movements being restricted. He was using blood magic to control her body. She watched helplessly as he gradually got closer and closer. But then, it was suddenly over. The blade of a sword stuck out from Adrian's chest. The Templar that he had left had gotten up and stabbed him, and killed him. The Templar was weak though. He collapsed again soon after stabbing her brother.

    Anthea didn't quite know what to do after that. She wasn't sure if she should help the Templar or not. All that she did know is that she wanted to get as far away from there as possible. She ended up leaving a health poultice by the Templar and ran until she felt she could run no more.

    Since that incident, Anthea has instilled a deep hate for blood magic and demons. It is also very difficult for anyone to truly gain her trust. Even though the incident was extremely horrific though she does not generally act depressed and dislikes sympathy from others, which is why she never tells people her past. Actually, she isn't very good at acting sympathetic either.

    ((holy cow why did I write so much O__o Sorry about that))

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    Both approved!
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    Approved!! :D
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    Name: Scathach Rievnt (Sca-tha-ch, Re-Vent)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Race: Elf
    Class: Rogue Duelist
    Personal Bio: Scathach, often called Scath is a rebellious sword-fighter from a village located within the heart of the plains. He was the direct descendant of the supposed creator of the village, a sword-fighter who fought for pride, happiness of his people and all that rubbish in Scath's perspective really.

    His prowess in the blade was received through rigorous training and the bloodline's natural talent in swords and so he became extremely talented, giving him recognition in the village, but that wasn't enough for him. The different swordfighters training in his village proved no challenge to him along with the bandits he fought to protect the village so he decided to leave.

    With the clothes on his back and the blade passed down by his family he disappeared without trace, looking for the ultimate warrior to fight, the perfect specimen to test his Sword on. And now he continues that search as a wandering mercenary and despite the obvious discrimination of his race most manage to keep their mouth shut when they see him in a battle. Not that he would prefer to hear their thoughts, as he had quite a lot distaste towards humans as well.

    Little does he know, one of his jobs may just bring him to something that can change his chosen path of life for the better.

    Hey Esth! Tell me if anything is wrong with him.

    Nonetheless, I'm sure that this roleplay is gonna be awesome. :3
  6. Times of War

    Name: Ox (Real Name: Addison Earle)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Race: Human

    Class: Warrior - Champion

    Personal Bio:

    Addison was born to a pair of successful farmers.
    He grew up in rich farmland, and will always feel at home there. Often, when there was a chance, the young man played in the fields. There grew a vivid imagination and dreams to do great things someday. After school, he would go to some sort of lesson. They always pertained to the subject of warfare. His parents wanted him to be a great warrior, like the mother-side grandfather Argus Claiborne. He excelled in combat, particularly with medium to heavy weapons.

    Blessed with a large frame and skill, Addison took to partaking in underground fighting tournaments. Using a fake name, he lucked out and won that event at just age 16. Making a name for himself, the spectators took to calling him Ox. For a few years, Addison was a successful participant. When things started to turn sour, particularly when thugs tried to take over, he thought it best to get out while there was a choice to.

    Then, Addison decided it was time to make some serious coin. At the age of 19, he became a private bounty hunter. A noble hired him to...collect debts. That bought the bread and he was happy. One night, however, that all ceased when he bit off more than could be chewed. It was supposed to be a routine pick up from a normally compliant business. Turns out, they had hired new muscle that ended up taking down Addison and the group. He took a war hammer to the head. The helm was dented and flew off. Dazed, Addi could see the aggressor standing over him. Seeing such a young face, he just left him there.

    He awoke in the noble's makeshift infirmary, only to watch those same sellswords ransacking the mansion and killing the noble. Addison fled.
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    Hiya Ruf!! I love him already! You might want to add a little about the human/elf stigma. Humans look down on elves a little and that might have influence on his personality. :3
    Other than that, he looks great and I can't wait to see what you do with him! 100% approved!
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    Accepted!!! :D
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    Okay, I fixed it now~

    i could have sworn I put something about that in there before but whatever lol
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    Is there still a character call for this? I'd love to pop in as either a Blood Mage or a Templar...
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    A templar would give us a really good balance with the Apostate we have now! A born rivalry lol! But a blood mage would be interesting too! Whichever you prefer, we're still accepting :3
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    I might make a Spirit Healer type character to round out the traditional fantasy RPG party deal. Just to clarify though, this is just in the vein of Dragon Age and not actually that same universe, right?
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    Name: Ser Morven Dayne
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Race: Human
    Class: Warrior (Templar)

    Personal Bio:
    Morven was born to the small, noble family of Dayne within Val Royeaux, the capital of Orlais. Morven's parents had not been able to conceive for some time, and Morven's mother was beginning to despair; believing that she was barren. Strangely, however, one day in Martinalis, she discovered that she was pregnant, and her husband gave thanks to the Maker for bestowing his wife with a child.
    However, the circumstances of Morven's birth were entirely unrelated to the Maker and Andraste. Though Morven's mother wept, it was not the Maker who heard her prayers, butinstead, a desire demon from the Fade. Morven's mother had no magic of her own, but a pact was still made between the twoof them; A child would be born, and the demon would have an unwitting pawn in the world.
    This was never disclosed to the husband, or to the child. Morven was an exceptionally ordinary and dutiful child, with parents who deeply cared about his spiritual well-being, and had strong prejudices against the magically gifted. Morven's mother's piety only increased after her bargain - she turned more deeply tot he chantry in the hopes that she would be able to spare her child from the fate that she had decided for him. When he was very young, his parents made a pilgrimage during the holiday of All Soul's Day, to Jader, to touch the place where the prophet Andraste had once lived. His parents swore an oath, as staunch religious adherents, that their child would be dedicated to the memory of the prophet.
    When he came of age, Morven was given to the Chantry - his mother hoped that the lyrium that all templars are given would save him from demonic corruption, as it was officially used to develop anti-mage skills. Beginning as nothing but a common Brother of the Chantry, Morven expected to become a Chanter for the Chant of Light; he memorized vast amounts of scripture and began to quote it frequently. His plans changed when he was eventually selected to join the Templar Order, taking his studies within the White Spire. More scholarly than many Templars, his martial skills only emerged later; and with many bruises on his part.
    As with all Templars, Morven became addicted to lyrium. It balanced out his person, as it eased the terrible nightmares he began to have, dreams of spirits and beings in torment; and some creature calling out to him amongst the Fade. He suffers from them still - but his night terrors are alleviated via the substance. The dreams, however, have gotten more and more pleasant. He sees himself settling down with a partner and children - he sees himself as a great hero, beloved by all. He sees himself as the next prophet of the Maker… But the lyrium shuts that off, and takes that away. It's probably for the best, he reasons. However, he can't keep himself from wanting what he sees -- but he keeps that to himself. He spent the remainder of his training keeping as strictly to the Chantry's teaching as he was capable of.
    He was knighted, and now seeks to do right in the world, to preach the word of Andrastae, and perhaps, privately, see his dreams and visions realized.
    Tall, and broadly built. Morven has thick brown hair that he keeps relatively short around his face. He has thick, dark brows that sit heavily over his deeply set gray-green eyes. His nose is aquiline, and sits straight on his face. His jaw is wide, but his chin is short. It's covered in short, dark brown stubble. His lip has a small scar on it, from where he split his lip when training. He wears the armor of a Templar, and uses a sword and a shield with the flaming sword of the chantry engraved on it. He carries with him a thick, black leather-bound book that serves as both his copy of the Chant, and as a diary.

    ((This is a little weird, so, hopefully its okay! Trying to keep things as open as possible!))
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    Ooh! Yay! :D More people. This will certainly be an interesting adventure. :) I can't wait till we start.
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    What exactly are the implications of a Reaver-type character? My primary idea is going to be an Elf Reaver, unless the implications are not quite as suspected. If so, I'll likely make an Arcane Warrior of some sort.

    To clarify, by implication, I refer to the general weapon type used, and the abilities and preternatural connections associated with the class. For example, a Templar seems to be a Holy Knight sort? They'd use either a sword and shield or greatsword, would possibly have certain skill in healing magic, but with a focus moreso on physical aspects of the game, such as sword maneuvers and crowd control techniques, while the preternatural connections would be close to a religious figure, either a totalotheistic deity, or a god of healing, depending on cultures.

    To my understanding, please correct me if I'm wrong, and even if I am, I may be able to work with it anyhow, but a Reaver would be a sort of Grim Reaper? He would use a polescythe, or perhaps a halberd or hafted blade? They would use a combination of dark magic and either strength or agility centered polearm techniques, depending on the preference of the user, and would be a ranged threat and would easily be able to give aid to the main crowd controller. Preternaturally, they'd be close to a religious figure of death, or the very concept, which would bring them closer to blows or friends with the templar, as while life and death are inevitable parts of a cycle, and must accept one another as two sides of the same coin, they are also opposing forces, one of patience, and one of wrath, so they may be either greatest of friends, or tensest of rivals, but not enemies, of course.

    Again, to reiterate, if I'm wrong on the implications of a Reaver, please inform me. I will be subscribed to this thread so you may post it here, if we ever get enough characters that we are forced to have multiple of each role.
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    Whelp, here's the quote from the Dragon Age site's description of Reavers:

    "Demonic spirits teach more than blood magic. Reavers terrorize their enemies, feast upon the souls of their slain opponents to heal their own flesh, and can unleash a blood frenzy that makes them more powerful as they come nearer to their own deaths."

    And another:

    "Life is power. Blood Mages know this, but they are not the only ones. Warriors can also command the energy that flows through blood and bone, but it is not an easy path. The Reaver specialization trades pain for strength in a constant balance of selfish sacrifice. At first it seems that Reavers are doing the work of their enemies, damaging themselves in gruesome fashion. But Reavers can transform their own living essence into raw damage, and then replenish that health by stealing the life from their foes. It's a dangerous gamble that counts on added strength to destroy enemies before incoming attacks or the Reavers' own abilities kill them. At its best, the Reaver specialization results in a brutal harmony. The closer they are to their own deaths, the more efficient they are at inflicting the same on others."

    They're not so much a religious part of the game, they're the anti-religion. Demons and spirits from the Fade are diametrically opposed to the Templars, and the Templars to them. Assuming we're sticking with the Dragon Age setting; most people revere the Maker and the prophet Andraste, who both preached against blood magic, and cutting deals with demons.

    To be honest, it sounds like pure sado-masochistic blood magic to me. There's not a religious connection within the lore as written, though that is of-course up to our lovely Esthalia!
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    It's not in the same universe, no. We may use the same terms here and there, but the actual characters and all that are NOT going to be in this game. Names of towns, classes, races, titles and things like that might stick for simplicity sake, but not much more.
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    I'm assuming that you will read Sir Basil's decription before reading my response, but he's right with the details. A Reaver is nothing pretty and will be on the recieving end of much missunderstanding and hateful comments. They would be a nice pair up with a blood mage, simply because they can understand eachother and their reasoning for turning down that path. If you are going to submit a reaver character sheet, please make sure they are well rounded, because reavers are most likely seen as overly powerful and we have to play fair :3
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    Thank you for handling that for me! :3
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    Beg my pardon, I never played Dragon Age, but if possible, I'd still like to do this. I think I'll look more into it now.
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