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  1. The world is inhabited by Elementals, Necromancers, Vampires, Demons, Nekos, Anthros, Teleporters, and a whole lot of other creatures or people with special powers. The few Humans that are left, are kept in a Zoo. The ones that try to escape are killed, but with more people taking the Humans side, will they finally be able to escape?


    Race: (Teleporter, Elemental, Necromancer, Demon, Vampire, Neko, Anthro, Human etc.)
    Elemental: (If your an Elemental, which one are you? Are you a Fire Elemental? Water? Air? Earth?)
    Side: (Human, Powers, or neither? Or maybe even both?)
    Appearance: (Picture or description)

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  2. Name: Blaze
    Race: Anthro
    Elemental: N/A
    Side: Human
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG] (Wolf form)

    (Human Form) [​IMG]

    Personality: He can be very playful and loving, or really aggressive. He is usually Cautious and nervous around Humans, as some have been known to be really aggressive.

    Blaze was kicked into the Zoo enclosure, containing about 15 Humans. He was in his Wolf form with a collar around his neck, it was too tight. "NO, NO! LET ME OUT!" He yelled, scrambling over to the bars of the cage. "Please, I'm sorry... I'll never try to help another Human again" He pleaded, looking at the Shapeshifter who had just locked the cage. "Enjoy your new home, Blaze.." The Shapeshifter sneered, before walking away. Blaze walked to the back of the enclosure and sat down, looking around nervously at the Humans around him.
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  3. Name: Big B

    Race: Were Wolf

    Side: Neither, but is slowly drifting to the human's side

    Age: 378

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Has a very short temper, is really dark, otherwise he tries his best to keep to himself.
  4. Big B watched as he saw yet another human thrown into this human zoo. He tried his best to drown out the cries and divert his line of vision else where, but he then saw a shapeshifter much like him thrown in. In a swift movement he appeared in front of the guards who had just brutally thrown him in. One was a pure blood vampire and the other was a warlock. "Excuse me you two, but I don't think he belongs here. I'd appreciate it if you could let him out." Big B flashed his agent badge. "Unless you'd actually like to lose your shit jobs." he looked at them then growled a little to intimidate them. The vampire was quite scared, but the warlock refused to back down. "You have no say in this zoo Big B." He hated to think it, but it was true. This wasn't his side of the woods. He let out a sound that came out as a bark. Then he turned around and walked away. I have to figure a way to get that boy out. He doesn't deserve to be in there. he thought to himself.
  5. Name: Kawaku
    Race: Anthro
    Side: Human
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG] (Minus hat, and sorry the pictures is all "sunshine and lollipops." )

    Personality: Thinks in the present for what's right, but that also makes him reckless at times. Whenever he curses, he seems to curse in a foreign language.


    When he woke up, it was by a nudge. Opening his eyes, he realizes he's shackled and being carried by a single guard. "What?! Wait, what's happening-"

    "Shut up and get in." The burly guard interrupts and throws him into cell with...humans!

    "なぜ..!" He starts to curse in a foreign, and frankly dead, language but then stops himself. He sighs as the cell door is slammed, thinking on if he really should've chosen this path to help the humans.
  6. Name: Myrlana
    Race: Human (witch/animal speaker/tamer)
    Side: doesn't know anymore
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Myrla (open)
    (her eyes are blue)
    Personality: Bitter, and Mostly withdrawn to most, only really can communicate well with her animals. Though she never tries to take over their minds, she let's them submit to her, and even then they can come and go as they please. So she is actually a sweetheart.

    She sat there and watch with cat like vision at the pitiful creature being thrown into the cage next door to hers. For reasons unknown to her she'd be thrown into a solitary cage where only certain animals could get in unless she used magic. Maybe the monsters of the night wanted to test her, and watch her to see if she was one of them, she didn't know.
    The shapeshifter that served as the "Zoo Keeper" at this time of night mercilessly had tossed the newcomer into the cage. He had been whining with his tail between his legs like a dog who'd been bad. Which in this case was probably true. She sighed as she watched the humans in the cage with this "Blaze". Blaze didn't look to comfortable, and seeing as he was in animal form, it was hard for her to watch. She whistled a high pitched whistle which got the Keeper's attention.
    "Hey Mack," she called him that because he refused to give her his real name, "Give him to me. I'd like a new play toy" She smirked. It was kind of an act, yet at the same time, she was getting tired of this solitary crap. She watched as an Anthro cursed his way into the cage as well.
    "Sorry Miss nothing but," she cut him off.
    "Animals? All I see there is a dog to be tamed. As well as that cat. Unless you want me to tame you instead." Again she was playing, but why not, they don't know what she's really like. She looked back at the other cage, the humans were backing away from the creatures. Once she was interested in something they knew to stay away from it.
    "Hmmmmm, I see your point." He signaled the other Keeper and they took the two newbies, leaving them in her cage as they went on their merry way. "Have fun."
    Myrlana just stood there and looked at her two new pets with a predatory air, "I'm Myrlana. The resident witch and beast-speaker. You two are?"
  7. Name: Michi K.
    Race: Neko
    Elemental: Unknown (Ooooo, spooky.)
    Side: Personally neither. But, must act as if she supports the Powers when working or around her father.
    Age: Eighteen-years-young
    Gender: Chickadee, ya dig?
    Appearance: neko_girl_purple_by_shikisz-d526ca2.jpg
    As you can see, her feline-like ears sprout out and flatten on either side of her head, blending in well with her hair despite how stubbornly they stick out. Her kitty tail can be seen with the help of special slits in all of her clothing, allowing her tail to swing freely and add to her keen senses. It is not a terribly fluffy tail, but more of a slim, furry tail the same hue of her hair and cat ears.

    Personality: Michi seems to be a quiet type to those around her. However, this is because not many attempt at getting to actually know her better and tend to just judge what they witness as her personality. On the outside she is a shy, passive little thing with a polite set of mannerisms that keep her out of trouble. On the inside there is much more to this neko than assumed. And as she does enjoy a little mystery, she tends to keep her true self hidden unless she feels comfortable in the vicinity of other persons (human or not).

    Even if it had been a week already of training, she couldn't help but feel uneasy with the shudders running down her spine. Witnessing the advanced guards lock away humans and their supporters just gave her a set of creeps each and every night. Sure, she should be use to this by now, it should all be a walk in the park. But, this was no park. This was no flower infested meadow, no haven of delightful scents and lovely colors. This was a zoo.

    This was a prison. A prison that quarantined those the Powers didn't like and didn't trust. Though, the guards really were strict.. and never even gave the "prisoners" a chance. Michi wouldn't speak up with her opinions. Oh, no, no, no, she would never dare utter one word. Just stand there, watch how "the big men do it", as they liked to tell her, while they treated the prisoners like scum and acted like bullies. That wasn't very courageous or noble, if you were to ask her.

    "Are you paying attention, Michi?!"

    Big violet eyes quivered their way up to the twisted face of a guard as he gestured to the lot who had just been thrown into their cages. Boy, these guards sure didn't age well.. Shaking her head away from such thoughts and clearing her throat with a squeak, Michi answered,
    "Y.. Yes, Sir!"

    A solid nod was all he replied with as his back was once again turned to the young neko, who exhaled a long sigh of relief. Just having any of the guards look at her with such cold eyes caused her skin to perspire. And she was sure that wasn't even close to how nervous some of the humans thrown in the cages must get when they are so handled like pieces of furniture, or worthless objects. It made her stomach churn a bit inside when she attended these training nights, learning of what she must do in her future as a member of a Pro-Powers/Anti-Human family. Did she have a choice in this future, her future? If she wanted to survive, probably not.. Or, at least, she wouldn't want anyone in her family to know she has a choice.. Not yet, now until she is stronger.

    Another night of standing there, fidgeting with the silken ribbon hanging along her skirt, watching from the distance as specifically four figures tonight were thrown along into their cages, with a few causing commotions, it seemed.
  8. He tried to bite the guard as he was moved into the other cage, but all he got was a foot jammed into his chest, making him yelp. He noticed another Anthro being thrown in the same cage as him. The door was slammed closed behind them, the Keeper walking away again.

    Blaze looked up at Myrlana and scratched behind his ear quickly, the collar around his neck made a quiet jingling sound as he did so. "Name's Blaze.." He mumbled, looking around him cautiously, his ears pricked up and hackles raised slightly.

    (I can't reply on weekends because I have no internet connection at home...)
  9. Kawaku looked away from the mistress in charge. He didn't want to get involved but telling by how she looked, she was probably "that" kind of person who will punish for retaliation. He sits crisscrossed and arms crossed and says "My name's Kawaku."
  10. Her demeanor changed as soon as she knew the Keepers were out of sight and she gave another whistle, this one a little lower pitched, and out of the shadows came lurking in two beautiful snow tigers. She sat down on the ground and they curled around her protectively, eyeing the newcomers. "These two are Sasha and Namaru. They've been my friends since they, and I really, were young and weak."
    She looked at Blaze and Kawaku, "Sorry for the scare, but you wouldn't have been treated right in the other cage." She buried her face into Namaru's fur and pet him. A loud feral purr came from his throat. "I know Namaru, they know not to harm me. No need to scare them any more than they probably already are." Sasha made a funny noise, almost like a sneeze, though it seems more like a laugh, and growled. "Sasha! Behave, they are new here! I haven't performed any magic for them to understand you yet." Myrlana scratched behind Sasha's ear.
    "Now... do either of you want to tell me why you're siding with the humans? Seems to me like both of you wouldn't be here otherwise." she smirked, "or am I wrong and you want to be in here for reasons untold?" She chuckled. She was making light of the situation, trying lighten the mood, though she couldn't tell if it was working. She wasn't a people person.
  11. Blaze shrugged and shivered at the growl. "Well a human saved me once, so I figured I might as well return the favour." He looked around himself nervously, before returning his attention back to the two tigers and Myrlana.
  12. Kawaku scoffed. "The humans are living beings too." He then looks down and frowns in an almost undistinguishable sadness but looks back up before it was see-able enough. "Funny how back then, humans fought for the equality of every race and nationality. Now they're imprisoned by different creatures and yet that same thing they were fighting for then hasn't changed."

    ((By the way, am I allowed to make more than one character?))
  13. Name: Rika Tsukimono
    Race: Demon/Necromancer
    Side: Neither
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female
    resizedSunako.png resizedShiki.600.932212.jpg
    Normally her eyes are pitch black with no pupils, but a red ring appears when she gets mad. Her skin is pale, she has violet black hair, and she wears a black blindfold around her eyes which she never takes off for a certain reason.

    Personality: When Rika first meets someone, she is awkward/clumsy and doesn't talk much until she knows she can trust them. Once she trust a person or is friends with them, she is very loyal and would be willing to put herself in danger for them. She doesn't hate humans, but fears them. she also fears people looking into her eyes and dislikes it if her blindfold is taken off. When she speaks, she refers to the dead as her 'friends' which often confuses people and makes her seem mysterious.

    Rika had no idea of what was happening. All she knew, was that she was going somewhere and she didn't know where that somewhere was, she just walked around where her instinct... Or her 'friends' told her to go. By the time she was warned about something, she couldn't react in time and someone forcefully dragged her somewhere, flinching from the contact of her cold body temperature, but continued what they were doing. "Who are you? What are you doing?!" Rika shouted at the person who grabbed her. She tried to pry her hands away and resisted when she was yanked. "Let go of me!" She yelled, stumbling on her own feet. Without a word, she heard some metal keys clanging as a door squeaked open and she was thrown in to fall onto the cold hard floor. Putting her hands out in front of her, she began to touch her surroundings frantically, to feel metal bars surrounding her. Did they just throw me in a cage? Rika thought in disbelief. Taking in what had just happened, she sat down and tried to calm herself. As she did so, she heard some voices near her conversing. Are there other people here too? Where am I? Rika thought to herself.
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  14. Kawaku sighs. Yet another one thrown in a cell? It was plain unruly. He looks towards the stranger. "Welcome to the club, enjoy your stay." He says sarcastically, but there is no smile or laugh.
  15. Rika turns her head towards the person who spoke, not knowing if she was even looking at him and frowned at his sarcasm. What's wrong with him? Rika thought, not responding to him. Turning her head away, she realized her blindfold became loose and brought her hands up to tighten it back on properly and sat in silence, listening to the voices of her friends surround her head.

    "You've been caught"
    "I thought I warned you..."
    "What a slow reaction"

    Letting out a sigh, Rika just listened to their insults, knowing that she couldn't really stop from listening to them. I want to get out of here... I don't even know where I am.
  16. She smiled, they both seems so kind, but they seemed so scared of her, maybe she had taken her act a little to far. Oh well, they wouldn't believe her now if she told them so. All she could do is let them ponder over her intentions with them. Not that she would have done anything bad to them in the first place. She just seemed to always be seen in the wrong way by people. She looked between the two of them and sighed.
    "I'm going to get some sleep, it's late and this has been interesting, there are places for you guys to lay pretty much anywhere, but I do warn you that if you try to harm me, Sasha will rip your throat out and Namaru's not much for kindness either." She practically ignored the newcomer. She wouldn't be able to communicate with her right anyways. Yeah. that's right, she was just going to converse with her tomorrow, when she'd had rest.
  17. Rika heard a girl speak, getting the feeling that she was being ignored and shrugged it off. It was better off that way anyway. Sleep... Rika thought. How long has it been since I last slept? She asked herself. Standing up, she felt her way to the farthest end of the cage and leaned her back against the metal bars, bringing her knees up to her chest.

    "I didn't even know it was night already..." Rika spoke quietly so that the others that were around her wouldn't hear.

    "Are you alright Rika?" One of her 'friends' named Sai asked. Rika nodded her head and layed her head down on her knees. Sai was one of the friends she had that always helped her when she needed it. Although he's dead, he's actually quite helpful when it comes to non-physical problems. "Should I find a way to get you out of here?" He asked. Rika shook her head, feeling the cold air right beside her and knew that he was sitting next to her.

    "No, it's probably impossible" Rika answered discouragingly.

    "You won't know unless you try" he encouraged.

    "I know it's impossible even if I do try" Rika mumbled, thinking that the people that were able to hear her probably thought she was crazy. Because to them, she looked like she was talking to herself. Giving up, Sai fell silent as Rika just sat still, wide awake. This is going to be a long night...
  18. Blaze walked to the back of the cage and curled up in a corner. He closed his eyes and after some time eventually fell asleep. In his sleep, he whimpered a little in his sleep and turned over.

    (@Strikedown of course)
  19. He sat there for a while as there wasn't much interesting to do. How insufferable this dystopia is. But soon enough, just like the other prisoners, he eventually lay down and slept. But he has stayed in the same spot he was thrown in. Yes, he plans to stay there for much longer as well.
  20. Sleep, was wonderful in her eyes. She needed the recuperation and this was the only way she could get it now adays since she'd been locked up here in the horrid cage. She hummed herself to sleep, a sweet and soft melody, her lips a smile as she kissed Sasha's forehead. "Good night my sweet hearts."
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