Time Changes Everything

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  1. Hermione Granger. Part of the Golden Trio of Hogwarts, Brightest witch of her era, helped The Harry Potter bring down Voldemort. She didn't want that to be all her life ever was though. She loved her life with Harry and Ron and was glad that she'd been apart of something so grand but now, as she made a life for herself in the wizarding world, she wanted to be seen apart from it. Sighing she ran her hand through her now smooth hair wondering when her employer would write her back with an exchange place for the artifact she'd secured for him.

    She'd never been the hottest at school, no; she was always the smart one. Obviously brains and beauty didn't go together with school and fighting for your life and your best friend's lives on yearly bases didn't give her any time to practice defrizzer or straightening charms. But after she'd left school over a year ago she mastered those charms and the rest just came with age she had guessed and as usual she was right. She became quite beautiful in the years she'd traveled the globe helping secure rare and antique artifacts, or at least that's what the guys she had met since then said.

    For the past 5 years she'd get letters to “Lady H” to help them find objects of interest to them. She bargained, bribed, flirted with the owners, whatever it took to get the score and then she'd send her employer an owl saying she'd secured the object. They'd meet in some place and then exchange. They'd get their object and she'd get lots of money, depending on how dangerous the mission had been and how valuable it is, their repeat business and a few new clients that they'd tell about her. She walked away with all that and no one had ever figured out it was Hermione.

    Harry and Ron were blissfully unaware of her secret life as Lady H. They and the rest of the wizarding world for that matter thought Hermione traveled the globe furthering her schooling, gathering books and tid-bits of information from wizards and witches all over the world. She smiled as she wrote a note to her recent employer to meet her at midnight tonight on a rooftop in muggle London. After sending the owl off she started writing Harry and the rest of the Weasley's to let them know she was back in London humming along to a muggle song she'd heard recently.

    She still considered Harry and Ron her friends and she knew that because of everything they'd been through they'd always see her as one of their best friends but for Hermione things had changed. Hermione had distanced herself emotionally from them for quite some time now. She didn't know when it'd happened, perhaps during her first year as ‘Lady H'. She cared about them greatly but she'd begun to see that Harry and Ron would never be the friends she need and craved to have.

    Now Fred and George had stepped up to the role of her best friends. As if on cue they apparated into her living room just behind Hermione. They'd been in the middle of an argument but upon seeing Hermione they both fell silent before shouting “Mione,” together and tackling her to the ground of her flat. Laughing Hermione pushed them both off and sent one of her owls on with the letters to the rest of the Weasley's. Fred and George started bugging her about this and that and filling her in on what she'd missed with everyone. Laughing Hermione thought, ‘It's good to be home.'
  2. “Mister Malfoy, you’ve received a letter.”

    “Place it on my desk.”

    The male’s tone was clipped and emotionless, much like it had always been. The only real tones the male ever had were emotionless, arrogant, or fearful. Lately, it was just emotionless and clipped. He had been quite put off the last few years, mainly since his father was sentenced to Azkaban with no hopes of getting out. His father had been a big part of the Death Eaters, and the help with the Dark Lord. When Voldemort fell, most of the Death Eaters were killed, sentenced to Azkaban, or had escaped. He had been lucky. Since his mother had assisted Harry Potter in the Second Wizarding War, she had been granted a pass, as well as one for her son.

    Since he was granted his freedom, he had taken the opportunity to leave London, and Malfoy Manor. He started traveling the world, perfecting his magic as he went along. As well as collecting ancient and valuable artifacts. It had become one of his hobbies, something to keep his mind off what was making him emotionless. He still greatly disliked the Golden Trio; Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, and that insufferable Hermione Granger. It had been them that made it so his father couldn’t get a pass like his mother and himself got.

    Scoffing, the male slammed the book he had been reading through closed as the reminder of why he left surfaced back into his mind. Pushing the book to the side of his desk, Draco Malfoy reached over to pick up the letter that had been placed on his desk. Quirking a brow, Draco opened the letter to discover that the artifact he had been looking for, for quite some time had been found. This Lady H had found it for him, as he had requested through a letter quite some time ago. Perfect. He would be able to pick it up that night at midnight. The only problem, he would have to be returning to London. A sneer replaced the flat line of his lips.

    Folding the letter back up, Draco stood from his desk, shoving the letter into the inside pocket of his jacket. The male had grown quite a bit from when he attended Hogwarts, and had last been in London. He now stood at about six feet tall. Growth spurts were quite common for the male, seeing how he had changed over the years of being in Hogwarts. Sighing heavily, Draco moved from his office into the hallway of his new home. He had purchased the spacious house after he did a bit of traveling over the world. It resided in Germany, and was quite a ways from most of the towns. Draco liked his privacy, and especially liked this home as he didn’t have many neighbors.

    Moving into his bedroom, Draco removed his jacket to lay on his bed. He would need to leave soon, as he would have to get the money in order to give to Lady H. He assumed he would be paying quite a bit for this artifact, seeing as it was probably a hard find. It was an old book, holding some information he would need in order to find other artifacts that he wanted to put in his collection. Patting his back pocket to make sure he was wand was in place, Draco plucked a few items from atop his dresser and placed them in his pockets. Grabbing his jacket back off his bed, he slipped it on as he headed out of his bedroom.

    “Adale, I’ll be leaving for a few hours. Go home when you see fit.”

    With that, Draco went into the living room of his home and apparated to London. Since leaving most of the wizarding world behind him, Draco had grown accustomed to the muggle way of life. He often found himself roaming the towns and cities, as well as participating in some muggle ways. Like for one, opening up a bank account with a muggle bank, in which he stored quite a bit of his money. Walking to that bank now, Draco would pull out the money he would need in order to pay Lady H for her troubles, as well as the book.
  3. “Hermione!” Mrs. Weasley exclaimed in delight shuffling over to pull her into a tight hug that was almost suffocating. “I’m home,” she squeaked out trying to take a breath. “Dear,” Arthur said placing a hand on his wife’s shoulder. Hermione threw him a very thankful smile as Molly let her go. Sucking in a deep breath she hugged Arthur briefly making the rounds to the other Weasley’s and Harry. Once everyone had been satisfied Hermione retreated in-between Fred and George. It was always a bit-overwhelming coming over to the Burrow for dinner after she’d been away for a few months. They all wanted all of her attention and affection that she could give and Harry and Ron seemed to compete with Molly on who would receive the most by the end of the night.

    Fred and George tried to help out as much as they could however they were clearly outnumbered in this situation. However this was her family and she loved all of them dearly. After the war she’d checked in on her parents. They seemed very happy so Hermione couldn’t bring herself to reverse the memory charm she’d placed on them. She missed them but after all it was probably for the best that they stayed with a life they were happy and safe in. They would have made easy targets for the disbanded death eaters after the war had finished. Hermione was sure some were still out there hiding amongst the wizarding world not able to let go of the past.

    Shaking her the thoughts from her head she focused back on the conversation Harry and Ron were having with her in the living room. They were telling her about their most exciting assignments as Aurors. “You should have seen it when Harry and I came charging at the bloke Hermione,” Ron said laughing deeply at the memory. “Harry Potter and Ron Weasley!” Harry exclaimed mimicking their targets shocked and awe struck face. This made Ron laugh so hard his face turned as red as his hair. Hermione laughed softly along with them. Fred and George however did not. They sat on either side of her with bored expressions on their faces having heard the story a hundred times before.

    “Dinner’s done,” Charlie called from the kitchen. Harry and Ron scrambled to their feet and took off quickly for the kitchen as if making it there first would secure them the most food. “You okay?” Fred asked softly as him and his twin got up waiting on Hermione. “Yes, just a little tired from all the excitement,” she responded not wanting to worry them. The twins exchanged knowing looks as the three of them walked towards the kitchen. It would seem that Harry and Ron were blissfully unaware or perhaps didn’t want to admit that things had changed between the three of them. When Hermione was home they still wanted to act as they had in Hogwarts, be best of mates once more. Hermione tried to appease them as much as she could but the more she did so the harder it became for her to keep up the façade.

    Upon reaching the kitchen as if to prove a point Harry and Ron had left a spot in-between them and were looking up at her expectantly. Before it became awkward when Hermione sat down across from them with Fred and George Charlie appeared and plopped himself in the seat they’d been saving for her winking as he did so. “Oi!” Ron exclaimed trying unsuccessfully to shove his older brother from the chair. “That’s Hermione’s seat. Shove Off,” Harry put in as well. Hermione sighed in relief and said, “It’s fine really.” As she sat down across from Charlie she saw a twinge of hurt in both of their faces so she added, “This way I get to see the both of you clearly.” This made them smile brightly and stop trying to forcefully remove Charlie from ‘her’ chair. It seemed that while Harry and Ron had not picked up on the change in their friendship the rest of the Weasley’s did thankfully.

    Dinner was an eventful joyous affair as it so often is. Everyone jumped from conversation to conversation sometimes even shouting across the table to be heard by whom they wished to speak to. Fred and George set off a few of their new laughing gases a few times when the felt Hermione growing tense at all the questions and inquiries about her latest travels. She hated lying to them. The rest of the wizarding world she could say any absurd lie and make them believe it completely but this was her family . . . she still had trouble not coming clean.

    However she was in rush for that conversation. So far the only people who had discovered her secret life were Fred and George and of course them being who they are had encouraged it completely although they worried about her constantly. Telling the others would end it. What with Harry, Ron, Percy and Arthur being part of the Ministry of Magic and Molly being the kind and good woman she was. She was unsure about what Charlie and Bill would say about her adventures. Sometimes she wanted to tell them however the words were always lost.

    A conversation from the end of the table caught her attention. “Still no leads on this Lady H then?” Arthur was asking Harry and Ron from the far end of the table. “No not yet dad. Whoever this woman is I tell you when we catch her she’ll go straight to Azkaban for sure,” Ron replied with a half full mouth of food. “Well honestly why don't you aurors try harder to find her. How hard can it be to find someone who has so much business?” Percy stated clearly not satisfied with the lack of progress they’d made on the case in the past three years. “It’s not that easy,” Harry said in defense. “She’s quite tricky. Even the stings we’ve set up have gone wrong. We caught the Drewery’s with a Zeltch Hopper. He cut a deal with us to save his own skin of course. Had a nice sting all set up to swarm in on Lady H. You wanna know what happened?”

    The whole table had fallen silent at this new conversation. It was big talk among any family with several ministry employees in them. The Weasley’s always being on the good side of the law was particularly interested in any recent new about Lady H. “She slips through your clutches again?” Percy said with a smirk. “Didn’t even show up!” Roared Ron. “The witch sent a owl from Diagon Ally she’d had some kid mail,” Harry put in as Ron finished chewing. “It said, ‘Dear Drewery, I’m disappointed that our business relationship has ended. I do not intend to go down with you but very nice try to save your own skin,’” Ron stated matter-of-factly putting a prissy voice with it. Fred and George couldn’t help but grin at this knowing how the letter ended. “All the best to you, Lady H. P.S. Do congratulate the aurors for me. They have been slacking just a tad in new developments lately.” Harry said heatedly.

    The Weasley’s fell apart in a fit of laughter at that. All except for the residential ministry workers and Molly. The last part had been George’s idea and although Hermione had been against it she had to admit it was fun hearing the story now. The conversations continued as the food disappeared and they all retired to the living room so their stomachs could settle comfortably. At a quarter till 12 Hermione rose from her seat and announced she was heading home. Amongst the groans and complaints Fred and George set off a stink bomb so she could make her escape quickly. The last thing she heard was “FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY!” by a very irate Mrs. Weasley. Hermione would have to treat them to an extravagant lunch for this tomorrow.

    Quickly Hermione cast the charm that made her voice higher and a bit stuffy sounding. Rummaging through her unpacked bags she found her cloak. It was made from the finest of silk from Persia. Black as midnight with a starry design around the trim. Slipping this over her jeans and low cut shirt she fastened it all the way tightly so that it would not come loose before finally taking a look in the mirror and pulling her hood up. Instantly not even the outline of her bright eyes could be seen. Nodding in pleasure she apparated to the rooftop to wait for her employer of the moment.
  4. After retrieving the appropriate amount of money, Draco slipped out of the bank and into the fine evening of London. He still had quite some time before he would need to meet up with Lady H, so he settled on getting a coffee and a bite to eat. Moving down the street, Draco kept himself bundled into his jacket, and not bothering to make eye contact with any of the citizens moving down the streets. He didn’t much care for common courtesy, he mainly just kept to himself. He cared more for his magic and his collection of artifacts.

    Moving into an interesting looking café, Draco walked up to the counter, slipping his wallet from his back pocket. Blending in was an interesting challenge for him at the beginning, what with taking up normal muggle actions to not sneering at the people that passed him by while he walked down the streets of a muggle town or city. Ordering a black coffee, Draco paid and thanked the employee, before taking his drink and heading outside into the mild weather. It wasn’t too warm and it wasn’t too cold.

    Setting his drink on the table, Draco watched the people walking around the city of London. Spotting a woman with a young boy, Draco shifted in his seat as he watched them walk down the street and into a store. Sighing heavily, the male nodded as he pulled out some parchment from his inside jacket pocket. Pulling a pen as well, he started to scribble out a short letter. He addressed it to his mother and explained that he would be in London for a few days, and informed her that he would stop by to say hello.

    It had been close to a year since the last time Draco saw his mother. He had been in London looking for an artifact and decided to stop by and see her. It had been weird, walking into Malfoy Manor again, especially since his mother was the only one there. Another sneer came across his face as he thought about his mother being all alone, and his father being locked up in Azkaban. Shaking his head, Draco folded the letter up and placed it on the table next to his drink.

    Sipping the coffee, Draco wondered what he would do to pass the time. Maybe go find a library and read a book as he waited. Seeing as that was his best bet, he finished his drink and went in search for a library. While he searched, Draco found an old family friend to get his letter to his mother. Thanking the man, Draco inquired about a library, was informed about a bookstore that stayed open till late hour, and followed the directions he was given.

    The next few hours, Draco engulfed himself in a few different books. Muggle history was actually becoming interesting to him. He liked to research the different aspects of what took place while the wizarding world handled their own problems. Checking his watch, Draco realized it was close to midnight and closed the book he was currently reading, and stood up. Thanking the employee on his way out, Draco made his way into a dark alley way and apparated himself to the rooftop where he was to meet this Lady H.

    Upon reaching the rooftop, Draco saw a figure with a hood pulled over their head. Raising a brow, he assumed this was the lady he was going to meet. Moving his way towards her, Draco pushed his hands into the pockets of his jacket, and narrowed his eyes. His wand was securely set in his back pocket, and he was a quick draw, if he needed to.

    “I’m assuming you are Lady H. Did you bring what I asked for?”
  5. Hermione had been standing admiring the breathtaking view from the top of the building. The lights from the scrawling city around them were mesmerizing from suck a height. Down below she could hear the muggles in full swing of a typical Friday night. She wondered briefly how long this would take craving to find a pub to submerge herself in a crowd of people and feed off the vibes.

    Hearing someone approaching Hermione sighed and turned her attention to the task at hand. She was surprised for once with who her client was. Standing before her was none other than Draco Malfoy. A thrill of excitement ran through her. When she’d first started her career as Lady H she had wondered how long until she’d come face to face with the boy who despised Harry so much in school. She knew very well that if he found out who she was that it’d be a dangerous situation but that only sent a shiver of anticipation down her spine.

    He made it no secret that he despised and perhaps even hated her as well during school. For one she was a muggle and for two Harry had been one of her best mates. She smirked under her hood wondering what his reaction would be to know that a muggle he hated had found what he couldn’t? At the sound of his voice her hand twitched slightly remember the time she’d punched him for the horrible things he’d said when Buckbeak was to be killed. What a horrible person he’d been . . . and probably still was. “We would not be having this meeting if I had not Draco Malfoy,” she said as if it was the most stupid questions she’d heard in her life.

    She wondered how far she could push him up here on this rooftop alone from the rest of the world. “Being a bright man such as yourself I assume you’ve already guessed the price I would ask for such a difficult find though finding it was rather enjoyable,” Hermione stated making no attempt to hid the taunting tone from her voice. Reaching into the side of her cloak she pulled out the book he’d requested and un-shrunk it without a word. “I assure you it’s the one you requested exactly. However if you would like to verify it for yourself please do so,” she offered professionally though couldn’t help adding, “I want all of my customers to be satisfied, no matter who they may be.”
  6. He already had a feeling that the woman before him wouldn’t show her face, or let it be known who she really was. What she was doing was against the wizarding law, and keeping safe and secret was the best way to make sure you weren’t caught. He knew all about that, seeing as the Death Eaters did the same thing with their robes and hoods. It was also no surprise when she knew his name, and when she said it, a light smirk went across his lips, “I would hope so, or this night might go a little differently then we both wish.”

    Of course he was still cocky. He had been an arrogant little shit from the second he entered Hogwarts. Though, it was dwindling down as he kept himself separate from the rest of the world. When you had no one to be cocky in front of, then there was no reason to be cocky. Shifting on his feet, Draco raised his brow as he looked at the person before him, wondering just who she was. He wondered if he knew her or not.

    Chuckling as she spoke once again, Draco smirked as he pulled his wallet from his back pocket, retrieving the money that he had pulled out of his account a few hours ago, “I hope you don’t mind muggle money.” His tone was still cocky, as if he didn’t care if she minded or not, seeing as that’s what he had. Watching her pull the book from her coat, Draco let the smirk fall as he studied the book, knowing that he was close to adding more to his collection.

    Shaking his head, Draco eyed the cloaked woman in front of him, folding the money in half and holding it out to her, a smirk sliding onto his lips. With her offer for him to inspect the book, the male kept himself in check, knowing that even if she screwed him over, Draco would have his ways of getting back at her. Even if he didn’t know her name. Then her comment came, and Draco sneered a bit, “And what is that suppose to mean?"
  7. “It is no consequence to me if I was here right now or not,” she said with a hidden smirk enjoying their banter. “After all it is you who requested my services,” She added insinuating much more than she said. He was still cocky. It was nice to know that some things didn’t change though it seemed to Hermione that the edge that used to be in his snide comments needed to be sharpened. “It seems your tongue has gotten a bit rusty compared to the past,” She said letting these words sink in before adding, “Or perhaps just laziness. . .”

    For the second time in a long while she was surprised. Draco Malfoy, hater of all muggles, was in possession of muggle money? That one threw her for a loop and a half. She bit her lip to stop herself from asking if he’d been hit over the head with a frying pan and someone switched bodies with him. But that would be going a step too far for their first meeting. Curious as Hermione was and thrilled and excited as this exchange was becoming she would not endanger herself or her friends.

    “Muggle money suits me just fine Malfoy,” Hermione said putting an emphasis on his name. She was going to have his mind spinning when they went their separate ways tonight and she would go to celebrate relishing this high she was feeling from their encounter. Handing him the book she took the money he offered putting it in her cloak as he asked what her comment was supposed to mean.

    Smirking she knew she’d crept just a little under his skin. She wondered how far she could push him in just one meeting. She put her right pointer finger up and waved it back and forth chiding him like a child. “To get answers you must first give them. Honestly, Malfoy you should know knowledge is everything. . . but then again I’m sure you had other things to concentrate on in school,” Hermione added wondering if he’d figured out the knew each other yet.
  8. His eyes were sharp as he watched her, listening as she was getting cocky herself. Of course he requested her help, though the way she was saying it, the male was raising a brow curiously. He didn’t appreciate when others got snippy with him, especially those that hid under a hood. Chuckling softly, Draco shook his head, “Not laziness, my dear. Frankly, I don’t care to waste the breath on it. I have more important things to be thinking about.”

    The way she said his surname made him shake his head again, chuckling as he took the book into his hands. Running a hand over the front cover, Draco narrowed his eyes on it as he read the title. It was indeed the book he was looking for, and it would soon lead him to more artifacts. Looking back up at the woman, Draco smirked, “Well, it wouldn’t have mattered either way, seeing as that’s what I would have given you.” Shrinking the book down, Draco placed it into the pocket inside his jacket, making sure it would be safe.

    When she moved her finger back and forth at him, as if he was some child or something, Draco narrowed his eyes slightly on her hooded face. She was pushing herself a little far, and just because she hid under a hood didn’t mean anything to him. Taking a step towards her, the male smirked, “And what questions do I have to answer to?” His eyes narrowed even more when she spoke about him in school. And then his brow quirked. She knew about him in school? Shifting on his feet, Draco wondered who just exactly was under that hood. He now was obvious to the fact that she had gone to school with him, now he just needed to figure out who she was.
  9. A Malfoy not wasting time on cockiness? The world as she knew it was surely going to fall apart. Just what had prompted such changes in him. There was something that had truly changed within him from their last meeting. Just what was it? This puzzled and intrigued Hermione. She had always loved a good mystery or puzzle and was pretty good at solving them if she did say so herself. But that was for another day. Right now she focused on what else he was saying and perhaps not saying.

    He wasn’t showing any sign of annoyance at her comments that is until she treated him like a child. There is was. What she’d been waiting for. His eyes narrowed as he started to work the questions in his head that she wanting. Pleased with herself Hermione thought for a moment as he took a step towards her. In fact, she decided to really throw him for a loop.

    Stepping even closer to him she said, “My question is simple. Only 5 little words. . .” She waiting for a second making sure he was entirely wrapped up in the conversation before continuing. “How have you been Draco?” She spoke as if they’d been very close before. Like she was an old friend seeing him in Diagon alley after years of not talking. She let his name linger on her lips as she asked her question calmly. Oh if he only knew the person he was so close to right now was the same person who had punched him for being an insufferable little brat. Hermione wondered just what he would do.
  10. Who was this woman? And how did she exactly know him? Draco was confident now that they had definitely gone to school together. And if that was the case, she was most likely in his same year, seeing as she mentioned how he learned. Which meant either she was in his same year, or in his same house. The latter he knew couldn’t possibly be, seeing as if that was the case, he would know instantly who she was. So who was she? And if she wasn’t in his house, why was she helping him get such an artifact as this book?

    When she took a step towards him and started talking once again, Draco raised a brow with a light smirk. So, she wanted to play games. He was certainly fine with that, he needed a bit of entertainment in his life, seeing as he usually kept to himself. Taking another step forward, the smirk simply grew as she asked him the question. He knew now she was trying to egg him on, but he definitely could play this game, “Quite peachy, my dear.” His voice was back to smooth and cocky, playing along with her little game.

    Running a hand through his pale hair, the male chuckled softly, “Though you have quite intrigued me. It seems you know quite a bit about me, and I’m wondering how.” His eyes flashed as he stared down at the hooded figure before him, questions burning behind his eyes. He wanted to know who she was, and he definitely would figure it out, “Why don’t you be a sweetheart and tell me who you are. I’d rather not have to waste my time later to figure it out.”

    Draco was wondering if he might be able to use her to his benefit if he knew who she was. If she had gone to Hogwarts with him, then there must be a way for him to get her to work for him. It would be more beneficial to him if he could have her helping him find the artifacts along with him.
  11. There was a spark in his eyes seemingly that hadn’t been there before, one that’d she’d never seen when they were in school either. Had she captivated his entire attention? Perhaps that was it. In school Hermione had just been a side annoyance, Harry had been the main cause for his turmoil in school thus being the one object of his hatred. Hermione was a goody-to-shoes know-it-all who got in the way and he could use to fuel Harry’s anger. Time had most definitely changed this.

    He caught on quickly as she’d expected and was more than thrilled as he stepped closer still and decided to play along. Though in this game he would realize he wouldn’t have all the control as he usually did. When he responded Faye knew he was trying to creep under her skin as well. “I’m glad you’ve been . . . peachy,” She responding clearly amused at his choice of words.

    She gulped as he stared into the blackness of her hood trying to see what was impossible while it was worn. The questions burned from his eyes and she knew right then that she’d accomplished her goal upon seeing him for the first time in 5 years. Oh yes, their encounter tonight would have his mind consumed with curiousity and answers he couldn’t find. “But Draco,” she said reaching a hand out to run it up his elbow to rest it on his shoulder, “You’ve already asked your question for tonight.” She let her tone make it evident that she was smirking as well.

    Leaning in closer she said. “I mearly meant no matter how important or unimportant I think the person is I want to please all of my clients.” She didn’t however specify which she thought he was. Withdrawing her hand slowly from him she said, “I hate to cut this short but I am a very sought after woman and my time is very precious to others as well. Until we meet again please take care.”

    With that Hermione apparated off the rooftop and back to her flat. Thankfully Fred and George were not here to see how bright her eyes were or how flushed her face was as she took off her cloak. She hadn’t felt that much excitement since her first trip. She pictured draco standing on the rooftop with all those questions spinning in his mind. She actually giggled to herself as she hurridly changed and apparated to the muggle streets of London with drinking and dancing on her mind.
  12. Lately Draco could careless about others around him. Unless they could provide him with some kind of artifact to include in his collection, or information to get such artifacts, Draco had no time for them. He didn’t go out for drinks with friends, he didn’t go on dates with girls, and he rarely ever went to see his mother. So for this hooded woman to intrigue him so much was interesting to him. Perhaps it was just the allure of the unknown, and once he found out who she was, he would only care to have her as an employee and have her seek out certain things for him.

    Watching her closely, Draco was still going over who the woman might be, running through names of females that were in his class at Hogwarts. He was trying to guess which house she was in, which would make it a lot easier to figure out who she was. When her hand traveled up his arm to his shoulder, Draco’s grey eyes focused on it as it went up, and then focused back on the black of the hood, “Have I now? So I only get one?”

    The smirk played across his lips as he knew the woman was smirking as well, as she made it quite evident in her tone. Chuckling, the blonde shook his head as she answered his earlier question, the one that had sparked a bit of anger in him. Now he sighed heavily, knowing that she wasn’t implying which one he was, but he could guess. Focusing his burning eyes on the hidden depths, Draco smirked, “I’ll let that one slide for now. And don’t worry, we will be meeting again. Real soon.”

    Shoving his hands down into his pockets, Draco smirked as he watched the witch apparate off the rooftop, leaving him in the dark of London. Shaking his head, the male chuckled to himself. This was quite the mystery, and he would enjoy figuring it out. Checking his watch, he realized it was only around one o’clock. It was too late to go to the manor to see his mother, so he might as well enjoy himself while he’s here.

    Apparating off the rooftop, Draco looked down at the outfit he had chosen for the day. A nice black suit with a white shirt, black tie, and a form fitting jacket. Smirking at how good he looked, Draco figured that this meeting was sparking a nice fire inside of him. He was going to chance his luck by going to a muggle bar, having a nice drink, and maybe trying his luck at finding an attractive woman to take his mind off the woman on the rooftop for a bit.
  13. Hermione weaved in and out of the crowded night district of Muggle London. She felt electrified from the excitement with Draco and she hoped that it didn’t wear off anytime soon. She had her long chestnut colored hair falling over her shoulders soft curls here and there. She wore a low V-neck black top with green trimming and a pair of hip huggers. Hermione felt the eyes of nearly every male on her as she made her way into a crowded bar. “Can I buy you a drink?” A very tall man asked as she stepped up to get a good strong drink. He’d been standing there sipping on his own and after another drink he said, “Perhaps something fruity?”

    Hermione smiled a smile that had dazzled many men across the globe. “No thanks,” she said firmly, “I can get my own but thanks cutie.” The bartender asked what she wanted and she automatically said, “Anything with captain Morgan spiced rum.” The captain had seen her through some rough times indeed. The first night she’d tried it had been really the first night getting truly wasted but she’d never gotten sick. Captain had seen her through two breakups, three near death experiences and the worst fight with the twins she’d ever had.

    She was handed her drink and she turned like predator watched her prey leaning up against the bar taking a good drink and watching everyone on the dance floor. The vibe in this place was amazing. The could feel the energy flowing off of everyone in waves silently she put a charm over her drink so no one would be able to tamper with it, just in case, and then made her way out into the middle of the crowd swaying her hips in rhythm with the music of the night.
  14. The vibe in the bar was captivating, it was already enticing the male to enjoy himself and see to it that he actually had some fun for a change. Walking up to the bar, Draco rested his hands on the counter as he waited for the bartender, “A shot of Jack and a beer.” It was a good way to start off his evening, especially after that meeting with Lady H. His mind was still going over who she could possibly be, and he was certain that he was going to figure it all out.

    Taking the shot with ease, Draco paid the bartender as he picked up his beer. Turning around, those grey eyes moved across the room, taking in exactly what was happening around him. He watched a few people on the dance floor, before taking a long swig. Removing his jacket, Draco moved to hand it over to the coat check, before making his way across the dance floor.

    Sipping as he moved through the bodies, Draco was smirking as he gazed at the people dancing. Maybe tonight he would let lose, no harm in having a bit of fun. Especially if that fun came in the shape of a delectable young lady.
  15. It wasn't long before Hermione had guys dancing with her. She felt electricity every time they moved closer to her. After what seemed like ages she'd finished her drink and had to exit the crowd much to the displeasure of her current dance partner. Laughing she shook her head and slide her hand from his dancing her way gracefully back to the bar. "Surprise me," She said flirtatiously with a wink to the bartender who came to see what she wanted. He seemed mystified for a moment before nodding and going to the other side of the bar to fix her drink. She let her fingers drum along on the bar with the beat as she turned and took in the scene before her.

    All was going wonderfully until who does she see on the dance floor as well? None other than Draco Malfoy. It couldn't be though. But sure enough having just seen him up close and personal not 45 minutes ago he'd chosen the exact muggle place she happened to walk into. Curiously she wondered if he'd speak to her now that she was just Hermione instead of Lady H. He'd probably have a few choice words and that be that. Hermione shook her head as she paid for her new drink.

    Trying not to have a scene tonight Hermione went to the opposite side of the dance floor to resume the fun. Within moments she was lost in the beats and bodies pressed against hers. "Hello sexy," A man whispered in her ear as his hand took hers and spun her around. Laughing loudly Hermione shared a dazzling smile with him and allowed him to lead as they danced to the hypnotic beats.
  16. It only took moments before Draco had an attractive young woman moving against him, a smirk playing on his lips as his hand moved against her hip as they moved. As he danced with the woman, he continued to sip at his beer, realizing that it was running out fast. He was actually having quite a bit of fun, and it surprised him somewhat. He hadn’t done something like this in awhile, usually just keeping to himself and only going out to a bar to have a quick drink.

    Leaning down, Draco whispered into his dance partner’s ear as he needed to go and get himself a new drink, much to his and her disappointment. Running a hand through his hair, he moved his way to the bar, looking at some of the dancing people as he walked. Getting to the bar, Draco waited for the bartender to order his next drink, “Seven and seven.” Turning as the bartender started to make his drink, Draco moved his gaze across the dance floor, everything was going good. Until his eyes landed on a brunette moving through the crowd.

    Raising a brow, Draco moved slightly, trying to get a better look. That woman looked familiar, and something stirred in him to make that fact true. Turning around, he paid the bartender for his drink and then started in the direction the woman had gone. He couldn’t really pinpoint why she looked so familiar yet, but the feeling of knowing her was quite strong.

    Sipping on his drink as he moved, Draco was realizing that he was having that knowing feeling a lot that night. First with Lady H and her announcement that they indeed had gone to school with each other. And now with this brunette in the bar. He chuckled lightly as he realized one night out and he was already consumed by people of his past.

    Spotting the woman again, Draco watched her as she danced with some male, wondering if that was her boyfriend. It would be easier to approach her if she was by herself. And now he didn’t know if he should approach her. Stepping back, he figured he’d watch for a few minutes, and then move over to talk to her. He couldn’t yet figure out how he knew her, but he would find out soon enough.
  17. Hermione grew bored with the new guy very quickly and began to move away. He grabbed her hand and spun her back to hold her against his chest moving his body against hers once more. She smirked. It never failed. There was always that one guy who tried to get handsy and possessive with her. Never being a woman to be take crap from anyone she whispered in his ear to meet her outside. The guy readily agreed. As he led her through the crowd Hermione said a momentary forgetful spell silently and let her hand slip through hers. Laughing she ducked and weaved through the crowds going back the way she'd came.

    She thought she'd seen slick blond hair to her right but when she'd turned she was instead met by a italian with slick muscles who captivated her attention for the moment. Instantly she began to dance with him, her back to his chest as he ran his hands over her hips and arms. However she kept seeing glimpses of Malfoy here and there. 'He's here doing whatever the hell he is doing same as me' Hermione thought to herself closing her eyes and concentrating on the man's strong hands and the beat of the music.

    However she felt as if she was being watched. It unnerved her so she gave up trying to dance with him and danced from man to man until she was at the bar again. Finishing her drink quickly she asked for a shot of Tattoo. And once she'd finished that one she shivered as it burned her throat. Laughing at a pick up line the very drunk guy next to her was trying she ordered a colorado bulldog and turned back to the crowd of people dancing without a care of the night. She spotted Mr. Handsy dancing with some brunette and she smiled wishing her luck silently.
  18. To distract himself from being just a bit creepy, Draco started to dance with a young woman that had been eyeing him for the last few minutes, and a smirk crept onto his face. She was attractive as well, but not something he would take home with him. He wasn’t much into girls that just threw themselves at him anymore. He was older and was into something a bit different now. Of course, he still wanted an attractive girl, seeing as he was still indeed Draco Malfoy.

    Getting bored rather quickly, Draco downed his drink and excused himself to get another one, promising that he would be back. Of course, he had no idea if he was going to be back or not. Moving to the bar, Draco was surprised when he spotted the brunette against the bar, waiting for another drink. Moving up to the other side of the bar, he waited for the bartender as he once again tried to figure out who she was.

    Shaking his head, Draco simply gathered himself and moved towards her, “Excuse me, miss, but do I know you?” His eyes moved across her face, and he slowly
    started to raise his brow. He knew that face, and was wondering how he could forget it. The hair was different, more tamed and much nicer, “Granger. How did I not know this?” A smirk fell across his lips as he figured it all out, he would never forget the face of one of the Golden Trio. One of the three that basically sent his father to Azkaban.
  19. Hermione had been debating on whether to leave here and find another hot spot when a voice she'd never forget asked very politely if he knew her. Turning her head to him she sighed thinking 'there goes the nice Malfoy'. Taking a drink she tilted her head to the side looking at him. She wanted to leave. Didn't want this memory to taint to thrilling meeting on the rooftop however she was intrigued to know what he had to say to her. Obviously he'd had to come this close to recognize her but he could have just walked away. Well while he was there she might as well have a bit of fun.

    "Yes?" She asked slowly her brow knitted together as if trying to place his face. "You do look familiar but . . ," she trailed off appearing to be searching for his name. She bit her lip softly looking him up and down like she was debating on buying him. Finally she exclaimed, "Oi, Malfoy? Well well well, what do I owe the pleasure?" She should stop playing games on him tonight, she should make a venomous comment and walk out the door, apparate to her flat and let this be the end of their encounter but something inside her held her in place. Perhaps she wanted to see if again she could feel the rush of excitement while around him or perhaps she was just feeling a little too happy thanks to the drinks. Whatever the reason she decided to see where this meeting would go.
  20. Seeing as it had been years, Draco honestly figured he would never see those three ever again, and he had somewhat hoped on it. It was simply the fact of revenge, and as he was keen on that, he’d rather not join his father in Azkaban. Though, he would certainly get his revenge one way or another. It was quite humorous to see Granger looking him up and down, trying to figure out where she knew him from. Shaking his head, he chuckled, knowing that she instantly knew who he was. He, unlike her, hadn’t changed much since leaving Hogwarts. He was simply a bit taller, and more adult looking in his face.

    “It is quite a pleasure seeing you here, Granger. Bringing back quite some memories.” He chuckled as he moved his hand over his face, remembering when she had punched him years ago. A smirk fell onto his lips as he gazed down at her, taking in her new look. She did indeed have an attractive face, and now that her hair was frizzy and out of the control, Draco actually found her quite attractive. Especially wearing the colors of his house.

    Moving his eyes to the bartender behind her, Draco ordered another 7&7 before dropping his eyes back to the woman in front of him, letting the smirk fall back onto his lips, “Still being an insufferable know-it-all, Granger?” Of course, Draco would rather have a few different words with the female, but revenge was a slow process, and why not have some fun while he was at it.