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  1. Throughout the world there are mysterious things, mysterious creatures that have hidden among men.They are called The Mythirium. These creatures were said to go into hiding after a huge battle between man and The Mythirium which was lost by said creatures. They fled from their shame and possessed the bodies of men to hide from it. The creatures are so secret that they have hidden so deeply within themselves, (And the human shell they posses) that they have forgotten what they really are. The only connection to their true nature lies in their human dreams, and only there can they see what they really are.

    Until now.

    There are rumors among men that there is a way to return to The Mythiruim form, the form of an Demon-Animale.

    ~Hailey and Haiden~

    Her huge, striped paws padded along to forest floor with such silence that a pin could drop. The forest was sleeping again and the huntress was prowling once more. If she could have seen herself, she would have been impressed by how smoothly the hunt was going. Her tail swished quietly, her breath was calm and even. On the trail of a deer she was careful not to get too close until she had the perfect shot. Once she was sure she could feel the deer's heartbeat close enough...she pounced from the bushes and sunk her teeth deep into the deer's leg....

    Hailey awoke with a start and found her mouth full of pillow, she had been dreaming, again. She let out a sigh and flipped over to her clock, 4am. Great. She heard her brother shifting lazily in his hammock on the other side of their room. Twins share rooms ya know. He started to snore and Hailey just moaned, not this again!

    She didn't remember falling back asleep but woke up to the sound of her alarm screeching at her at 7 o'clock. Time for school.
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  2. A man was sleep on a tree. He had red short hair. He wore black pants, a white muscle shirt, a black trench coat with the sleeve cut off, and gloves with a fingers cut off of them. He woke up and bopped his neck. He jumped down and started to walk somewhere.
  3. Hailey made her way out of the house finally with her Brother sluggishly in tow. She was wearing a red hoodie that said, "Enjoy Coca-Cola" on it, some ripped skinny jeans, and a pair of worn out converse. Haiden was wearing almost the same thing except his hoodie was blue and it said, "Drop Love Not Bombs". He was kind of a peace freak.

    "Haiden would you hurry up!", Hailey shouted over her shoulder to her brother who was falling behind her as they walked on the street, "You're going to make us late for school...again!"

    She was so busy yelling at her brother that she did not have time to avoid the strange man walking her way. They collided with a painful thud and both hit the sidewalk hard. Hailey looked up at him and thought he was a little weirdly dressed for San Diego... a trench coat? really? she thought
  4. Miley stood straight up panting, sweating. Once again it was the nightmare. She looked around her room as if making sure she wasnt dreaming anymore. Once she felt safe she relaxed her muscles and took a deep breath. She was a beautiful young lady. She had long curly brown hair, deep blue eyes, and high cheek bones. She got out from her bed, put on a blue t-shirt, black skinny jeans, blue converses and blue leather glove that were fingerless. She opened her window and jumped out.
  5. "You OK?" The man asked as he held out a hand to help them up. He looked at them. "Why are you in a rush?" He asked as he pull both of them up.
  6. Miley began walking then notice a red head and two other people with him. She didnt think anything of them so she continued walking.
  7. Hailey Smiled at the guy who was helping her up.
    "Yeah we're fine. Are you okay though? I bumped into you pretty hard..." She scratched the back of her head in embarrassment, "And we're on our way to school..." She motioned to the high school not far up the road. She looked at the strange guy and couldn't help but notice how absolutely cute he was... despite the trench coat.
  8. "I am fin. It takes more then that to hurt me." He said to her. He turn around and started to walk away.
  9. As Miley walks a guy out of no where attempts to hit her with a bat from behind. She quickly turned around, caught the bat, kneed him in the stomach and punched him in the face. The guy fell to the ground.
    "Asshole. Maybe next time you will learn not to mess with me." she scowled down at him.
  10. "Wait!" She blurted out before she could stop herself. She felt her face flush with red and wanted to take it back. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a pen. As he turned around to face her again, she grabbed his arm before he could jerk it away and wrote her number on his skin.
    "Text me sometime..." She smiled, winked, and turned away quickly. She shouted for Haiden to follow her down the street. She hesitated before looking back at the guy still standing there.
  11. Haiden heard some commotion up the road as they walked and saw a girl beating the crap out of some guy with a bat.
    "Get some!" He called to her and smiled.
  12. He looked at her as she left and then looked at his arm. He reached in his pocket and grabbed his phone. He put her number on it and started to walk again. "OK, that was weird." He said to himself. He walk to a store and went in side.
  13. Miley looke at Haiden a little surprised, but smiled, she took the bat then threw it into the fountain then walked up to Haiden, "Can I help you?"
  14. He bot some water and a sandwich. He walked outside and took a drink of water. He walked to the tree that he jump from and claimed it. He ate the sandwich and went back to sleep.
  15. Haiden was surprised to see the girl respond with a smile, he was expecting more of a rugged response, seeing how she had been just beating the crap out of that "would-be" mugger.
    "No not really. I was just admiring the fact that you don't take crap from people, that's all." He smiled and stuck out his hand. "I'm Haiden by the way."
  16. She smiled, "Wow thanks. I am Miley, nice to meet you. So just curious how much did you see?"
  17. Haiden flashed her a smile and said, "Oh only just the best part..." He watched her face turn confused, "The part where you punched him and called him an asshole..." He couldn't help but grin again and laugh a little.
    "Do you go to Washington High?" he pointed at the high school to which him and his sister were currently late on arrival.
  18. She smiled, "I just moved here actually. So yeah I should bne starting at that school in a couple of days."
  19. Haiden couldn't contain his excitement when she said she would be going to the same school. He smiled yet again and said, "Well I guess I'll be seeing you in there." He then walked back over to Hailey and took her hand, pretending to be all brotherly. His twin snatched her hand away and made a disgusted face at him.

    "What the heck bro?" Hailey shouted and sighed. She walked on ahead of him and didn't even stop to see if he was following her into the school.
  20. She smiled, "See ya then." she walked away casually acting like she wasn't at all excited... but truth was she was overjoyed. Once she was out of site she did a little victory dance where no one would see.