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  1. I've been craving a good smutty RolePlay for a while now. I was hoping to be able to explore one of my characters more fully; I'd prefer one of the males or Signy; please see my blog for my character list, here:

    I'm looking for a partner with a character with a fighting, military, police, or otherwise action-y background, who is strong-willed and physically strong. I am impartial to their gender or sexuality, as long as the character you would like me to play as is compatible with them.

    Premises I've been thinking about are as follows.

    • With our characters equally Dominant, with struggle and compromise: Starting with a chase scene, my character either:
    A) gets bowled over by the chase, causing your character to fail in their endeavor. We decide to cooperate to complete what I bungled up for you, and at some point the tension turns sexual between our characters; smut ensues.
    B) watches from a distance, and reveals their presence at the conclusion of your character's endeavor. Your character is displeased at having an audience, and must ensure that none of this gets out... smut ensues.

    • With your character being Dominant and to some degree sadistic: Your character is an assassin of some sort. Your target is on the run, and conveniently finds my character, who looks just like them. My character gets framed (perhaps unknowingly) so that your character comes after me. You realize at the last possible moment that my character is not your target, but my character is aroused by the situation - which your character, naturally, takes advantage of. Smut ensues.

    I am PM-friendly and willing to negotiate genre and other specifics! :)

    Optional candies:
    Assassin's Creed universe; any time period
    Historical fiction, particularly Golden Age of Pirates, Italian Renaissance, or Christian Reform period in Norway.
  2. Interested
  3. i like the second plot. can you pm me so that we can discuss details.
  4. Still looking, answering PMs when I can.
  5. Definitely interested.
Thread Status:
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