Three people Tea party.

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  1. This is a fun question I ask people when I'm getting to know them;

    If you could host a dinner party with three people from history - who would you choose and why?
    Note: Imagine they all speak your language, just to make things easier.

    My three would be Alan Turing, Nikola Tesla and Amelia Earhart.
    Turing - He is my favourite person in history. I want to hear him talk about maths and I'm really intrigued in what he thinks about computers.

    Tesla - Favourite scientist. I want to hear about his thoughts on electricity and apologize for Edison in general. I've always wanted to hear his ideas for inventions and death rays.

    Earhart - With all the science talk going on, I feel like Amelia would bring something more fun to the table. Plus, If I chose three scientists (which I considered) I'd feel left out. She seems like such a character and I think she'd be so interesting to talk to. Then, I'd also hear her thoughts on the aviation development.

    Obviously it was hard just to choose just three, but I think I made the right choice.

    SO, tell me about your Three people tea party. c:​
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  2. I'd grab the three closest to me and then rip the republican party apart from the inside. What do you mean, wrong kind of tea party?
  3. Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Warren Farrel would probably be my three.

    Carl Sagan and Neil both have an insane talent with inspiring people and bringing them into the world of science.
    Making everything some amazing and beautiful. Carl being on a whole other plane of existence in this area, but Neil is also amazing in his own right, and also has a lot of funny stories and tales to tell.

    Warren Farrel is honestly just the main person I would point to when it comes to explaining how I think stuff like family life, gender equality etc should be handled. He has a very informative and open stance on such matters, and unlike most people who tackle these topics, I don't walk away with a "Yea, that's right! Those crazy SJW are wrong!", but rather simply really enlightened and inspired by what he said, the perspective given and how to deal with such matters in a very caring, mature and non-bias manner.
  4. Me, myself, and I.
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  5. Isoruku Yamamoto, Erwin Rommel, George S. Patton. Three brilliant military commanders, in the same war, each on their own side. It would be fascinating to get the three of them around a table and have a nonchalant discussion about military tactics, morals, and so on. To know how they ticked, wouldn't that be something...
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  6. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy.

    I hear all three are pretty swell outside their infamy.
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  7. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and George Washington,

    All brilliant Generals in their own right, and also very interesting men,
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  8. Jesus and Mohammad, the big names in monotheistic religion, mainly because I'd like to hear their own words on the subject of theology. I'd love to be able to get them to read modern versions of the Bible and Koran to see what they think but alas, a tea party wouldn't be anywhere near enough time. I would just have to record their words and compare and contrast later. I am not a religious man, but it would be fascinating to see how their actual words and beliefs have been transformed over the years into what we see today.

    And then the third person would be Leonardo da Vinci because he was by all reasonable measures a contender for the fake "Smartest Person Ever" award I just made up, and it would be interesting to get to know what he was really like, his thoughts on modern technology, and his take on the religious talk of the other two guests. I recall reading somewhere that da Vinci was actually a deist despite various contrary claims by the Roman Catholic church and atheists and so forth, and I figure an intelligent deist could have a rather enlightening take on the matter.
  9. Just two: Ghengis Khan and David Cameron. Then I'd hide behind a curtain, let Khan tear Cameron limb from limb, and save the NHS.

    Srsly tho', I'd love to talk to Euler, Einstein, Newton or Gauss. Seeing inside the minds of the geniuses who essentially defined the fields of the mathematical and physical sciences in their time would be fascinating.

    Da Vinci is a good call for second.

    And Stephen Fry, because I have a strong feeling he'd be a fascinating dinner guest and an excellent conversationalist.
  10. Every time someone asks a "a person from history" question, I am never able to answer. O_O I even had this problem when the question came up for essays in school. I don't have a deep connection or admiration for any historical figures AND when I think about sitting down and trying to have an intelligent conversation with them, my dumb shygirlness kicks in and I faint inside.

  11. John A. MacDonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada, who was a famous drunk and lawyer with a shitload of charisma. I'd love to know what it was like in the early days of our nation, and he always seemed like quite the character.

    "Mad" Jack Churchill, the crazy British officer who was the only soldier in WWII to have a confirmed kill with a bow and arrow, he once famously claimed an officer who wasn't wearing a sword into battle was improperly dressed (he also carried a broadsword into battle, which he captured two fucking machine-gun nests with), he also escaped from two prisoner of war camps, played the bagpipes while charging into battle, and just seems like a larger than life figure who I would absolutely love to sit down and share a few drinks with.

    President Theodore Roosevelt. I shouldn't have to explain why, but it's enough to know that the man was basically the patron saint of manly badassery. He also rode a moose once, which makes him an honourary Canadian.
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  12. Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra and Selena Quintanilla.

    Just so I could brag that I once took three of the biggest babes of all time on a date.
  13. Eddie Guerrero, Big Bam Bigalow, Owen Hart.

    Just three wrestlers that the fan in me want back on earth.
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  14. What about Joan of Arc?
  15. Naw, she'd probably break me in half. I'd want a fun date, and the people I listed seem like fun people.
  16. True...
  17. Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth Blackwell, and Susan B. Anthony.

    Yeah, the theme here is pretty obvious. Martin Luther King Jr. would be an easy fourth choice.

    Lincoln and Anthony are pretty well known, but I don't know about Blackwell; she was a womans rights activist and the first female doctor in the United States; she was rejected from several medical colleges and eventually started her own for women. She's not as big a name as the other two, but her story has special meaning to me, since I'm going into the medical field.

    I would just love to sit down and talk with three of the biggest figures in equality. I mean, the amendment that gave women suffrage was called the Susan B. Anthony amendment. And Lincoln, is well, Lincoln.

    I'm not really sure what else to say, except the obvious that I'm a big fan of equality movements.

    Alternate choices not related to equality:

    Tesla: Easily my favorite scientist in history.

    Descartes: My favorite philosopher in history, who pretty much laid the groundwork of the system I determine my beliefs through.

    Edison: Not because I want to talk to him. I would punch him in the face and then spill hot tea on his expensive clothes.
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  18. The wayne family, So I can tell his parents what an absolute shit he turns into...
  19. I wouldn't, dinner parties are fucking boring.

    But seriously;

    JRR Tolkein
    Nichelle Nichols
    Kurt Cobain

    (You didn't say deep history or that they couldn't still be alive >={)
  20. Robert Jordan, Bruce Lee, Bill Moran.
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