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  1. Name: Savannah Love
    Age: 19 years old
    race: Princess Angel, and because of that she has lots of powers.
    powers: can protect others/heals, can change clothes by only thinking of the clothing, teleportation without wings. Can put her wings into a tattoo, so they won't be in the way. She can use the elements.
    Personality: Caring, shy, sweet, prefers to help others than herself, thinks of others highly, adventerous, funny, respectful, has manners.
  2. Name: Warren Cruciamen
    Age: 20
    Powers: can control shadows and fire to form weapons or servants, can look into a person's soul to see their deepest fears and darkest desires, can shift through shadows like doorways to anywhere on Earth or in Hell
    Personality: Dark, cold, unforgiving, sadistic, power hungry, merciless, cunning, ruthless

  3. Setting: When she is brought to him.

    Savannah sighed softly, walking through heaven until some hands grabbed her, and these were demon hands trying to kick them off she fell through and she was being dragged by some demons to the throne room. She was so scared. She bit her lower lip. She glanced around before she tried to get away from them. " Let me go!! I want to go back home.." She whined. She didn't know what to do, she seen darkness all around her and she was afraid of the dark, considering the demons are the ones in the dark. She was surprised she was being kidnapped. They, the angels and demons were at war for centuries, but since they finally stopped, why was she here?What was she wanted for?Thoughts kept running on her mind. She closed her eyes softly, she felt herself pushed onto the floor as they entered. Which she slid a little. Almost hitting stairs that went to the throne that sat up there. Her long blonde hair in her face and she was wearing white clothing and her white wings were... glowing.
    One of the men that were on the mission. " My lord, she has been brought to you... This is the princess." The rest of the men bows and heads out like told.
    Savannah stayed quiet she wanted to try to run,but she knew.. the demons were slightly more powerful. She gently glanced up and her bright eyes looked at who was there.
  4. "Hello, Savannah, welcome to my humble abode." A voice resounded from the darkness shrouding the throne, cold and sarcastic. The figure snapped it's fingers, and torches around the room lit up instantly revealing the elaborateness of the dark throne room. He sat there in the seat make of bones and blades, drinking a crimson liquid from a silver chalice. "Do you like what I've done with the place?" Black marble columns held the ceiling aloft, dead plants were lined against the walls, tattered drapes bearing the symbol of Hell hung from spikes jutting from the walls. A long, blood red carpet made a path to the throne over a black obsidian floor. "I've done some remodeling since my Father fell from power."
  5. Savannah heard the voice. She looked up seeing nothing, but darkness. She was about to light every corner but then the torches lit up the room revealing th e figure She finally stood. Dusting herself. She looked around, honestly she was terrified as he was speaking, she rolled her eyes and looked around she touched the dark marbled floors. Sine she had no shoes on, cause angels didn't see the use of them, she felt the rug, it was soft. She looked up at him. " Obviously, " She turned letting her angel wings go into her back, where they left a tattoo, it was what all angels can do. " Why did you want me? I mean we just got out of war" She said.
  6. The figure shifted forward in his seat as if it were to make him appear he was paying more attention to her. "Yes, I'm quite aware of that. You remember my Father, right?" he asked forming his hands into a ball and opening them, revealing an apple as dark red as the blood in his chalice. He held it out to the Angelic Princess, offering it to her. "Y'know, bloodthirsty, ruthless, cunning, power hungry, this, that, the other thing. Well, being his son, I obviously inherited some of these traits. If I'm going to properly rule Hell, I, like my Father, need a queen to rule beside me. Out of every maiden I could spy, you in particular aught my eye." He explained. "Besides, a marriage between the next generation of Royalty of the Divine Kingdoms would mean peace for millennia."
  7. Savannah blinked softly. She looked at him, as she thought. She nodded. " of course I do... the evil monster that killed my mother." She crossed her arms softly. She sighed lightly and when he opened his hands seeing the apple. She loved apples... but, what was the red apple made of. She slowly reached her hand out , thinking, taking her hand back, looking at him. She blinked softly. She then said, " right.. but why do you want to rule? Take over heaven like what your father attempted to do?" Her icy blue eyes looked into him. She walked up to him, she softly thought about using her power. As she walked, petals of pink rose were left. This was normal, if she chose it to happen. She glanced at him. She looked at him thinking, she didn't know what to say, they wanted peace. " So peace?" She asked. " I suppose if we'd give each of our people peace... It'd be the right thing."
  8. The demon prince smiled from the depths of his dark throne. "I don't want to rule Heaven. Not yet, at least. I will be satisfied with total control over Hell, but I need a queen to do so. My Father, Damien, had Adriana, his Father, Lucifer, had Selene, and his Father before him, the great Hades, had Persephone. I need a queen in order to gain full control of my domain." As he spoke, a petal faded black and withered away with each word. "As for your gains, It would be considered a Divine Royal marriage, even though we are on opposite sides of the spectrum. You would be able to take your place as Ruler of the Heavens, And I the Ruler of the Underworld. With a joining of the royal blood of each world, the lands would be thrust into peace." He paused a moment. "On a still-related-but-not-quite-as note, I've noticed things work in much the same way as the Japanese Humans perceive 'Yin and Yang'. In every evil, there is good, and in every good, there is an evil. Everything is at least slightly tainted, and everything is at least slightly pure. My purity is that I would bring peace with this marriage. Now the question is, what's your taint?" He leaned forward and stared intensely into her eyes, attempting to Soul Search her to find her darkest desire. He pulled away wincing as the light in her eyes grew too bright for him to continue.
  9. Savannah sighed softly, she heard him. She shrugged. Thinking about that, what confused her, was that she was the queen of Heaven, then would she be down here, and how would she get back up? Do that teleporting thing she can do? She shrugged. She looked back at the petals. She sighed, she hated death. " Well fine... I suppose." She shrugged. She thought about the bad... Her family has sex, but not her.. but.. then... there was her, nothing bad yet. She sighed softly and said, " my taint? I have non... I mean seriously.. I have none." She blinked lightly.
  10. Warren leaned back. He can hear a person's thoughts a few moments after a Soul Search, successful or not. "Do not worry. You can return to your throne in Heaven, so long as you visit every now and again to assert your dominance over the lower denizens of the Underworld, by my side. I have to do the same in Heaven. I will not care to meddle in heavenly affairs, so you need not worry about that." His eyes glinted for a moment, revealing the fact that he had a devious thought. In that instant, it could be clearly seen he had alterior motives to his plan. But only that instant. It could have just been the torchlight, it could have been his inner flame. Who knows?

    He was puzzled by her last statement. "No Taint? You are truly Pure? Your family members have Taints, why not you?" He pondered for a moment before realizing something. "Ah, yes, you are still young and innocent. That will change, in due time." He smirked at her, hinting at future events. He calmed his fiery passion and relaxed into his throne. "But for now, Go. Be free. Enjoy your time as a youth while you do not have the responsibility of being a ruler. Return to thy Father, and rejoice in thy freedom."
  11. Savannah sighed softly. She looked at him. She tilted her head and when she heard him. She nodded. " Right.. like I will and maybe just have my sister be the queen when I am there but.." She had to talk to her sister about it. She blinked, but hearing him. " oh of course not." full of things suddenly to go. She nodded and said, " that is fine." She said, " I will come when you call me to get wed. " She nodded and hearing him about her father, she needed to speak to him too. She said, " See you Soon to be ruler, Warren. She tilted her head and she disappeared.
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  12. After she disappeared, the soon-to-be King of Hell chuckled lightly to himself. He got out of his throne and looked out the window. He watched for several minutes as the doomed souls inhabiting his realm either were tortured mercilessly, killed repeatedly, failed at impossible tasks, or stood waiting for something that would never come. He turned his head slightly behind him, and spoke to one of his Demonic minions. "Set loose the Caledonian Boars into the forest, along with some Wolves. I wish to go hunting. Then, set up the Arena. I want to duel someone." He looked back out the window. "And have Arcaceus prepare a feast from the boars I kill." He stared out at the lost and hopeless souls, enjoying every sight of their suffering, every agonized scream that could be heard through the glass window of his dark palace.
  13. She left to her parents, she was basically telling them the idea. Her parents didn't know, since her mother was aquainted with the new prince. She sighed softly. but got them to understand, not understanding there will be doom to herself when she marries this guy. She went to go to her sister, to talk to her when she becomes queen to get the place if something stops her. `
  14. Warren was heading home from his hunt with a boar in a small wagon drawn by a black horse with red eyes. He entered the palace kitchen and laid the boar across the counter "Arcaceus, Prepare a feast for tonight. Soon, I will be the ruler of both Heaven AND Hell." He went back into the throne room. "Hm. I think I will visit my bride-to-be." He raises his hands, and is enveloped in shadows. As the black blanket recedes, and he is gone.

    He appears in one of the few shadowed places in The Realm of Light, and looks for a path through the few shadows in Heaven and made his way to the palace. He peeked into the window to see Savannah speaking with her sister, and decided to eavesdrop on their conversation.
  15. Savannah sighed, finally going up the stairs and going to her sister's side, who was in the kitchen. " Sister... I am getting married to the ruler in hell." She said timidly. " I mean if it weren't for peace I won't marry him. " She sat next to her. One of her older sisters who were in the room, Sharelet " Savannah!! They aren't to be trusted, I bet you they are wanting to rule heaven too.... not just Hell." Savannah giggled, " He told me it was for peace and I can come over here to rule, but I need you, Sarah to keep them in line." Sarah glanced over, and slowly nodded, " Savannah are you sure you want to do this? For yourself.. I mean demons are not to be trusted, even the ones that rule them." Savannah rolled her eyes, " i know what I am doing.." She muttered.
  16. Oh, but that is where you are wrong, thought the Demon Prince, you should listen to your sister. Or don't. I would be fine if you didn't. He peered at them through the window, pressed up against the wall. He snaked back over to the shadow he came from, the darkest shadow in the realm. He disappeared into it, and reappeared In hell. He went to the Arena, which was not unlike the Roman Coliseum. He stood in the center of the giant circle and drew his blade an the announcer counted down and a massive crowd cheered. Warren would celebrate his trick's success with a tournament of blood shed.
  17. Savannah sighed softly. She looked at her sisters, Anna and Hannah. She shook her head. She stood up, " Well Anna would you still rule this realm if I am not here?" Anna nodded slowly as she looked at Hannah. They exchanged glances before Savannah went to her duty, or at least to see how the garden was looking like. She though felt some darkness. She looked around, she sighed. She couldn't see anything. She bit her lower lip. She tilted her head softly. She looked at the garden and went to water them.
  18. The demon prince returned from the fray, battered and beaten, but victorious. The chimera was more vicious than he had remembered. He returned to his chambers took a shower. The water felt cool, but stung his wounds. He healed himself with his magic and dressed in his usual attire. "Hm." He walked into the shadows of Hell, and out in the shadows of Heaven. He spotted the young princess in her garden, watering the flowers. He sneaks up behind her, taking silent strides. Once he caught up to her, he stood there, watching her. "Good morrow, Savannah."
  19. Savannah sighed humming a little Song. She fixed her skirt as she stood back up. She let a soft sigh. She jumped when she heard a voice. She spun around. Blinking she noticed her soon to be husband. " same to you." She paused. ", what beings you here?"she asked sweetly.
  20. He walks toward her, his red cloak blowing in the gentle wind. "I came to see how you were doing, and what your family thought of the situation. I am quite certain you have told them, have you not?" he asked. He was surprisingly calm. He picked a rose from one of the surrounding bushes, and held it to his face, smelling it. He then bit it, eating the beautiful petals of red. He looked back up at her, awaiting her reply.
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