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  1. Only looking for one or two more role-plays, F/F only! Lots of M/M now, need to get my ladies on.

    To be upfront, I am interested in a few very adult role-plays. That doesn't not necessarily mean PwP or plot<porn - I love plots and plotting. I'd just like to include a few dirty elements, either as the focus or a contributor. :3c

    - F/F or M/M only. Queer characters are welcome as well, but I am not interested in M/F at all.
    - I don't expect crazy long posts or word minimums; I'm all right so long as you give me enough to continue with.
    - I can be slow sometimes. I'm currently in the process of recovering from chronic depression/anxiety and an ED so I can get a bit floaty.
    - Please have a decent grasp of the English language. I'm not expecting master pieces, don't worry!
    - Seme/Uke - no. Nope. Nap. Same goes for creepy yuri stereotypes. No thank you.

    Things I'm interested in:

    Let's start with the 'squick' things that some might find a little extreme.

    Blood Play - Primarily I mean menses (red wings, crimson tide, communists in the fun house, etc.), but external blood play is cool too. Vampires and such, you know.

    Tentacles - I feel so naughty checking that box but alas, it had to be done. I have a tentacle thing. Since I don't enjoy 100% non-humanoid characters, I was thinking something more along the lines of a shapeshifter. I don't know. Just tentacles.

    Heat/Estrus - Yup. MPReg weirds me out however.

    Futanari - I wish I had a nicer term for this, but I really enjoy characters with combination genitals, more specifically a penis and a vagina (no testicles.) Generally I prefer female-presenting/identified characters in this case, but I've been a bit interested in trying the same thing out with a male-presenting/identified character.

    Knotting - I don't know what else to say about this, haha. Could probably be combined with heat/estrus as well.

    Incest - Especially twincest. Yes. Good. Prefer M/M for this.

    Oviposition - I discovered a new thing and I am only slightly ashamed. Fulfills the pregnancy thing without there actually having to be children. M/M or F/F.

    Now for the more 'vanilla' things:

    Age Difference - Teacher/student or any other similar settings you may think of. My age limit is 17.

    Orgasm Control/Denial - Ties in with master/slave well.

    Bossy bottoms - My favourite.

    Robots/Androids - Nothing much else to say about this one.

    Older woman/inexperienced woman - :-D Yeah.

    Good is Boring - Probably one of my favourite tropes. I suppose I could also phrase this as "insane" or chaotic evil; by "insane" I don't necessarily mean mentally ill -- more like chaotic, lacking a significant moral compass. Characters that would do things like:

    - Gun play
    - Sword play
    - Create chaos and revel in it
    - Maybe set things on fire

    Characters that I think best demonstrate what I mean:
    - Jinx from LoL ( Music video necessary)
    - Sho Minamimoto from The World Ends with You
    - Sheogorath from The Elder Scrolls
    - Kefka from FFVI
    - Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa

    I just frickin' love characters like this. Something I was thinking of was perhaps a tag team of criminals on the run. Heck yeah.

    Aside from all that, here is a link to this thing for a more detailed approach:

    My hard 'no's:

    Toilet Play
    Rape (controlled rape role-play is fine)


    We can definitely work something out on our own, but here's just a few ideas for settings. :D

    - Pokemon: I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon lately. I’d love to start up one of these. Nothing canon, as I both like to mess around with the world/lore and don’t know any of the characters well enough to play them.
    - Guild Wars 2: No plot ideas here. I just like Tyria. And my sylvaris.
    - Elder Scrolls: Oblivion/Skyrim
    - Dragon Age
    - Persona 3/4: I would love anyone who would role-play Souji/Yosuke with me. OTP for life.
    - Final Fantasy 12/Ivalice
    - Silent Hill/Horror
    - Mythology (especially with modern twists)
    - Fairy Tales (see above)
    - Crime: I like dark things. Serial killers, cannibals, stockholm syndrome, etc. I really like stuff like this.
    - Steampunk: Sky pirates, inventors, etc.
    - Supernatural (not the show. Vampires, werewolves, succubi, ghosts, etc.)
    - High fantasy
    - Science Fiction: post-apocalyptic, dystopia, robots/androids, any nerdy sci-fi ideas you might have. I have a plot idea for a dystopic future based on The Happiness And Peace of Mind Committee. That’s a Vocaloid song. I regret absolutely nothing.
    - A guardian angel and their ward
    - A medium and a spirit haunting them
    - Therapist/client
    - Wizard(Sorceress)/Apprentice
    - Wildcard: Yo, if you have a plot/idea that you’ve been dying to try out and you think we’d be a good match, go ahead and throw it out me. I am very open. Seriously. Tell me your ideas!
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  2. Pokemon or therapist/client interests me.
  3. A number of things you mentioned above interest me! uvu Is there anything you're craving in particular? (I dabble in f/f and m/m, for the record)
  4. @ashjaygrass
    We could possibly integrate the therapist dynamic into a Pokemon setting, but I feel like it would be more 'mentor' instead of therapist. Or a rival or something.

    I did really want to try something with a gun-happy/hedonistic character, but as far as settings go I'm not all that picky! Maybe something steampunky or involving magic, I dunno. If there's something you were really interested in as well, let me know! :3
  5. Oh there are so many things that interest me up there.
  6. @-Kuroko-
    Anything in particular? :3
  7. @Fauna
    Master / Slave
    I've always been interested in Heat/Estrus.

    There was a lot on your link I was interested in so... XD
  8. I would definitely not mind playing with a character like that. ouo Well, as I'm not that well-versed in steampunk, above I saw you were interested in twincest/incest, perhaps we could mesh that together with some kind of crime setting?
  9. I'm not fond of blood play, but a little pain play that maybe leads to some blood is all right. Beyond that, I'm open to any sort of MxM pairing :)

    Knotting and tentacle are kind of some of my favorite kinks for fic lol so don't be worried about that
    Also intrigued by the guardian angelxWard idea (perhaps the ward lives in sort of a crime infested life/area and visits a crack den or whorehouse type place, and the Guardian gets jealous?
    Oooo, maybe a child of some sort of mafia/mob business is the Ward and the angel is supposed to guard him because he's meant to do something good in the future but his Ward keeps insisting he'll never be good (he even manages to corrupt an angel, after all) :3 I would lean towards being the Ward, though
    It could be set in some sort of Omegaverse, so when the Ward gets into a heat and tries to go to someone else or the whorehouse situation for help, the angel steps in instead?
    Debating on whether or not the criminal-who-thinks-he's-good-for-nothing-but-crime is a better situation than the mafia-son idea now...
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  10. Hey all! So I am an absolute genius and forgot upon making this thread that I was about to leave for vacation for a couple of weeks. A+ I really know how to do this role-playing thing. :( I'm just pinging you all to see if you are still interested in a role-play or if you have moved on. I am still interested but I wanted to check back first so I don't make an even bigger butt of myself.

    @Verona @Michaelis @-Kuroko-
  11. Still interested ^.^ and feeling like a stalker for replying so fast, but I was already online and just saw the alert, I swear lol
  12. @Verona
    Haha it's okay. :3 I know the feeling. Sometimes I wait like 5 minutes just so I don't seem like I'm RIGHT THERE WAITING

    I love the mafia son idea! Although I have to ask this, since I see it everywhere and genuinely don't know what it is - what's Omegaverse. D': Is it basically just male characters in heat? I see it used it that context often, so that's my guess, but I just want to know for sure haha.

    I'm totally fine with playing the angel as well. Like, I'm just super fond of this plot in general. Were you thinking that the ward may work in the whorehouse, or just visit it frequently? Bringing pimps and such into it could be interesting.
  13. @Fauna Yes I am still very interested.
  14. No it's totally cool. Omegaverse is a universe in which there are three types of people - omegas, betas, and alphas. Alphas are the dominants and are the ones that knot, omegas are the submissives that go into heat, and betas are just sort of middle ground that can swing either way for top or bottom. . . I read too much fanfic omg but I could add more to that description in pms if you'd like to continue discussing lol

    Either way is fine with me. Maybe we could use the mafia son idea, but since he's an omega he's seen as inferior and generally neglected, ignored and allowed to do what he wants? That way no one really notices the angel or the son's whorehouse adventures lol he could either be visiting there, or he could've been disowned by his family and so works there to make his living since he thinks it's all he's worth. Maximum patheticness in that last scenario lol

    I'm at work but if you wanna pm me I'll reply again a bit later on my lunch
  15. @Verona
    A-ha okay so my original idea wasn't too far off. But now I know! I am a general lover of extreme patheticness, so I'll send you a PM in a little bit.

    Wonderful! ^_^ I was thinking a master/slave plot could get interesting, especially if we incorporated a fantasy element. Would that be all right with you? Maybe vampires, or humans/elves, or a wizard purchasing an apprentice from a slave drive? Just throwing some ideas out there.
  16. @Fauna I like the human elves thought. Like Elves are believed to be the higher race and humans are bought and sold as slaves?
  17. @-Kuroko-
    Yup that was my general thought! Not sure if you've ever played TES games, but if you have, I was thinking something like the Thalmor vs Imperials/Nords/etc. If you haven't, please just ignore that bit. >.> <.< Maybe this could take place a few decades after a war which put the elves on the throne, free to do whatever they wanted with humans and other 'inferior' races.
  18. @Fauna Yeah haven't played those, but will definitely look into them. :3

  19. @-Kuroko-
    Don't worry too much about it though! ;w; It's basically just a similar idea to haughty elves winning a war (or treaty,) though less so about complete domination.

    Would you rather play the master or the slave, by the way?
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