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  1. Sitting in the smoke of the south side club known as Afterlife, Raxun sighed softly as he sipped on his blood vodka, taking in the Succubi dancers in the low light and beating music. Gulping down the last of his drink he glanced around at the rest of the club and the local hire, which consisted mostly of Succubi and Incubi, with the occasional night elf and vampire luring their guests into the shadows. Raxun made a grumbling noise as he saw a luxurious lady of the night walk over to a local human and begin her nightly chore. Looking away the next thing he saw is what really caught his eye, what appeared to be a succubus by the horns on her head sat in a corner booth trying as hard as possible to stay out of sight. The fact that her wings appeared so small they were almost non existent was what made him smile. This, was no ordinary succubi. The thought of conversation intrigued him more so as he slowly grabbed up his empty glass he stood precariously, strolling over the the girl in the dark.

    Eula made a joyous squeak as she stretched from the morning light that shone through the temple's stained glass windows. Walking around in a tight circle she yawned loudly and slowly lifted her wings off the ground, ready to set out a new day of searching. Slipping through the top window she soared down towards the market watching the merchants slowly ready their wares. Landing near the local fountain she puffed up her chest and began merrily singing along to some of the fauns tunes. She paced around the fountains rim like a parade was taking place until an object came flying out of nowhere aimed directly at her head. Barely dodging it she flipped her wings around her face and hissed loudly as two elven boys ran from their hiding place and off into the crowd of people. Eula sighed and glared at the fauns as the giggled quietly not meaning to be hurtful. "So it's going to be this kind of day." She began to sing again hoping someone would find her charming rather than a sad excuse for a Griffin.

    Walking along the bridge away from the center metropolis of town, Nikko began to skip, her tail waving back and forth around her body as she hopped here to there. Stopping and practically falling over she covered her mouth with her large claw as if she were hiding a giggle. Smiling she continued to the kiosk set up on the other side of the bridge. Nodding at her boss she waved as new comers began entering the city at dawn, ready for a new day of merchandise. Pulling out her stack of maps and pamphlets she began passing them out as fast as she could arms and tail involved. This was a new day and new chances arose with every customer! She smiled again as the thought crossed her mind, this was going to be a good day, she just new it!
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  2. Titan Corps was a lab that specialized in robotic parts and gave gave Cosmo his parts. But in order to complet this process, they had to put him to sleep and perform the changes. Once done, he would awaken as a Metabot. He reluntanctilly agreed and was soon put to sleep shortly after Cosmo stepped out of his pod after resting and looked around. He was finally able to move freely and to be honest, he was glad. Although he had the appearance of a machine he was actually partially human. His arms shoulders and legs were all mechanical.

    He just used some spare part to cover the human parts of his body. That included his helmet, which was in the shape of a wolf. The sound of machines could be heard, followed by his companion Yero, who's meow mixed in with the random noises. He looked over at the processing machine behind Yero to his left and walked over to it. Yero tilted his head in wonderment, but followed his master faithfully. Just as any companion would. On the table rested a rolled up piece of paper with his blue prints, tied tightly with a piece of string. He slowly opened it, only to be stopped in his tracks by Yero's meowing. "Alright Yero, I'll play with you for a bit." Yero meowed happily and ran in circles around around Cosmo. He looked down at the blueprint one final time before turning away and making his way out the door of the lab.
  3. Nove ignored the feeling of eyes following her as she walked down the side of the dirt road. Ever since she left the lab this had become a common occurrence during her travels. She knew why they all looked at her the way they did. It wasn’t like she was ugly or odd looking in anyway. As far as she was concerned she appeared to be a normal person. No, it was all because of the white, purple, and grey mechanized sword she wore on the back of her hip. While it may not seem to be strange enough to attract attention the way it did, it was when you took the time to observe how big the sword actually was. She sighed as these thoughts passed through her mind. She couldn’t help it if her sword was larger than her. That was just the way it had been designed.

    She shook her head in order to get herself away from this particular subject as she continued to walk. This was neither the time nor place. In a couple of hours the sun would set and she had yet to reach the next city or town. The road she was walking on was widely known for the bandit attacks that travelers encountered while traveling it at night and she really didn’t feel like having to face them herself. She hadn’t had a chance to sleep for almost three days and just wanted to find an inn so she could finally get some sleep. Having to fight a group of poorly trained thugs would only serve as a way to make her annoyed, which was not a good thing when she was tired.

    For a second time that day she sighed before stopping and looking up at the sky. Somewhere deep in her mind she knew that something was about to happen to her, but she couldn’t tell what it would be. Hopefully it would involve a comfortable bed and a warm bath. Smiling at the thought she turned her attention back to the road and continued on her way.
  4. A wicked smirk played across her red glossed lips as she made he way through the crowd of dancing bodies,many moving out of her way to stare at the enchanting beauty.Her aura was daring someone to be brave enough to approach her, but no one did,no one ever did.They could easily sense that she was more than a regular night of 'pleasures' as they say,truth be told they all knew her as a famed Bounty Hunter. But they needed not state it for she already knew what she was and that's how they knew she had a certain arrogance to her smile.With violet orbs traveling the room,as if in search of something,more like her prey.Vex was never one to come into a club for anything,but tonight she was after a client that gave her a lot more money than she bargained for.Her client had paid way too much, but who was Vex to complain about money? Something about tonight was giving her something that edged on excitement, she knew this kill she was going to for fill soon was going to be a good one."Hey! Hey! Is that the man that paid us!" A small voice shouted in Vex's ear while pointing left of Vex.On her right shoulder stood a rather interesting site, a yellow haired doll with a purple dress hoping and yelling at the top of it's cotton,though it's voice was drowned out from all the noise in the club."No. Also Agony..We have discussed you being so active in public and besides that you know theses creature can hear you and we were asked to be discrete.I apologize that you do not get out much and have lost your body not to know eno--" Vex abruptly halted her sentence as the doll put it's stuffed hand to her face."Hey all that is highly uncalled for and it's rather rude going on heartless don't you think?"Vex continued on her path her every stride spilling out with confidence and malevolence."Not for someone who kills people for a living.."The doll gave a small huff and plopped down on her shoulder."You sounded almost regretful there,are you all of the sudden growing a heart?" He remarked, the tone of his small voice could have almost been mistaken as highly playful, but Vex knew far better than anyone he was being a hopeless smart ass.The bar had come into view and Vex had stopped walking toward it to scan for her client,she had a pretty good memory of what he looked like from their previous encounter,though he was not even here which annoyed Vex for the most part.

    "Do you see 'em in here yet?" Agony asked ,breaking the silence that he had put between them."No,he has seem to not have made it in yet.We shall wait a bit longer."As soon as Vex had said as much Agony took it upon himself to slid down her arm and down onto the floor,disappearing into the sea of dancing feet.He was obviously up to no good running off as he did.However that didn't stop Vex from wanting to actually enjoy being in a club for the first time in a long time.Vex's full thick lashes dip to kiss the delicate flesh of her cheek as the sultry melody consumes the her,pressing forwards then back before smoothly flowing in a circular motion,one way then another,as she displays an enticing form of muscle control the melodic call of the song pulling Vex's chest in a fluid roll.Each sensual movement giving out an emotion she hadn't felt in ages. Oh a glorious night this would be indeed....
    The mischievous little doll had run through the crowd,easily dodging many feet except a few that is.With a shoe print on his lovely dress he huffed in an almost frustrated way.Taking the time to look around the bar for himself,knowing Vex would only scan and not actually look.The woman acted like she could care less about her job sometimes,then again she had a right to.Being considered the best in her league how could she not?
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  5. Hwarv, The Wyvern

    Dawn. Another day was about to begin... Hwarv soared peacefully the skies, over the forest treetops, high above the greassy meadows. Some stars still shone in the sky, their glitter lost with the colours of the new day. For the white wyvern, this was one of his favourite moments of the day; he enjoyed dawn and dusk, as the sky changed and some creatures sought for a place to rest whilst others, instead, woke up. He spiraled in the air, flying through a flock of bats that were about to enter a cave; as he flew past, he sensed their life energy, their electric field as they moved. In his mind's eye, Hwarv saw the flock as a sparkling, silvery cloud; a sixth sense that proved useful often, since his daylight vision was somewhat blurry.

    But something caught his eye, despite being far away. First, Hwarv thought it was another star; soon he changed his mind, as he saw it move and descend. It was shiny; and he knew it was shiny for him only, because of his sixth sense. It was golden and shiny; it glittered just like gold... But it was not. The wyvern flew closer, but not too close; he feared the glittery light. Because he only saw that kind of golden glow when a creature died. And he knew, at that distance, he was not meant to see or sense anything like that. Whatever it was... gave him the feeling that it was wrong.

    He flew towards it; whe he thought he was getting close enough, he dove under the treetops, hiding as he approached. The glittery light was fading... Hwarv perched on a massive tree, near its source, and remained as silent as he could. Through the branches he spied, and he saw what it was. In effect, there was a creature dying. A massive bear. But what froze him where he was what what he saw beside the dying animal. A large, fiersome dragon-like creature, metallic, artificial like he had seen few times in his life. Mechanical was the word... Its rider matched the dragon in appearance. Hwarv watched how the dragon and its rider finished absorbing the life energy out of the bear before flying away.

    The wyvern waited for some minutes before leaving his hiding place. He checked that the bear was dead; it was, it looked as if it had beeen there for ages. It was not the first corpse he saw like that; he had found others before, but never knew what was that killed them so suddenly. He feared then, for the creatures that lived there, and the city of Fae, which was not too far away. Without wasting any more time, Hwarv headed straight there. He had to alert them, inform the people about what was going on.

    He landed in front of the temple, besides the fountain. He hoped not to scare people away... wyvern weren't too common those days. Looking around, he saw a small, puffy griffin. The type of creature that would never scare anybody away... Perhaps the griffin could help him. He leaned closer.

    ''You... I need you to inform inside that temple that I bring bad news from the forests of Fae. I need to speak with the leader''

  6. The skies were clear over Fae, the clouds intermittent and delicate puffs of white against the sunsoaked backdrop of the bright morning. Creatures of the wood were going about their business as they would on any other day. Birds in the trees sung their ode to the sunshine and their greetings to one another. In the less dense parts of the forest, one could find deer gamboling through the undergrowth, leaping away when a noise alarmed them. In these gatherings of deer, one could even sometimes find a faun playing his pipes for the gentle beasts.

    A warm breeze found its way to where Tantris was sitting in the grass, ruffling his hair and causing his eyes to turn upward. He was no on duty currently, which is the reason for him relaxing in his favorite clearing with small flowers who exuded their sweet scent. He reached out with his finger to one of the flowers whose head hung heavy with the glittering morning dew. The little droplet of water sparkled in the sunlight as though it were a gem, casting prisms onto the grass. After a second more of thought, Tantris sprang to his feet, disrupting the little petals and showering the ground in a light rain. He was sitting in an area thick with trees surrounding on all sides: it was so dense that even the deer did not frequent this small clearing in the center, which meant that the breeze had been unnatural, like the air from wings.

    Looking around him for his sword, Tantris realized that he had left all weapons and armor at his home, since he was out relaxing in a quiet place. As such, he was wearing little more than pants and a shirt of thin leather, worn soft and smooth through time. His feet were clad in a much thicker and darker leather to protect the skin from branches and brambles, but they would do little in the face of combat. He was cursing himself for leaving his equipment behind but still determined to assess the situation.

    Running to the temple to see if any visitors had approached who had clearance to be in the forest, as opposed to the more worrying alternative that an intruder had found their way inside Fae, Tantris stopped short in front of a wyvern and a tiny little poofball of a griffin. Still on guard, Tantris approached the wyvern. There was no way that the griffin would have the ability to create the breeze that he had felt. The wyvern seemed to be in a state of distress, which was still not a particularly good sign for Tantris. What could the grinning possibly be upset about and why was it discussing the matter with the poofy little griffin?

    "Pardon me, but were you just flying overhead?" He was hoping that the source had been the wings of the wyvern, since he was unaware of any outside creature that had the capacity to fly so quickly and so fluidly with enough mass to cause a little breath of wind with its wings. That meant that the only candidate that he knew of was in front of him and looking highly upset. Tantris wished that he had a sword with him, something to make himself feel more confident at least. He felt naked without the weapon, vulnerable in the face of danger.
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  7. Eula paced around the fountain quickly becoming bored. Sighing heavily she closed her eyes for but a moment, and felt a warm rush of air hit her face. Opening her eyes she squeaked as a large wyvern landed across from her. It began to look around and then seemingly caught her in its sight. Leaning it's neck closer to her it spoke, "You... I need you to inform inside that temple that I bring bad news from the forests of Fae. I need to speak with the leader'' Eula tried to speak but the shock made it come out as a cough.
    Swallowing she stepped closer. "I'll see what I can do, depending on what's going on you might have to deal with someone lower on the list than the leader. But I'll bring the most important person I can find."
    She began to pace away getting ready to take flight and stopped, glancing back over her shoulder but from under her raised wing and asked "What, exactly should I tell them. Because they'll want to know Something." It looked as if the wyvern was about to respond when an elf male ran up beside them panting as if he was also upset. As he spoke asking the wyvern if he had been the one to fly over, Eula lowered her wings waiting for more information before heading off to find Saelar or Rain. If she couldn't find or quickly get an audience with Saelar she knew Rain would be willing to help. Turning around she quickly hopped back over to stand in front of the wyvern and waved her tail back and forth with impatience.
  8. It was a bright morning the sun shone in Leila's eyes from the window in her room. Leila woke up still very sleepy she didn't want to get up from bed just yet, she was too lazy to get up, but she had to get up. Her sword was in a very bad condition so she had to get up and take to be fixed. Leila was laying in her bed covered with a sheet and looking in the ceiling, she was thinking, thinking of what will she do today, everyday was the same nothing really interesting happened recently, it was very boring and Leila was hoping for something to happen.

    Leila stood up from bed she was half naked wearing just a black underwear, grabbing her mecha armor and putting it on she looked in the mirror in her room that was next to her bed and fixed her blond hair. Some minutes have past and she got away from the mirror, Leila loved to look herself in the mirror and watching how beautiful she was, Leila grabbed the sword from the table that she putted it on and walked out of her flat, closing the door behind her and locking it she started walking to the workshop going to get her sword fixed.

    (Ill post more tomorrow im just very tired and has to go to bed)
  9. Hearing footsteps coming closer, Imari looked up and noticed a handsome vampire with white hair and piercing blue eyes stand by her. Feeling a little nervous, she blushed and just stared at him for a moment. She wondered why he had walked over to her, even though she was trying to stay hidden. Once she got over staring at him for a minute she blushed even more and said, "Please, sit down."
  10. Rain had woke very early this morning, as she did every morning. She had sat in her secret place and sung to all of the animals as the sun rose from its resting place. The mists of the morning had begun to fade as she wandered through the forest, thoroughly enjoying the peace of the morning and the company of the animals around her. She made her way to the stream to drink as she always did. Looking down at her reflection in the water for a moment, she then turned to look at the rising sun. She felt a stirring within her, and warmth and life lept about in her eyes. When she gazed back into the water, another form was now staring back up at her. The form of her other heritage. It was a large, dazzling white she-wolf, with the same eyes as before, yet now they seemed to be almost luminescent. As she gazed down at the water she felt a pang of loss looking into those eyes. After pausing a moment, she then after taking a long drink, turned back to the woods beyond. Somewhile later, while making her way back to the palace, she suddenly felt a sinking feeling. Almost instantly she in the blink of an eye shifted back into her elven form. She quickly made her way through the leaves backtoward the walls of Fae palace... feeling deep within that she somehow was needed in some way. By who was the question.
  11. ''Tell them, that there is a strange dragon and its rider, and that they leech the life energies out of Fae's creatures. And that I, alone, can do nothing to help'' Hwarv said to the griffin. As he listened at himself, he hoped he did not sound too trivial. It was probably seeing how they absorbed the life out that alarmed him. He had a bad feeling about this; he had seen other creatures and ghouls leech the life out of living beings, but not like that. Once again, it was hard for him to explain, since he knew not everybody was able to see the same things he did.

    He then turned and faced the young elven man, and nodded, assenting. Hwarv couldn't read well his facial features that close up, not under the morning sunshine, but he noticed he was on guard. The elf was corageous but respectful, two qualities the wyvern always valued.

    ''I mean no harm to Fae and its people'' he said, hoping that would ease the elf a bit. '' It is that dragon rider you should worry about ''.
  12. Raxun smiled softly noticing the girls shy posture and her repeated blushing, this was definitely not your common Succubi. Which dragged his interest even closer to speaking with her. Sitting across from her in the booth so not to scare her any further, he slid in and offered her a drink from his large vodka bottle.
    "So my dear, what brings a sweet little thing like you here? I'm not the too modest type so please don't take this wrong way, but you obviously aren't the typical raise you leg for a dime type of Succubi. And your wings there," he kept his grip on the bottle but lifted his pinky away and wiggled it at her back, "They aren't your typical Succubi either. So please enlighten my curiosity before my trip tomorrow and tell me just what sort of lovely creature you are? Because you fancy my eye much more than any other dancer in this city, and that means a lot pretty lil thing."
    He blinked once or twice hoping he didn't sound too strange. She truly intrigued him, her tiny frame, her tiny wings, the collar that seemed to large around her neck. He Must know what she was and why she came here. And he hoped she would gladly indulge him for awhile. He had a long trip tomorrow, and a lonely one at that. Might as well have a decent conversation with a somewhat decent looking Succubi before he left.

    NIKKO paced around, hours passing as she quickly tired of the unhappy travelers and spectators. Waving over at her boss she quietly stepped closer and the old man nodded signifying she may go home. Smiling she patted his cheek, the poor thing did the only thing he could to make money, and it wasn't enough. Which is why Nikko worked for him for free, merely a place to sleep for the time being in his front room was enough for her. And he was quiet and peaceful so it made things easy.
    She quietly paced home pulling one long metal leg out in front of the other dramatizing her long walk, when she saw a woman seemingly glowing in an ally. Feeling an awkward warmth flow from the person it suddenly fell over onto the pavement. Nikko flinched in shock and ran hiding behind the nearest trash can. Shivering from the mere unusual activity she slowly stood trying to see if she could tell what had knocked the woman down. Nikko was suddenly glad she had no voice, for as soon as she peaked her head over the lid of the large can a giant metal dragon slithered from the ally the woman had been in.
    Nikko tried to whine but nothing came from her throat and she dug her claws into the can fearing for anything and everything. The dragons neck passed by her and as the wing area came into view a rider made of the same pipe like metal was atop it and proudly sitting aboard. Nikko slipped back down to the ground waiting for the sound of the dragon to dissapear. Peaking out again the beast seemed to have gone and Nikko quickly scampered across the small street she had been on to the ally to check on the woman. Reaching her side she rolled the body over and tripped backwards at the disgust of the body. The woman looked as if she had been lying in the ally for hundreds of years! Her skin was shrunken to her bones and her eyes looked as if they has been sucked from the socket. Nikko sobbed in her own way and took the long way home rushing as fast as she could to her sanctuary.

    Eula puffed out her chest and nodded repeatedly, "I will try my best to find someone to help. Please remain here and I will return as quickly as possible." Eula then turned to the elf man.
    "You may do as you wish but I suggest getting more information so I have more to go on when I return." She bowed quickly one front leg farther in front of the other to the elf and then the Wyvern. "I shall return" Quickly lifting her wings up she took off in a puff of air and tried to pinpoint Rain, she figured with the little information she had received Rain would be willing to believe her enough to come and listen before Saelar would. She flew towards the forest, the first place she would most likely find her. Puffing in huffs of air she began to rapidly squeak long vibrato tones, hoping that Rain would hear her and understand, letting Eula know where she was.
  13. Leila was walking on the streets going to the workshop to fix her sword, she passed a lot of people the city was crowded as always everybody rushed to their jobs passing her like she doesn't exist. Leila was very tired and the way to the workshop was very long. She was walking around passing the buildings around her, she was looking around with her eyes if there was something wrong she liked to help people if they needed help, suddenly she saw a glow in an ally she was to far from the ally but she started walking there to see what was going on there.

    Leila looked in the ally before entering and saw a dead women she closed on her and saw that she was like there for months, her skin was shrunken to her bones, like she didn't had eyes and her teethes were all out she looked like a skeleton, Leila thought what could had caused this when she saw a girl maybe a metabot, Leila didn't saw her very well cuz she run away before Leila could take a look at her. Leila was thinking that that girl metabot did this to the woman. Leila quickly grabbed the sword from her back and started chasing the metabot girl, Leila was faster then her and almost reached her "Stop" she shouted ready to attack the metabod girl.
  14. Imari looked at the bottle and kindly declined his offer. "I am a succubus, but not a normal one as you stated," she blushed again, "I'm actually the result of a failed lab experiment in Aotmi." She relaxed a little in the booth, "As for my wings, they're just a small design flaw in my creation." Her blushing stopped a little, but she could still feel her face burning with shyness. "If you don't mind my asking," she barely kept herself from blushing again as she spoke, "Where is it that you're headed to?" She realized that if he was leaving, there was a chance that she could try and go with him if he agreed to the idea.
  15. Pavement and rippled concrete are paved roads of gas fumes and mecha buildings. It was plain day as far as the sun could hit the grey filled skies. Rushly, chaotic painted clouds, even a surrealist would be dissatisfied with. People rushed around the concrete-jungle as those clouds began to become darker. Rain was coming; if not by the smell of rising dust and wet bricks and metal. Mostly told by the wind and clouds forming. Rain droplets fall one by one until thicker water comes clashing down. People, robots, and companions alike scurried for shelter, scurried home to empty warm beds and empty barracks. Under ground homes, or a hole in the wall, where most of the Atomi residence lives.

    Within this shit storm of common drizzle, a woman stands underneath the crooked hut of a broken building. She lights a cigarette, lighter glows upon the pretty doll's face. The lighter flicks shut, and she puffs away. A mecha companion lays at her feet, watching as the rain pours on the dead streets and dim lights of the north side of Atomi. The mecha-dog pants, breaths vibrant and echo into breath fumes. Air is cold with the obvious wet, making the woman loose interest of the outside. She ducks her head into the hidden curtain into the lights and warmth of inside. The mecha stays outsidem ears mechanically move in alert. Aware that his master is not at his side.

    Inside the broken building, turns out to be a bustling bar. A bar that is filled from all walks and kind, most of the mechanical kind. The woman moves into the shadows, taking a seat at an empty, rather non-steady, table. She hunches over as she now seems to wait. She watches at the flickering commotion of drunks and high altitude of male-chromosomes. She smokes her cigarette, the smoke filled her aloof air. Pale brown eyes stayed distant from unwanted commotion, the kind where familiar faces eye-her up. Business men... Or in her books; men that don't mind illegal shipping.

    "Renna!...Renna Lin!" A loud raunchy voice hollars, accent of irish decent. Renna looks forward, ignoring the attention brought upon her.

  16. Rain kept making her way through the forest, as she looked up she saw she was somewhat in sight of the palace walls. They were still far off but at least the trees were thinning. Through the leaves she could faintly make out the top of the walls where the gaurds were posted. Still even in the sight of comfort and familiarity, she could not shake this sinking feeling inside. The sense that had hit her so suddenly deep in the forest, was no longer just a feeling of being needed urgently. Now deep in the pit of her stomach, Rain felt a feeling of utter evil and destruction. She knew not why, but even in wondering the feeling increased. Worried and disturbed, she quickened her pace. Suddenly, a long, rapid and extremely loud screech broke out across the sky above her. It was Eula, and she knew the cry. It was her call to Rain. In return, Rain let out a long, low howl. Still in her elven form, she looked up and repeated it again. Rain sat down in the warm grass and waited for her friend to find her.
  17. Raxun smirked softly and lifted one shoulder up and over the back of the booth seat.
    "Well." He paused for a moment trying to decide why she'd really want to know. Unable to come up with any scheme for a bad reason to take her along he decided to answer.
    "I'm going to Fae, visit some friends you might say. Details are for later, question is for me. Why do you want to know?" He leaned forward across the table his elbow still up on the back of the booth. Clicking his tongue he smirked playfully again trying to ease any bad feelings against him.
    "My guess is you'd like to come along. If I don't ask why you want to come you don't have to tell just don't ask why I'm going. Then, if we decide we get along I'll elaborate on my travels, and you can on your reason for traveling with me. Or if you'd like you may elaborate now. Up to you I don't mind either way." He leaned back against the booth and pulled out a self rolled cigarette. Carefully reaching over to the candle lit at the end of the table by the wall he eyed the flame for a second as if glaring at it, then quickly lit the end. Pulling the cigarette to his lips he puffed a couple times and sighed.
    "Sorry for all the formal bull crap, but when it comes to traveling a long way I like to be a little rusty with my companions. But I'll gladly tag you along if that's the question you were going for. And you don't have to worry about food or water, if you need 'em I'll provide them. I'll even pay for places to sleep if need be. I've got that already covered. So, all you have to do is kindly tell me you'd like to go along. And I will gladly court you with me. As for the failed experiment. I'd say they failed at failing. You're a rather spunky little thing and as you can see," He waved the hand with the cigarette at the dancers and club customers, "You intrigue me a hell of a lot more than anything else right now. Whada'ya say? Also I'm Raxun." He then held out his hand without the cigarette.

    Nikko started to slow her run as she neared the street that led to her house. As she slowed she heard frantic footsteps behind her. Turning around suddenly a mecha woman with a sword yelled at her as she ran towards her. Nikko's eyes widened as she freaked wondering if this woman was with the rider who had killed that poor woman or if this woman was after HER for killing her. Stopping she shrunk down into a squatting position and squeezed her eyes shut terrified by what the mecha woman would do to her. Covering her head with her claws she made herself into a tiny ball hoping it would make the woman leave her alone. She just wanted to go home! Why was this happening to her?

    Eula heard Rain's wolf call and swirled around the air in a circle twice before finding her location sitting among the trees. Twisting her wings to a stopping position she went into a head dive and flew towards the trees. Stopping about ten feet up she flapped a few more times and landed in a poof of leaves. Shaking her feathers she scurried over to Rain panting with excitement.
    "Rain somethings happened. There haven't been Wyvern's in Fae for years but one came to the fountain. He said he saw something, something terrible in the forest. I need you to come with me and help him. He needs to speak with a leader. I came to you because I knew you would trust my word." She paused for a moment trying to catch her breath. "He said that their was a strange rider that leeched life from a forest creature. I'm not sure exactly what happened but I knew I must find you. Please you must come." Flapping her wings she lifted herself and landed on Rain's shoulder.
    "Also you may want to run." She flexed her eyebrows meaning it may be best in wolf form.
  18. She smiled and shook his hand, "I'm Imari," her bell jingled as she moved, "I'd love to join you in going to Fae." Finally, she had found someone to travel with out of Fae. "You seem like a really kind person too," her smile grew brighter as she spoke, "I've been looking everywhere to find someone to travel with out of this dreary place." Her smile dulled a little, "It's not that I hate it here," then she brightened a little again, "I just don't fit in here that well."
  19. As Rain listened to her small friend speak, her heart sank. Forest creatures having the life leached out of them? Evil, here in fae? The mere thought of her peaceful forests and the animals within being in danger of such things was almost more than she could bear. There was sadness in her eyes as Eula spoke. Then, the sadness seemed to wash away. Her watery blue eyes were no longer blue but a strong green hue, and no longer did they harbor a look of sadness but now took on a loathsome fury. Deep inside her rose an anger. The ancient magics stirred within and every muscle tensed at the thought of anything she loved being tortured, or the balance of life being upset again by a force of evil. As the small griffon lited upon her shoulder, Rain was already shifting to the form she knew was needed. Eula had barely got out the last half of her sentence before she sat there, clinging to the shoulder of the great white wolf. Rain had not uttered a word the entire time Eula spoke, and only now turned to her friend in reply. "Thank you my little friend for bringing this to me. This is a grave day indeed. But we will somehow end this unknown evil, come what may"... She then turned her brilliant white face toward the puffy griffon. " and RUN was exactly what I had in mind. Hold tight little one."

    No sooner had she spoke, she had leaped some 10 feet down the small inbankment on which they had stood and was already up the other side and across the forest floor beyond. With her speed it was all the poor little griffon could do to hold on. Soon they we're through the meadow and around the south side of the palace walls. Rain came to a stop and quickly shifted back into her elven form, then they rounded the edge of the wall. Seeing the princess the gaurds let them through immediately. Eula led Rain to the fountain. Standing there beside it was the grand wyvern and the tall pale elf. Rain in awe of the beautiful beast who race she had not seen for some decades, walked very slowly over to the fountain. As she approached only then did she turn her attention upon the pale elf. His hair similar to her own, raised her interest. As she walked closer, she wondered why she had not seen these two before. She turned to Eula and waited.

  20. With little to say to the wyvern and on edge due to not only its presence but its news, Tantris chose instead to remain silent while the griffin went to fetch someone who might make sense of the situation. Still without his studded leathers and sword, he was more observant and less trusting, his cool gray eyes regarding the wyvern with some caution. It was hardly personal, simply the fact that wyverns were uncommon here and even he had only seen one once in his duties patrolling Fae. He still remembered it fondly, a rare event that had taken his breath away. One of the majestic creatures had flown close enough for him to see before returning to its aerie.

    Wary eyes turned on Rain when he heard the footsteps of an approach. Recognizing her almost instantly, though her gaze held no recognition for him, Tantris lowered his eyes and bowed his head to her deferentially. He didn't quite know why he had stayed or what he might have to offer to the discourse but, as a guardian of the wood, he felt obligated to know of any dangers in the midst. If there truly was something amiss, he would redouble his efforts at patrolling the borders. There was a certain degree of humiliation in the story that compelled him to remain as well. If something dangerous had crossed over into Fae without the guard knowing, there was shame whether he had been on patrol or not. The guardians were supposed to be ever vigilant and if one member failed, he regarded it as a failure of them all.

    Still, he was not the one with the story, the wyvern was. He did not speak, holding his tongue for those with the news to instead speak first. He wanted to hear fuller details and hoped that the wyvern might provide these. He would go and hunt this mysterious intruder himself, even, if the wyvern knew where he had seen the hunter.