This is a funny story.



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Originally just sent it to one person, but, they laughed hard too so f' it. I'll share my pain for your amusement.

I'm walking funny today due to a yellow duck on wheels.

So I clean a pre-school every weekend. The pays good and I do it with my wife who works there. When I sanitize the drawers I carry with me a bleach bottle and other tools. The only important one is the spray bottle.

I'm sanitizing this dresser like thing when I stand up really quick. The spray bottle hooks the ring of a string that is attached to this large yellow duck on wheels. It whips it out of the drawer and directly into my groin at fill speed, beak first.

By reaction I double over and - SLAM - full force forehead into the dresser I had just finished cleaning.

I had my MP3 player on and thought I was alone in the building, so, I decide to just lay down on the floor. It had been mopped recently so it was still wet, but, I didn't care.

I look over at the door, maybe 30 seconds later, and there is my little sister in law apparently laughing, I can't hear her cause I have my MP3 player on, but the visual is an easy go.

I'm holding onto my groin, I have a duck with wheels in between my legs, a bruise on my forehead and as I sit up what appears to be a very sweaty back.

There you go. Hope it made you laugh - cause it's made my family laugh it up since yesterday.

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Re: Attacked by a duck on wheels.

Brutal dude, good thing you can laugh about it!


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You are in my prayers.

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Just pray they don't have security cameras.