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  1. 'The Dark Tower' rises: Stephen King confirms stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey

    It's finally been confirmed! The Dark Tower movie starts shooting in 7 weeks!! A lot of people are unhappy with the choice for Roland, and there has been some upset over the casting for 'Triana' who no one has even heard of (I've read and listened to the books quite a few times, and I couldn't figure out who she was for the life of me!). However, I'm willing to keep an open mind to see how things play out. I have been waiting for this since I finished reading the series way back in the day....

    Anyone else looking forward to it? Have doubts?

    Personally, I think Matthew McConanughey would make a perfect Man in Black. I'm not too sure about Idris Elba as Roland though. Not because of the obvious race factor, but because I've never really seen him act in anything but the Thor movies.

    I still have my heart set on Aaron Paul as Eddie though. Just waiting for the announcement. >_>
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  2. Got the first book Gunslinger on my pile of books to be read.

    Congrats on the choices. Just hope they stick well to the material and his vision of the story.
  3. Neat. Idris is a pretty good actor, so I'm sure he'll do the part justice.
  4. If you think Matthew...McConanughey will do a good job, then I'm sure Idris Elba will certainly surpass your expectations.
  5. I always thought those books were terrible
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  6. For the part that he's playing, he'll do a good job. I'm not too fond of him as an actor, but he actually fits the role.
  7. Idris is amazing. So I am pretty sure he is gonna knock it out he park. As for the Race thing. never once did they outright state in the books what his ethnicity was. If King is good with it, I am good with it.
  8. Race isn't the biggest issue for me. Roland was always described as tall, lanky, and well, old. Not exactly fitting, but I can overlook that. However, what does bother me is the mysterious 'Triana' they cast. If they chose a white woman to play Susannah, I'm going to be pissed. There's been some speculation that the chick they're in talks with will be playing Allie, and I hope that's the case. They'll have to ugly her up a bit because she's far too pretty for the part, but that's just my opinion.
  9. McConaughey as Randall Flagg? AWW SHIT YEAH.
    He's white on every cover of the books that he's on, and I believe he's called white a ton of times by Susanna, though I could be wrong about the last bit.
  10. No, you're right. Before her personalities merge, Detta does refer to Roland as white several times, and Eddie and Roland as 'honky mofos' or something along those lines. There was a lot of animosity on her part because of her hatred for white men. They could probably work around that, but it won't be the same. Fortunately, they have a while to get through to that part.
  11. Doesn't matter either way. Not like the movie adaptation needs to be an exact imitation. And it's just skin colour - who actually gives a damn?
  12. I heart Stephan King but his movies are pretty hit and miss; I'm withholding excitement
  13. I'm more excited about Eddie and Jake, to be honest. >_>
  14. King did not care too much about how movies to his other books turned out, but with this one he was very picky, so even if the movies change a bit from the books I am going to trust him that it will turn out well.

    I want to see Oy and have Oy merchandise.
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  15. I see what you mean. Idris is tall at the very least. And his beard is greying!
  16. The later is wrong. He is never called white in the books. He is white in comics and on covers becouse that is the way the artist interpreted him. Again though. If the man who made it, see Idris as a proper cast, I think he knows his own works best.

    Edit; You are right about he being implied being White when I think about it. I need to reread the books more carefully.
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  17. I probably won't watch it.
  18. You never know. A shit load of movies and shows filled with fantasy, demons, creepy rat-men that pass for humans, and lots and lots of shoot outs! I think I even got my husband at least somewhat agreeable to watching them with me. I watch Shannara with him, so we'll be even.
  19. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions about Matthew McConaughey, but don't forget that he won an Oscar a few years ago for Dallas Buyers Club.

    He beat out Leonardo DiCaprio's role in Wolf of Wall Street to get it, which I thought was FOR SURE going to win it.

    McConaughey's a talented actor for sure.
  20. Matt is an alright actor, however Idris is miles better.

    His acting and character in Bests of No Nation was nothing short of brilliant. He is a fantastic actor.
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