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  1. So, sometime last year I started this and it wound up dying not too long after the start, SO I'm starting it up again. :3

    As the title suggests its a Marvel universe based RP, but none of the canon characters exist so you could make your own [insert canon character here] and make him or him the opposite affiliation. Ex. "Good" Loki or hell even "Villain" Capt. America. The start off setting will be New York City, it will probably change as the RP progresses.

    It's the year 2015 and for the past decade Earth has been relatively peaceful from world dominating villains and alien invasions. But now...the most powerful villains our world has ever seen are rising and it's up to Earth's and the Univerese's finest to stop them. Are you up to the challenge? Or will you make the 3rd rock fall?

    Birth Name: The name you were born with, if an "alien" name state it in English.
    Alias: Your superhero/villain name, if same as birthname state "Same".
    Age: State in Earth years please.
    Race: Human, Mutant (still human but y'know), alien? Etc~ Etc~
    Abilities: A brief sum of your powers, abilities, and what ever else makes you special.
    Weaknesses: What makes you go 'weak in the knees'?
    Personality: A description of your behaivour.
    Backstory: What happend before now?
    Appearance: Either a picture or description of what you look like, both if you wish.

    Once we get 3 characters I'll start the RP. Once you post your OC just assume its accepted and start posting unless otherwise noted, I'll PM you if you need to make changes.

    Link to the RP

    --Can I Have more than one character?
    --Yes, but no more than three
    --Sexy time? --Why do you think it's in the Mature section? :P
    --What if my awesome character dies?! QAQ -- theeeen make a new one 8D
    --What if the base Superhero/villain isn't from Marvel? -- That's ok! They don't have to be from Marvel, it's the setting that's Marvel based!
    --How long do I gotta wait in between posties!? -- At least three other posts, this is to ensure that this group RP doesn't become, somehow, a 1x1.
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  2. Birth Name: Yuumei Tanaka
    Alias: Iron Maiden
    Age: 18
    Race: Human/???
    Abilities: A mechanical and technological genius, she has built various combat ready armor. She knows various styles of martial arts.
    Weaknesses: Excessive exposure to sun, she will pass out if she's in the sun for too long. Yaoi, she can be bribed to do almost anything if you give her Yaoi. If someone were to remove her electrical pump, or destroy it, she would die within 24 hours if it were not replaced.
    Personality: She acts like a guy most of time, always has something to say and must have the last word, she's violent, cocky, and a smartass. She's a bit of a pervert.
    Backstory: Her father, Keisuke Tanaka, got his claim to by building weapons for the US Military. The Tanakas are among the richest people in the United States, if not the world. She has a weak heart and has an electrical pump to it going.
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    Her normal appearance:
    Her main armor:
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  3. Birth name: Damon Yuki
    Alias: Card Slinger
    Age: 19
    Race: Mutant
    Abilities: Can use kinetic energy in an object (like Gambit) but uses more than just cards, knows a good amount of martial arts and can heal himself to a degree.
    Weaknesses: short tempered, jumps in without thinking and hesitates a bit when it comes to what she should use which sometimes backfires on her
    Personality: He tends to be a bit insane due to the random homicidal event that took place at the orphanage in which he lived even though he was the cause of it. He is horribly unstable mentally but keeps it well hidden until provoked or angered.
    Back-story: He was abandoned as a child and was forced to live in an orphanage for most of his natural young life. As he got older he realized he could empower object and make them explode upon contact of a surface...or person. He was always being wrongfully punished and picked on so when he discovered these hidden powers he began to use and eventually control them then used then on his tormentors. The police came to investigate the noises and the minor mass homicide that was reported but to fool the police he hid under a desk until he heard sirens then began to cry.

    When he was found he continued to cry until she was taking in and moved to a new orphanage, hiding a smirk the entire trip there. He never was adopted and moved out of the new orphanage when he turned 18. Now he roams the streets and kills whoever he wants to, whenever he wants to because he can.
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  4. reserved. I'll be posting sometime this weekend
  5. Birth Name: Reikuhara Veritahl
    Alias: Lunar Archer
    Age: 19 (looks that way atleast)
    Race: Sarthonian - 'Transcended' kind of 'human' from another world
    Abilities: Increased strength, agility and endurance compared to Earth humans. Carries a staff and bares incredible accuracy with a bow and other ranged weapons but prefers to use the former.
    Weaknesses: Psychic/mental-based attacks, her sense of morals could possibly be used against her, say for example, someone takes a hostage.
    Personality: Will be RP'd; Usually calm and kind.
    Backstory: Like Asgardians, Rei's world was on a plane of its own where her kind had their own way of interplanetary/dimensional travel. Not one to remain home all the time, she visited other worlds, adapting to them to how she saw fit. Hearing stories of Earth, she decided to visit one day and has stayed there for quite some time now, though she was far from 'normal' to them.
    Apperances (open)
    Has purple eyes instead


    Birth Name: Kairi Veritahl
    Alias: K-V; otherwise Same.
    Age: 19 (looks that way atleast)
    Race: Sarthonian - 'Transcended' kind of 'human' from another world
    Abilities: Greatly increased strength, agility and endurance compared to Earth humans as well as Rei and Kaine. She is practically a full-on freestyle brawler with special metallic boots and gauntlets, the guantlets able to utilize belt-fed ammunition to fire a kind of kinetic pulse/blast. Between the three, she can also fly (levitation-style, so it's not too fast, not too slow). If allowed, I'd say her strength would be on par with Thor.
    Weaknesses: Psychic/mental-based attacks, other women
    Personality: Will be RP'd; Usually feisty and outgoing, flirty.
    Backstory: Like Rei's, of kin.
    Apperance (open)
    Has purple eyes instead



    Birth Name: Kaine Veritahl
    Alias: Vlade (pronounced 'Blade')
    Age: 21 (looks that way atleast)
    Race: Sarthonian - 'Transcended' kind of 'human' from another world
    Abilities: Increased agility compared to Earth humans as well as Rei and Kairi. Carries a semi-futuristic electro-blade which he usually uses strapped to his arm. Along with this, he utilizes hand-to-hand combat involving attacks that could temporarily incapacitate his foes, otherwise termed simply, 'stunlocks.'
    Weaknesses: Psychic/mental-based attacks, his anger can sometimes be his downfall
    Personality: Will be RP'd; Usually pissy/edgy.
    Backstory: Like Rei's, of kin.
    Apperances (open)
    Has purple eyes instead

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  6. Birth Name: Kit Walker
    Alias: The Phantom/ The Ghost Who Walks/ The Man who cannot die
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    - Extreme Conditioning to Weather
    - Martial Arts and Pistol Expertise
    - Parkour (At least this iteration has it)
    -He's not actually Immortal. A bullet to the head will kill him like any other human
    -In addition to that, he has an overwhelming sense of morality. He's also responsible for protecting those marked by his rings (See backstory)
    Personality: To be Rp'ed, though he is brash, crude, and reckless. Despite his training, he makes rash decisions that generally put him in bad situations.
    Backstory: The legend of The Phantom is one whispered among those in the dark underbelly of society. The bane to all criminals and evil-doers, and one who has done so for five centuries. It is said that the Phantom never dies and fights tirelessly against the forces of evil. In reality, unbeknownst to those who have to fear him, "The Phantom" is really a long bloodline of dedicated crime fighters. Beginning in the 16th century, young naval officer Kit Walker swore to fight against pirates and injustice. Naming his heirs Kit Walker, this Kit Walker is the 21st iteration of "The Phantom." However, unlike his predeccessors, this Phantom has forsaken his teachings and become a man without morals. He serves only himself now, becoming the thing that his lineage has fought against for centuries.

    Trained in the jungles of Bengal, Kit has returned to the big city armed with the stolen suit of his father, his trusty dual pistols, and the rings of Good and Evil. His ring of Good, worn on his left hand, signifies the bearer of it's mark the protection of the phantom and is rumored to give extraordinary luck. The ring of Evil, worn on his right, creates a mark on the victim, delivered through a brutal punch, that signifies the bearer will be watched by The Phantom.

    Appearance: (open)
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  7. Question, characters canon in Marvel but not in the Avengers? Saaaaay... The Punisher?

    I've also got another character idea, so calling dibs on the twist of Spider-man(If that name will fit)

    EDIT: Sorry, I was informed by Zero is was Avengers based and I took his word on it, but it's only marvel based, so my own answer is questioned.
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  8. Birth Name: Mary Parker

    Alias: Spider-"Man"

    Age: 22

    Race: Human (Mutated from after birth)

    Abilities: The whole nine-yards of a alternate universe Spider-Man.

    Webs: Able to project webbing from her wrists which can be layered to gain a tensile strength akin to that of a steel wire of ten times it's thickness. The webbing is sticky, but dissolves around 3-6 hours after being made unless extremely concentrated. The webbing can burn and does not stick when wet. The webbing appears sterile, and could contain or block air or water if it was put into place before the thing it was to be blocking, though the time it could do this would significantly shorten the time it take for the webs to dissolve.

    Climbing: Able to stick to any surface through clothing, unless it is too thick, say over a inch.

    Super Strengh and Agility: She's able to lift things much larger than she should be able to, and could probably lift a car for a couple of seconds, but it would definitely be tiring. She is extremely agile and flexible, however, in reality, she's not too much tougher than a normal human would be, able to take blunt blows and the like much better, but stabbing and shooting are just as effective on her.

    "Spider Sense": Able to acutely pinpoint sources of danger and react much faster than any human could possibly react, even able to sense danger through walls.

    Weaknesses: Fire burns through her webbing, removing her most potent ranged weapon, and just because she could dodge a car, doesn't mean she can dodge a barrage of bullets, unless she has a larger advance warning, and a viable way to escape.

    Personality: Mary bought the whole "With great power comes great responsibility" talk she was given once, but that doesn't mean she thinks she cant use her powers for her own personal gain. Creeps might find it hard to move their feet because they're stuck to the ground, or she might use a bit of swinging to avoid traffic or find a nice quiet place to eat. Egotistical at times, and always looking to make a wisecrack if she thinks it'll get someone to show weakness. She has a slightly twisted sense of justice, but hasn't actually killed anyone yet, despite thinking some deserve nothing more than it.

    Backstory: Mary was a good student in college, studying chemistry, and was even getting a part-time job, she was bit by a spider on the last schools outing to a Oscorp lab, but that wasn't important, certainly not enough of a case to sue someone, it's just a spider bite after all. She lived with her Uncle and Aunt, and her story seemed to be going much the same way as another universe's Peter, except for one major change. Instead of her loving Uncle Ben being the one shot and killed for standing up for the right thing, it was her poor Aunt May. This happened at the same time the changes started to take affect from a radioactive virus beginning to affect her DNA.

    The blow was devastating, Ben didn't take it well, and neither did Mary. She turned into a seeker of revenge, barely leaving some of her victims alive, not always intending to though. She thought of these powers she had been developing as a gift, a way to find revenge, and thus closure, and she began to prey on those who would prey on the innocent. She did so in a black hoodie, with a blue mask over her head, a bit of mesh allowing her to see out of it from each eye. Converse, a hoodie, and jeans, her superhero uniform of choice. She kept telling herself she'd get a real outfit together one day, one that didn't hide her gender as well, it was kind of embarrassing to be called the Spider-"Man" by some of her victims, even some of the ones she actually talked to.

    She didn't have the money for that though, she had to try and work as a photographer, covering the latest on this new vigilante 'menace' while still going to school and supporting her increasingly unstable and withdrawn Uncle Ben. He still reeled from the loss of Aunt May, and she did too, but she takes it out nightly on any unfortunate scum to cross her path.
    Picture (open)

    Usually wears a black hoodie, and if she wears the beanie on her head, it's a blue, the same color of her mask, and actually is her mask with a 180 degree turn and lowering of it. She tucks her hair up into the mask when it is worn, and the other hiding spot for it is in her bra. Her figure with her hoodie closed and the mask on is rather androgynous, and her rough language and tone of voice has been what has led to the mixup of her gender when in her other 'identity'. Hair is dyed blonde.

    Birth Name: Frank Castle

    Alias: The Punisher

    Age: 32.

    Race: Human

    Personal Armory: Frank has assembled a vast array of weaponry and other war materials for his own personal war on crime over the years. With his military experience, using them is second, if not first, nature.

    Pain Tolerance: Frank Castle has a extremely high pain tolerance, both from his own personal training, and from the painkillers he occasionally takes before heading into battle, allowing him to ignore some wounds, taking on a hellish image for being 'invincible' because of it.
    Weaknesses: In the end, Frank is just a man, shoot him in the head and there's no surviving that, use a power he cant fight with bullets, and you'll get him.

    Personality: To call him psychopathic to any criminal is a understatement. He thinks that the only way to protect the innocent, is to kill those who would harm them. He is judge, jury, and executioner, and he exercises all three parts with extreme prejudice.

    Backstory: Frank served in the Iraq War from 2003 to 2011, combat stations all the way through. He always took it upon himself to be just and righteous while there too, even killing some of the locals who committed crimes against eachother, even if he was supposed to stay out. Once he returned home, having seen the face of war and evil, he saw it at home as well. He spent some time gathering arms and other weaponry, to prepare for this war on American soil. He considers the cops to have good intentions, but poor execution, so he has taken it upon himself to become the law. His first appearance left a entire drug-house shot up, and his symbol on the wall in blood.

    The skull has become a symbol of fear for criminals since, his crusade has not stopped, and it shows no signs of slowing down. When he arrives, it's not a question of life or death for criminals, it's a matter of a clean death, or a long drawn out one, and he's the one who decides which you get.

    Picture (open)
    The Punisher.png
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  9. just holy mother fucking shit monkeys =A= are you gonna leave like.. any mystery for the rp? dayum =w=;;
    not saying you have to change any info tho lol
    BUT change the pics to anime ones and then you'l bee accepted, i think you've seen my rant on that more once :P
  10. You should probably clarify that on the first post then Akira. Appearance says nothing about it being required to use anime >_>
  11. FINE FINE >:L
  12. Edited the main post :L
  13. Alright, I just kind of used real pictures because I found some ones that fit and thought I had to. Might be hard to find a anime picture of the punisher though...

    I was also kind of planning on just making sure I had some established backstory in my head, while I search, might I know when the IC might go up?
  14. maybe some time later today, possibly between 9:00am-2:30pm EST, also would you like me to pm you some pics?
  15. I am suddenly curious, go ahead.
  16. Because wild cards are fun!

    Birth Name: Rook Arkhest

    Alias: None

    Age: 24

    Race: Mutated Human


    Telepathic Connection: He is able to communicate telepathically with his sister, and only his sister. They must be within 15 kilometres of each-other.

    Chaotic Happiness: The happier he is, the more he indulges himself in what he is happy with, and that is usually carnage. This also causes high levels adrenaline to be released into her bloodstream, regardless of what he is doing.

    Eye of the Storm: He is completely incapable of feeling any amount of anger.

    Military Combat Training: He has received standard military combat training, and knows a few tricks of the trade from his mercenary work.


    Bond of Twins: He takes blows in place of his sister, any damage that would occur to her, happens to him instead.

    Mercenary Priorities: Rook has a rather fatal love of money, and will take acceptable amounts of it as bribery.

    Personality: He is laid back for the most part, at least until money is involved, then he follows his orders quite thoroughly. From time to time he will indulge in "Adult" activities, such as drinking or sex, though it is usually only when he is bored.

    Backstory: The twins were conceived in a petri dish, of genetically altered sperm and eggs. They spent their early years with a surrogate family, but when they were old enough, they began to receive training, and were moulded to be weapons. However, they were not the weapons the scientists had hoped for, and ended up being tossed aside.

    Over all, their childhood served to provide them with the skills to survive on their own, and paved their path to becoming mercenaries. The two of them stuck together through the hardships they faced, and have learned to only trust each-other, though Nova is far more attached than Rook.


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    I will assume you guys are capable enough to figure out who is who.

    Birth Name: Nova Arkhest

    Alias: None

    Age: 24

    Race: Mutated Human


    Telepathic Connection: She is able to communicate telepathically with her brother, and only her brother. They must be within 15 kilometres of each-other.

    Primal Rage: The angrier she gets, the more she loses control over her actions, and can become reduced to rabid animal, albeit with training. She also gains speed.

    Military Combat Training: She has received standard military combat training, and knows a few tricks of the trade from her mercenary work.


    Bond of Twins: She takes blows in place of her brother, any damage that would occur to him, happens to her instead.

    Blood Knot: She goes where ever her brother goes, or at least within telepathic distance of him. If she can not communicate with him, she becomes incredibly anxious and incoherent.

    Gleefully Inept: Nova is completely incapable of feeling happy. She can still enjoy things, however, she simply does not feel it the same way everyone else does.

    Personality: She is very reserved, usually only speaking to her brother, though occasionally speaking for herself should she have to, or simply feel the need to.

    Backstory: See Rook Arkhest


    Show Spoiler
    I will assume you guys are capable enough to figure out who is who.

    I hope everything is in order o:
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  17. New York should be a interesting enough start, think that Mary might be able to ask Yuumei for a suit eventually?
  18. As long as yaoi is supplied yes :P aand everything's fine @Batty
  19. Well, I was kind of using this as the point where she'd finally get a actual suit instead of just a ski mask.
  20. And she can convince her with some yaoi manga :P
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