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  1. How do you pick yourself up after having a rough time with depression or just a bad day? Everyone has their different coping methods, some people have odd ones. What are some of the things that pick you up when you are down?

    For me, I have many different things that help with different emotions.

    For Anxiety, Frustration and even Anger: Watching Kitchen Nightmares makes me oddly feel better. I guess I just understand where Ramsay gets frustrated with people, and while I am a blunt person it helps to see a blunter person. However, there are levels that he takes that I know I wouldn't.

    Depression, bad day: Cleaning and getting rid of shit. There are many people in this world that collect things to comfort themselves; I am the opposite. I get rid of anything I haven't used in over three months, whether I love it or not, if I don't use it I junk it.

    A fair amount of walking helps too.
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  2. For really bad day where I feel alone and useless....I reach out and talk to someone. Even if it's about stupid stuff....most people don't really seem to care much for it but it really helps. also playing Rune Factory 4 or a dating sim or exercise.
    anger: Exercise. Run from the fucking zoms! Fuck New Canton!
    Anxiety: pace and clean. particularly scrubbing or something that makes my place smell nice.
  3. A nightly walk or smoke usually helps me put things into perspective.
  4. I smoke pot.

    Hate having a vice. Really hate knowing its my vice. Really really hate the culture that it breeds.

    But it is super nice to melt off the days woes and worries with a single hit before sitting down to some good music to think things over.

    Also Rinworld.
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  6. Admittedly the cinnaminiburrtango cracks me up every time. But fuck I can barely manage to the kitchen for anything more complex than peanut butter and jelly.

    How people manage to drive and interact is above me.
  7. My dog makes everything better.
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  8. Roleplay used to be my go to, but I haven't been able to do that for awhile. >:/

    My NEVER FAIL, though, is popping in a movie I love or binge watching a TV show while sipping on a boozy drink. Anything that's going to untense my body and turn off my brain. D:
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  9. Seeing your ex get her tag run by a cop.
  10. Normally I write. I feel sorry for my characters because whatever I am feeling is directed at them, usually in some form of extreme physical or emotional pain. If I am sad then something bad is going to happen and the character will end up crying his or her heart out. If I am angry a character is usually going to deal with some sort of torture.

    If I can't bring myself to write there is always music. Normally I listen to angry or sad music, but I found this AMV works just as well.

  11. Sleep. Sleep fixes everything for me. Probably not the healthiest of choices, but it's better than gorging myself on chocolate.
  12. nigahiga

    I normally end up just watching some TV Show, Movie or playing a calm/relaxing game.
    Anything that relies me to actively think or act usually just tends to make me feel worse.
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