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  1. It was a cold mid November's afternoon, and had Travis had just walked into the one level home he and his lover Adrian shared. He had grocery bags in his hands, since that day was 'errand day'. Every Tuesday was an errand day for him. That's when he did all the laundry, cleaned everything (even the oven), went grocery shopping, made sure all the bills were paid, and cooked dinner earlier than usual. Setting the plastic bags onto the island table in the kitchen, he ran his long fingers through his blonde hair with a sigh. He wore one of Adrain's coats. It was the black one with a hole in the armpit. It was old, but it was Travis' favorite for some odd reason. Under the black coat, he wore a sky blue shirt that matched his eyes, and the front of his hair perfectly. His pants were worn out, and had rips in them, though they were cute on the childish blonde. And on his feet? A pair of white sneakers. Travis never got dressed up on errand day. The blonde was far too busy to care for his looks.

    Opening the plastic bags, the young man began to put everything away, though he did have trouble putting the spices away, since they kept them in the higher cabinets. The blonde was only 5'5. Nearly a foot shorter than his lover. He hated being short and always stated how he wished he was taller. Travis muttered angrily to himself when he couldn't get the spices in the cabinet, and just gave up. Biting his pouty lower lip, he pulled out his cell phone, texting his lover [BCOLOR=#000080][BCOLOR=#000000] 'I need you :'(. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR] Travis was unbelievably, incredibly in love with Adrian. When they met their junior year, the southern blonde fell for his freckles first. He was a sucker for freckles! And he had hazel eyes? That made him love him even more. Travis always had a thing for hazel eyes, and the fact that Adrian had freckles and hazel eyes? He fell for him. Hard. Travis sat his phone down waiting for his lover to text back, as he put the rest of the groceries away.
  2. Meanwhile, Adrian was hard at work hunched over painting life onto the face of a deceased woman. His long sliver hair was tied back to prevent contamination and distraction. The customized mask he wore covered his freckles, but brightened up his piercing hazel eyes. Adrian was one of the directors of a funeral home, his job revolved around death and he absolutely loved it. He felt a bit guilty when he got excited, but he just couldn't help himself. He was always fascinated by the thought of honouring death. He would become consumed by the different rituals and traditions other cultures had to offer. He was blown away by sky rituals where the corpse is picked by birds, cremation that allows the body to be engulfed in flames, the act of trapping the deceased in a glamorous box that would be lowered into the ground where the corpse would rot and mold into a skeleton wearing ratty clothes. Sometimes he would feel sicken by his giddiness, but he would remind himself that he should be hungry to learn and indulge in knowledge. Adrian admired the way love ones would honour the loss of their love one. He would comfort the weepers, by providing them with excellent decor and service.

    There are times where he would ponder the death of his lover. Adrian was a raving fan of death, but the thought of losing his little bluebird was too much for him. He often shook off the thought and reminded himself that they both were young.

    As of right now, he was perfecting the makeup of a young woman who died from a stabbing by her ex husband. Yes, the tale was grim, but Adrian was too preoccupied. He wore a disturbed smile on his face, one that would make others think that he was enjoying his job a little too much.
    Adrian would often stay behind and work overtime. He was fascinated by the eerie atmosphere the morgue brought at night. The temperature would drop and the room would be deathly silent if it wasn't for the causal clatter of his tools. It was as if the Corpses awoken from their slumber and would lay still,waiting to snap their pale eyes open and jolt up
    to surprise their unfortunate victim. Adrian would wait every night for them, yet they still pretended to sleep.' How clever' he would think to himself with a smirk.

    Adrian had an unsettling habit while fixing up the bodies. He would paint half the face to look lively, and would wait to admire the reflection of life and death before finishing off the rest.

    Adrian was in the middle of admiring the sunken ghostly pale half of the woman's face, while comparing the fleshy rosy cheek on the other. 'Life and death together on one face'. His thoughts were interrupted by an alert on his phone. Adrian turned from the corpse, and brought his attention to the cell that sat on the other side of the room.

    He made his way over to the counter to investigate the sudden disruption. He didn't appreciate his time being snatched away.

    When he opened up the text he couldn't help but smile. He didn't see Travis's little sad face as an indication of any real harm. Travis was the only person that could snatch up his time, along with his heart. He loved his little bluebird. He loved his chirpy laugh, his living free style and the beautiful blue eyes that possessed him. Travis's childish behaviour entertained Adrian. It brought warmth to their home, and warmth into his heart.

    Adrian released a relaxed sigh as he leaned against the counter preparing for a quick conversation with his baby. 'Sexually?' He teased his little lover. Adrian loved the sized difference between the two. He stood at 6'2 while his lover was 5'5.

    "Opposites attract." He reminded himself. Adrian checked his watch and decided it was time to clean up. The woman could wait, she wasn't going anywhere and she wasn't due until Friday.
  3. Travis found his lover's job...disturbing. Once he went their just to see what it was like. Ten minutes later he was in the bathroom getting sick. Travis wasn't a big fan of dead things. They made him queasy, and have the chills. Though he never judged Adrian's obsession with dead things. He would never judge his sugar cube if it was something he loved to do. And Adrian never questioned his love of baking. Travis worked in a local bakery. The name was Bake Bake Bakery! And Travis loved it there. It was owned by this older woman who Travis saw as a grandma. Travis would work there for hours, just baking beautiful cakes, pastries, pies, cookies and brownies. Each of them were decorated beautifully. He loved the time it took to make his cakes from scratch. The blonde also adored how sweet everything would smell. He always loved seeing how people's face would brighten up when he handed them their brownies, or cookies. Travis took his time making each one nicely, but the ones he tried his hardest on were the ones for his lover.

    Travis knew his sugar cube loved him some cake. And when he could, he would cook him the best cake he could, and decorate it so delicately and elegantly. It was something about watching Adrian eat his cakes that made him so happy. He loved seeing him eat it happily, and be so satisfied. Travis honestly loved him with everything he was, and he wanted to show him that. And he did anytime he could. Travis would often cook breakfast for him, or when they were taking baths together he would wash his back, or his hair. He would also make lunch for him before he went to work, and on days he slept in? He would hurry and make lunch and bring it to him. He would always make Adrian's favorites for dinner and have the table ready before the long haired man got home. Travis was like the perfect housewife. And their friends often said they were complete opposites.

    Travis was happy, and childish, while Adrian was mature and calm. Travis was short and had a bright personality, while Adrian was tall and had a bit darker personality. Hell, Travis sign was a Virgo, while Adrian's was a Pieces. Though Travis once looked to see how their signs were compatible and it even said that their signs were the perfect example for the saying opposites attract. So even if they were completely different, they were perfect for each other. Travis had just finished putting everything away and was finishing up cooking dinner when his phone beeped. He eagerly grabbed his phone with a grin, looking to seexpand what hia baby said. His cheeks ignited seeing the text, and he began to giggle like a school girl. 'Ur such a tease!...but if u were serious, yeah i do need u that way'. The blonde texted back, nibbling on his bottom lip with a giggle.
  4. Adrian doesn't like to admit it, but he was a sugar monster. He would lightly accept a desert around others, but when he's alone late in the night...he indulge. He wasn't allowed to have sweets when he was a child. His parents would bombard him with nutritional facts, health books and the fact that he shouldn't be rewarded for mediocre achievements such at getting 99% on an exam when he could have pushed himself a percentage more.

    Adrian didn't hate his parents. He thought their restrictions and punishments were necessary during his upraising. He wouldn't have became the self-sufficient adult he was today. However, since he met Travis new doors opened to him. Travis introduced him to delicious sweets, piercings and the greater joys of life. He was surprised that wonderful things existed. His parents told him that the world was a dark place, but he later found comfort in embracing it. Adrian would never be able to leave the darkness his parents trapped him in, perhaps he enjoyed it.

    The silver haired man was almost home. He took a peek at the present that sat in the backseat of the car. His smile grew as he thought of how tight his lover would squeeze him when he opened his gift.
  5. As always, Travis had set the table with a hum, knowing his baby would be home shortly. He opened a glass of wine, pouring it into two cups. For dinner, they were having cream of mushroom turkey, with yellow rice, green beans, and bread sticks. Their was two plates set out on their table, across from each other. Having already took a shower, the adorable blonde was only wearing his lover's shirt, and a pair of boxers. His blonde hair was damp, and his blue eyes were wide with excitement. He was always excited to his baby come home after work. Hearing the car in the drive way, he squealed a little, and went to a mirror that hung on the wall, fluffing his hair a bit, before hurrying to the door.

    This was like a routine for the blue eyed man. He would hurry to the door, open it before his baby could and greet him with a big kiss and hug. Nothing ever changed that. Life was....perfect for him. He really couldn't think of a thing that could ruin that.

    On time as usual, Travis swung open the door, giving his beautiful boyish grin. He had the deepest dimple in his right cheek, that most thought was utterly adorable. "Hey sugar cube~" He purred with his thick southern twang.

    Travis was born and raised in Alabama, so it was obvious he would have pretty thick accent. "C'mere and give me some lovin'~" He purred and grabbed him by the collar playfully and pulled him into a loving kiss. His moist warm tongue ran across the shell of Adrian's bottom lips before pulling away with a giggle, looking up at him, that playful glint in his big blue eyes. "Miss me~"
  6. Adrian chuckled at his lover. "You know I did." he playfully growled. He laid the present on the floor and began to unwrap his scarf. Without warning, he threw the long red plaided scarf around his lover and pulled him in. His hazel eyes watched the southern cutie. He loomed over him as a sinister smile emerged on his lips. "If you listened to the little bunny, he would have told you that I was going to wear that shirt tonight." He whispered darkly as he tried to keep up the villainous act. "I think you should be punished..." He growled.
  7. The southern boy giggled as he playfully squirmed against him, looking at his lover with a smirk. "Oh pl-please don't punish me s-sir, I promise t'be a good boy~" He purred as he rubbed his knee slowly against his member, pretending to be afraid. The couple always played like this. It made things fun, and always kept them interested. He was just about to run from him, until finally spotting the gift. Arching a brow, he giggled and picked it up. "What's this?" He asked before smirking. "Is it a new toy~?" He purred, leaning up to kiss him.
  8. A devious chuckle was barely heard as it escaped through his plump lips. Freckled cheeks raised as the mischievous male grinned. He plucked the box from his lover and disappeared into the cozy bedroom. There, he placed the gift onto the highest shelf in the bedroom closet.
    With crossed arms he smugly said "Try and fetch little birdie." Adrian ruffled his lovers hair waiting for a desirable pout
  9. And as always, he received one. Jutting out his plush bottom lip, he began to pout, putting his hands on his hips with a huff. "Not fair, you know I can't reach that high up!" He whined. Looking up at the gift he wanted so bad. He walked over to the closet, and began to jump up for it, obviously having no luck. But at least his lover got a nice show of his perfect bosom bouncing as he jumped for it. The blonde bit on his bottom lip, turning to face him with a pout. "Sug, please? Lemme see it~" He adorably whined, walking over to wrap his arms around him with a purr.
  10. Adrian loved seeing his lover whine like a little child. With his heavy southern accent, it was irresistible. Adrian was tempted to give in. But he was greedy for more. He tossed his head back and looked glanced at the walls. "Oh, I don't know. The little rabbit was clear with his little warning." He draged along teasing his lover with a raised slender brow. Sneeking a peek, Adrian noticed the bulge in Travis's pants. Just the sight of it melted him. He watched his pouty lover with lustful eyes. "Why do you give it back? If you do I'll forgive you." He offered.
  11. Smirking, he back away so he could have a good view of his body. He slowly began to take Adrian's shirt off, showing of his rather nice body, that had love bites everywhere. They were from the night before, he and Adrian had a night last night. Dropping the shirt on the floor, he put his hands on his hips expectedly. "Now, what's the gift? "
  12. Despite leaving his glasses in his coat pocket, Adrian could see the hickeys from a mile away. Trying his best to ignore the evidence of a steamy night. He adjusted himself to stay in character as he pretended to be appalled. "Such a rude little boy. So demanding." He sat on the bed with his plump behind as he gave his lover a rather warm cold shoulder. Adrian wanted his lover to fight for his reward.
  13. He whined a bit, crossing his arms as he looked s his lover with a huff. Though the corners of his plum colored lips easily twitched up as he got on all four crawling over to him in a seducing manner. His perky bottom swayed as he crawled over to him. "Baby...." He whispered before standing up to sit in his lap, grinding against him as he moaned into his ear. He would just seduce him into giving him his present. "Give me the present. Please sugar cube? " He whispered his twang very prominent.
  14. Adrian drank the scene with delight. But it wasn't enough to get him drunk with lust. "Ha, is that the best you got?" He grabbed the grinding boy and leaned him off his lap, holding on tight so he wouldn't fall. Adrian cocked his head to the side and simply asked with a devious grin. "You think humping my lap would make me hand over your little gift?" Sliver hair swayed as he shook his head with a low chuckle. "No no no, little boy. You need work for that present, before I dash it away." he taunted.

    Adrian checked his Ronboto watch and as a widen smirk creeped across his freckled face. "Tick...tock...tick...tock" he chanted with a whisper.
  15. Travis huffed, leaning back up, before putting his hands on his lover's chest. He rubbed his chest before pushing him down onto the bed, straddling his waist, he leaned down to press his warm, plump lips against his jawline, slowly kissing it. His smooth soft kisses made a trail to the skin under his ear where he nipped, knowing that was a soft spot for him. His hand slowly went down to his waist, undoing his belt quickly before going in his pants. His warm hand took the slight bulge in his hand, slowly stroking it with a smirk. Feeling the cock harden in his hand, he purred, and slowly began to grind against him as he stroked him. " please...."
  16. Adrian had little time to react to the sudden determination his lover brought to the table. Adrian squirmed and groan to the alluring sensation of gentle butterfly kisses scattered along his skin. His rolled back as he gasped with pleasure from the sudden attention to his cock. Adrian thrusted his hips, and cock into his lover's hands, begging for more. "Jerk me off and you can have your present." Travis had shattered Adrian's defensive. The larger male chanted dirty little wishes through his heavy breathing. "I want to take you, I want to splash my cum on your face."
    His shirtless body, sky blue seductive eyes and lustful beging. Perhaps he was a bit too drunk with pleasure. Adrian snatched a fistful of Travis's choppy blonde hair and gave it an undeserving painful yank.
  17. Travis loved it. All of it. He loved their dirty, wild love making. He loved how the long haired man would say what he wanted to do to him. He craved it. Smirking, he slowly worked on the growing member, loving how it was pulsing in his small hand. He lrt out a moan as he harshly pulled his hair. Even though the blonde looked so innocent, he loved hard, rough sex. "You want me sugar? You can have me. You thrust your big, hard cock into me all night long....But first. The present~" He whispered into his ear, running his tongue over the crevices of his ear.
  18. Adrian released an annoyed groan-that quickly became a heavy moan as the warm moist tongue of his lover slid over his special spot. He thought his little lover forgotten all about the present, but it seems that he was very persistent.

    After some more convincing, the bed sighed with relief as Adrian took his weight off the poor thing. As he made his way the the closet, he reached for the gift. He snuck a quick glance at the little blondie on the large bed. "I hope you enjoy my little present, I picked it out just for you." He deviously sang.

    The box was carefully wrapped with striped blue and white wrapping paper that was scattered with shiny yellow balloons. The big golden bow sat at the top of the box, holding the gift together. Adrian's honey eyes became glued to the two lapis gems his lover possessed. The sliver haired man didn't want to miss his lover's reaction to his terrible gift. Handing the present over to the eager young male, the corners of Adrian's lips twitched. For the gift was a video camera.
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  19. Travis eagerly grabbed the present loving how it matched himself perfectly. The blue wrapping went with his blue eyes, and the yellow balloons went with his gorgeously blonde hair. Brushing his blue bangs from his eyes, he opened the present quickly, opening the box with a giggle. He saw the video camera and blinked a bit.

    No matter what, Travis was always grateful to all the gifts his lover gave him. Whether it was a nice watch, or just a bowl of soup. He loved them all. And it was no different when he saw the video camera.

    His eager smile slowly turned into a smirk as he pulled it from the box. His dirty mind easily began to think the other wanted to make a 'movie'. Standing up from the bed, he purred as he walked over handing him the camera. "So you wanna make a sex tape? Is that what your telling me, babe." He asked with a purr, before his hands began to unbutton his dress shirt. With each button he undid, he left a sweet kiss on his chest, his blue orbs never leaving the hazel eyes. They were playful, and filled with lust. Soon he got down to the last buttoj, and he was on his knees. Pulling down his pants, the blonde bit his lower lips, still looking up at him. "Are ya gonna record me or what?" The southern boy asked, smirking.
  20. "Give it here." Adrian chuckled as he took the camera from his lover's hands. With a few quick adjustments the camera was up and running. "Why don't you give me a prutty smile?" Adrian made his best attempt at a southern accent. But it came out sounding rather silly. The camera was rolling, pointed at his stunning lover who was down on his knees. With the camera in one hand, the surprisingly giddy male reached for the the bedroom's dimmer. The scene was set and both actors were sexually aroused.
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