There's always a choice OOC

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  1. OOC discussion thread for "There is always a choice".

    Yes I misspelled the god damn title, I've been up since 3:am here taking care of a screaming baby, don't judge. xD

    Also, I'm waiting a bit with posting now until Serran can have the time to read and catch up. :)
  2. *patpat* |D

    Might have to pull out a bit?? Not exactly leaving, but I'll watch the situation for now and see if there will be a good scene where Mira will show herself.
  3. Why of course. ^^ Just didn't want to get too far ahead without you so that you would perhaps feel left out. :3 <3
  4. Thanks, Mory <3 Also, the name Nue reminds me of Touhou.. |D
  5. Isn't a Nue a Chimaera-like creature of different animal parts fused together?
  6. Sorry that I haven't been so active today! Have had a visit from my mother-in-law and then been with my bf's grandparents. ^^'
  7. It's no problem. Hope your visit went well! =)
  8. It really did. ^^ They like me a lot (Thank god!) so there's never really been a problem. :3 I'm like a daughter to my mother-in-law, as she only had two sons, so I'm like the daughter she never had. And to his grandparents I'm like the granddaughter they never had. xD But yeah, they truly are a lovely bunch. :)
  9. Dear god, Nue, it took my all not to burst out laughing at your emote, it was epic! xD <3
  10. That's what I kinda was aiming for. You meant what Jaan said to you and me and how I reacted with it, right?
  11. Eyup!! It was pure win! :3
  12. Bwahahahahaa! xD Nailed it! I knew that situation was best suited for a comedic misunderstanding.
  13. It was pure comedy gold! XD <3 also, would you want me to take over as Priscilla whenever she is in a scenery or so? Just thought so that you wouldn't have to have so much at once, I of course understand if you want to keep her as your own char, just thought I'd ask! ^^
  14. Yeah, you can possess her and make her your own meat puppet. Muhahaa. xD Please excuse me for I shall now dive into my swimming pool filled with chocolate milk. I'm too tired to repel the craziness from this comment.
  15. Holy crap, someone who is just as insane as myself! Oh joyous day!!<3
  16. Dear gods, she's just like: Oh my god... I got hugged... I got hugged by a man... by a knight... what am I to do?! Should I be honored? should I be scared? Should I feel safe?" And so it goes on in her head right now. xD
  17. Wait till you meet the tailor. Just saying x)
  18. Oh dear god, more awkward situations? XD
  19. OH... my god... I'm doing my best not to burst out laughing since my bf is trying to get our baby girl to sleep and right now, you're not helping the case! xD My bf just looked at me like: ... The fuck are you smirking at so much?" x'D
  20. Just say it's a naked combat butler telling awesome stories for shits and giggles and jumping off of the soft walls of his padded cell like a rubber ball.

    That always does the trick.