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  1. Vereesa's chest was heaving up and down in a quick pace with her panting breathes as she came to a halt, she had been running a far distance with an injured leg in the middle of the night and in a dark forest, she was terrified that the guards who were chasing her were going to catch up to her at any moment. Her wrists were tied together on her front and she wore a turquoise and torn dress, her otherwise silky smooth crimson hair was now ruffled and soaked from the rain that hammered down upon her, her hair reached down to her hips and her fringe covered a small part of the right side of her face. Her body was trembling and she had bruises across her body, the right corner of her bottom lip had been busted so it was bleeding and she had a nasty bruise on her right cheek, having possibly been struck with quite a heavy blow. Judging by her facial features, she looked to be around sixteen years old and her skin was softly tanned and her eyes had a heavenly blue color.
    She quickly hid inside a hollow tree as she heard footsteps and she sobbed low in a terrified manner while praying to the gods that the guards would not find her as they shouted her name while they walked frighteningly close to the tree where she was hidden. She had ran away from her Master when he was getting more and more violent with the way he treated his people, his servants were starving and he killed slaves for mere amusement and even sent out some of his most trusted guards on a suicide mission. Vereesa feared for her life and chose the option to run away instead of staying and taking the risk of being the next victim to fall for her Master's amusement, she felt her heart beat heavily against her chest while she did her best to control her breathes. "Please... PLEASE don't let them find me..." She thought to herself as she shut her eyes, she didn't dare to take her chances to scream for help since if there wasn't anyone there that could aid her, she would reveal her location to the guards. "Vereesa! Show yourself and your punishment will not be as severe as it will be once we find you!" One of the guards shouted with a booming voice.
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  2. She knew quite well that she stood out among her family. She didn't have fur to coat herself during the winter, or a tail to give more clear communications. Still, she was accepted and had earned her rank in the pack. Mira was respectful and knew her place, she was adept in hunting and showed a lot of different skills that the others couldn't have. For one, it was to mimicry their prey, and it helped lure the elk closer for easy pickings. She proved her usefulness and her loyalty, there was no reason to turn her away from the pack, even if she was a human. Mira and Zuko, the beta, were out for a patrol that day to check the borders. Patrols were usually boring - merely just walking around, sniffing for intruders and marking their territories again.. Today was quite different.

    Zuko walked in front of her, then suddenly he stopped and shifted his bodyweight so he faced west. Mira made a confused grunt - this wasn't part of the trail. Suddenly going to that direction were not orders from their Alpha. Then she realized, that Zuko wasn't changing directions because he had been standing still, his head facing to the direction of the path they were supposed to take. The girl looked closer, taking up her surroundings as much as she could, then she smelled the runaway servant before she saw her. There was an intruder in their territory. Actually, intruders.

    There was a female hiding, and then a bunch of sturdy males. No wonder Zuko had to stop the patrol. Now what should they do? Abort mission? Mira thought otherwise, and gave a loud bark towards the guards to distract them from the tree. The hulking beta snapped his neck towards her and snapped inches from her face as a warning, but it was too late.

    They had let their location known.

    Quickly, the two went around the tree at a distance from the guards before they could find them. If all goes according to plan and the guards go away, Mira wanted to see what was hiding in that tree..
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  3. "Find the source of that sound, now!" One of the guards shouted and the others turned their heads as they heard the barking as well and then ran for the source of the sound, Vereesa whimpered low in fear while she slumped down into a sitting position, her legs being in a mermaid position along her side while she leaned against the inside of the tree. Her body was trembling and she was freezing, her lips had turned slightly purple and her cheeks were covered with tears. She looked outside of the hollow tree from where she sat but she didn't dare to exit. Her face was pale and she gritted her teeth slightly as she felt the throbbing pain in her left leg, she was bleeding slightly from a cut up on the outside of her left thigh and she had ripped off a part of her dress in order to tie it around the wound to stop the bleeding. She heard the barking as well and was now even more frightened of what might be out there, not knowing if it is someone who wants to aid her or possible eat her.
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  4. One of the master's knights was walking nearby. He was a tall but not too athletic young man, although he had enough of a muscle to slice his Claymore through bone with ease. His face was rugged, angular and with a tiny beard on his chin, a Soul patch. His hair was short and dark brown and his eyes small and dark. One could deduce his age to be nineteen with all evidence provided. He was wearing iron chainmail and with him walked a scrawny commoner, his armorbearer. The knight was having his daily break from duty as he happened to walk by the forest. Then he heard yells from the guards: "Find the source of that sound, now!" The knight thought to himself: "A cornered beast...? No, that's not enemy of the master? Ha, as if...or maybe it's one of those runaway servants again...what a pain...I hate my job." "Jaan!" he called out loud to his armorbearer. "What is it, sire?" he asked. "My sword, Jaan. Something is not right in there. I am going in to check the situation." "Would that not be dangerous, sire? Why not let guards handle it?" "A life might be endangered, Jaan. It is something I cannot overlook", the knight explained to his armorbearer. He took his sword and ran towards the forest. Along the way he bumped into the guards and told them: "What are you making a noise about after leaving your posts? Return immediately or consider all vacations stripped!" the guards skulked but returned. The knight investigated a little to find out about the noise and saw a torn rag of a fine cloth hanging out of a tree. "What's this doing here...oh great. It hasn't been here for a while yet...oh no. Fantastic. This part I hate the most..." he thought, readied his Claymore with his two hands and pointed it at the tree while shouting: "In the name of sir Hans Goban, I know there is a finely dressed someone inside that tree! Please identify yourself immediately!"

    At the distance two canines were watching to see how this would turn out.
  5. Vereesa felt her heart stop as she heard someone shouting, she swallowed once and she placed her right hand over her mouth in an attempt to silence herself, her body was trembling in fear. Not only had she heard the sound of the guards earlier but also the sound of barking and now as well the sound of the knight shouting. Her body was trembling and she realized that she was cornered as she sat inside the hollow tree, all she could hope for was that they would get tired or bored and leave. She looked down at her left leg, some blood dripped through the cloth that was tied over the wound.
  6. Sir Goban sighed a little, lowered his Claymore and holstered it. Someone as scared not to show themselves simply could not pose any threat to an armored knight. It was technically and theoretically impossible. His ears were as sharp as his sword and the tree was clearly trembling. At first he considered leaving the scaredy cat to their hide-and-seek but then approached the tree slowly. As he got very near the tree, he noticed blood smears on the trunk. "Are you wounded?" he asked the tree. "Listen here, someone. You can stay here all you like and I will leave you to it, but the dogs will eventually smell your blood and come for you. Alternatively, you can follow me to safety. These woods are a dangerous place to play in." He waited for an answer but did not get one for a while. After that he said: "I couldn't care less if you were one of those stray cats running from their master. All I want is to help you and see to it that the safety of at least a relatively pleasant human being is ensured. I'll ask you one last time to show yourself and if you don't, be my guest. All I want is to help you and take you to safety. Then we could figure something out. I swear that on the name of sir Hans Goban. Now come out of there." he finished and waited for a response.
  7. wolf, was a young athletic type who was raised from birth as a noble warrior. he was a merc who had lost his family in the last great war. a few days ago had had received intel about a prisoner who had escaped the evil ruler of the area. he had just jumped into the next tree when he saw one of the knights. "looks like i got a straggler" he quietly brought his bow and strung an arrow. "lets see if that armor can stop this." the arrow left his bow whistling through the air
  8. "I... I don't dare... I heard barking and... the dogs m...might attack..." Vereesa whimpered in a terrified manner, she hugged herself tightly as she swallowed once, her body shivering as it got colder with every minute as she sat on the ground. "A...And the guards might come back for me... I don't want to go back to Master Elenthras mansion..." She said low as she began to fully cry.

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  9. There were way too many humans. Too many, and many is not good. After all seeing so many men, even Mira didn't want to venture too close.

    Zuko made an 'uff uff' sound, to indicate danger, and Mira followed her beta all the more closely. Now was the time to pull out from patrol - the pack was in danger. The two broke into a run, streaking through the tall grass causing them shuffle and make a lot of sound, but they were much too fast for anyone to chase after now. They dodged the tall trees that towered over them, scattering earth that was made wet from the rain. After a good distance, Zuko gave a long, low howl. Mira followed suit, her voice bubbled smoothly from her throat.

    The howl was a warning to the rest of the family that it was time to move, somewhere else that was safer. This territory was no longer safe. Had it been a pack of other wolves, the Mira and her packmates would fight to the death, but these were humans. Humans were the most dangerous things on earth.. Which is why it was such a blessing to have Mira on their side. They'll meet somewhere else, near the waterfalls.
  10. As Vereesa heard the sound of the grass rustling and that it was becoming more distant, she hesitantly stood up and limped out of the hollow tree. Her body was trembling and she hugged herself as best she could with her wrists tied together on her front. She looked up at the man that had spoken earlier and she then looked down at the ground, tears ran down her cheeks and the ripped cloth piece around her left thigh was now soaked in blood. She lowered her head slightly and staggered, she was weakened from the blood loss and from having been running a far distance. "Please... don't... make me go back, he's going to kill me... like he's done with so many others..." She whimpered in a terrified and pleading manner.
  11. "Like I said", reminded Hans, "first we shall head to safety, then we--GET DOWN!" he shouted and pulled Vereesa down with him. A second later, an arrow was sticking from the tree. Hans readied his Claymore. "In the name of sir Hans Goban, show yourself at once, assassin! I will not harm you in any way if you show your face right now!" he shouted from sheer shock. Was it one of Elenthra's men? Was it really just an assassin? Neither Vereesa nor Hans knew that at the time. "Damnation, are they back already? We need to move out of here immediately. Put my chainmail on. It's a little big but provides at least minimal safety nonetheless. Don't worry about me. My armorbearer has my platemail armor and if we make it to him, we're both safe. Let's go now", Hans said. "You're wounded and I am being sniped from a distance."
  12. Vereesa's eyes widened as she was dragged down with Hans she then looked up at him before she looked at the tree. Not wanting to wear chain mail, she instead chose to stand behind him. "I... I'd rather not wear it b...because it'll put more weight on me and more pressure on my leg." She stuttered, she could barely put any weight at all on her left leg. She looked around to see if she could find the one that had made the shot.
  13. "Is it that bad?" Hans asked and Vereesa nodded softly. "Stay close to me then. Once we're out we're safe. Ahh, I see my armorbearer on the distance. Look there, he's waving at us on the edge of the forest", Hans noticed and it was true: Jaan Hatchet, sir Hand Goban's handpicked armorbearer had noticed them and waved to notify them of his whereabouts. He dared not make a noise, which was good. Sometimes he could sense that the situation was sensitive and didn't want any trouble for his master, sir Hans Goban. He was a commoner, an uneducated one at that, a bit wimpy and loyal to Elenthra for no actual reason at times but had a heart of gold and made usually the right decision in the end. Despite that, Hans couldn't care much less about him other than for his usefulness. If he was just another peasant plowing Elenthra's land Hans wouldn't even know he existed because like every knight, sir Hans Goban was a part of the nobility, whether he or his armorbearer liked it or not.

    They reached the edge of the forest, but unlike Hans had predicted, they were not in the clear yet. Jaan had picked very bad company to stay with: the guards who were on pursuit for Vereesa were throwing dice near him and as Hans and Vereesa got out of the forest, they got up and faced him. "Seven bloody hells, I say!" he whispered so only Vereesa could hear. "Play along. If you blow our cover, you're on your own."
  14. Vereesa looked at Jaan and then at Hans while she went quiet, her body was still trembling and once they began to walk, she looked over her shoulder every now and then, when she saw the guards, she felt he heart stop and she became nervous in a matter of seconds but did her best to compose herself. "I wonder what it is he has planned..." She thought to herself.
  15. "Salutations, guards of Elenthra." Hans greeted the guards. "Why haven't you returned to your posts as I had told you to?" he asked. "We heard from your armorbearer that you were on some mission to rescue endangered lives and whatnot. Are you alright, sir Goban?" one of them asked him. "And who is that broad behind you?" "Hold on. Isn't that the girl we attempted to capture but she managed to hide from us?" another asked and Hans could feel Vereesa tremble even harder. "I don't know what you're talking about. I sent my servant girl to gather some firewood from that forest and when she never returned, I went looking for her. Then I find her in a hollow tree with her leg injured rather badly scared to death about someone going to kill her. After that someone tried to shoot an arrow at us but missed. I think you should go investigate the forest for that assassin instead of pursuing my servant girl to a point she feels the need to hide", Hans tells the guards. The guards are nothing more, nothing less but completely flabbergasted.
  16. Vereesa looked at Hans as he spoke with the guards and she showed a silent nod to his words, she looked over her shoulder in the direction of the forest an in the direction of where she had heard the grass rustling earlier as the wolves ran away. Her body was still trembling and a few tears were running down her cheeks, she did her best not to break out in tears.
  17. "Come on, Jaan. Time to return home." "Yessir!" shouted the little armorbearer and joined their company. "And you guards, go fulfill your duty somewhere else. Now begone!" like dogs, the guards scrambled away each to their own, and the trio was finally alone enough to speak without whispering. "Sir, is this the endangered life you were so eager to save?" Jaan started the conversation. "If I were you, I would keep my mouth shut about things that are in no way my business", answered Hans a little irritated by his armorbearer's blabbermouth. "A-a-ack! Ye-yes sir! Did I...did I say something, ahh, perhaps, ehmm...inflammatory?" "To put it bluntly, you almost endangered the already endangered life even further", Hans answered coldly. "G-GAAAHHH!! I-I-I never intended...! I-I'm sorry miss, very sorry! I would never--I'll never...!" the poor armorbearer stammered and fell down to his knees in front of Vereesa. "P-p-p-please forgive me! I'll shut up! I'll glue, no, sow my mouth shut so I'll never blather again! Never, ever again!" Jaan broke into sheer tears, knowing that the cost of his careless words could have been a human life.
  18. Vereesa blinked in surprise as she looked down at Jaan and she tilted her head a bit before she carefully sat down on her knees in front of him and she tried to gently place her right hand on his shoulder. "I-It's okay... you didn't do it on purpose." She said gently as she looked at him before she looked up at Hans and then down at the ground. "Thank you.. for saving my life." She stuttered while she inclined her head in a polite and respectful manner.
  19. "Get up, you two. It's time to go", Hans grunted and started walking towards his house. Vereesa and Jaan followed. It was a decent house with steady walls and roof over his head all the time. Hans knocked on the door and a man's voice even rougher than Hans' answered the door: "And you are?" "Let me in, pops", Hans answered and the voice continued: "As if. What does a knight do first in the morning?" "Wakes, eats, bathes and leaves. Now let me in. I have a visitor with me." "Ho-ho! That's nice. Come in", the man finished talking, unlocked and opened the door. Both Vereesa and Jaan looked at Hans who seemed genuinely surprised by his father's sudden change in tone. Nevertheless, all of them climbed over the threshold to House of Goban.

    "It's nice to see you in one piece, soldier", the old man said and embraced Hans. "And you even have a visitor! Ho-ho! My name is Regulus Goban and I am Hans' father. Lady Priscilla here", he motioned towards his side where a stunningly beautiful brown-haired and -eyed young woman, "is Hans' wife. I hope we can get along, miss." Regulus finished his introduction. "Now how about you introduce your visitor to us?" asked Lady Priscilla with a bright smile. "Now come to think of it, I never actually caught your name, miss", said Hans to Vereesa. "What is your name?"
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    Vereesa bowed her head as Hans' father introduced himself and Lady Priscilla, her wrists were still tied and her hands clenched a bit over her pelvis. "V...Vereesa... it is my pleasure to meet you sir Goban and Lady Priscilla." She stuttered low as she inclined her head while she looked at the floor, her eyes were starting to flicker and she staggered, she was close to fainting, her body now extremely weak and also exhausted. As the shock fully left her body when she realized that she was in safety, she shut her eyes fully and then fell down to the floor on her side as she fell unconscious.