Theory of Dreaming Death.

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  1. I've haven't looked into this, but its something I've heard, and that is you can't die in your own dreams.

    It has happened to me a few times. The most recent is someone shoved a shotgun to my chest and pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. Then not much later the same gun was used.

    Any experiences / memories of something like this?
  2. I used to die a ton in my dreams. Though usually it turned the scenery into something best described as an environmental lava lamp and then something psychedelic would start to play in the background. Usually shortly thereafter would be a free flight sequence.

    I miss those dreams.
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  3. So would it be death? Or skip to something else? Or would you wake up instead?
  4. I'm still trying to discover what happened in your dream XD Specifically what you meant by "Nothing happened." Did it not fire? Or did it fire and it was just blank till later the dream reset? Or were you dead, but you could still hear and stuff?

    As for me dying in dreams. It's kinda interesting really, whenever I die in a dream I, myself am still standing there, but when I turn around, my body falls behind me. I would imagine it's suppose to be my soul standing there as my body flies backwards. Except my soul is still a physical body.

    Not sure if you count that as a dream death though XP
  5. The hammer clicked and nothing happened, it didn't fire as if there was no ammo. Then was picked up shortly after and shot fine.
    I was still alive and doing as I was before I was "almost shot"
  6. I have died in my dreams before. O___O The dreams just kept going on without me.
  7. I think I drown in most of my dreams. But I don't die. I drown, but I don't die. I just end so deep into the water and end up seeing whatever my mind could come up with. Freakish sea creatures, yep. Who either chase each other around me or end up chasing me (in which case I find it fun and terrifying)

    Why do my dreams always end up taking me so deep underwater, and usually in oceans? I don't know. But it's beautiful. I wonder if my dreams are trying to tell me something, or I just really enjoy them that I end up going back to them.

    But I've ended up being stabbed in my dreams before. When the knife slid in, it felt like something cold had passed through me, but nothing else. I continued on doing as I did before.
  8. You're secretly Calder.

    I've had plenty of dying dreams before, but the ones I remember are falling from somewhere really high or being shot. My reoccuring nightmare involves me either being crushed by a giant rolling ball or being eaten by it. It's really weird, always in monochrome, and this giant white or black ball just comes rolling down until the walls become smaller and smaller and I have no way to escape. Stranger still is how it always seems to be set out in the countryside, or just somewhere with a lot of fences and sheep.
  9. Sounds viable. I once had a dream, quite recently in fact, that I was shot about 20 times in the chest and still somehow managed to survive.
  10. I had one dream where I fell off a cliff, and hit the bottom. I remember looking at my body. It was an intense dream. It didn't continue too far after that.
  11. I got shot in one and in multiple others.
  12. Varies, really. Sometimes I'd wake up, sometimes it would transition into something else and sometimes something ridiculous happened that seemed to make sense at the time.
  13. I had a dream where I was running up a stairwell inside a tower block. It was about 30 floors up, until I slipped and fell forward onto the next flight of stairs I was going up. Suddenly I was flipped on my back and being dragged towards the large plate window, I don't even know what was dragging my my body was just sliding, and crashed out the window. I fell all the way down and crashed through the roof of a parked car, at which point I was laying there motionless amongst twisted metal and broken glass, blood everywhere, staring at the car radio which was on. I can't remember what it was playing. The main thing about the dream was I didn't feel any pain when I hit the car and was laying there bleeding.

    Last night though I had something pretty freaky. I was on board an empty plane which burst into flame and exploded, and I was knocked around like a rag doll by the debris before I fell through cold winds and icy rain, and plunged into the sea. I didn't feel the impact of the water when I hit, I just sank. Swimming was impossible, I kicked and flailed but just kept on sinking as if being dragged down. I felt the water in my throat and started to cough and choke.

    I then woke up for real, still choking, shaking and pretty much crying. I had a serious nosebleed while I was asleep and the blood had gone into my mouth, and it was that I was choking on. I had to jump out of bed and rush to the bathroom, and cough it all up in the sink. It was horrible :(
  14. Nah, you can totally die in dreams and have it keep on going. I've experienced it myself a few times. The idea that you can never die in a dream is a common myth, often given in maximum mumbo jumbo form of "if you die in a dream you'll die in real life." Both versions of the idea are nonsense.
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  15. I've had quite a few and find the theory to be false. In dreamland I've died from pit falls, snake bites, getting run over, cliff falling, drowning, earthquakes, and probably numerous other ways that my brain forgot. After these sorts of dreams either I'm pushed into a different dream or I slip into a restful sleep. Nothing weird here. I think the younger I was, the more it happened. The world is a very scary place when you're new to it. Now I think my brain does it because I watch so many horror movies. :)
  16. I die in my dreams many, many times. The vast majority of them have me waking up when I do. The rare few times the dream goes on without me, but not for very long.
  17. The nightmares in which I die are rare, now that I think about it. Usually I'll be tortured in the ways I fear the most, but not tortured to death because death would be too much of a relief, I guess. Instead the torment continues until I either wake up or start dreaming about something else.
  18. I have died several times in my dreams, in various ways. I've been shot and stabbed and fallen from a high place to my death and, though terrifying in the dream, there was no pain. If the dream did not end at that moment though, I actually became a ghost among the living, flew toward the 'afterlife' (which was nothingness in my dream), and once even became a ghoul/vampire creature living with some of my brethren in a tomb, feeding on the blood of living men and women.

    *shrugs* Dreams are weird and, apparently, so is death.
  19. I wouldn't say death itself is weird, more so the way we view death and how we deal with it is weird.
  20. Huh. All so weird. Maybe I'm just too stubborn to die in a world I control.
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