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  1. 500 years ago a demon was unleashed on the world. It would have destroyed everything if not for a band of brave warriors and their holy weapons. When the demon was defeated the heroes disappeared and the weapons scattered.

    Now an organization called The Oni is trying to release it again. Lesser demons now roam the world of Azelia and the heroes are nowhere to be found. Will you step up to the challenge and look for the legendary weapons?

    Once your character has their legendary weapon they will have access to magic of a chosen element.

    Character Sheet

    Legendary Weapon:
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  2. Name: Kyysucara Namosaka (Kyy)

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Looks: 5' 11", long black hair with red highlights, bangs cover his left eye, organization 13 esqe robe, his right eye is green.

    Personality: Outgoing, flirty, always ready for a fight.

    Legendary Weapon: Naginata

    Element: Wind

    Other: Kyy is blind in his left eye. He carries a wakizashi on the back of his waist. He is an avid smoker and likes a good drink.
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  3. Name: Vega Yuengling
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Looks: 6'0, with short brown hair and brown eyes, wearing small-rimmed glasses, Vega is stocky and muscular, wearing light armor.
    Personality: Very quiet and bookish, Vega has a very warm personality, though he won't hesitate to wade into the middle of battle to protect his friends.
    Legendary Weapon: a two-handed maul
    Element: Light
    Other; Vega has studied basic white magic, and knows some low-powered spells.
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  4. Knives, I added something to the sheet.
  5. The Element? Alright
  6. Okay your good. I like your choice of weapon! I've never seen anyone use a maul in a rp.
  7. ^o^ Why thank you! It was one of my preferred D&D weapons back in the day, and I hardly ever see someone use on in an RP.

    ^^ I like your choice of weapon as well- The Naginata is an awe inspiring weapon indeed.
  8. I always used dual swords and longbow for d&d
  9. Name: Gene Haolyn
    Age: 24
    Gender: female
    Looks: She has amber eyes; dark, long, wavy tresses that touch the bottom of her shoulder blades; a milk chocolate complexion; 5'4"
    Personality: Adventurous, Curious (dangerously), Easy-going, Slow to anger
    Legendary Weapon: Giant battle axe (35 in.)
    Element: Fire
    Other; Gene wears steel toed boots with spiked, thick, steel heels. She carries short double axes on her back.
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  10. So far nobody has chosen a cliched weapon lol
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  11. Name: Seto Zhu
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Looks: 5'6 and a very light; built for speed. Short black hair cut on a whim, a thin face and dark brown eyes appearing black. Usually wearing brown robes to blend.
    Personality: Stubborn, outspoken, seems cold.
    Legendary Weapon: Tiger Hook Swords (Shuang Gou)
    Element: Water
    Other; Has a large dragon tattooed starting from her left shoulder going just passed the middle of her back.
  12. Everyone has unique weapons! I love it! Lol
  13. Name: Nu Fi Văzut
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Looks: 5'8 short black hair, built strong but light of his feet, full face and light brown eyes, wears a black robe. Has a rope dart as a sash across his chest.
    Personality: Quiet, Strategic, Strong-willed
    Legendary Weapon: 2 Tiger Garden Samurai Swords with double edge blades
    Element: Space/Time (it depends on witch sword he pulls first in the fight. That will tell u witch them he is using).
    Other: He has A tattoo of A sun in the middle of his palm and a moon in the other.
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  14. Name: Ayaka Fujiwara
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Ayaka has eyes the color of rain, a deep, stormy blue. Her long, waist length hair falls down her back in pin straight, raven locks. She has Asian features from her slanted, almond shaped eyes to her porcelain, ivory skin. She has straight, fringe bangs that frame her face nicely. Aya is very slim, but she is toned, healthy, and not very well endowed. She is often seen wearing traditional, Japanese clothing from kimonos to form fitting dresses that hold an Asian flair. ( See attached picture for a general idea. )
    Personality: Ayaka is a very fierce person, often called The Dancing Dragon. She is outspoken, and very aggressive in all things that she does. At first glance, one may see her as a fragile, and innocent Blossom, but a fire burns deep in her soul, and she cant help but let that fiery passion out. She is; however, very caring, and protective of those that she cares for, and will do anything to make them happy, and keep them safe. If that means putting her life on the line, she will step forward without a second thought. She is very straight forward, and doesnt care to soften any situation as she feels that knowing the truth, and every detail of a situation is necessary in order to fully understand the consequences, and results.
    Legendary Weapon: Dual Tessen, or Japanese War Fans. Each Tessen is made unique to its wielder. Ayaka's fans are made out of several folded plates of light iron, the very tips of each fan holding a sharpened blade. The fans also carry small pouches within the folds that, when the fan is snapped open, burst releasing toxins, or irritants. Whichever she chooses that day. The fans are decorated with beautiful, pink cherry blossoms which make such lethal weapons look unimposing, and innocent. When fighting with the Tessen, one simply moves as if they are dancing. It is an art, fatal, and lethal to all who are entranced by the elegance of such a trade.
    Element: Earth
    Other; She has a dragon tattoo that covers the entirety of her back, and Yin, and Yang symbols on each of her palms.

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  15. Genkin: I always count time/space as an element!
  16. I'm gunna open the ic and when darkness assassin makes his chara I can find a way for him to hop in. We'll all start in the same town, although its up to you what ur reason to be there is.
  17. Name: Arashi Nyoko

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Looks: He's 6'2" very muscular, long jet black hair (usually keeps it in a pony tail) Has a chin strap beard, blue eyes, a fine face with define cheek bones. Over all quite attractive.

    Personality: Very dark, short tempered, keeps to himself unless spoken to, unless he feels the need to talk. Has been said to have an evil heart

    Legendary Weapon: Scythe

    Element: Darkness/Fear

    Other: Can grow black gassy bat wings at will. Also has a dragon tattoo spanning across his chest.

    ((Sorry if the element is kind of iffy. I'll change it if you need me to))
  18. Nope, your good!
  19. Awesome :) thanks
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