The World of Iuran (Fantasy)

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  1. The World of Iuran
    Interest Check

    A Short History of Iuran

    Iuran, a wast world of many continents and islands, inhabited by humans and many races of the Aes - demons. For centuries the largest continent of Altera did not know of peace as human kings and Aes lords fought for dominance and supremacy. But it all changed almost two millenniums ago when King Avir First of Natari and the Aes Lord Yuin Aeir of Uyara meet on the Sorya Bridge after their predecessors killed each other in battle. In what became known as the Talk on Sorya the foundation of the Aserin Empire and the Aes-Human/Human-Aes League was created in the minds and hearts of the two leaders. Fifteen years later by the wedding of the first son of Lord Yuin and the sole daughter of King Avir the Aserin Empire was born. Five days later after a lengthy discussion the Treaty of Sorya signed by three kingdoms, seven duchies and two principalities, created the Aes-Human/Human-Aes League an alliance of countries dedicated to creating a better world in which there was no discrimination based on race, in which there was as little war as possible and in which poverty and hunger were minimal.
    1978 years passed since the Treaty of Sorya. Where once stood the small town of Sorya now a sprawling city with more then a million inhabitants stands and serves as the center of the Aserin Empire and the League. Both had been successful trough the centuries, with the Aserin Empire becoming the most powerful country of the world and leader in all fields of human and Aes life and the League successfully using various means, including six large military operation - Expeditions - to bring prosperity, peace and understanding between races all over Iuran. Now as the first caravels ships reach farther across the oceans of Iuran and early gunpowder weapons challenge the power of magic change sweeps over all parts of Iuran.

    Suggested Plot Focuses
    1. The Seventh Expedition (Action & Military focus)
    In the far continent of Aergin an Aes Region begins a ruthless expansion fueled by lust for power and backed by a wave of hysteric anti-human sentiment - which results in a shift response of the League and after almost four centuries of peace an Expedition sail forth for Aergin - to pacify the continent and instal order by any means necessary. Now what awaits the people of Aergin as the Seventh Expedition of the League descends upon the continent?

    2. Per Libertas - For Freedom (Intrigue & Politics focus)
    In the Aserin Empire a wave of civil unrest is spreading like wildfire as wealthier and more educated citizens demand to be represented in the aristocratic council which co-governs the country together with the Emperor. To make things worse the current Emperor - Irai Second - is ill and on death's doorsteps, unable to influence the council and bring the crisis to a close. Only fate know what will happen first - will the Emperor die or will Aserin explode into a civil war, or even a different outcome might happen?

    3. The Frontier (Mixed focus)
    While the Aserin Empire faces internal strife and the League marches to bring order to a distant place the Kingdom of Kairn begins a drive of settlement and exploration deep into the western part of Altera along the southern part of the Hanne, the great expanse of wilderness stretching west from the Tair river and Arir mountains. One of the furthest settlements is Gine located on the eastern bank of the river Kaar, a rich and abundant land both in land with arable land and precious ores, but almost completely surrounded by hostile tribes and clans. In a land full of wild beasts, monsters and hostile natives can Gine survive and thrive or will it fall to ruin?

    This three examples are just some of the areas of Iuran undergoing change.

    Key terms:

    Iarun - the name of the setting's world
    Aes - the proper name for the various sentient non-human races of Iuran. Which are also rudely called Demons. Aes come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Aes have multiple Provinces (Principalities), Regions (Duchies), Domains (Kingdoms) and Realms (Empires) across Iarun each governed by a Aes aristocrat of certain rank (Knight, Noble, Lord and Overlord).
    League - the Aes-Human/Human-Aes League, an organization dedicated to eradicating racial discrimination, poverty, hunger and war. The League uses various means including military force, to accomplish it's goals.
    Expedition - The name for a large military operation undertaken by the League, usually made out of mercenaries, volunteers and forces of League members.
    Aserin Empire - A large monarchy located in eastern Alteria and the most powerful country of the world. It was created out of the Kingdom of Natari and the Domain of Uyara. It's capital Sorya is the center of the League and the largest city on the world.
    Alteria - A large continent akin to Eurasia (trough smaller) , the Australia-sized continent of Jarai lies to the south-east just across the Hania Sea.
    Aergin - A small but rich continent located far to the south-west of Alteria, it is troubled by many problems.
    Kairn - A large Alterian kingdom located east of the Arir mountains. Currently expanding westward deep into Alteria. It's current king Harin I is hoping to elevate the country into a Empire.
    Gine - A frontier town of the Kairn Kingdom, located on the east bank of the river Kaar.

    In this RP there will be:

    Magic - There is magic in the world of Iuran.
    Action - Iuran is a dangerous place and even in the safest of a city you might end up needing to fight to survive.
    Many kinds of creatures - Iuran is full of various creatures, from the many races that make up the Aes, over various monsters to beautiful and strange animals.

    Whatever you, the players, want as long as it doesn't break the setting or threatens to remove the fun for others!!!

    Questions, "I will be joining!" posts, comments and are welcomed.
    Don't forget to vote for a plot focus or if you don't like any post your own idea for one!
  2. You have my interest. Also, Voted.
  3. Nice to see interest. Hope a few more people post and vote and we can get the RP rolling!
  4. Not much interest huh? Looks like it will be a rare case of an idea that I can't even get to OOC stage...
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