The World has Died

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  1. The world has never been more reliant upon technology and electricity than it is in the modern era. It gives us heat, allows mass communication and mass media, enables democracy, grows our food, transports us, and manufactures our goods. Long gone are the days of the armored knight, but the Dark Ages begin anew. A blinding flash was all anyone noticed, but after...darkness. Tvs are blank, radios silent, cars still, and guns harmless. History has changed, and survivors rise to begin writing a new chaper of human history. People are coming together, both to survive, and to conquer. The only way to survive is to relive the story of human history. Kings shall once again rule with divine right. and you must take up the sword, and once again write history with its blade.

    New York City is America's most powerful and valuable city. It is a center of commerce, intellectual pursuits, and culture. It is a shining gem that represents what it means to live in the modern era. It is a testament to America's cultural diversity, and is a symbol of the American culture. It is the city that never sleeps, the great innovator, but like all other cities, it will soon meet with an unsuspecting fate, one that no one saw coming, and one that many will not survive. There are many paths to take, and several lead to success, but choose carefully, as just as many will lead to death. Some paths are hard, some easy, but all lead to a new era of human history. This, my friends, is the end of our world. The Modern world has died, can a better one be established in its place?
  2. New York is certainly a busy place. People rush by, never really paying much attention. You could tell the tourists by how they stared up at the skyscrapers, trying as hard as they could to see their peaks, as futile as it was. It had a lot to offer, especially to someone like me. I lived to perform, and this Saturday was no different than any other. I was on a new street corner, strumming away at my lyre. The harp-like melody drifted off to be lost in the sounds of the masses and honking horns and traffic, but a few people came close to hear its natural song. I didn't have anything out for money, but a few people tossed a few coins on the ground in front of me, and I'd scoop them up at the end and drop them into one of the poor boxes at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

    As my fingers drifted across the last few notes of the song I was playing, a soft applause came from the dozen people who were watching. I bowed a bit from my seat, and then turned to take a drink from the bottle of water sitting next to me. The day was heating up quickly, and there wasn't a cloud to be seen. Just another ordinary day, as the saying went. I cleared my throat and started playing another song, but this one had words to it. "I know of a time, that came long ago. Long gone is it now, but was never meant to go..." My voice was trained, pleasant to hear, but of course not completely professional, but it got enough done to make it pleasing to the ears. I played on as a few more people came, some stopping, others shuffling along. Either way, I had to admit it was a fairly good day.
  3. "Objection, your honor. The prosecution is leading the witness not to mention that what he is asking is hearsay." Allen said standing up from his table in the court room.

    This case his first as a first chair. It may have taken three years to get there but he finally got it. Allen had moved to New York after obtaining his license to practice law when he got an amazing offer sent to him by the Prell, Holman, and Brown. He did have other offers from closer law firms but at the time the student loans did not allow for the luxury of stay close but rather asked for a well paying job.

    The judge announced his ruling on the objection, "Sustained. The jury will disregard the last question. Mr. Smith please move on to the next question." Allen sat down satisfied. He looked over to his second chair and saw a look of pride and surprise form the senior lawyer. On the inside Allen was beaming but he kept his composer on the outside. *the case is going very well. THe judge is giving all the rulings on this one* Allen thought internally snickering at the other lawyers mess ups.
  4. "YO HARRLEY!" Harrley turned quickly ready to punch some punk in the face but it was a younger man with an army camo cloths on. It was a younger G.I that harrley had meet in his training. Harrley opened up his arms and began to thrust his hips to the younger man. "Hey! whats up you little son of a B*@#h!" There conversation continued about the young GI's girl friend was excited to see him back home. They where loud enough that people across the street could hear there conversation.

    They said there good bye's and Harrley headed to a bar where he could celebrate his first day of R.N.R. Things were looking pretty sweet for him, He has almost a whole year of R.N.R and his last day is his Honorable discharge. That would leave him to get a house and hit every bar he could reach. That's if, he didn't get into any serious trouble. Siting in the bar drinking some fresh cold beer was one of the best moments of his life. Redemption felt good for a bound man.
  5. "Yooo... Raiden wake up" a friend of his says as she's shaking him. "HEY! TIME TO GO HOME!"
    "leave him Alex he's out cold, I'll just have to pick him up again" Says Max, another friend of Raiden. He grabs Raiden and throws him over his
    shoulder and they walk outside from their high school.

    "You know It looks arkward when you see one person walk in though the city with another one on his shoulders... esspecially if the one on the shoulder is knocked out"
    Alex says staring and poking at Raiden.
    Raiden opens his eyes a little. "No mom I don't wanna wake up...its a"
    Alex and Max laugh.
    "huh?...AH! WHAT THE! PUT ME DOWN... ALEX TELL THIS PERSON TO PUT ME DOWN!!!" Raiden tries shaking himself off.
    "oh right I forgot you didnt like being carried like a baby" Max chuckles silent-ish and puts Raiden down.
    Raiden looks around. "oh its evening...hey you guys hungry I can get us something from Wendy's real quick"
    Max shakes his head. "I already ate"
    "yep, I'd like a frosty" Alex smiles.
    Raiden nods and starts walking to Wendy's.
    "Oh...umm I'll go with you Raiden" says Alex running to the side to Raiden. "you want to come too brother?"
    "mmmm..nah can't I haven't done that essay in english 12 yet"
    Raiden laughs. "slacker"
    "What? jealous of how I'm a bigger slacker than you are hmm heheh... well cya monday" Max starts to walk away and waves while doing so.
    "see you when I get home brother" Alex is silent as they walk to Wendy's.

    "oh umm..."

    "Oh! what is it!"
    "what flavour did you want?"
    "...oh um strawberry..."
    "Ok" He gets a spicy chicken sandwich for himself, an extra just incase Max wanted one, and a strawberry frosty for Alex.
    "Thank you Raiden" she kisses him on his cheek "that was sweet of you"
    Raiden laughs."hey, hey I'm used to doing this for you guys its what friends do"
    "right...friends" Alex says silently. "you wanna sit here or should we go help Max with his essay"
    "yeah lets go"
    Raiden and Alex walk out of Wendys.
  6. Lily was in the park, camera in hand. She was snapping pictures of old people playing chess, ducks in a pond, and other things. She was bored, but she had to get nice pictures for a portfolio.

    That is, if she wanted a job as a professional photographer. Of course, it was so boring that she was contemplating quitting that ambition. She could be a photographer for tabloids and work as a secretary or something else.

    She stood up from where she had crouched by a tree. Lily arched her back as she stretched and headed off into the street. She had to get back to school, since she had spent her lunch hour taking pictures. If she didn't hurry, she'd be late to class.
  7. "Kaliska, that's me, open the door"
    "Ah... Not that kid again"
    Thought Kaliska, slowly getting to the door and opening it. Brian was 14 years old kid, living one floor below Kaliska in cheap apartment building of New York. In fact, he was the only friend who Kaliska had since she arrived in NY. She studied hard for some time, but never got that heart in it like she had when planning the trip to see someone she thought she loved.

    But sometimes, even Brian was annoying for her. She could do nothing about it. She was a loner, or maybe she was just missing wild mountains and rivers of her beloved Alaska. Being attractive girl, many guys and girls tried to get close to her at first, but she have built a massive wall between her and the rest of "Those paleskin society" how she was calling them.

    "Come on in Brian... " She said and got back to her work.
    "Hey, Kaliska... what are you doing? You putting your things into bags... but why? Don't you wanna say you're going to leave???" Said the kid with wide open eyes, almost ready to burst in tears. Brian didn't have mother, and his father was working all day long in two shifts, coming home tired and sometimes drunk every night. He didn't even have any sibling so Kaliska meant much to him.

    "Yes Brian, I'm going home. I'm fed up with this soulless city and these soulless people and... fed up... with you too" - She have bite her lip as soon as she said it. She didn't really mean it. It was just the nostalgia and anger, talking inside her. "Wait... Brian... I didn't mean too..." Kaliska shouted but Brian ran out of room and jumped few steps below, diving into his apartment, closing the door.

    Only then, Kaliska noticed the necklace with little miniature bow attached to it, laying on the floor. Brian knew she likes native American weapons and bought this cheap necklace for her for 10$... All his savings... to give her at the birthday. Kaliska didn't even remember it was her birthday today. The kid did... And now she made him run away.

    She felt horrible, but would feel even worse, if she'd know by that time, that it was last time she saw him...
  8. Central park, how beautiful. It's the one place that I can actually connect.

    Tera had been in New York just a couple of months. It was a grueling city and some days she wondered why she even came here. Oh that's right. She had come to learn other forms of healing and to connect with a different kind of nature than she was used to. It was getting better, but some days she just wanted what she thought of as real nature, not this concrete jungle where it was a survival of the most ruthless. Today was one of those days, and she sat in a far corner of central park on her blanket with her native healing items just listening to the sound of the nature and how it blended with the city noises.
  9. The sound of helicopter's propellers beat loudly above his head, while mixing with the sound of others in the distance.

    Somewhere in Afghanistan

    Frost was deployed on his fourth mission of the month along with a few other squads. They were being sent into the further part of Afghan that was swallowed war, due to suspicion of an advanced terrorist weapon being in enemy possession. The weapon was said to be a devastating EMP capable of terminating all electronics around the world. Leaving all defenses to ally countries useless and open for an invasion. The only flaw to be reported is that the weapon makes no exceptions in targets.

    Frost was with his three other squad members, named Crow, Wolf, Cat, and Priest. Crow was the sniper of the group; as well as recon. Wolf was the demolition operator, he liked to blow shit up until it was bust. Cat was the field scientist and engineer of the crowd. She wasn't much of a talker, but she could get the job done with ease. And last but not least was the Squad leader: Priest. Priest was made the leader of the squad because of his sense of leadership, always on point with the right move. Frost couldn't have been teamed up with anyone better for this mission; in times like this being a back seat driver is always best.

    Soon the sound of Anti-Air turrets and mortars echoed through the air, the smell of explosives and burning flesh lingered in. Reaching next to him, Frost grabbed an M4A1 with a hybrid sight, grip, and an extra magazine strap to the mag he already had. Wolf brought an AA12, Crow had a AS50 sniper rifle, boy was he good with it. Cat had a Vector SMG with a holographic sight, while Priest always had his M16 with an under-mounted grenade launcher.

    "Alright, boys! As soon as this chopper touches down, we break for cover! We need to make a safe entry into the compound!" Priest shouted as the chopper approached it's landing zone. The rest of the squad gave a nod in agreement, and got ready to enter the war zone.
  10. Kale gazed at her reflection in the mirror, slowly moving her right leg up over her head before spinning into a rapid series of movements. Every single step and twist had been analyzed and landed with a graceful perfection that seemed effortless. The truth was not so simple as it was excruciatingly difficult to do, but that did not matter. What showed mattered, not how one felt. Her mother had taught her that time and time again, and now Kale was being scouted by the New York City ballet company. They were getting serious about making her an offer, a job that would pay her to do the one thing she loved in life. She slowed her movements and stretched to cool down, her deep purple leotard damp with sweat. The studio was empty other than herself, and she quickly stripped and showered in the locker room before slipping on 'normal' clothes.

    By the time she walked out the door, she was in skinny jeans that hugged her slender form. For shoes she wore an old pair of ballet slippers, perfect if she burst into dance on the sidewalk. They were too worn out to use in the studio anyway. Her shirt was a plain white tank top, covered by a bright yellow cardigan that fluttered around her. Bright blue eyes framed by dark blonde curls set off her face, though she hadn't bothered with makeup today.

    Sliding her small duffel across her body to keep it from being jostled away, she began walking down the sidewalk. First came the courthouse, which was oddly busy for this time of night. Must be a high profile case, she figured. She shrugged and slipped her hands in her pockets, wandering along through the crowd. Her thoughts made her so absentminded that she actually bumped into a girl walking out of a Wendy's. Apologizing quickly and giving the girl a friendly smile, she went on her way and shook her head to clear it. The faint sound of music drew her around a corner, but she paused for a moment at an electronics store. It was one of those old ones, with televisions still in the windows. Right now it was showing clips from Afghanistan, pictures and videos of soldiers fighting for their lives. She sighed and moved on, finding the source of the music to be a boy with a lyre. Interesting, she didn't think anybody played those anymore.

    She walked by him and tossed a fifty on top of the pile collecting in front of him. He was talented, but she didn't have time to linger. It was already late enough that she would be met with a scowl. She went on down the sidewalk and stepped around a pair of guys having an obnoxiously loud conversation, rolling her eyes and wondering why people didn't just go sit somewhere instead of forcing people to move around when they had places to be. Men. Go figure. She smiled a bit at the thought and turned another corner, crossing the street and cutting through the park. Along the way she saw a couple girls who she didn't really look at, and before she knew it she was emerging on the other side.

    Her steps brought her past a huge row of apartment buildings, most with lit up windows that showed shadows moving around in them of the occupants living their lives. She ran a hand through her hair and ran up the steps of her own apartment building, smiling at the kindly doorman as he opened the glass entrance for her. Crossing the wide marble lobby, she pressed the button for the elevator and waited until it opened, with another man waiting for her to enter. Once she had, he pressed the button for her floor. They all recognized her here, she had lived here with her mother on the twelfth floor for years. She smiled at him as she left the elevator, moving down the wide hallway to her door and unlocking it swiftly before stepping inside.

    Her mother was standing right there, one hand on her hip and the other holding a half empty martini glass. Kale ignored her at first, deliberately walking around her and putting her bag in on her bed before walking back out and crossing her arms. Might as well listen so that she could go on with her night.

    "You're late. Over an hour late! Supper was cold so I tossed it out. You need to stop pretending that this dancing dream of yours is going to work out and accept reality! You're wasting time! Focus on something that actually matters and go to college!" her mother snapped, tossing out the same words that she had been for over a year. Ever since Kale's father died, her mother hadn't been very accepting of Kale's choice of a career. She saw it as pointless and boring, plus a waste of money. There was no greater evil than wasting money that her mother could be spending on more important things - like make-up and luxurious dinners and new cars to add to the huge garage full they already had upstate.

    "The only waste of time I know of is staying here," Kale replied calmly, then walked out of the suite and down the hall. Her mother didn't chase her, didn't yell, didn't do anything. She didn't even call Kale's cell. There was no way she would stoop so low as to demand her own daughter come back. What would the neighbors think of such a thing?

    Kale made her way down the several flights of stairs, too agitated to bother waiting for the elevator. She strode across the lobby and out the door, hopping down the steps and beginning her trek down the sidewalk. Time to head downtown and see if she could find something to help her relax.
  11. I had been playing for so long I really hadn't noticed that sunset had come and gone. It was night now, though I couldn't say it was dark, New York had a habit of lighting up everything in sight. The stars were things we only saw in books and the internet here. I bowed to the last few people who remained, and packed up my lyre, and scooped the money off the ground. I now had to start making my way to the Cathedral, which was no big deal, I knew the way by now. I walked, nothing out of the ordinary, and then a blinding flash seem to come from everywhere, piercing my eyes and giving me an instant headache. I dropped the money and blinked several times, but when I refocused...everything was dark. Darker than anything I had ever seen, and quiet, save the now furious sounds of cars crashing into each other and buildings. I quickly looked around, and the entire city was pitch black, save a few car fires that were starting up. "What in God's name is this?"
  12. Allen was in the middle of cross-examining a witness for the prosecution, "Mr. Sands, in your own words would you please tell the court what happened on the night that my client, Mr. ..............." Then it happened, the security alarms began to sound and then suddenly died. The lights flickered and ceased to work making the court room dark. The people watching the proceedings began to make light noises of panic. "Order, Order." The Judge said banging his gavel, "Everybody just stay calm while we figure out what is happening to our lighting. Counselors please begin to pack up your things for we may have to move proceedings else where." While the judge was talking Allen couldn't help but look outside, but he had no idea what had drawn his attention to the city. Then he realized it, there was no lights anywhere in the city that were on. "Your Honor," Allen began, "I don't think that will be possible. It looks as if the entire city has no electricity." Everyone in the room looked out the windows gasping at the thought and the sight.
  13. Harrley was quickly kicked out the bar for his tattoos. Little did he know, while he as gone his gang had started a huge bar fight causing the owner about $2000 in damages. His old gang must have done some good damage to almost every bar except for there own. "Son of a bitch, it looks like i just have to go to every liquor store i can find." He reached a store that if fairly new and they let him buy a case of beer. He walked to the park figuring that no cops like to go there at night.

    Harrley opened the first beer and took a small drink. "AH.....this taste like crap...." He stood up not controlling his anger, he grabbed the whole case of beer and threw it into a side walk of the park. There was a cop that witnessed what he had just done. The cop walked up to harrley and then a flash happened. The cop was slightly blinded by light and Harrley began to run untill he noticed the only light was fire and stars. Harrley started to run to his small apparment where he kept all his stuff at.
  14. Tera had begun to fall asleep, her work with nature had relaxed her so far that the city noises hadnt bothered her. What had bothered her however was a sudden flash of light, so bright that she could see it through her closed eyes. Quickly she jumped up, scattering all of the items on the blanket and her lap as she looked around. The streetlights were going out and cars had stopped, their drivers frantically exiting the vehicles and screaming at one another. SHe was perplexed, what had happened, surely the light she saw couldnt have done this?

    It only took hher a minute to realize that being out in the open when so many fights were starting, wasnt a good thing. She gathered up her belongings that she had with her and went deeper into the park, hoping to find somewhere she could sit, away from the crowds and still see what was going on.
  15. "Left side! Left side is open!" shouted Priest as him and Frost were mounting a last stand defense. When they touched down about an hour and fourty minutes ago, they did pretty well to get to cover. The group was on task and were completing the objective easily. But about thirty minutes in, the started having problems, Crow and Cat were badly injured, and Wolf... well, they lost Wolf. Sinper shot him once in the back with a .50 cal, while he was under Frost's order and watch. He was now responsible for a man's death. Not only that, but they still haven't aquired the possible EMP in the area. Meaning he would both fail the mission and his team.

    He ducked behind cover, keeping his back against the wall, peeking from behind to give supressive fire from time to time. Cat was laying beside him gripping his leg like a lost child, groaning in pai from her bullet wound. Crow patched himself up and was trying to keep the fire on the enemy, at least until they could get some support.

    "Frost, get Cat some attention inside! Patch her up!" shouted Priest as he pointed to the entrance. Like whatever good soldier was left in him, Frost lended her his shoulder and carried her inside, she limped most of the way, but they made it. He cleared off a table and layed her on it as he stripped her off her body equipment. She had a wound to her gut, which wasn't to lethal if treated quickly. He grabbed some disinfectant, bandages, and morphine to numb the pain.

    Three other soldiers came by to hold her down while Frost operated, first starting with cleaning her wound. She screamed when the she felt the burn of the disinfectant, but quickly calmed out and let him finish. When she was all done, Frost carried her to a nearby underground bunker were they kept most of their wounded for now. When he was going back out to help Priest and Crow, the entire ground and fort started shaking like an earthquake. And then.... A flash followed, with the sound of crashing choppers, dying men, andcrumbling buildings.
  16. Lily was coming out of class when the bright light went off. She covered her eyes, ducking behind someone who had been walking in front of her. When she opened her eyes again, it was all dark. She could barely see the sillhouettes of a few panicky, confused people. She heard the screeching sounds of a car and managed to jump out of the way just as a car rammed into the university building behind her.

    "Whoa!" Lily shouted, tossing her backpack aside. She started running quickly towards her apartment building, which was across the street. She wasn't wasting any time now, after what had just happened, Lily decided she'd had enough. She was heading back home, where the electricity stayed on and nothing exploded (or so she thought...)
  17. "so... should I take you home?" Raiden asks patting alex's back.
    "yeah, oh wait" Alex looks around in her bag. "here I made this for you" She holds out a gift.
    Raiden shakes it around. "hmm? what is it"
    "haha, open it idiot"
    Raiden scratches his head. "eheheh maybe later"He puts it in his book bag. "aw... its getting dark... oh call or text Max and tell him that I'm taking you home"
    "I'll do so." She texts it.
    Raiden smiles as they walk down the sidewalk together.

    Raiden and Alex flinch as they see the blinding flash.
    "whoa! what the!"
    Alex grapples onto Raiden. "Raiden! what was that!" She jumps of suddenly, trying to erase any sign of affectionate actions by looking around.
    "hey try getting home quick I'm going to see whats up" He starts jogging towards where the flash came from...or atleast where he thought it came from.
    "YO! MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK!!" Alex yells to Raiden as he runs off, waving.

    Raiden arrives at times square but all of the luminus lights were off. "what the heck is going on!" Raiden says with panic running through the city.

    "What is that!" one person says.
    "s*** its a plane! HEY KID!get away from there!" another one says as a plane is about to hit the building
    Raiden looks up to see the plane falling almost directly over him he freezes in fear for almost a half minute but then he shakes his head and runs away from the building. Raiden yells "no" loudly when the plane crashes and explodes deafening him and the shockwave sending him into the side of a car, knocking him out.
  18. Kale had decided about halfway to the club district that going downtown would be a mistake. She didn't feel like flirting drinks off of guys, had no cash on her at the moment, and really didn't want to get hit on. Three strikes, you're out. Without a pause, she turned and looped around the block. She was making her way past a large church of some kind, not even giving it a second glance, when all of a sudden she was blinded. The flash of light made her think of a camera, but worse. She blinked several times, seeing spots for about a minute. Finally her vision cleared and she heard screams starting. Cars were squealing and tires shrieking, and crunching metal was the only sound of warning she got before she was hit by an out of control car.

    She yelped and rolled automatically, landing back on the pavement hard. It stung enough that she knew she'd need stitches along her forearm, but she ignored that and struggled to her feet. She leaned against the wall closest to her and looked around. Fires illuminated the scene of people freaking out, but it was.. too quiet. No sirens, nothing - just screams and metal and silence. She was confused and starting to freak out, finally realizing that she wobbled whenever she tried walking.

    She slowly sat on the stairs to the church, feeling dizzy. As she gazed up at the sky, she watched a massive airplane rocket out of the sky and slam into a building only one street over. The sound was nearly deafening, and the screams increased twice over. She just watched in a daze, unsure if she were dreaming or not.

    "Ugh.." she managed, groaning in pain and laying back on the steps. There was no point in yelling for help - everybody else was doing the same thing and nobody was going to listen to her. What was going on?!
  19. Running was his best defense at the moment with all the explosions and crashes happening all at once. People where screaming in terror or pain. He noticed even all the typical muggers where in shock because he witness one guy was trying to shoot a woman. that man was quickly hit with pepper spray and kicked in the crotch by the woman. He noticed that building was on fire and people were falling from that building. While running he had seen a boy on near a car knocked out. "Son of a bitch!" He ran up to the boy and picked him up. "Me and my god dam training." Running with this boy on his shoulder seem to be essayer for some odd reason. He kept running through some smoke and ash and found himself near a church where a drunken woman was siting on the steps. "OH for gods sake why do i want to save more than one person!" He ran up to the woman and picked her up with out permission. In his mind he said (F*&k permission i'm helping two dam people). He kept running until he reached a small home close to the city. It was two homes together but the other occupants where never home.

    He tossed the woman on the sofa and laid the boy on a spare bed. Grabbing an adrenalin shoot for the woman and a health kit for the boy he said aloud "Its time to f^*&ing fix things again"
  20. Darkness. Darkness like I had never seen, and silence, save crashes and screams. But surprisingly, no gunshots, not even one. One would think that in a city-wide blackout, looting would be rampant and the police force would be in action, but no sirens sounded. It was...beyond belief, truly. I managed, barely, to make out the outline of the cathedral, and felt the wind of a man brush past me, seeing him carrying a woman, as well as a boy... "Was he...Stop that man!" I shouted, assuming the worst case scenario for a kidnapped woman, and not much better for the boy. Not that many people were concerned overly much with other people's problems at the moment,though. A nearby mounted officer took aim though, and fired...but nothing happened. Nothing came from the gun, and that was when the gangster stabbed him and took his horse. I turned and darted after the man, leaving the money. I was not going to be stupid enough to carry that around at a time like this. "Hey! Stop!" I pointlessly shouted, knowing full well he wouldn't. I followed him to a house on the outskirts of the city, but was long behind him, though I ran to bang on the door. "Hey! I saw you kidnap those people! Open up you bastard!" I said, completely clueless as to his real motives.

    (Sorry, completely thought the boy was a small child and an npc. XD)