The World Ends with You

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  1. *Beep!~ Beep!~ Beep!~*

    You have seven days.
    Complete missions.
    Fail, and face erasure.

    ~The Reapers


    The Reaper's game.

    A second chance at life.

    A chance for you to fix you fate.

    Find a partner.

    Trust them.


    Sound easy enough?

    Just remember:

    The world ends with you.


  2. Abigail stood at the foot a Hachiko, thankfully no noise had shown up to try to erase her yet, but no players had shown up either. She looked at her timer, the calligraphic numbers inscribed in her hands. She would never understand why they wanted the timers like that. Then again, she would never understand why a game like this even existed.

    It was only to lure players into a false sense of security thinking they could actually win. Yet again, here she was, one of them playing for that chance. She thought back to her mother who at this time would be probably be freaking out over her decision to play the game. She also thought back to her friend who had joined the ranks of the dead a few months before her. "Well, I guess it could be a nice distraction," he would say.

    "It certainly will be friend, it certainly will be"
  3. "Uh? Wha?! The... Scramble?... Why am I... No... No that can't be... That wasn't real was it?..." Tokaia stood up. He had died, of that he was sure. Now he was in the middle of the Scramble. "Excuse me!" He tried to grab the attention of several people. No one even acknowledged his existence. Fear began to grow inside of Tokaia. "I...I-I thought I had nothing to give! I HAD nothing to give! They didn't take something from me... They took something from someone who has no part in this!..." He fell to the ground. Eventually he heard screams come from behind him. His head spun as he saw two people get lifted into nothingness. He was ready to allow the same happen to him.

    Hey! You're not the only one at risk here!

    Tokaia's head looked for the voice. He knew he wouldn't find it though. That came from Reika. She was in the hospital still. It wasn't her time yet. He couldn't let it be her time. For the first time in his life, he felt a strange sense of determination. Instinctively he ran for the Hachiko Statue. Hopefully he could find a partner. "Someone! Anyone! Partner with me!"
  4. Keira found herself in a very unfamiliar place. She was sure she'd been shot dead by that hothead, so maybe this was the afterlife? But then, why did it look like a foreign New York Times Square? The crosswalks were crowded like New York, there was a giant screen like Times Square, but the layout was off... She nervously made her way through the crowds, who thankfully ignored her, looking for some sort of sign as to where she was. The one indication that she found was a pair of frogs nipping at her feet. Painfully. And aggressively. She panicked and tried kicking them off, but they just kept coming back. She picked a direction and ran, but the frogs kept chasing her... and nobody else noticed. "Someone help me!" Nobody even so much as flinched. The frogs kept hounding her every which way, giving Keira not a moment of rest...
  5. Nene sat up suddenly and gasped. She was sitting in the middle of the street with people walking around her. She quickly got to her feet and started to walk, where she was going was lost for a moment but her feet obviously remembered. She had been to Shibuya so many times she could probably navigate the place blindfolded. Nene looked at the numbers on her hand and sighed. I can't believe this happening! I mean, I don't want to be dead- being dead sucks!- but what kind of sicko makes a game out of getting your life back?! Doesn't matter anyhow- I'm gonna win! Well, it'd be fun to win something you know? I've never won anything before. Heheheh!

    She suddenly remembered her destination and sprinted toward the statue of Hachiko. There was someone standing there already. Were they a player in this sicko's game too? "YO! ARE YOU DEAD TOO?" Might as well ask. She ran up and leaned on the statue to catch her breath. "Wait...I'm not out of breath! Waaa~!! That's friggin' awesome!" She looked excitedly at the other person, still not sure if she could even hear her.
  6. Hinata knew she was dead, why was she in the Scramble? Her head hurt, she tried not to think about it too much as she wandered the crossing. She didn't really pay all that much attention to the frogs in the area until they started to attack her. Once they started to do that she began to run quickly away occasionally stopping to kick out at the stupid frogs. She looks up though as she hears someone call for help and with one more kick starts to run to the sound of the call. She was dead, so was this person dead as well; she wondered this to herself as she kept moving.
  7. Abigail looked at the strange new person, a player obviously. Probably a native Shibuan as she was using the appropriate slang. She looked at the girl expectantly.

    "What do you think, I can see and hear you. And of course you're not out of breath, we're dead for goodness sake!"

    The girl just cocked her head.

    "Oh,right. Sooooooo, do you wanna make a pact?"

    Abigail face-palmed. Why did she have to be so peppy?

    "Well, let's see, we're being chased by frogs and whatnot that look like some armature artist drew and have come to life to try to kill us! Again!"

    The girl looked at her confused. Abigail sighed.

    "You know what? Sure let's make a pact"

    Abigail held out her hand, and the overly-peppy girl took it.
  8. I can give you a second chance, but you must give us something in return...

    Red shot up, his back aching from the cool but hard concrete of the scramble crossing. Had he passed out? Too much partying, probably. He did have a pounding headache and the sunlight hanging above him only made it worse. He knew he shouldn't have let Skye convince him to chug all that beer...but it had been fun! Certainly worth taking a break from his scenic vacation in the hustling, bustling town of Shibuya--


    As Red looked around at all the people going about their business around him, he realized something quite unnerving: it was quiet. Completely silent, in fact. "Hey!" he shouted at a passing woman, stunned as the sound didn't reach his ears.

    Memories came flooding back. The mysterious man, the Reapers' Game, his entry fee...death. Oh man. He looked down at his hand and found the red numbers slowly ticking down, just like before. Reaching into his pocket yielded the glinting black Player Pin too. So it wasn't just a drunken dream. He was dead. D-E-A-D. How did he die? All he could remember was chugging like the wind...then dizziness, vomiting, feeling way drunker than he should have...someone must've spiked his drink. It was all he could think of. He must've overdosed, and then...

    Reflexively, he reached for his mp3 player and put on a song to lift his spirits and get him through the first day. He was sure sound was coming from his headphones -- he could feel the vibrations -- but he couldn't hear any of it. While the other Players were running around trying to make pacts, Red could only huddle up in the middle of the scramble, fighting back tears, the screams of the erased Players lost on his deadened ears. For the first time in his life, he felt absolutely, crushingly alone. It was only a matter of time before the Noise got to him too.
  9. "Aight! We're a team from now on! Name's Nene," she proclaimed, placing her hand on her hips. She looked around at the frogs running about as if she were just seeing them for the first time. "Whoa! I ain't even notice 'em. Look at 'em all! These things look hella sweet but we should probably do somethin' about 'em, huh?" One of the frogs jumped at her and she ran out of the way, almost tripping over her own feet. "Ay, ay! Okay, they ain't sweet no more! Let's show 'em who the best team in the game is!" Nene grinned at her new partner. She got this feeling that the girl was either going to be a lot of fun to hang out with or a total buzz-kill.
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  10. "Wait! Do you even have any pins!"

    Abigail didn't even wait for an answer, she attached thunderbolt to her sleeve. She concentrated, which was fairly hard to do while running away from frogs. A CRACK was heard, and she realized that she hit one of them, but it wasn't enough. She tried again but missed, she then had to roll out of the way as one lunged at her. She couldn't even tell what Nene was doing.

    "Damn limited amount of pins. This is frustrating, but we have to work as a team. Trust each other. Damn it, that's something I'm not good at!"

    She was broken out of her daze when she got hit by the frogs bubble attack.

    "AGH! That hurt god dammit!"

    She struck the same frog two times, and it finally went away in a staticky explosion. She sighed and turned to Nene, and then realized there were four more. She wanted to strangle someone. BADLY.
  11. Tokaia saw a girl running away from frogs. The same things he saw take others away. He turned to see more heading in his direction. He acted on instinct, and chased the girl. "Hey! Form a pact with me! We can fight these things if we work together!"
  12. Reflexively, Keira turned toward Tokaia and felt a wave of relief at someone being able to see her - and the frogs. Her relief turned to horror as she saw that her help had come in the form of, to her, just another school bully. "Fight them? I can fight them?" She wanted to avoid trapping herself in a pact if she could avoid it, so she just tried to kick the frogs away. This didn't work, so she put on one of her pins - it had a white hand against a black background - and tried slapping them away. No dice. One mobbing by noise-frog later, Keira took off away from Tokaia and ran face-first into the girl who'd initially come running for her, knocking them both over...

    Keira offered her hand to Hinata. "Pact with me?" Keira was more willing to form a pact with someone who didn't initiate - she'd had more than a few experiences where someone would approach her with a fake offer of "friend" just to abuse her trust...
  13. Hinata is bowled over by the person she had been going to help, she was dizzy when she sat up and rubbed her head a bit. "Oh geez, you should watch where you're going though..." Hinata blinks as she looks up at the person offering Hinata her hand, she wasn't sure about this but she couldn't use her pins without a partner so she takes Keira's hand. "Right! that's fine with me. I'm Hinata Kisagi by the way. You are?" She asks before glancing down at the two pins she was keeping hold of; one had a flame on it and the other one had a blue and yellow ball on it. "Anyway, we should take care of this and get to 104th."
  14. The girl just ditched him, and partnered up with someone else! What was he supposed to do? His life wasn't the only one at stake. "I can't believe that someone chooses to stay away from me even NOW. This is why I prefer to stay alone, because people want me to be alone." The frogs were gaining. There was little more he could do. Tokaia soon found another player. "No time for petty personal preferences, form a pact with me so we can live!"
  15. "Keira." She gave her first name, being cautious around her new partner. "Right, we can hurt the frogs now?" She put on a pin with a white hand on a black background and started waving her hands wildly at the frogs, which seemed to do nothing. But, out of nowhere, an orange traffic cone came flying and blapped several of the frogs in sequence, disintegrating them. Keira stood still, trying to figure out what just happened, when a couple more frogs caught up to her and knocked her over. As she made a swoosh with her arms to try to break her fall, that orange traffic cone came back around, beaning most of the remaining frogs - and hitting her square in the face. "Owwww... what the heck is with that thing?" She just lay on the ground, out of it, trying to take in what just happened. Problem was, she and Hinata were still under attack...
  16. "Well Keira nice to meet you." A few times while Keira is messing with the Psychokinesis pin Hinata almost gets whacked and quickly ducks before getting out of the way and she gets a bit upset. "Watch what you're doing!" Hinata closes her eyes from a distance and focuses on her the Pyrokinesis pin hoping it would work and she swings her arm making a line of fire circle Keira to protect her from the frogs. "You really need to pay attention or you're gonna Erase yourself!" She uses the Pyrokinesis pin to wipe out the last of the frogs attacking her and her new partner. With a sigh of relief their fight ends for a moment and Hinata sits on the ground across from Keira.
  17. "Wait! Do you even have any pins!"
    "Of course I do, whatchu thinkin'?" Nene dodged another frog and took a pind from her jacket pocket and quickly pinned it on. "Ayy! Lookin' good out there! Let's see what these things can do!" She ran up to one of the frogs and swung at it, missing completely, but the frog was still sent flying. "Whoa I- Ah!" She ducked from an oncoming attack and swung as if the back hand the enemy but it was too far. A strong gust of wind blew that frog it another nearby away and both exploded.
    Nene stared with wide eyes. "THIS IS FRIGGIN' AWESOME! I CAN CONTROL THE FRIGGIN' WIND." She laughed loud as she dogded a frog. This was definitely going to be fun.
  18. Red, of course, didn't hear Tokaia's plea, and he was far too caught up in self-pity to do anything but wallow for a crucial few seconds. He only looked up when he realized that he was still a Player caught up in this Game, hearing or no hearing, and he was never one to waste a good opportunity. The thought cut through all of his grief, at least for the time being, and he got to his feet. Brightly-colored frogs had surrounded him, their bodies nearly ten times the size of a normal frog and their legs made of some weird immaterial matter. The Noise. He'd been told about them, about how he'd need to fight. But first he needed a partner.

    Conveniently enough, as he whirled his head around in search of another Player, he spotted Tokaia, his arm outstretched. His lips were moving, and he looked desperate. Red couldn't hear what the redheaded young man was saying, but he could guess. He nodded and grabbed Tokaia's hand. A burst of light and a sense of deep, unwavering connection signified the making of the pact. Filled with a new resolve, Red reached into his pocket and dug out the first pin he found, one decorated with flames. Time to show these frogs what he could do!
  19. Keira stands up and looks around, relieved that she's not under attack anymore, but again stressing about where she actually is. She looks around frantically, trying to find a familiar landmark, but to no avail. She takes a look at her hand - the timer is down to 19:11 - and starts panicking. "Oh, crap! Where's 104!? Where is it where is it where am I!? Hinata was it? Do you know where we are? Please don't tease me either..." Keira slumps back down, landing on her knees then on all fours, staring at the ground. Quieter, she repeats herself. "Where are we, Hinata?" Her voice was almost all desperation, as she had to rely on this stranger, one of only two who even acknowledged her existence.
  20. Hinata smiles gently at Keira and crouches in front of her so they are on eye level as she speaks. "You don't know where you're at? Are you foreign? That's okay. I can answer your questions easily, 104 is just on the other side of the Scramble. Uh you probably don't know what that is. It's the Shibuya Crossing; it's pretty famous and often used in movies and what not." Hinata holds out her hand to Keira and sighs a bit. "I'm sorry, I'm not trying to tease you...come on though...we do really need to go, I don't wanna get Erased today."

    Without much thought to Keira, Hinata grabs her and starts dragging her along behind her. There's a crowd but no one is paying attention to them so they are able to rather easily move through the crowd until getting to the edge of the Scramble, "See up this way is 104, that's where we need to go. It's the first day so this is a simple task. The Noise is one of the things we have to deal with and Reapers aren't nice so I would be expecting a trap..." With that Hinata pulls Keira away from the Scramble and up to a large building that has the numbers '104' at the top of the building, her eyes darting from side to side to keep a look out and be ready for anything.
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