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  1. It was Friday evening and Xavier was getting dinner ready. The boys were having chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots and Xavier had bought a pie for desert. A lot had changed in three years some good and some bad. Nevertheless Xavier didn't like how his family had grown apart, first Stelios had left, then Scottie, and then they had found out Kaine was rich. Xavier loved that they were all together in a nice house away from the Wilson's....except for Stelios. Xavier missed the boy dearly, Sean had shut everyone out, Kaine and Scottie had become close ever since moving into the mansion, and Skye, Summer and Dante were inseparable. Really this left himself and Sean as the outcasts of the family. Sean purposely blocked himself off from the family and Xavier and Kaine's relationship had been strained ever since the two had taken in the responsibility of running an orphanage. Kaine faded the orphanage and Xavier did more of the care taking making meals, doing laundry, making sure the little boys did their homework all while taking online college.

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  2. [​IMG]

    Sean was blasting Lonely by Christina Perri in his room. Dancing around swinging his arms around and screaming out the lyrics he flopped down on his comfy feathery bed in the middle of his room. He logged onto some gay chat online, with his username - Seani. Immediately getting three private messages,

    "Hey, ASL"



    This what he made his life into, a pile of private messages in a chat room, no emotion just horny dudes ogling over the boys who happened to be on public cam. Now here he was depressed, sad, and lonely. Opening his cam to show himself, immediately getting tons of views and about 20 more private messages after 5 minutes. Looking at them one caught his eye.

    "Hey, you're really cute wanna kik :)"

    He replied to them and got their kik, and they started to exchange stuff closing the website he was texting his new boyfriend as he walked downstairs to Xavier

    "Is dinner ready yet? I'm hungry you're a slow cook"

    Sean said as he looked into the fridge and took out food, staring at Xavier as he bit into a leftover sandwich..

  3. "Dinner will be done faster if I have someone to help me, you wanna help?" Xavier said friendly, he knew it was a long shot that the boy would want to help. He never wanted to do anything with the family, he had purposefully pushed himself away from the family, which made Xavier very sad.
  4. "Too busy texting Ryan, my boyfriend"

    Sean said as he rolled his eyes and closed the door grabbing a plate and putting the sandwich on it. Giving Xavier a dirty look because, how could he be so stupid

    "Call me when dinners ready, if I don't respond don't go in my room"

    Sean said as he walked away thinking about how stupid his life was..​
  5. Stelios hadn't been the same since leaving the Wilson's, his parents came to the home and asked him if he wanted to come back home, he had said yes, he hadn't told his brothers till the final day. Xavier was upset but knew that was his opportunity to have a good life, Kaine had the same reaction as Xavier, but Sean wasn't happy with it, he had to say goodbye to the boy which was hard enough but then Sean said three words he would always remember...

    "I hate you" Stelios laid in his bed on his phone, he mumbled those words under his breath from the three words to this day he hadn't forgot. The boy was a lot more mature, but was still immature at some parts, going with his friends to do stupid stunts that would most likely backfire. He thought that his life was perfect the first month he got their, but something was missing. He had gotten a mustang for his sixteenth birthday which he drove to school and bring his little brother to his grade school. He then heard the doorknob move, he turned his phone off and put it on his nightstand.

    He then sat up and stared at the door where his little brother Daniel came in. He smiled and the boy jumped up on his bed and gave him a hug. "Hey big brother what'cha doing" He smiled at stelios creating a cute smile with his big dimples. "Not much-" Stelios felt something crumple in his jean pocket, he took it out and uncrumpled it. "What's that Stelly?" The child asked as his perk personality peaked out. "Well why don't we go see" The paper had an address, he began trying to memorize the address and stuffed the paper in his pocket. "Danny and i are going for a ride"
  6. Heading to the kitchen, Kaine blinked and stepped back to avoid bumping into Sean as he turned the corner. "--Oh, hey." He greeted, offering a smile. Seeing the sandwich the boy was carrying, it was pretty obvious that he was likely planning to retreat back to his room. "..The kids and I are about to watch a movie in the living room. Wanna join us?" He asked, subtly but intentionally blocking the other's way. Sean never spent any time with the family anymore... It was worrying.
  7. Xavier wanted to call after Sean but he just didn't know what to say. He had initially been shocked to find out Sean was gay, but he stilled loved the boy....especially now when he was always butting heads with his brothers. "Kaine can we watch it after dinner, and can you give me a hand getting dinner ready?" He asked the boy, Kaine's help would be nice, but he really wanted to talk to the boy about what they would do about Sean.
  8. Sean looked up at Kaine, he use to have a crush on him and now he just disliked him.

    "Get out of my way don't you already know the answer to that question, are you stupid?"

    Sean said as he looked at Kaine and shook his head at him for being so ignorant.

    "Can you get out of my way?"

    Sean said in a pissed off tone of voice going underneath Kaines legs dropping his sandwich on the way.

    "You..are so stupid Kaine you know that!?"

    Sean screamed in an angry tone although he hadn't even given Kaine a chance to move. Sean walked away from Kaine and his sandwich and continued walking along.​
  9. Kaine blinked in surprise as Sean snapped at him, then awkwardly rubbing the back of his head. At a loss for words, he could only stand idly and watch as Sean got passed him and discarded his sandwich. He didn't feel particularly insulted when the boy called him stupid-- mostly just more worried. It was like Sean was reverting to Dante-esque behavior. There was always deep reasoning to Dante-esque behavior.

    Watching Sean retreat down the hall, Kaine sighed and shrugged it off, picking up the plate with the sandwich and walking into the kitchen. "Alright..."
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  10. Xavier watched the whole thing go down. Once Kaine had entered the kitchen he looked up from the food he was cooking and said "what are we going to do with him Kaine?" Sean was always causing trouble for them and Xavier was out of ideas of how to make Sean rejon the family without forcing him.

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  11. "...I don't know, Xavier, he's been bitter since Stelly left. I guess something's making him feel so worthless and unloved, he's resorted to getting compliments and 'love' from those creepy chatrooms online... I know he doesn't really hate us, but I don't know what to do about it, either. Maybe I'll unplug the router so that he won't be able to use the internet. Then he'll have to spend time with us, right?"
  12. Stelios walked down the stairs, he grabbed his blue and orange hoodie off the coat rack and put it on. He then put on his grey Nike's, and grabbed his keys off the table. He then watched his little brother get his jacket on and put on his shoes, but struggled to tie them. "Need help?" The boy nodded and Stelios tied the boys shoes. He then stood up and picked up his little brother. "Alright lets go" The two went out the door where they walked over to the car and got into it. He then started the mustang and pulled out of the driveway.
  13. "Or we could just take away his laptop....and his ipad. We'd also have to make sure he didn't take one of the boy's iPads and go talk to his 'boyfriend' maybe we should sit him down and figure things out with him.....maybe we should have Scottie be with us or have him do it all together. Sean likes Scottie more than the two of us.......oh Kaine where did I go wrong.....when did this family completely fall apart, Stelly left, Sean won't talk to us, you and I are always fighting, Dante became a nudist.....I'm I guess there are worse things, but can't he at least out on a pair of boxers at the dinner table? And even my little Skye is starting to pull away from me....." Xavier said depressingly. Skye had always made his life worth living, and now the little boy was slowly pulling away from him. The last time he had slept on Xavier's room had been a few months ago when he had had a nightmare....strangely Xavier had slept the best he ever had since moving into the mansion.

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  14. Texting his new boyfriend Sean sat on his bed and looked around..what has his life come to.

    Ryan: "So, where you from?"
    Sean: "Um (Insert where mansion is)
    R: "Really, cool I'm not too far from there you wanna meet up?"
    S: "Really already? I mean that'd be awesome then we wouldn't be online boyfriends"
    R: "Yeah lets meet in the back of the mall that way we can be alone"
    S: "Okay! Sounds great? Today or Tomorrow?"
    R: "Tonight, in two hours"
    S: "Okay I'll be right back I need to say I'm going to a party I'll update you if I have to sneak out or if I can go freely! Love ya!"

    Sean walked back into the kitchen

    "I'm going out in like an hour and a half I'll be taking my car"

    Sean said referring to his white Honda Sonata.

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  15. (Dante's profile says he does wear boxers everywhere but his room. xD)

    "I think it would be easier to just hide the router. Everyone can deal without internet for a few days, right?" Kaine replied, then blinking and shutting up as Sean stepped into the kitchen. "--Oh... No, Sean, I think you should stay home, today. If you don't start spending some time with us, I'll have to take away your devices."
  16. "He's right Sean......until you start spending time with the rest of the family your car will be Kaine's, well technically all of this is Kaine's but let's not get into that right now, anyways you need to spend more time with the family and until you do the car is gone" Xavier said firmly, he hated punishing the boy, but they had let him do what he wanted for too long...
  17. "Take away my "Devices" Sean said devices trying to mock Kaine. "all you want whatever peace I'll be in my room don't even think about going in"

    Sean walked to his room locking the door and texted his boyfriend.

    "Can we do it now I can't wait got in a fight and don't have a car."

    he got a response as he was crawling out the window

    "Sure, I'll bring my car we can drive around"

    A note was left in Sean's bedroom

    "fuck you all, except for Scottie"​
  18. "Do we even go after him?" Xavier asked wondering if they should. He knew they should but he figured they could wait until dinner was ready and then make him join the rest of the family for dinner. This was all up to Kaine though, this was his house, he paid for everything,which made Xavier feel awful, Kaine paid for he, Scottie and Sean's cars, all the boys' clothes, toys and even Xavier's online college. What will happen when all the boys are grown up? Will he cut you off? Xavier thought to himself, this was why he was taking online college to get a college degree in case this ever happened.
  19. "--I don't know, Xavier, I'm not his mom!" Kaine huffed, growing aggravated. Crossing his arms over his chest, he stood and pouted for a moment, trying to figure out what would be best to do. The situation certainly wasn't going to improve if they left it like this.. "...You don't think Sean would ever actually try to meet up with one of those perverts online, do you...? That's-- That's something we need to talk to him about, later. Remember that. For now, we just... Well, let's wait until dinner. Give him a little while to cool off until then..."
  20. Xavier was taken aback by Kaine's attitude. "I'm sorry Kaine I really didn't mean to upset you, this is your get to call the shots around here, I hope he wouldn' never know if those people are who they say they are" Xavier said sadly continuing to cook dinner, it would be ready in about ten minutes.
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