The War For Time

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    {The war for time is a roleplay that will revolve around the six 'keepers' and their friends from a secret Order as they try and fight off a powerful foe that has once again risen. The powerful foe also has six leader that can be played along with the hench men that are going to do their best to free all six of the Blood Stones which have immense and powerful but evil magic, if all six are freed then the game ends because the Red Shadow (the name of the evil guys/girls) have successfully gotten the stones and ended the world.}
    It was in the year 900 when the Red Shadow first came to be, it was an order of Mages that believed that all that were weaker were good for noting UT to spend their lives as slaves and practiced the dark arts. With soul’s blacker then the night of internal dark they quickly swept through the land and gained followers with the swiftness of a summer storm, they destroyed all who stood in their path. Heroes of the greatest powers soon saw their deaths and with their blood the Shadow made the Blood Stones, stones of infinite power that was far darker than any other and the six welders of the stones soon realized that the price of the stones power was the loss of their sanity but to them it was worth it. For two hundred years they ruled, wiping all hope from the realm and enslaving all but those who joined their cruel ranks.

    It was at this peak of their power that six old and dying hero’s, who had lived well beyond natural years due to safe keeping the last sources of pure power in the world, met in a hidden valley, one where the darkness had yet to reach in all the years it had ruled, and it was here they slaved away building six special weapons that only those with pure hearts and the strongest magic could use. Hidden away they carefully worked, days, weeks, months until finally three years after they started they took from their possession six gleaming but dying stones of power. Setting the stones of pure and uncorrupted magic into the finely detailed weapons they then drained themselves of power to charge the stones and sent them on their way to find the six that could use them to destroy the all-consuming darkness.
    As the old hero’s sent the weapons on their way, one of the last groups of white makes had stirred up a rebellion and was marching toward what should have been certain doom. Hidden away from the sure be slaughter people hid in their huts praying for the souls of the mages, on the would be battle field three glowing shapes landed in the laps of three young but remarkably strong mages, two found themselves grasped lovingly by warrior mages, and one lightly danced before being gently held by a descendent of the last true king. The six had found their temporary masters as they bonded to the pure hearted mages who were destined to be hero’s their glow faded and when it did the new keepers saw themselves looking down at intricately detailed pocket watches though temporarily disappointed in what they had thought to be weapons soon came to the realization that through the watches their magic had grown and with a simple thought the watch became it’s Keepers preferred weapon.

    A hundred and fifty years of battle, and four different sets of masters, the Pocket watches lead the white mages too victory and in such The Order of Time was born. Upon the Red Shadows defeat each of the current Keepers took a Blood Stone and hid them away using a part of their life force to bind the evil stones so tightly that the world would rock if a single tether , out of six, was broken. Little does anyone but those six know that the world would die if all six stones were removed due to the strength of the tethers binding them from entering the hands of the Red Shadow.

    As the years passed the Heroes, watches and even the Red Shadow passed into myth and the world moved on, that was until two months ago when the world rocked and has constantly once a week for the past six and then Mt. Hamish fell. One of the Blood Stones has been broken free of it’d bindings, and the newly recreated Red Shadow is claiming responsibility. Now, when the world needs them most, the heroes of old are long dead and the watches long ago disappeared having found keepers outside of the Order. Now, it’s up to a new age of Mages to stand against the lure of evil and once and for all rid the world of the plague known as the Red Shadow.

    {KEEPER: Chosen for their pure heart and resilient magic, typically they bare the most powerful lf their type, are the six that the watches have chosen to serve until death, it has only happen twice in the knowledge of the Order that the Watches have left a Keeper do to the keepers heart changing. Keepers can be arrogant, selfish, temperament, and even rude but as soon as the power gets to their heads and changes them into being who no longer want to help the world and to protect the people the watches will no longer serve them. In the recorded cases were the watches leave their Keeper do to a change of heart, the ExKeeper will go insane and their power will self implode leaving them powerless and little more then a rambling vegetable.}

    {HEALER: Healers are Mages who have specialized in healing magic as well as defensive spells, many healers are uniquely gifted in illusions and mind speech. Though mostly pacifists and have high moral standards there have been cases of healers becoming attached to the dark arts due to the immortality they can gain from dark healing rituals preformed on themselves. In this day and age most healers work in hospitals and only the most powerful have been recruited into the Order, meaning within the Order there are only four Healers. Normally, or at least in the records the Order has, Healers rarely are Keepers and it is believed it is due to the fact that even the strongest healer is still considerably weaker then any other type of mage.}

    {WARRIOR: The most skilled are the protectors of the Order and the most knowledgeable in both offensive and defensive magic, morally sound but normally not the brightest bunch and are easily manipulated though not easily turned to the dark arts do to the magic being more useful when the truly believe in a cause and the soul is free of doubt or guilt. Weaker warriors work as body guards, bouncers, and as one part of a police team. Due to the high amount of warrior makes born into the world, most of the non seat sitting members of the Order are in fact warriors. Due to the high amount of warrior’s in the world there is always at least one that gets chosen as a Keeper if not two or even three.}

    {PUNISHER: Outside of the Dragon Born, punishers are one of the rarest types of natural born mages. They are easily turned to the dark side because they are born without humanity and have very few emotions, though when own the side of the order they are uniquely gifted in offensive magic and are known for being magic breakers meaning very few spells effect them and those that do have to be cast by a powerful mage. Being natural born magic breakers they can also sense and unravel concealing magic's, Punishers are typically male due to females dying at the start of puberty for some unknown reason. The Order only have two in presence due to most punishers doing something irrational and getting themselves killed in their teens, a punisher making it past their twentieth birthday is a rare feat and the two in the past ten years work for the Order as mercenaries. The watches seems to have a fondness for the Punishers and with each new generation of masters there is always at least one punisher in the midst.}

    {DRAGON BORN: Born as twins they are mages that conjoined into one body then separated into two separate bodies right before birth, not sure why this happens it is believed that the dragon born have the soul of a dragon residing within them which is the reason for the split. Immensely powerful but always pure of heart, dragon born's cannot go to the dark side or be tempted by the dark arts because their magic is one of the purest forms. Though born as twins it is rare for both twins to survive into adulthood because whenever they reach puberty they go through a horrific power surge that can burn the human body out and the set of twins that do survive are normally seems as a pair never leaving each other. The few times in the past that a watch has chosen a dragon born whose twin also survived the twin was also able to use the watch.}

    {SHIFTER: Though not as many in number as the warriors, shifters are powerful mages. Often times if they can shift they can also summon, both of which are dangerous magic to control. Shifters are often times feared for the fact that strong emotions can in fact cause them to shift into their animal format and when summoning, even the briefest lapse in concentration and cause a uncontrollable creature coming forth. They are also one of largest group of mages being only second to the warriors in number, if they do not work for the order they often work as firefighters, police officers, lumberjacks, and construction workers. Do to their vast numbers and powerful but pure hearted magic there is commonly at least one as a keeper each generation.}

    {ELEMENTAL: Somewhere in the middle for power and population amount are the Elementals, powerful and unique in the fact that their power isn't considered offensive of defensive and their personalities are very much tied to their element. Do to their ties with their elements being such a large part of themselves they very rarely live in large cities feeling more at home in locations close to their element are at least taking jobs that allows them to be close to it. An example of this would be an lightening or electric elemental being a electrician or a fire elemental mage being a firefighter. Elementals are one of the sub groups of mages that according to the Order has rarely been a Keeper.}

    {AVERAGE MAGE: The average mage is one of OK power that doesn’t fall into any of the specialized grouping, these guys have no special skills and are more likely to have their power fail them or to have a dud as a child if they themselves don’t lose their power all together as they age which is sadly known to happen. This groups has never been a Keeper do to the fact that they don’t have enough power and are often times the reason the dark arts are in use in the first place, this group is also the major work force, doing minimal jobs that slowly suck away at ones soul do to not having enough power to climb the ranks.}​


    {CHAIRMAN: The head of the Order, the one that deals with problems and can veto anyone’s say in a matter though typically of fair judgment. Has never been a Keeper and isn’t of the Original six families.}

    {ELDERS: Respected individuals that, though they were never a Keeper, are strong and the oldest in the Order.}

    {COMMITTEE: They are the six along with the chairman that make plans and discuss problems, they are also the descendants of the original six Keepers. They are responsible for voting in the new chairman every six years.}

    {Keeper: Already explained}

    {HEALERS: Are healers obviously.}

    {WARRIORS: Again kind of obvious, the warriors and guards for the Order.}

    {MERCENARIES: There is only two and they are the punisher brothers, they do the not quite legal things the Order needs done.}

    {LIBRARIANS: Other wise known as Keepers of Knowledge, they are seen as just as important as the Six Keepers because though their magic is weak they are tasked with not only keeping the journals of time correctly updated so the future Order members have a accurate history to look back on but the Librarians are also in charge of keeping track of any signs of the Red Shadow rising again and to have the history of the Order memorized if possible. If not for the librarians when the Temple of the Order burnt to the ground about three hundred years after the war ended, the history would have been lost. At current there are four librarians and two apprentices.}

    {ORDER MEMBER: Just mages with no true position that are members of the Order of Time, they help with funding and even volunteer their time for the Order.}​


    Typically made up of average mages that have taken to the dark arts to gain power, outside of the Blood Stone welders their isn’t much in organization of rank, it is run more like a wild wolf pack with constant inner fighting for a higher rank. In the current age, with only one stone having been broken free so far, the Red Shadow appears to be being lead by a group of six powerful mages that have taken a liking to the dark magic and they are tempting the average mages into the forbidden practice of blood magic and sacrifice. Though so far no up to par to battle the Order, if they find and break free any more of the Stones without the Order finding the current Keepers with the Watches there is a great chance of the Red Shadow being able to gain enough power to wipe out the Order and the Watches.

    The Blood Stones were created by the Original me member of the Red Shadow forcefully draining an Hero of old of blood and power while chanting an old and dangerous spell that has long sense been lost, each of the hero’s of old were one of the six sub groups of mages and in such each stone allows the mage using it, use of tainted power that is typically only found in one of the sub groups of mages. Due to the stones sending the mages who use them into a psychotic break the leaders of the Red Shadow used them sparingly and the reborn Red Shadow and it’s leaders see this as the reason the Red Shadow fell and the leaders now plan on using the Stones to their full potential thinking the stories of the Stones evil breaking minds as just a scary story started and spread by the Order.​

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    Explain how they got them or who first gave it to them. If it isn’t just their name being shortened explain how it fits them and what they did to earn it.
    Explain in detail their personality, their strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes along with highlighting key personality traits and how they handle emotions. If they have any mental problems this is the place to explain them.
    In a paragraph per power explain how their magic works, if they are an earth elemental for example explain what they can do with out a spell and how strong they are on the their scale (6 being the weakest and 1 being the strongest) explain how their power effects them and make sure that you also go into detail about the adverse effect of using their power and if they have a smaller or larger backlash from spells.
    This is where you describe your character, from their typical clothing choices and their complexation. Add whether or not they dye their hair, wear contacts, and the types of tattoos or scars they have if they have any. Describe their height, weight, and anything else that you wish.
    A detailed history should be placed here, I want to know about their family and friends and all the key points that have made them into the person they are at the start on the roleplay. I want to feel as if I know your character and I want to feel as if you know them, the more detail there is the better I feel the roleplay will go because you will be invested in the person you have created.
    When you have been excepted I will send you a question and that answer will be the password, this will be how I know who has been accepted and who is still waiting. This will also allow anyone who is having problems know what an accepted character looks like and then can fix the problems easier.

    Please post character's or interest here.
    Anyone who old like one of the six Keepers or one of the Six Red Shadow leaders you can have a 24 reserve....
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