The village by the sea.

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  1. (Takes place in the 1960s)

    Charles house was quiet for the day. He sat in the kitchen,letting his tv hum the news softly as he made himself a coffee.
    The little English town was always quiet during winter.
    The oceans waves would fill the empty streets and the shaky automobiles would rattle on the stone cut road.
    Charles let the waves,cars and his record player full the empty void of his kitchen.charled just moved here from Dublin, but it Was going nice so far. Quiet and calm,just how he liked it. His head sleepily dropped on the table while his hand held onto his cup of coffee. Who would have a cup of coffee this late at night?

    His ears perked up at the sound of the door knocking . He wrapped a green robe around, slightly hiding away his striped pajamas.
    Charles looked through the peephole, surprised to see the police.
    He opens the door openly.
    "Can I help you?" His meek Irish accent said as he looked the cop up and down.
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  2. "Nice to meet you on this fine evening. I was wondering if I could talk to you a minute?" She asked, smiling. She was a cop on temporary leave from her own town. She had been told to come to this small town to find out any information on a murder.

    "I don't mean to disturb you. If you are busy it is alright. I can come back later." She ran a hand through her hair and felt her cheeks blush slightly. She hated talking with people but if she wanted to prove herself to her own town, Cambridge, then she needed to figure out this problem.
  3. "Yeah...come inside." He smiled nervously. He hasn't done anything but he felt paranoid.

    Charles turned off the tv, and got leaded her into the kitchen.
    Pulling out a chair for her.

    "So,lost dog?" He joked but then frowned at his statement.
    "Sorry...anything to drink?"
  4. "Water, please." She smiled and sat down, looking around at the small house.

    "No, not a lost dog. Murder more like." She took the water from him. "Thank you. Have you ever heard of Teddy Graph?" She questioned, pulling a notebook and pen from her back pocket.
  5. "No,I just moved here. I'm not familiar with anybody in this town." He said sitting down and straighting his back.
  6. "I see. Why did you move here, if I could ask. I am not from here. I was sent on this mission and really wish I didn't have to be." She grumbled slightly, taking a sip of the water. "I just wish I could figure it out, you know?" She met his eyes. "I never did introduce myself. Cassie. Nice to meet you..."
  7. "'s nice to meet you too." He smiled at her.

    "I moved here because I just graduated out of college, I didn't want to stay back home."
  8. "Makes sense. Home sometimes can be crazy." She nodded and looked down at her watch. "Well I better get going then, since you don't have any information for me. Thank you for letting me come in." She stood up.
  9. (I've changed Charles' gender identity to agender, so use they/them pronouns)

    " might want to check mortuary. They recently found a mauled up body that isn't identified yet." They said.
  10. "What? Really? Do you know where that is?" She asked hopeful. She looked at Charles and her smile showed. If she found this guy it could make or break her career.
  11. "Yeah, it's a few block away from the hospital." Charles said.
  12. "Thanks." She turned and stepped out from the house. "Did you want to come with me?" She questioned quietly.
  13. "Yeah,sure." Charles nodded and slipped on some shoes.
  14. She smiled and walked with him. As they walked she could see the caution tape all around. "Be right back." She said quietly, going and talking to the cops at the scene. She went back over to Charles and frowned. "Not him."
  15. "What do you mean?" Charles asked, their teeth clattering from the cold weather.
  16. "Not the guy I was looking for. Guess that puts me back at square one." She frowned. "Is there anywhere to get coffee 'round here?"
  17. "...yeah." Charles started to walk towards the crowded part of the town.
    All the shoppes and cafes were there.
  18. "Good. I need caffeine." She spoke quietly and smiled. She ordered her coffee and looked around the small town.
  19. "...i thought you would know the place more better than me." Charles chuckled.
  20. "No." She looked to them and laughed. She took a sip of her drink and began walking. "So how long ave you been here, again?"
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