The Village by the Sea [ Harvest Moon/Rune Factory Based RP ] [21/26]

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    Welcome to Aelcastle Village. Aelcastle is well know for its humbleness as well as its location by the sea. To its villagers it is a resort. There is so many interactions and so many places one can go. As stated, the village is next to the sea that opens into the ocean, so many there are many fishing and boating trips. There are many caves and mines, a forest, hot springs and there is even a waterfall; there is a farm and a ranch; a clinic, a store, a bakery, a bar, and playground; a mansion and a hidden castle. Secrets exist through the village so you have to get to know others to learn them.


    We are looking for roles for:
    - Farmer [ @Mundane Monster ]
    - Farmer
    - Rancher [ @Soulserenity20 ]
    - Rancher [ @Soulserenity20 ]
    - Doctor [ @Dubs of Stigma ]
    - Nurse [ @Nano ]
    - Carpenter [ @EternalInfinity ]
    - Apprentice
    - Blacksmith [ @Liky ]
    - Apprentice
    - Fisherman
    - Store Owner [ @Dubs of Stigma ]
    - Baker [ @DANAsaur ]
    - Baker [ @WitchcraftIsScience ] (Son)
    - Bar Owner [ @True Self]
    - Waiter/Waitress [ @xLarius ]
    - School Teacher [ @Tarot ]
    - Student One [ @Mundane Monster ]
    - Student Two
    - Rich Person [ @Circe ]
    - Butler/Maid [ @Tarot ]
    - Wizard [ @xLarius ]
    - Spirit [ @Nano]
    - Preistess [ @Nano ]
    - Knight Captain [ @DeadAxl ]
    - Knight [ @Tarot ]

    [ 26 Roles ]

    Anyone interested? I'm willing to edit this.
    Fantasy races are allowed in this role-play.
    You can have, at max, three characters.
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  2. I'm interested! I love Harvest Moon >w>
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  3. @Nano
    Do you have any particular character(s) you would want to play? And do you know anyone else who would be interested?
  4. @Tarot
    Let me just summon my mini-army here:
    @DANAsaur @Shounen Senpai @EternalInfinity @True Self @Rithas @xLarius @Raven Haruka @ScarletNova @Soulserenity20 @darkflames13 @MiNaGi @JinxMonster @Kitsune @Maxim @EchoRun @Vio

    There are usually more people than that, but hey! I tried! First time summoning a mini-army tho.

    That, and I was interesting in the witch. Or a Spirit. A spirit sounds nice. I'll be taking a spirit.
    If I could play two characters, then I'll be quietly taking the Nurse and Spirit.
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  5. I would like to join and be the botanist if that's possible. If not, I'm going to be a baker :)
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  6. Might give the Bar Owner thing another try.. We'll see :P
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  7. @Nano
    Oh my gosh! You are amazing! Thank you!
    I put you up for both characters.

    I put you for both characters, is that okay?

    @True Self
    I reserved the character for you.

    All of you
    Would you prefer playing humans or multiple mythological races?
  8. @Tarot
    Awe, anytime. It's become a custom for a few of us in the mini-army to summon up people >w>
    And thank you for reserving! I shall come up with an idea for both roles! Oh this is gonna be fun ouo
  9. Wow. Revival of the old one. How grand.

    CS gosh dangit.

    Reserving gladly the Wizard and the Waitor/Waitress.

    I have something amazing in store thank you very much.


    If it's allowed.
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  10. What's the plot for the RP?
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  11. @Soulserenity20
    Hello~ I did not come up with one just yet because I wanted to see if there was an interest for this and since there is a small one I think I am going to start seeing what I can come up with. Right now I just need to know if people want it just to be humans or if people want mythical races as well. Do you have any suggestions that you would like to offer up?
  12. May I take student one and a farmer?
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  13. Anyone else interested?
  14. I would like to be baker's child, probably male.
  15. Ranchers please, since I already have a set of
    Twins from my other HM RP that I really want to use haha
  16. But all of the best roles are taken!

    I dunno, maybe. Lemme think on it
  17. If I have the time, I may join, but I'm pretty busy as is.
  18. Then I shall also take a priestess, if that's alright ouo/
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