The Veiled Kingdom (RP, Shounen Ai/M X M)

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  1. You go first.
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  2. "Tch, isn't Hinoka first in line for the rite of passage? Wait, her's and Sakura's are probably different from mine as they are females," As Takumi said this he frowned, turning his head slightly to meet the black dragon's rusted orbs. He wasn't entirely sure on why it was so easy to speak his mind around such a creature he was meant to kill. Perhaps it was because the creature couldn't respond?
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  3. The dragon prince immediately looked away. Not really in the mood for small talk, considering hes currently in waiting to be killed, and is the last of his kind.
  4. Takumi glared at the creature before sighing, taking his bow frowm beside him and staring at it.

    "...Fujin Yumi can only be used against those who I think should die," He informed the dragon. The prince shifted to kneel down, Yumi in position with a seafoam glowing string forming with an arrow. He launched it, the arrow smoothly sliding through the iron bars and disintegrating as it hit the midnight colored dragon.

    "See? I.... I can't kil you. I don't understand why. Maybe it is because we are alike in some ways?" Takumi chose not to elaborate, much as he always did for the past two previous nights he visited the one he is to execute.
  5. The dragon flinched then the arrow was shot at him, but made no audible responce. Turnin his head to glare at takumi.
  6. The prince scoffed. "Oh, you are fine. I merely did that to prove a point-" Takumi shut his mouth as he heard footsteps.

    As soon as he saw the shadows of two guards, two arrows flew at the speed of light and hit the men. They died instantly, falling with a dull thud, no blood spilling. The prince took the keys from a guard and unlocked the cage, reattaching them to the belt of the man.

    Takumi opened the door, moonlight streaming in from a glass-less window. It made his hair look like a lilac color, eyes golden despite the long, thick hair being silver-white and orbs of honey-brown in all reality.

    The dragon was startled by how much his "executioner" looked like a female.
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  7. The dragon blinked. His glare becoming a syrprised glance."...what are you doing?" The dragon stretched, regaining posture, so he did't slouch... if thats possible for a dragon.
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  8. Takumi's head turned sharply to the open cage, eyes widening in shock. "Did you just talk in my language?" He asked the dragon, feeling somewhat stupid as he did, for he knew that the gods of old were much more intelligent than mere humans.
  9. It sighed. rolling its duo-colored eyes. "No, I squaked like a peacock, then barked like a dog. Of course I spoke in your language!!"
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  10. "Well how was I supposed to know that you were able to?! Egads..." Takumi sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose for only a moment before turning and heading for the exit. "Let's go. Even if you don't care for dying, I cannot stay here. Not anymore... and I refuse to be dragged down by any extra luggage!"

    It was clear to say that the archer would kill the dragon if said beast didn't listen. And so without a word spoken the dragon followed, they tow creeping past most of the guards and the archer killing those who they couldn't with his bow. They had only just gotten out of the city when the Hoshidan realized he had taken no rations.

    In a moment unfit for a prince, he let out a string of cuss words before calming, rationalizing that he could simply hunt - and kept his thoughts away from the dragon beside him for the time being.
  11. The dragon hummed. "I guess I should change, so I'm not obvious." The creature began to glow faintly, before his body was engulfed by light. The dragon began to change into a humanoid figure. Soon, the light cleared to show a young man in his late teens, in jeans and a white tank top.
    The newly Human had raven black hair that reached his lower back, with purple streaks, that look natural. The man had pale ish skin, and freckles covering his cheeks and nose.
  12. The Hoshidan's breath hitched, honey brown eyes widening in shock. However, he simply steeled himself and drew in a quick, short breath. Then he exhaled slowly, posture relaxing just a tad.

    "I won't... question on why you are able to do that for the time being, but what I will ask is for your name. Also, how fast are you able to run in your... "human form"?" Takumi said slowly, picking his words almost carefully.
  13. "I don't exactly know all the physical abilities of this body, as I rarely use it." The Noirette said blandly. The young man stood, brushing himself off, and began walking. "Where are we off too, anyway?"
  14. "Well, firstly" Takumi decided to deal with the oddities at a later time. "We should get out of this country - more so away from Hoshido. We aren't even one hundred yards away, so do not think that you can walk away and still be alive, let alone free. It'd be best for you to travel as a dragon anyway." He paused, thinking deeply.

    "...Can you harry a human of my size with little to no struggle? If so, we can get out of the country much faster than on foot. I can go for two days at the very most without food if I must, but I will need water... and that's not even taking into account what you need."
  15. The man turned. "really? an almost 1000lbs Dragon is more suitble to stay safe?" He sighed. "I just changed to this form. Wht do you want from me? I just want to go home, and die the same place my father did." He growled at the human man in front of him.
  16. Takumi raised a brow. "Well, a dragon - one of the mythical kings of old - is no doubly faster than a mere human. And if you wish to die where the dragon king did, then we go to Vallite. What I "want" from you is nothing but tolerance of my presence as I keep hunters of both Nohr and Hoshido away. Because I broke you out beast, I cannot ever go back home. I am risking my entire future for a being that should have been dead with the king of dragons but somehow survived. If you don't want my help, I will accept that. However I will force it upon you."

    Takumi stopped to walk past the now-human-turned dragon, breathing deeply and closing his eyes to calm his nerves.

    "Understand! I now have no place to go. If you were to ask why I even bothered, it is because that I would be disowned anyway if I were unable or unwilling to fulfill my rite of passage. I suppose this saves me the trouble and pain of my brother and king exiling me, but I will bring you to Vallite even if I must die on those very grounds."
  17. The Noirette stared at him for a moment, before sighing. "My name is Drake, if you care to call me that." was all he said, before changingto a dragon again. "Get on. "
  18. The Hoshidan didn't hesitate in complying with that order, sliding on and only just gripping the dragon's neck. "Takumi, ex-prince of Hoshido, if you'd care to address me as," He replied back, trying to keep a straight face as they shot upwards to the skies.

    Timeskip--Hours Later, Night
    "Let's stop here!" Takumi yelled over the cold wind, voice cracking. He winced, placing a hand over his throat, shutting his mouth. Drake slowly descended, smoothly landing with a grace that was absent upon takeoff.

    The ex-prince slid off, nerves a bit frazzled and legs shaking from the ride. He shivered form the cold air, speaking a wispy thanks to the black beast that blended into the night. "I-I'm... going to look for some wood," He muttered, marching off, knuckles turning white from how hard he was holding his bow.​
  19. The dragon watched him leave. When Takumi returned, and placed the wood in its respectful place, Drake spat fire onto it, instantly turning into a perfect fire, warm, and big enough to stay overnight.
  20. Takumi smirked, sitting cross legged a bit away from the fire but just close enough so he could feel it. "Handy. Is... Well. Anything in particular I should know about you, or would you rather skip this talk and go hunting?" He stared at only his bow when asking this, ethereal string not there this time.

    "Or perhaps you wish to know more about me? More than what I told you of how I am treated - was treated - at home?"
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