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  1. As a guild of spies and assassins are stationed in England. Two young members of this guild find themselves lovestruck despite the strict rules against romance within the guild. They have kept their secret so far and hope things stay that way
  2. Violet stared down her opponent. She was in the practice room, her opponent being another girl from her squad. She was quickly progressing up the ranks, going from recruit to spy to lethal in a matter of weeks.
  3. Jasik watched the two girls in the training area. Violet reminded Jasik of how he had to fight for his position amongst the Assassins. The path to where he was now was by far the hardest thing he had ever done in his life, and from the looks of things, violet was on that same path.
  4. Violet growled, lunging forward and tucking herself into a roll, coming up behind the other girl and knocking her out. She wasn't like the other girls....the other girls would kill just to prove they were supreme. That shred of mercy she showed was supposedly a downfall, but she knew it was a strength. It showed she was still human, still had a shred of humanity in her.
  5. Jasik left the training area and went into his meditation room. He spent most of his time here because it was the only place where he could actually be calm instead of a killer. Jasik was well known for his skills as an assassin, but even though he was a highly trained hunter, he still liked to have a place where he didn't have to worry about anything outside of his room.
  6. Violet was dismissed, displeased faces of the other students watching her as she left. She went to her room, sitting and staring as she reviewed the fight in her mind. She had known the other girl from training, one that lacked in noticing fast movements. She was vulnerable.
  7. It was about two o'clock in the morning and Jasik decided to wonder a bit because he couldn't sleep. Hundreds of thoughts flooded through his mind and he couldn't focus on just one. As he walked down a hallway, he couldn't help but feel like someone was watching him
  8. Violet had left her door open so she could see the hallway. She watched his restlessness with amusement. She had spent many nights that way.
  9. Jasik walked outside into the fields and looked up at the moon before sitting down against the building he called home. Many of his nights consisted of nightly visits to the field. He usually waited about an hour before going back inside and attempting to sleep again
  10. Violet left, following him silently. She peered around the corner, looking at him. "Restless night..." she whispered. She had always been a quiet soul.
  11. Jasik stopped waking and let out a deep breath. ”You know violet, it's not nice to spy on people” He said as he turned around to face her
  12. She ducked her head, hiding behind her long raven black hair. "Sorry..." she muttered.
  13. He slowly walked up to her and moved her hair out of her face. She was truly beautiful. ”Well now that you have my attention, how about you tell me why you're watching me.”
  14. Violet blushed. "I am restless too..." She muttered, looking away from him.
  15. Jasik smiled at her and took her hand. ”Follow me” he said
  16. Violet let him lead her. She was restless yes, that was why she had been replaying the days training in her head until he distracted her.
  17. He lead her into his meditation room and closed the door behind them. He allowed her to get settled in and he sat on a mat across from her
  18. Violet sat down with a sigh and closed her eyes. Her body was stiff and she struggled on concentrating. She popped an eye open and looked at him. "Nice room..." she whispered.
  19. Thank you he replied. He couldn't get over how beautiful she was. He had to put allot of effort into not staring at her
  20. Violet looked down, blushing and hiding behind her hair.
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