The Unknown Crisis (Open for new players)

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  1. RP:
    Plot (open)

    Humans with special powers, no matter if magic or special abilities, are quite common in the world known as Velder.
    They use them to make their daily lives easier, for work, to help others, and of course to fight.
    Many races and creatures exist in Velder, but they do get along to a certain extend. True, racism does exist, but there was never enough hate to extinct one of those races.

    Conflicts exist in this world and kings battle each other for various reasons. Greed, peace, honor. But the world itself is at peace.

    Since a month or so, special powers, magic, the races special feats. All start to get weaker. Not all at the same time, but one by one becomes weaker or even looses his/her power.
    There have been rumors of a few people who seem to have completely lost their power.
    If this continues for too long, war will break out since everyone blames someone else for this.
    Who is responsible for this? A evil mastermind who pulls the strings of fate from the shadows? The nature that can't handle the use of so many power users? Are the gods enraged by someone and use their divine powers to punish all creatures?

    While most waste their time and do nothing or just blame others, there are a few with common sense and begin a journey to find out what is happening.
    Whenever they find out what happens, depends on them and their determination.

    Rules (open)

    Follow the Forum rules of
    This rp is managed and controlled by me. If you don't think you can work with me, go nuts.
    There will be fighting scenes. Mid violence is allowed. This means that i am fine with broken bones or minor wounds. making a blood fountain out of a enemy goes too far though. If you are not sure if your plan is allowed, please do not hesitate to ask me.
    Do not kill other OC's unless their owners give the permission to do so.
    Although it will not be D&D themed, i will use dices at some points. Don't like it? Don't sign up.
    I can change the rules any time, but i will be polite enough to warn you once that happens.

    World Setting (open)

    The world setting will be a young industrial age. So knights, kings, temples, the church and all of those things are existing. The only machines that exist are steam machines (airships, trains, factories and other similar heavy machines). Electricity is just a theory in that time, but electrokinetic powers are allowed.

    The clothing is completely up to you. But please prevent post modern clothing or school-uniforms.

    Pretty much ALL races are allowed. Humans, Elves, Orcs, Antromorphs. Let your imagination roam free. I only ask to not make them overpowered and have a humanoid body.

    Dice system (open)

    In certain situations, you will have to throw 6 6-Faced dices. This can be done after you posted, click on "More options" in the lower right corner of your post, and throw it 6 times.

    Depending on the numbers and result, different things can happen.

    Very bad




    Very good

    But not only the result is important. If you get a chain of some special numbers (they must be side by side), the result changes, regardless of the sum of them.


    Very bad

    Critical bad.


    Very Good

    Critical good.

    Q:What if i get two chains?
    A:The first chain will be used.

    Sign Up (open)

    Special Ability:
    -Explanation of ability (if needed)

    If you have any questions, go ahead and ask. This is a OOC as well and i will answer ASAP.
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  2. Before I sign up I wanted to ask about the dice system for a second. Do the rpers have to use their own dice or is there a specific dice system or program that everyone will use and if its neither then how will the use of dice work when it comes to that?
  3. I'm glad you ask.
    Most probably don't know, but the new iwaku has it's own dices. After you posted, check out the lower right corner of the post. There is "Reply" and "More options".
    Then you click on "Throw a dice" and throw up to 6 6-sided dices (more and higher numbers are possible but let's leave it at that). You can, but don't have to, add a reason for the dice throw.
    Here an example.
    Lusterless Nova threw 6-faced die for: My lucky number today is: Total: 25 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
  4. Oh okay. I got it. I'm glad that could be cleared up. I'll sign up when I can cause im kinda busy now. Job apps and school stuff.
  5. Name: Hina
    Race: Usagi
    Age: 23
    Appearance: (I used an image to show what she looks like)
    Special Ability: Uses specialty gems to enchant her sword.
    -Explanation of ability (if needed): Red gem grants fire damage, blue gems grant ice damage, etc

    Background/Biography: Hina was raised into a family who were sword and enchantment specialists. One day her parents were ordered to make a dangerous and extremely powerful gem and sword that only they knew how to make but refused because no being outside their family lineage has ever been able to wield it properly but this enraged the man who was put in the request so he ordered a group of assassins to kill her parents. They succeeded after many failed attempts due to one major reason...they were protecting their only child.

    Ever since then Hina has blamed herself for her parent's death and is the only living successor to her family's secret sword and enchanting techniques. She managed to find where her parents hid the recipe for her family's sacred weapon and gem. She now sets out to make one since her place lacks the necessary ingredients to make such things.

    Personality: Can be mean at times, tends to get emotional when parents are mentioned since it makes her remember that horrible day in her life.

    Other: Hates it when people talk bad about their parents. It leads her to have mild violent outbursts.

    Attached Files:

  6. Moonlight Gamer: Hina
  7. Name: Ike

    Race: Werewolf

    Age: 25

    Appearance: Human Form: (Avatar) Werewolf Form:


    Special Ability: Can heal instantly (If focused) and can grow a lot bigger than most werewolves if he desires.

    Background/Biography:Robert Wiley grew up in a rich family of werewolves, during his child hood he was discriminated along with the rest of his family harshly. He had problems even walking out of the house sometimes. He killed his first victim when he was about 8, it was a dark elf who wouldn't stop playing tricks on him with his dark magic. He was sent to correctional center/asylum for werewolves and vampires later that year. The vampires and werewolves were kept separate of course, but one of his medicinal treatments were mixed wrong, thus unlocking his true wolf. He was able to grow to about 15 feet, and his muscle structure in human form, and in wolf form increased tremendously, he was left unattended that night and he ended up escaping from the correctional center. He's been in hiding ever since, however he still socializes in the world with the new identity of Ike. To some he's seen as a hero, and to most he's seen as a villain, he's still highly discriminated on, and treated like dirt. Now Ike doesn't show his true form unless absolutely necessary. He has no problem with killing.

    Personality: Very sweet and kind, can be aggressive sometimes, and he has a very controlled temper.

    Other: He has dual machete-like blades that he fights with whenever he's not in his werewolf form.
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  8. Beast Boy: Ike

    By the way. Is he in full control of his transformation? I'm just asking since usual Werewolfs transform only when looking at the full moon.
  9. Yeah he has full control over it, but on full moon he has no control what so ever.
  10. Name:
    Haru Kei




    Special Ability:
    Haru has the special ability to heal someone, no matter the injury (except for death, because that's not an injury. It is death). She can also create energy in a solid form, turning it into arrows which she uses with her bow. She's also an extremely talented archer.

    -Explanation of ability (if needed)

    She was born and has lived in the same town her whole life. She's the middle child in a family of three children. Her older brother, however, left to join the military like their father. Even so, she lived in a mostly happy environment. Though, for the most part of her life, her mother struggled a little, being the only parent in the home. As she got older though, Haru would do odd jobs to bring money home to her mother.
    The town they live in is known for its archers across the regions. Each family is known as more of a clan, each with their own mark. When kids are old enough to walk and hold a bow, they're thrown into archery training. While Haru does hold the record for aim and time, the others in town are no pushovers. They hold competitions each year and, since a young age, Haru's managed to take the champion title each time. The competitons are open to archers from all over, but she still manages to trump them all. She's the best archer in town, as such, she's just as well known across the region as the town.

    Despite her serious demeanor while practicing her archery, keeping her cool with a stern expression, Haru's a very light-hearted girl. She's nice and sweet, never raising her voice unless it's absolutely necessary. You'll usually see her with a smile on her face and she'll always have something kind to say. She really hates confrontation, and will do her best to avoid it. Even if she's not involved in a conflict, she'll try to make things peaceful again.
    Haru finds herself acting like a mother for her little brother, protective of him. She would defend both he and their mother against any threat, even if it should cost her her life. Same going for the situation in which someone she considers her friend is in danger.

  11. Skippy: Haru Kei
    I think we need just one more to start. Anyone else interested? Don't be shy.​
  12. Name: Captain Scrubz

    race: Vampire

    Age: 2027

    Appearance: as my pic but my hair grown much longer this pic is 4 years old .

    Special Ability: super speed twice as fast as normal vampires.

    weapon: Knuckle duster of elements. (sword is just for show)

    Background: It all started with a repair of a broken ship which came alive. Her name is Blue and she made Scrubz her Captain and granted him a super power and weapon. He chose super speed and his knuckle dusters Along his travels the ship malfunctions and randomly transports them to different dimensions which they have no idea how to control or even know when it happens till it happens. Everytime they dimension shifted Scubz Blue and his dragon get shifted and they have to start again. Scubz's Dragon Horus stays in hiding. Along his travels he did get turned into a vampire which vampire's already had fast speed his just grew a lot which takes a lot out of scrubz though.

    So Now Scubz have to go back in land again and gather gold and hopefully trustworthy people who might want to join his crew. But scrubz must gather enough gold to support his crew which does take a while unless he gets very lucky.

    Unfortunately for scrubz he gets hurt a lot and seen his other dimensions selfs die in many ways useally within the 1st day of arriving some cases he never saw his other self.

    Personality: Most of the time he's very laid back. He will do anything for gold or good people. which comes 1st varies. He might be old but still no wiser. Dimension shifting changes everything so he might as well still be 23 again. (23 was his age when turned)

    Other: Loves Whiskey
  13. save me a spot please and is it ok if my power can be time. but she will have little problems using it like ahh if she see a had past 10sec she can hurt her self so she stick to 10sec. somthing like that
  14. Captain Scrubz: Captain Scrubz

    There is no need to "save" a spot. Even after my RPs start, i am good with finding ways to let new players join.
    But back to your main question:
    Time is a power that can be used in many ways. Whenever i would have to limit your abilities depends on what your character can do. Want some examples?

    Stopping time, and using this to move around freely: No.
    Reason: Way too much control. If you tell me with a pm what you are up to, there might be a way to make this work out.

    Stopping time of a enemy/small target: Yes
    Although it would be only for a short time, it does make some things more interesting.

    Accelerating time of a projectile to make it a lot faster then it actually is: Yes.
    If your character happens to use throwing knives or something like that, you would be allowed to make them faster with that.

    Slowing time of a object/world down: Yes.
    It may be similar to the stop, but it doesn't feel like cheating if you ask me. Your character would move like usual of course.

    Get the picture? I will gladly take a look at your character, but do me a favor and write down exactly what she can do with her time ability.
  15. Okay then.
    I will make the rp tomorrow. What time? I guess pretty much 24 hours from NOW on.
  16. Name: Eve
    Race: Human with a affinity for the elements.
    Age: 21
    Appearance: She's 5ft 6inch tall with thick wavey long mahgoney brown hair, she's slim but with curves in the right places and the most obvious difference she has from other '' normal people'' is she has lilac coloured eyes (not contacts real)
    Special Ability: The elements bend to her will (fire,earth,air,spirit and water)
    Background/Biography: It started on her 21st birthday she started to feel different and she could hear and see things in the elements that no one else could, except her friend Anne who informed her that after Eves grandmother had died she had passed her powers on to her. With the help of Anne she learnt how to control this gift but also keep it hidden when needed.
    Personality:She's not very trusting until she gets used to someone but once she see's you as a friend she is very loyal, kind and caring but she has a hell of a temper on her and is a bit sarcastic on occasions
    Other: Likes watching fire
  17. Eve lilith Angelson: Eve

    One little question though. I know the basic 4 elements, but i never heard of "Spirit" being a element too. What does it to?
  18. Spirit means i can see and talk to the dead its an old native american element hope thats ok. and Thank you :)
  19. Name: Thomas
    Race: Human
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Refer to pic.
    Special Ability: Speed.
    -Explanation of ability (if needed): Nope
    Background/Biography: Trained to be the fastest around, Thomas looks around the world for the murderer of his best friend.
    Personality: Loyal, agile, smart, but very cocky.
    Other: Nope. c:
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