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  1. I've found the key. I've found the Philosopher's Stone. I've found the Azoth. I've found a fucktonne of secrets. I've dug into the depths of-

    yeah ok. Basically I am remaking this RP. And hoping that it will not die again. Read the thread and then look back.

    Fine fine, I'll post the plot summary.

    Welcome to Hanazawa Co-Ed School. A school for boys and girls from middle to high schools. You are a student here, but not any ordinary student.

    You are a hero of your own story.


    Imagine this - every one of us is the protagonist of our very own anime. Slice of life, Mecha, Mahou Shoujo, Supernatural, Sports, SciFi, a lot of stories to tell about our lives.

    Now, what do you do when you aren't living through the literal pages and episodes of your life? Well, here's the answer.

    You join a club. Going home club? Nope. Boooring.

    It's the Hero Club. A club where you, the hero of your story, become a hero in another tale! Lead by Akizuki Akane, the hero club does all kinds of things - help around school. Maybe find a cat or two. Some camps. You get me, don't you?

    Anyways, nothing could go wrong in such times! Could they?


    Where there is light, there must be darkness. And a fucktonne of Xehanorts. You are a villain, some form of evil, or something. You have found a perculiar young girl by the name of 'Akizuki Akira', who calls herself 'Tainted Bible'. She acts in a way that intrigues you, you believe that she is what you want - a slave, a minion, a loyal woman to work by your side as you do your evil things, even an evil leader or heir, or simply a potential equal or ally.

    But wait.

    To get closer to Akira, you must first partake in what is known as the 'Occult Club', which Akira leads. After that, you warm up to her. How hard could it be?

    Oh, you don't want to know.

    Alright, the primary difference is that you MUST be able to play 2 or more characters. I want a sizeable cast, yet I do not want too many players that will lead to dead schedules and stuff

    I will also be limiting genres.

    Also the rules will be less intimidating, seeing that most of them are obvious and/or can be placed on the application. Why did I insert so many rules again? I dunno


    @Verite @Pravitas @Vivian @TK (shlav)

    Hero Club MemberGenreOccult Society Member
    Akizuki Akane(Club Leader)Akizuki Akira
    ???Mahou ShoujoReserved for Crow
    Reserved for VeriteSupernaturalReserved for Pravitas
    Reserved for BarrenThinHorrorReserved for Vivian(Probably)
    Reserved for TK(presumably. Hopefully. Maybe.)FantasyReserved for BarrenThin
    Reserved by RythShonenReserved for Verite(probably)
    Reserved for CrowMechaReserved for Pravitas
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  2. i suppose i'm still in, as long as i get to still have that love triangle between mystery girl and the trap
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  3. @Verite edit your post before Trau Trau wakes up in 3 hours sees it

    She doesn't know yet...

    Let's see which direction this love triangle goes.
  4. mystery mystery!!
  5. What's that you say
  6. You were dead for 8 hours mang

    Oh wait that's called sleep I do that too.

    le secret le secret eau de toilette
  7. I'm usually awake at 3AM, so I must've been hella tired.
  8. Tired from being awake at 3AM all the time? Yeah, I know how that feels.
  9. Can I reserve supernatural - Hero Club?
  10. Nope, because it already is reserved.
  11. Oh, okay then!
    May I reserve fantasy spot in occult club then?
    Edit: and Horror Hero-Club? (I plan on some smexy yaoi action, perhaps a love rectangle)
  12. For Fantasy, you might have to base your application on @TK (shlav) 's application.

    For Horror, same thing with @Vivian .
  13. No prob' Bob!
  14. @Crow probably forgot to mention that this is an all female roleplay. Pulling off a yaoi shape of any kind would be kinda difficult, to say the least.
  15. ...
    The original one had several males, so what makes this all-female only?
    EDIT: I just noticed that "several" is one male.
  16. He decided to revert it to a cute girls doing cute things type plot. There'll be some action, of course, but for the most part, yeah... Cute girls + cute things.
  17. ;-;
    Still gonna make female fantasy occult club, and androgynous-female horror hero club.
  18. That's fine by us.~
  19. I.. I may or may not be interested in this. It hits my weeby feels. ♥
    If you're still accepting, I'd love to flipacointoseewhichto join one of the clubs. ;;A;;
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