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  1. ~ The Ultimate ~

    ~ Comic Book ~

    ~ Roleplaying Universe ~


    IC Link

    Greetings true believers, and welcome to the Ultimate Comic Book Roleplaying Universe! Or, "Earth-1212" if you want to get technical. This is a new style of super hero RP, taking our favourite comic book characters, putting them in a combined Universe, and basically giving everything a reboot of our own creation!

    In the vast and unexplored regions of the multiverse, existing somewhere between Earth-616 (main Marvel-verse) and "Earth One" (DC), lays a new and previously undiscovered world known as Earth-1212. This world is still relatively new and has yet to experience the thrills, chills, and exploits that it's fellow universes have gone through. However, its only a matter of time before the Heroes and Villains of this world dive right into the fray, challenging each other constantly for their own reasons.

    There isn't really a solid story per say, but this RP will follow a series of linear stories based upon either original ideas, famous Comic book story arcs (such as the Superhero Registration Act, The Killing Joke, Days of Future Past, Final Crisis, or House of M), or a combination of the two (instead of the Secret Wars being fought against other villains/heroes, its being fought against alternate reality versions of our characters). We'll be adding more story arcs to this page as the RP progresses, but generally they would follow the 3 act system of storytelling: The heroes/villains find out about the event, begin teaming up/jump into the situation, and the resolution that leads into the next big story arc. Inside of these major stories will be a group of smaller stories that will primarily be created from character interaction (example: During the "Brand New Day" story arc, Jessica Edwards decides to quit the Justice League and life as Iron Woman, but eventually comes back when she realizes her teammates need her).


    RULES (open)
    1. No GMing. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues

    2. Maximum of 3 Active Characters per person. Any more needs approval by a GM

    3. Characters can and probably WILL die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."

    4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM, please. Also, violence is allowed, but please don't rip out a guys entrails and hold them above his head while he slowly dies. We're not monsters (well, not all of us)

    5. Some scenes will be time skipped if they drag on too long/get too boring, but most of the time we will RP things through.

    6. Although we're going to play both heroes and villains, each character (unless specified by either yourself or a GM) will be involved with every story arc in some way.

    7. Your character cannot have any GM abilities. GM abilities include: Character Manipulation (mind control/puppeteering), Insta-Killing other player's Characters, etc. We all know what these are so we should be good.

    8. Post at least two paragraphs each time (more is fantastic)

    9. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, special events or even the death/introduction of a new character)

    10. If you got this far, here's a cookie *hands cookie*. Also, include the words "EXCELSIOR!" in your "Other" section so I know who's read the rules.

    11. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody unleashes their ultimate power and freezes the other person's foot to the floor, then proceed to just punch the crap out of their immobile opponent. In addition, GM moves will NOT be allowed inside PvP combat unless approved/announced in a GM event.

    12. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!


    Things to Consider (open)
    The franchise list for characters and the overall setting of the RP is countless: Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, Independent Comics, and more! Now, in terms of characters, we will all be playing rebooted franchise characters. This means that any characters who previously existed in comics either don't exist, or have not become their hero/villain identities just yet. This allows for some unique and interesting opportunities. While creating your character, you can consider of these options:

    • If your character is a hero in the mainstream comics, you are allowed by all means to turn him/her into a villain/"line walker" and visa versa.

    • If you desire to play a genderbent version of the canon character, feel free to go ahead (Felicia Hardy becomes Felix Hardy, Bruce Wayne becomes Brianna Wayne, ect)

    In the end, how you make your character is up to you. The only thing I would say is try to make the characters as original as you can. This means trying to invent new names, backgrounds, and even maybe changing up the costumes for your character, be they good, walking the line, or evil.


    Character Roster (open)
    You may have up to three characters (if you can handle it, that is). You are also allowed to play either a Hero, Villain, or somebody Walking the Line between Good and Evil.

    **Note: just because I've listed 8 spots here, doesn't mean that we're limited to 8 people. I just thought 8 was a good starting number.**

    1.) Dylan Robertson / Spider-Man - Sora1297









    Waiting List: For those who wish to join, but all spots are taken at the time.










    Story Arcs (open)
    Those arcs highlighted in Green are completed, while those highlighted in Red are the arc we're currently doing, and those highlighted in Yellow are arcs we haven't gotten to yet, but are planning for the future or are up next.

    Footnote: Each page we reach in the IC counts as an "Issue" for the story arc (ex. If it takes 12 pages to finish the first story, then that story will be comprised of issues 1-12. The next issue will start at 12 and begin the cycle again)

    ~~ Descriptions by Stan Lee! ~~
    ... impersonator

    Arc #1: Rise of C.O.B.R.A

    Description: "Egads! Ever since the 20's, "super heroes" had become more predominant in the world. It started with those "Minutemen" fellows, but over the years the number of caped-crusaders gradually grew in size! But back then, none of these costumed men and woman were anything but average Joe's... Except for one. They called him "The First Superman", but I'm getting ahead of myself. Where was I?

    Ah, yes! Ever since the mid 80's, the number of "super heroes" in the world dramatically increased. What's more is that these people weren't just wearing a costume! They were gifted with extraordinary powers and abilities far beyond comprehension! Some of these spectacular people were born with their powers, some of them came from outer space, and some of them were given extraordinary abilities with a little help from our old pal, Science! But, while the number of costumed heroes has been rising, so has the number of villains. For every 1 hero, there are about 3 or 4 villains... But, in the shadows, a specialized group of people known as C.O.B.R.A. has been monitoring these heroes and villains, waiting. What is their plan? Who are they after? Why did I eat a Beef Burrito from that dodgy food stall? Just wait and we'll all find out! Excitement!"


    Character Sheet (open)
    **Note: "Walking the Line" pertains to characters who act like heroes sometimes, and villains other times. Examples of this would be Deathstroke, Punisher, Rorschach (well, virtually all the Watchmen) and Wolverine (they all kill when required, but normally work for the good guys).**

    Name: (First, Last. Middle name and Nicknames are optional)

    Alias: (Self explanatory)

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain: (Hero, Villain, or Undecided/Walking the Line between Good and Evil)

    Age: (12-78 for humans/mutants. 12-300 for Aliens.)

    Appearance: (Put any images of them here: the costume they wear, their face, even what they look like as a civilian if you really want. Wether you use real or drawn images is up to you, as it really doesn't matter).

    Background and Hero/Villain Origins: (info on your characters life and a run-through of their origin story. Should be three paragraphs minimum).

    Powers/Abilities: (Can be made-up, or posted from Wikipedia. Try to stay true to the character though, don't give somebody like The Hulk the ability to fly)

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw: (For every power, there is a weakness. Tell us about the things that make your character vulnderable)

    Occupation: (Optional, if your character has an alternate identity)

    Other: (include any additional information here)

    Sample Post: (can be from Civilian POV or Hero/Villain POV. Must be 3 paragraphs minimum)


    My Sheet (open)
    Civilian Looks (open)

    He also wears a set of bulky black-framed glasses. He wears them all the time, except when in costume (but his eye-coverings are made with prescription plastic lenses)

    Spider-Man (open)


    Dylan Eric Robertson


    Incredible Sensational Ultimate Bombastic Superior Mysterious Traditional Radical Unlimited Avenging Exceptional Extraordinary

    The "Amazing" Spider-Man

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain:

    Hero, bordering Vigilante status. Dylan's super hero persona is also considered a "menace" by the Media thanks to a certain newspaper.



    Background and Hero/Villain Origins:

    ~~ Dylan's Life ~~

    Dylan Robertson was born and raised in Millenium City. He had a relatively normal childhood growing up. His father, Thomas, was a scientist who had been working on some kind of research dealing with cross-species mutation at OSCORP. Apparently, the project was supposed to create new medicines and health-aids (ex. growing back limbs with the help of Lizard DNA), but Thomas always warned Dylan that his work could make bad men show up. He told Dylan to never let them near his work and didn't even allow his son to glance at his progress, despite the young boy's love of science and learning. Most of the time, Thomas was off working at the OSCORP Building, so his family rarely saw him except on weekends. Dylan's mother, Venessa, was a local dentist. She was also constantly working, but whenever the family managed to get extreme periods of time off work, they would spend it together to try and make up for lost time.

    Dylan wasn't the most popular kid when it came to school, but he wasn't a nerd either. He fell into his own sort of social group along with his other friends which they decided to call "Inbetweeners", meaning they weren't popular, but they also weren't outcasts. He has a small circle of friends he really trusts that have been with him since he was 6 years old. They all had various interests and opinions on certain things, but somehow they worked well as friends. Together they formed a sort of odd friendship that most people would think was absolutely strange. They all had their places in the group: there was the "pretty one", the "super nerd", the "sports enthusiast", and so on. Dylan fell into the category of the "smart-ass" for his opinionated views and takes on various things. Plus, Dylan had always been able to make humorous remarks about almost everything, so it seemed fair to give him a new trait category.

    Dylan attends Midtown Highschool. His strong suits are the Sciences (a trait he apparently inherited from his father), English, Math and Drama. What he fails at, unfortunately, is anything involving strenuous physical activity, or violence. Mostly, this pertains to Gym Class. Dylan is able to keep up with everyone else, sure, but he's definitely not the most active kid at school. If you had to rank him on a scale of 1-100 for how physically fit he was, Dylan would fall somewhere into the 20-30 range. Dylan has virtually no upper or lower body strength, making tasks like carrying heavy objects difficult for him. He's been trying to beef up not only for himself, but also to impress girls. Unfortunately after an incident in which the bar was quite literately "dropped" (right onto his chest), Dylan gym membership was taken away and he was told to stick to jogging instead.

    Sometimes stuff goes right for him, sometimes things don't. He's just your average teenage guy with spider-like superpowers trying to make it in the Big Apple.

    ~~ Origin Story ~~

    Two years ago, Dylan was involved in a serious accident. His high school was taking a field trip to the world-renowned OSCORP Research and Development building, the same place where his father worked. During the tour, a security officer approached the guide and ordered the group to leave the premises, claiming that the building was shutting down prematurely because of a safety drill. While the rest of the school started to leave, Dylan and a group of students hung around in order to figure out what was going on. Dylan's father hadn't alerted him of a drill, so he suspected something was going on. They managed to find and disguise themselves as lab-assistants before they were forced down to the lower labs by a security team. The teens were (re)informed that "Project: OZ" was about to commence and they were supposed to be in the control booth monitoring the event. When they reached the lab, Dylan was met with the sight of his Father and a group of men working on a half-human half-reptilian creature with completely pale skin (they called it "The Chameleon", given it's ability to change appearance). The experiment seemed to be going well, with sedatives being given to the creature in order to soothe it. At one point, it even began to speak, asking the researchers for food (a live mouse), which it consumed in one gulp. The experiment ended with extremely positive results, showing that the hybrid creature had grown properly and showed no signs of violent tendencies... Unlike "previous subjects". At this point, the experiment was concluded and the building ended its lockdown. Then, Dylan's father realized that his son and three students had broken into the lab after the proper lab-assistant's showed up, having previously stepped out for pizza before the experiment began.

    Thomas scolded his son and the others, explaining that they had witnessed highly classified information and could get him and the rest of the researchers in serious trouble if they revealed what had happened there to the world. (What actually did happen was that The Chameleon had been genetically created by combining the DNA of multiple South American reptiles with a human being, successfully creating a creature that could be just like a human. The American military was funding the project so OSCORP could create the perfect espionage agent, one who could expertly blend in with the enemy and take them out from the other side). Using a military developed device, a few researchers wiped the memories of the other teenagers, but Dylan (being the son of a researcher) was allowed to keep his. The other teens were sent home immediately, while Thomas reluctantly agreed to keep Dylan around until he left. Just as the father and son were going to leave, the doors sealed shut and a deafening alarm began to echo through the lab. Security officers ran over to the inner sanctums and told the scientists to get out, but it was too late. While the Chameleon was being escorted to its containment chamber, it had apparently turned violent and murdered its escorts. After stealing the identity of one of the soldiers and transforming itself, the Chameleon unlocked the security cells of the "Other Hybrids", releasing the highly dangerous test subjects that had survived the gene-construction process. These hybrids, however, were extremely violent and had been scheduled for gene-recycling that day (a process that completely disassembles the particles in a creature's body, destroying them permanently and "humanely"). As the sentient ring-leader, the Chameleon orchestrated the break-out of the experiments in hopes that they could seek revenge against their creators (as the Chameleon claimed, they were nothing but freaks). The Seven experiments (aptly named after their creatures of origin: the Arachnid, the Lizard, the Scorpion, the Wasp, the Piraña, Vermin, and the Chameleon) wrecked havoc upon the research facility, slaughtering scientists, security officers, and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the brawl. Dylan hid in the observation room, Thomas and his partner, Gordon Greene, tried to access the ventilation system and flood the lower laboratory with a deadly neurotoxin (designed specifically in the event of a breakout).

    However, just as the neurotoxin flooded the lab, one of the creatures, the Arachnid, managed to enter the observation room and attacked Dylan, sinking it's teeth into his neck in an attempt to drain him of any bodily fluids. Dylan was paralyzed by the venom in the Aracnid's fangs, unable to defend himself while it feasted. However, a new security team (equipped with gas masks) arrived on the scene and shot down the Arachnid to rescue Dylan. When the team arrived at the control room to try and rescue Thomas and Gordon, they discovered that Thomas had been murdered by a previously unknown experiment and Gordon was later found unconscious with signs of physical trauma. Only the Chameleon was unaccounted for, so it was assumed it escaped as a desperate last attempt to save its life.

    A few days later, Dylan woke up in the hospital, surrounded by his family and friends. He had no idea that the venom in his system forced him into a comatose state for days, but he also learned of his father's gruesome murder at the hands of an previously unknown hybrid creature. Thomas had apparently been disembowelled and partially eaten by the beast, but nobody knew exactly what creature it was. Based on a bloodied footprint left behind, it resembled some kind of creature with taloned-feet. None of the hybrids had talons, so the authorities thought it must've been the Chameleon taking on an unrecognizable form to throw off anyone who might've followed it. As compensation to the families of those who died in the break out, OSCORP shut down Sector B and paid for all of the funerals.

    In the weeks that followed, Dylan began to notice some strange occurrences. During a gym class in which he was required to play dodgeball, Dylan discovered his reflexes had enhanced overnight by 100%. He was faster, stronger, and more agile. He also felt this strange feeling in the back of his skull, almost like a tingle. Dylan soon realized that the tingle told him when something negative (such as being hit) was about to happen to him. After a dodge that forced him into a wall, he opened his eyes to see the students staring at him with disbelief. Dylan thought he had seriously hurt himself because he was seeing things as if he were laying on the floor sideways. Then, he glanced to the floor and saw that was apparently stuck to the wall, hanging onto the padding like a frightened cat. He quickly dropped off the walls while the students begged him to teach them how to hold onto a flat surface like that. Immediately after discovering these advancements to his body, he decided to test out his new skills when he got home. After some more tests, Dylan discovered he could also fire a thin, sticky substance that resembled thread from his wrist. Upon further inspection, he discovered that the threads were actually webs, like that of a... Spider.

    Dylan it was then that he realized that "the Arachnid" had somehow transmitted its DNA to his body. It might've been the venom, which was slightly irradiated as the doctors in the hospital told him. The radiation wasn't enough to kill him or even affect him negatively, but it had clearly given him some kind of genetic enhancement.

    And from there... Dylan began his long journey to becoming Spider-Man.


    Wall climbing, web slinging via web cartridges and web shooters, enhanced speed, agility, strength and eyesight. He also harnesses a "Spider-Sense" ability that allows him to detect whenever danger is near or something is wrong in his surroundings.

    On top of being able to fire webs from his web shooters, his body can also produce natural webbing that is about 10X stronger then the artificial stuff, but he rarely uses it for two important reasons:

    1. It requires him to squeeze down on his wrist with his other hand, applying pressure depending on how far he wants the webs to go. On top of the pressure, he needs to continuously press down in order to keep the webs coming.

    2. The webs that are produced naturally come directly from an area in his wrists (like the way they were produced in the 1st Spider-Man movie) and as they are fired, they cause a massive burning and painful sensation in his wrist which usually drains him of energy.

    He only uses his natural webs when needed (ex. Pinning down the Hulk or gargantuan villains so they can't squash the Spider, creating an extreme durable temporary shield that will hold a falling building so he can try to rescue as many of its residents as possible).

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:

    Bullets, Knives, Mind Control, Having his power's sucked from his body, Explosions, and pretty much anything that would kill a normal human being. He's also a bit of a cocky kid as he's not properly gotten the hang of being a superhero just yet. His wise ass remarks normally get himself and those he cares for (of his teammates) into trouble, but aside from that he's not immune to anything (except maybe small doses of radiation)


    High School student, but works as a freelance photographer and website designer for the Daily Bugle (despite their Anti-Spider-Man views).


    • Dylan has contact lens, but often chooses to just wear his bulky prescription glasses.

    • In a sheer act of boredom one day, Dylan invented his own "Spider-Man" theme song, which he has spread around the city thanks to his secret identity... And the Internet.

    • Spider-Man also may have some supporters across the city, but for the most part, people hate his guts. Even after he got a job taking photographs of Spider-Man for a newspaper called the Daily Bugle, he received more hard-on press coverage, calling Spidey a "menace to the city". Despite all the hate he gets, Dylan still finds reason (most of the time) to protect the people of New York and ensure their safety against super villains and criminals.

    • Excelsior!

    Sample Post (open)

    CHU-CHUNK (shotgun cocking and handling sound).

    "Now then, are we gonna cause 'nother issue or is we gon' cooperate now?" The armoured thug asked as he held the shotgun at the bank manager. "Whus the combination on da security system?"

    The terrified balding man shook with fear and began to cry. "T-The c-combination I-is... 3..8..5...6...4...2...9.." he cried out in between terrified gasps. "N-Now p-please... L-let us... G-g-go.."

    The armoured thug looked at his associates, who nodded and let out a laugh. The thug pointed his shotgun into the air and fired off a warning shot, which was followed by the screams of many terrified citizens who were held hostage during the bank robbery. "ALRIGHT!!" he yelled, "AIN'T NOBODY TRY SOMETHING FUNNY, OTHERWISE YOU'S ALL GON' DIE!! GOTS IT?!?" The horrified crowd of bankers, customers and children nodded silently as the echoes of the shotgun still rung in the hollowed ceiling. The thug motioned for one of his companions to enter the combination into the keypad and with many loud clicking sounds, the massive metallic door swung open and exposed the approximate $12,000,000 in cash that rest inside the bank.

    "We're rich, Scruff!!" one of the criminals exclaimed with a cheer and a holler as she grabbed a gym bag they had brought, starting to fill it with money. Scruff and the others stayed behind to watch the hostages and prevent them from trying anything funny. Just as Scruff was about to reload after the warning shot, he noticed a bizarrely horrified look on the bank manager's face. As if getting robbed wasn't enough to make the frail old man frightened, now he looked as if he had seen a ghost. "EH?! WHAT'RE YOU'S STARIN AT, FOUR-EYES?" Scruff shouted at the man before he heard it.




    "NUFF! MIIMRRMUN'S HRR!!" (muffled for "Scruff! Spider-Man's here!")

    Scruff turned around and looked at the man who had rushed into the vault. He was now strung up and muffled by what appeared to be webs. Having seen this type of object before, Scruff realized almost instantly who the puke green webs belonged to. "THE SPIDER'S HERE!!" Scruff yelled, aiming his gun towards the roof. "HE'S LURKING AROUND SOMEWHERE IN THE SHADOW'S! FIND 'IM, AND KILL 'IM!!" The others nodded their heads as they went in search of the Web-Slinger. To ensure himself with extra protection, Scruff ran over to the bank manager and grabbed him by his shirt, aiming the gun at his head. "GET OUT NOW, SPIDER! YOU'S GOT NO BUSINESS HERE! IF ANY OF MY MEN SEE OR HEARS YOU, THEN THE OLD MAN GETS IT!

    Great... Just my luck. Dylan thought as he looked down at the crime scene from the shadows of the roof. The 17 year old superhero shook his head in annoyance as he slowly crawled along the roof. fired a web towards the thug directly below him and strung him up like the others, muffling him before he could scream. Alright, the big one has a shotgun... He's obviously the leader and by far the most dangerous person in this room... Aside from me. He's scared, so I can use that to my advantage. The only thing I have to worry about aside from being shot, is the personal hostage. I'll take out his buddies silently, then save the old guy, then go for him. If playing all those Assassin's Creed games has taught me anything, its that darkness combined with good stealth skills, makes a powerful weapon against your enemies... And they say video games don't reach people stuff. Ha! Dylan nodded as he thought of his plan and slowly crept along the walls of the bank, moving closer to another thug before he strung her up like her buddies. During this time, Scruff backed up into the vault and seemingly forced the old man to pack the money for him. Spider-Man continued to cycle around the room and pick off the thugs, quickly zipping out of sight when somebody saw him. The second time this happened, the thug shouted and Scruff fired his shotgun as a warning. Spidey quickly directed his attention into the vault at Scruff to make sure he hadn't killed the manager. Thankfully, he didn't, but it was clear Scruff was terrified. Spider-Man knew that Scruff was a thief, not a murderer. If he could play to this weakness, then Scruff might go willingly. If not... Then things might get complicated.

    After Spidey finally strung up the last of the thugs, Scruff looked around the room and saw his friends had been all been abducted. Immediately, the thug panicked. Adjusting the shotgun so it was positioned at the old man's left temple, Scruff shouted "SPIDER!!! YOU COME ANYWHERE NEAR ME AND I'LL SHOOT! HIS BLOOD WILL BE ON YOUR HANDS!" His eyes darted around the room, desperately looking for wherever Spider-Man may have crawled. Little did he know, Spidey was positioned on the wall a few feet behind him. "HERE'S HOW ITS GONNA WORK: YOU'S GONNA LET MY BOYS GO, THEN ESCORT US OUTTA HERE! I'M NOT GOING BACK TO JAIL 'CUZ OF YOU!" Scruff continued shouting, still looking around. As his eyes landed on the wall behind him, Spidey had already flung himself back to the roof. Scruff's face was now getting red from fear and panic, a factor which Spider-Man knew would make him more dangerous. A desperate man could do unspeakable things to get his way. "SAY SOMETHING, SPIDER!"

    "CROTCH!" Spidey replied, kicking himself off of the wall and opening his legs to wrap around Scruff's head. The thug shouted in fear and reacted too late. By the time he had aimed his shotgun at Spider-Man, the hero already had a tight leg-grip on his neck. Ripping the gun away from Scruff, Spider-Man heaved with all his strength and pulled himself backwards, forcing Scruff into a downwards spiral. The force of his pull was so powerful, it flipped Scruff onto his back in mid air, forcing him to land with a loud thud. As the dazed thug lay on his back paralyzed in shock from the attack, Spidey didn't hesitate to act. Clicking away at his Web-Shooters, Spidey began spraying Scruff to the floor with webbing.

    When he regained himself both physically and mentally from the attack, Scruff struggled to free himself from the webs, but to no avail. "AAAGHHHH!! SOMEBODY HELP
    Scruff yelled as Spider-Man started to go around and check on the hostages. With a fake gasp of surprise, Spider-Man ran over to the criminal and began caressing his face. "Shhh, shhh. Don't cry little baby... Look, Uncle Spidey found your pacifier." he whispered in a mocking tone. In a lighting quick motion, he fired a web at the man's mouth and muffled his cries for help. Spidey then reached into his utility belt and pulled out a small knife. Poking a hole in the webbing around Scruff's mouth, he felt a small blast of air as the thug began breathing rapidly again.

    "That takes care of that.." Spider-Man said to himself as he shoved the knife back into its portable state, then shoved it into his belt. Spidey looked towards the bank owner and nodded his head. "I think that takes care of your problem then, sir. Go ahead and alert the authorities, the web's will hold these guys for about an hour." Spidey explained before he gave a small wave and started to run off. The bank manager, however, got up and ran over to Spider-Man, still shaking with fear from the events prior. Flagging down the webhead, the bank manager took the masked hero's hand and shook it vigorously, smiling. "Thank you Spider-Man... If it weren't for you, those ruffians would've gotten away and we all might have been dead right now."

    Spidey shook his head and gave the man a pat on the back before he fired two webs close to the open window he had entered from. The man watched him with an awe stricken expression, before Spider-Man proudly chimed out "Think nothing of it, sir. Just another good-deed from your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!" Tipping an imaginary hat, he backed up, using the webs as a slingshot and launched himself out of the window. Flying into the busy streets of New York, he aimed at a nearby building and fired another strand. As he swung into the afternoon air, he heard a roar of applause coming from the bank. With a sigh, he smiled contently under his mask. Another job well done, Spidey. Now then... Where's a good place to have lunch in the Bronx? Dylan thought as he swung off into New York City, his stomach growling from a hard day's work.
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    Gifs use in following CS don't mean anything certain. They're just supposed to be in the order of how she gets ready to become Cheshire :p Enjoy.


    Name: Jade Phan
    Alias: Cheshire
    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain: Walking the Line
    Occupation: Assassin / Mercenary. But other then that, she has lots of free time.
    Age: 27
    Appearance: Jade is 5"6 with silky long black hair. As a civilian, she dresses pretty stylishly -but not luxuriously- and can also blend in pretty well as a normal citizen surprisingly. She won't dress as luxurious as some celebrity, but she will dress in some name brand here and there.


    Cheshire, born as 'Jade Phan' under a French father and Vietnamese mother had a very terrible and unhappy childhood. It was the type of childhood where both her parents often argued, and even hit each other sloppily. Her dad was an abusive drunkard, But her mother would defend her despite also being abusive towards the girl as well. Really; They all fought and argued each other. Their middle-class status was slowly dropping down to poverty and it was a simple task to use Jade for money and items. Cause nobody would severely punish a child. Seriously, she was born into a dysfunctional family it seemed.

    So Jade always stole plenty. Or at least, she attempted to as she roamed the alleys of Vietnam like a scavenger. But most often, she ran away from home to care for herself and after a week would come back with food for her parents. There was a mixture of love and hatred in her. However as a sign of greed when Jade got older and became more beautiful amongst the villages of Vietnam--Her village especially, She was sold into slavery by her own parents. This trauma ultimately drove her insane, and paved her way into becoming one of the world's most ruthless mercenaries and second best.

    After killing her master, Jade was informally adopted by a Chinese freedom fighter named Weng Chan. He taught her all he knew about guerrilla fighting. She then traveled around learning other fighting tactics and strategies by other well known professionals and traveled back to America after saving a lot of money and just enough because of her assassinations to actually settle and remain there. Upon settling down officially in America, she was already well aware of 'heroes' and 'villains' really, and they only heard of her but not yet knew about her.

    She acquired knowledge of poisons from Kruen Musenda, a famed African assassin known as the "Spitting Cobra" and all of this shaped her into the person she is now. She was a long-standing rival of a superhero team. However, when one of the heroes, went undercover for the government in a mission to get her confidence and turn her over, the two fell passionately in love. Knowing that he would not be able to turn her in, he walked out; and Cheshire would not learn his true identity until later. The result of their romance was a daughter, Lian. This caused problems although they made an effort to work things out for her. They decided to raise her separately. 6 months the hero would take care of her, 6 months Jade would. It was a little system that also made jade quit her assassin life for Lian due to the fact that others will try to compromise her by targeting Lian. But this idea was scraped when Jade decided it was best to have her daughter stay with her father and be influenced by him, not her. An international terrorist. So, The hero brought Lian in as a official sidekick and Jade would secretly visit Lian out of the blue moon and take her before returning her back home in her bedroom or just rest next to Lian before disappearing in the morning.

    Lian was pretty much different than other kids. Instead of dolls, Lian enjoyed playing with her daddy's guns -unloaded of course- and her mother's poisons and weapons -with the supervision of Jade being there-. She was also pretty smart, changing her speech language in order for her father to understand her more. She had to learn what adults mean when they speak all because she was thoughtful about her father, who wasn't very good with children. As a result she stopped talking like a child in order for the two to communicate better, and for her especially to communicate with him better. Making things less awkward for her dad.

    Soon, when Lian was 8 she was killed in a terrorist attack caused by one of the villains. Cheshire attacked the hero, outraged at him for not keeping Lian safe, and injuring him in the process. Both continue to fight however the hero manages to pin Cheshire against the wall. She lost the will to fight and tearfully recalls the loss of her child. He comforted her and the two of them attempted to sleep together after a while. However, due to his impotence he is unable to please Cheshire in bed, which causes more turmoil in his life forcing him to angrily leave.

    Liam's death caused the hero to crumble and become a anti-hero, and Jade to remain neutral on the other hand. Quitting the super-villain lifestyle in order to respect her daughter's death. If anything, maybe she's a anti-villain, maybe not, or maybe she didn't change. At this point she walks along the line now brutally.


    • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Cheshire excels at hand-to-hand combat, and is proficient in various acrobatic and martial arts skills.
      • Martial Arts
    • Acrobatics: Her joints are extremely flexible, making her a skilled acrobat.
    • Poison Specialist: In addition, she is also an expert on poisons, preferring to douse her fingernails into a vast variety of deadly chemicals.
    • Weaponry: Jade is also a specialist with any weapon, Sharp weapons especially. Its also a great advantage that she is ambidextrous and can even turn anything into a deadly weapon. Give her a piece of paper, she'll find a way.
    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    • Still a mortal: Like most everyone, Cheshire is also Human. She just enhances her agility more than her strength which makes it near impossible to injure her as long as she's light footed and quick.
    • Children: Jade has an obvious weak spot for children. Its just pure instinct to save them, even if they're used to trigger her weakness and she knows they're being used for a bad cause to compromise her she cant find herself ignoring them. However if the child is like some psychopathic joker or something, then she wouldn't mind killing them. ._.


    As Cheshire, the outfit itself varies but will always have the same similar style. She will always wear Green and Gold, and it'll be pretty short when worn. The second style -2nd image- is an outfit that Jade no longer wears anymore. Every vigilante and Villain changes their attire for the time being, and in this case she went from a loose sleeved mini kimono, to something even more fitted, padded/armored, and deadly which is the first two images. With this new outfit, she holds much more items and even has hidden blades within it -like her shoes-. Sometimes Jade will don a mask that half covers her face or fully covers it which resembles a Cheshire cat or the grin of it. The mask is a special filterer that blocks out gasses and such and can even become a sort of breather if underwater for a certain amount of time. In particular the full mask is more efficient than the half mask and comes with heat and night vision as well and such.

    Under the sleeves are arm protectors and over the arm protectors are her finger claws. Cheshire wears finger claws that attach to her whole arm and they're pretty much both laced with deadly poison when she activates it and makes her punches hurt more due to the harder surface and such. And you do not want to get punch by them either cause where the finger claws bend, they're sharp edges meant for cutting too, so its not just the tip of the nail.

    On the gold corset of hers , she holds Kunais while tucked in the front of the corsets over the kunais are her shurikens. She carries two katanas criss cross over her back and two sais, one on each leg. Located on her lower back is a dagger. On her right hip there is a large circular and sturdy pouch meant to hold a certain amount of smoke bombs and such as well and bandages. So watch out for her. Bitch don't fuck around yo. She a thug. BAMF.

      • Her theme song because it makes sense. She's been through personal hell growing up, her daughter was killed, and her life is now 'sweet like cinnamon'. Notice theres some bittersweet meaning to that cause Cinnamon isn't necessarily 'sweet'. Also you hear Cheshire's name everywhere now ; Good and bad news. Bad news amongst the vigilante world really rather than public.
    • The necklace that Cheshire wears of a cat head grinning is a cheshire cat purely made out of the worlds most rarest and expensive diamond. It is rose gold*LETS JUST PRETEND THIS THING IS RARE PLEASE XD* and has a significant meaning. She will never leave without it and will never leave it behind. The necklace once belonged to Lian, who had always wanted something unique, one of a kind, and just for her. Cheshire promised her certain that the thing she will get for her daughter will meet the standards, and thus set out on an impossible quest that took years to obtain. Eventually when Cheshire finally got the rare gem/diamond, she had it carved into the head of a cat and using its particular different shades it was easy to make certain areas a darker or lighter rose gold then others in order to distinguish the features of the face. Cheshire gave it Lian, But Lian didn't get to keep it long. She died a day after receiving it and thus Cheshire took it and kept it since then.



    A body laid there on the ground right over the luxurious red velvet carpet, silent and motionless. From the looks of it it was definitely large, about 6ft and dressed up in a suit which was clawed by an animal, ripped, and stained red. Blood pooled through the layers of the fabric on the ground even more--Expanding out the body and a man stood there in a cushioned seat facing the window in front of him.

    “So what did the cat dragged in this time?” He asked.

    The fresh corpse was kicked over roughly to lay on it’s back now and the person who had delivered, stepped back.The seat moved around as the man took a glance over from his desk with a smirk and stared at the body. “Ah, Gambino. Leader of the beloved Gambino mafia.” he stated, before his smirk turned into a frown. “My carpet.” He said, glaring at the woman’s silhouette harshly. A curvy figure with swords on her back criss crossed. But she had more weapons than those alone, and nearly anything could become a weapon for as long as she was around.

    The only thing visible, was her mask. It wasn’t a full mask, but rather a half mask of a hideous grin. The woman stepped over the corpse and puddle of blood, taking off the mask and allowing it to hang down her neck. “Well, theres no point on telling if you already saw the present I gave you.” responded the woman with a sneer. Then it immediately faded away. “My payment. 15 grand, with the proof being brought in.” her voice was bitter as she leaned forward.

    “Nu-uh, uh. Sit. Lets.. talk.” The man said, nudging his hand towards the seat in front of him.”You will get your reward after telling me how it went down. Every. single. Detail.” Grinned the man. Cheshire narrowed her eyes standing still as an intense aura was set.”Ok.” The woman mused, kicking a seat towards her and sitting in it.”You want a story? I’ll give you one. It will give you the chills.~” she whispered mid sentence leaning forward before sitting back comfortably in her seat.

    >> 3 HOURS PRIOR NOW <<
    After a few hours of researching and looking over files, Jade found herself in her target’s territory within a week, and spent another week up close and personal with the guy by playing as his favorite flirt-friend. In her opinion, Normal men are interesting things--Aren’t they? It didn’t take him to long to fall for her and try to woo her. But of course, whenever he did ‘woo’ her, she had to act as if she liked it and play back before playing hard to get. This was the obnoxious part of the job, but after succeeding in the end she pretty much figured out how the system of the Gambino mafia went when the head finally invited her twice for drinks.

    And now?

    Well, this would be the lucky third time and last time they would be together. And the last time he would be alive, ever. Jade walked to the entrance of the large mansion she was invited in, and was inspected by the guards who wore black. It was fairly tight. Go through a metal detector, get scanned, and receive a personal pat down. Even shoes had to be taken off and checked.

    “Oh, I’ll keep my shoes on. Mind if you check them after the scan?”
    “Sorry, we must check them now.”

    Jade sighed to herself before leaning down to her shoes. She unlatched the sharp end of the back of the heel making it stick out more before taking them off and handing them to the guy and walking through the scans while getting a pat down.”Ah~Pat downs. Like the good old days~” She chuckled, staring down at the other guard in front of her who merely smirked up at her. Then, when Jade received her heels back she looked over her shoulder.

    “Put them on for me, please. A girl loves to feel adored like a princess~” she stated rather smoothly. Guard one had turned around and Guard two thought nothing of the heels and as he leaned down behind Jade putting one heel on her foot and proceeding with the other, he was gauged right through his eye socket before she pressed his head down harder against the end of her heels and looked over to the second guard with a smirk when he turned back around with a gun in hand.

    Immediately, Jade also known as Cheshire kicked the gun out his hands and grabbed his arms, crossing them and hopping over the back of his shoulders as she strangled him with her legs. How did she add the pressure to end it quickly? She merely laid back which resulted in also breaking both his arms before he fell back and she flipped off of him with her arms. She sat crouching there in a cat like position before she stood and spun back around, fixing the back of her heels and pushing them more in. Now real blood covered them and the fake blood design at the horn of her heels.

    “Shame.. I really loved these heels. Good thing blood is easy to clean for me.” She shrugged, taking off her robe and wiping her feet rather than heels. She began making her way into a private bedroom belonging to the leader, and knocked. “Come in!” He called. Jade let herself in as she wore a white one piece bikini which surprisingly didn’t get stained yet and had a fake warm grin, closing the door shut behind her and locking it.

    Getting pretty close to the end

    Here comes the makeout scene. Kissing up to sex. Don’t worry sex isn’t in this scene, not yet--not ever. Back in to thought, Jade was on top with the man below her blindfolded foolishly. She looked around her surroundings, Now what would be the perfect blade or weapon to kill with? Books…. NoPillows? Ugh, where's the fun in suffocation. Then she laid her eyes on a black pen. Now that…. That, would bring in some fun! Lots of fun.
    Jade slowly stretched her arm and reach forward for the object. Her breasts nearly all over the man’s face who clinged to her. Disgusting, disgusting! She cringed. She wondered how the other cat, Catwoman handled shit like this. Seriously, how does one sleep with strangers on the job? Cheshire shook her thoughts back into focus and pretty soon placed her other hand over the guy’s face.”No motorboat~~” She mused with a friendly sing song tone, before rolling her eyes and looking absolutely disgusted. Then she sat back in place and leaned forward, cupping his face into her hands, before slowly scratching his face with her claw-like nails laced with poison. The man growled in response and she chuckled, sitting back up. “Are you done tempting me?” He asked. Jade unblindfolded him and nodded before quickly grabbing a pillow and placing it over his face. This action was followed by a knee resting over the pillow as well as a hand pressing down against the pillow harshly as his muffled cries was heard and she looked over to his legs and used her free hand to lodge the pen deep enough to make him stop thrashing about violently. A muffled scream was heard, a painful noise beautiful to the woman’s ears. “Sorry, money talks. And I hate men who uses kids for illegal trafficking.” she harshly said, twisting the pen around before pulling it out roughly. Jade smiled in triumph as his noises went down to silence and movements slowed and stopped. With that she slowly took out the pillow and checked his pulse. Still beating.

    And she made a mistake.

    Cheshire leaned forward to hear him breathe and in return had her hair pulled back ad a hand around her neck as she was now the one being harmed and in the bottom. “Ngh--Shit!” She hissed as she was being strangled. “I SHOULD’VE KNOWN!” Shouted her target angrily. Cheshire appeared to be clawing around, but in actuality she was clawing at his vital spots and piercing at vulnerable places such as under his jawline. Of course all he felt were scratches, but not her claws jabbing him and poisoning him and she eventually kicked him off and over her, where he landed on the ground roughly.

    Cheshire grabbed the pen straight away and rolled to a crouching stance on her feet with the pen held in front of her. The man shook his head regaining balance and ran straight towards her, lunging towards the bed and crushing the front part of it as she jumped over him and grabbed his arm behind him. She kicked the back of his leg hard, and elbowed his lower back before turning around and kneeing his arm harshly to which a large crack was heard.

    “YOU BITCH!” He shouted in pain.
    “I don’t play nice either.” She growled against his ear as she bit it. The woman was a slight sadist and before he knew it, his ear was ripped off as she spit it off to the side. Jade giggled at the sight, a sinister giggle as she stood there. “We’re not done yet.” She stated. “Pretty soon, the poison will get to you and you’ll feel dizzy and fall unconscious. I guess with the wounds I just gave you, it should take effect much more quickly now.” She explained, sitting on the floor criss cross behind the man and waiting. “Now all we have to do, is sit… and wait.” She hummed looking around innocently. “You’ll probably die anyways. So why not we talk until then?” she suggested. The man only groaned.
    “Who hunted me?”
    “My boss. I’m entitled not to speak of my clients.” she stated. “Oh, well… Who am I kidding.~” Jade sighed fascinated. “Valastro… And y’know.. Interpol. So technically--Double the prize for me!” laughed Cheshire before she looked back at the man. “Oh no.. You’re dead..” She frowned before jumping back up to her feet and stretching around. “Well, time to go back to Valastro… Then Interpol.” she grunted, cracking her neck as well and opening the large window, going back to grab Gambino.

    >> PRESENT <<
    “Ah! Splendid! Wonderful! Absolutely a lovely story--It gave me the chills Cheshire dear~” Mused Valastro with heavy amusement. “Anyways, I will be paying you now.” He stated as he stood and walked to a painting, taking it down and opening a safe. The man chucked the paid assassin a sack of money. “Take it.” He said. Cheshire caught the bag with ease using only one arm and looked down at it, seeing that there was truly nothing wrong about it. She then walked over the corpse, and went to the door before the man walked back behind his desk and took out a gun.


    “Now I heard you carefully, and If I do say so myself, Interpol? I thought this was between you and me?” He stated. Cheshire froze in place and stood there in silence. “WELL!?” He shouted. “SPEAK NOW WOMAN!” demanded Valastro. Cheshire smirked, before dropping the money beside her and turning around with hands up in the air. “You seriously intend on shooting the second most deadly assassin in the world? Remind you, I’m behind Lady Shiva.” She stated. “Cut that bullshit out, Why is Interpol in this?” He stated. “Relax Valastro….” She sighed tilting her head back. “Jesus… No one’s after you.” she assured. Valastro’s hand shook as he put his gun down. “Are you serious?”
    “I mean… Not anymore.” She said.
    “Y’see sir.. I was the one who drove the predators away from you. Cut me some slack.” Cheshire explained.
    “Leave. Take the money.” he sternly said.
    But then again….” Cheshire rolled her eyes with a smirk. “Well, don’t you for one second ever think of me as being an angel myself. I may be on their side, but don’t you think for one second i am one of them. Not. One. Bit.” With that Cheshire crouched down to the ground and pounced over to Valastro’s desk taking out one of her Katanas in the air and swinging it across his neck.


    Blood splattered across the window and Cheshire reached towards her ear where she personally heard a beep. “Its done..” She stated. “Well done. Thank you for your services Cheshire. We will reward you now and clear your records.”

    “Good. I’m leaving, so have it delivered within the hour.” She started, walking back to pick up the sack of money before white lights blinded her. Cheshire looked back, and the window shattered giving her a free opportunity to escape. She placed the mask back on and a voice was heard. “CHESHIRE. YOU ARE FREE TO LEAVE THIS TERRITORY. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICES.”

    Yeah, yeah.. Whatever.” She answered walking towards the window. With that Cheshire saluted the helicopter with her fingers and dropped a thick smoke bomb before, falling backwards and disappearing into another building. She hid behind a corner wall looking at the helicopter and the building being raided before yawning and turning around. Finally, that task ended. For a while she thought it would last for 9 months, but it only lasted for 3. Jade then finally went back home, jumping through alleyways and rooftops.

    « »
    Lian (last name)

    Daughter | 'Speedy' | DECEASED

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  3. Name: Francis Castiglione

    Alias: Frank Castle, the Punisher

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain: Walking the line. Leaning towards hero.

    Age: 32


    Civilian Look (open)

    Face/Hair (partial, use your imagination):


    Vigilante Look (open)


    Background and Hero/Villain Origins: Francis Castiglione was born to poor parents in the area of Hell's kitchen. From a young age, he demonstrated a remarkable sense of justice. The issue with this is the means with which he sought this justice. Bullies would often go home bruised and bleeding, causing him to get kicked out of several schools. This culminated in High School when he killed a rapist- his first murder- and disposed of the body rather hastily. He was extremely frightened by how easily killing came to him, so all of his 'school-house vigilante' nonsense ceased rather quickly.

    The urge to do 'good' was never lost on him, though. Shortly after graduating, Frank joined the military and began his long training to become a walking death machine. During this time, he married his already pregnant girlfriend, Maria. Shortly after his training was complete, he was recruited into the Navy Seals.

    He hoped that fighting in the military would provide a focal point for his violent tendencies. It did, but not necessarily in a good way. He ended the life of one of his fellow soldiers during the heart of battle for war crimes, the combat slowly ridding him of guilt.

    After returning with severe PTSD and something of a bloodlust to quell from, he went on leave with his wife and then four year old daughter, Lisa. Maria was also very early in a second pregnancy. The vacation went sour, though, when they witnessed a mob execution during a picnic. Fearing witnesses, they were mercilessly gunned down. His wife and daughter died quickly, Frank barely surviving. Since these events, the now broken man seeks revenge in rather brutal ways. He adopted the name Frank Castle and the vigilante alias 'The Punisher.' No one he had encountered since knows his real name, and it's unlikely he'll ever share it.


    Master Martial Artist: Castle is a very thoroughly seasoned combat veteran of exceptional skills. He is very well-versed in the arts of warfare, several forms of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. His styles of choice being Nash Ryu Jujutsu, (the four-style martial art founded by his Sensei Adam Nash and the Marine Corps LINE/MAPS combative systems) Ninjutsu, Shorin-ryu Karate, Hwarang-Do, and Chin Na. He is an exceptional knife fighter who carries up to 3 or 4 different types of edged weapons, preferring the knife he learned to fight with in the USMC: the Ka-bar.

    Expert Marksman: He is an exceptional marksman of every type of firearm who is sometimes depicted as being ambidextrous in this respect. He is skilled in sharpshooting and knife throwing as well.

    Expert Pilot: Castle received helicopter training with the U.S. Army and U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command.

    Interrogation Expert: Castle uses his interrogating skills to get information from people who has links to criminals through very creative use of torture as well such as water boarding, electrocution, suffocation, sleep deprivation, starvation etc.

    Extensive special ops training: Besides his Marine training, Castle also received U.S. Navy SEAL/UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) training, EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) training, U.S. Army Ranger training, U.S. Army Airborne School training, U.S. Army Special Forces Q-Course training, and LRRP (Long Range Recon Patrol) training. He also took part in cross-training with the Australian Special Air Service Regiment.

    Expert Tactician: Armed solely with conventional weapons and motivated by a fanatical hatred for criminals like those who murdered his family, the Punisher has single-handedly incapacitated up to a dozen well-armed and experienced opponents in a single encounter and escaped uninjured. It is his military training and his attention to detail that allows him to achieve this.

    Pain Tolerance: Frank can power through most non-fatal injuries.

    - Belligerent Drunk: Frank has a drinking issue, and that can get him in trouble.

    -Only human: Frank is just a man. He bleeds like a man and dies like one too. He gets tired and has to exercise almost fanatically to maintain his physical state.

    -Secretive: Frank doesn't like to share. He won't even tell people his name.

    -Slow runner: Being quick on the draw doesn't make you quick on your feet.

    -Stubborn: Frank will often butt heads with leaders if he disagrees, which is very common.

    Tragic Flaw:

    -Shattered: Frank is a broken shell of a man. While he does care about others, he may come off as cold or even hostile towards people he dislikes. It would take a lot to even get close to him, let alone pick up the pieces. That makes relationships challenging, to day the least.

    For the most part, he pretends to be happy with his lot on life, despite his methods.

    Occupation: None. Something of a vagrant, even though he has a semi-secret identity. He takes money from his marks and gets weapons from contacts in the military.

    Other: This Frank is actually pretty friendly, comparatively. He is also more forgiving. Excelsior!

    Sample Post:

    Sample (open)

    New York was always nice this time of year. Not too hot, not too cold. Beautiful sights. Altogether, a great city. Leastwise, it was for Frank Castle. Thing is, no one wanted to stay cooped up this time of year. Not even the scum of this city. So he smiled while he looked down the sights of his rifle at his mark. A key leader of the American branch of the Irish mob, out in the open.

    There was a quiet 'pewt,' and the man fell without a sound. Immediately, the vigilante stood up, walked out the back door of the unremarkable building. He transported the gun in a Cello case, which was awkward, but not entirely suspicious, as he carried it a few blocks to his van. He flashed a smile at one woman watching, and she quickly looked away with a blush.

    Before long, he was driving away. He heard the wail of police sirens in the distance. That made him smile again. No one else would suffer at that man's hands. That's what mattered to Frank.

    Later that day, he talked with his buddies at his favorite bar, laughing boomingly, and acting like he wasn't seething on the inside.

    Sorry if it sucked, and, if there are random words that don't make sense, blame swipe.​
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  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Katerina Park

    Alias: Hawkeye II
    Her Hawkness


    Age: 16


    Background and Hero/Villain Origins: (info on your characters life and a run-through of their origin story. Should be three paragraphs minimum).

    Powers/Abilities: (Can be made-up, or posted from Wikipedia. Try to stay true to the character though, don't give somebody like The Hulk the ability to fly)

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    • She is only human. A hell of a lot of things could kill her.
    • Vulnerable if she loses her hearing aid or if it stops working.
    • Fear of fog - Once when she was training and it was too foggy to see, she shot what she thought was an enemy but was actually an ally.
    • Paranoia - She takes medicine for this but if she skips a dosage, the consequences will be dire.
    Occupation: High School Student


    Sample Post: (can be from Civilian POV or Hero/Villain POV. Must be 3 paragraphs minimum)

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  13. Name:

    Linda Carol Danvers.

    "I'm her."

    Linda Danvers (open)



    "I don't know what you're talking about."

    ~Kara Mar-Vel
    ~Captain Danvers
    ~The Lady Of Steel

    Superlass (open)


    Axe sold separately.

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain:

    "The term is Heroine, actually citizen."


    "Old enough"


    Background and Hero/Villain Origins:

    "I said HEROINE!!!"

    Linda Carol Danvers was "born" in Tomsk, Siberia, Russia. She was found to be adopted by her uncle after her parents had a tragic accident that killed them in an explosion. She was raised by her uncle Dr. Phillip Lawson who is a world mind with an extreme expertise in Quantum Physics, Astrophysics, and Aeronautical Engineering working for NASA. He was recruited by NASA away from the FKA when his talents were realized and his ideas and machinations were found to be cutting-edge and revolutionary. One year later they moved to the USA shortly thereafter so Phillip could chase his passions and talents, bringing Linda right along with him.

    Now Linda attends a new high school in Millennium City, where she's a senior with an uncanny knowledge in the sciences and logic based subjects. Her intellect and ingenuity has already been sought after by the likes of Ivy League schools, STAR Labs, NASA like her uncle, and even companies such as AIM. She is a rather quiet girl, tending to herself and a very wise and humble soul. Extremely mature for her age yet still exudes the behavior of any other teenager in the world. She just got to her new school and already there are cliques she's looking at all around her, not sure where...or even if she'd fit in.

    There's more to Linda than she would ever let on. She's a very sharp and bright individual, but no one would suggest so due to her passive nature. She has a relatively wealthy lifestyle with tons of opportunities at her wake, yet she seems indifferent to the materialistic things and the social conformities of the world. Instead she focuses on things only her mind will ever know, seeming distant from the outside, but not to the point where she becomes cold or aloof. There was one day when she first discovered what she really was capable of, beginning to hear what she thought were thoughts, but really was people from miles and miles around, along with seeing microscopic quanta...until finally she found out her real capabilities. In a world with new and shocking events happening everyday around the world, Linda simply exists and tries to make her way in this world to fit in and find a true purpose in life. A destiny.

    ~~ Origin Story ~~

    "Seems like yesterday...a big blur"

    She remembers it all. Yet she can never muster a word. Two and a half years ago, she awakens to a bright sky and falling of cold pieces of frozen H2O on her face. Seemed like yesterday she was light years away from the fragile yet beautiful planet called Earth. She resided on her home planet of Krypton, a race of intelligent and scientifically exponential beings that resembled humans. She remembers her cries as a child, getting scars playing in the thickets and canyons of Argo Pass. Roaming the streets of Argo City, free with the wind at her back and her citizens waving and smiling to her. She remembers long days on end playing with peers, wondering and dreaming about her Kryptonian trials into full adulthood. Nights with her parents telling her the most amazing stories as a fresh teen, with unforgettable moments of quality time with her parents. Holding her little cousin, with his young and fresh eyes just being born into the world. And then it all changed.

    Her father knew things others did not. Her trials were coming up and she was ready to take on the galaxy and any space faring adventure she had to achieve. Until her parents were heard talking about the end of Krypton. At first, Kara shrugged it off as a wild theory, but the more she started to see her father at work about building a pod to escape the means of destruction, she became worried. Her time for the trials were upon her, and as a gift her parents provided her with her very own pod to venture to worlds in. In her fathers' lab in Argo City, she was presented with the gift, and inside was the Kryptonian ceremonial battle armor that she would have received upon completion of her trials. She tried it on, but when she did, she fell unconscious because her dad Zor-El had rigged it to cause that.

    Barely hanging on to consciousness, she begged her father not to do what he was doing. Zor-El explained why he was doing it, but then her mother Alura arrived and fought her husband trying to rescue Kara from his plans. Alura won, but was too late to stop the launch, and Kara was sent off to space to Earth, and away from the faltering planet of Krypton. While unconscious, she awakens early in the midst of heavy fire from projectile lasers, caught in the middle of an intergalactic war between two alien races, one of which called themselves the Kree. It was one super agent for the Kree that managed to save Kara when a laser fired through her pod and sent her off course zooming through space, her body pierced by the laser. This agent Kree rescues her by shielding her from more fire, his energy spreading radiation through her Kryptonian cells and DNA that started to absorb and adapt it into her anatomy, making her cells that of Kree based energy also.

    It was then this agent saw Kara as a special child, and decided to help raise her upon hearing her tragic story, with the Kree being there witnessing the explosion of Krypton from afar. When she heard the news she went into deep despair and sadness, and the agent named Mar-Vell knew he had to take in potentially a lone survivor of her race. Through that time, he taught her how to balance her abilities and become one with them, taking her abroad with the kree before getting back on course for Earth, where he deemed it a fitting place for her to start a life and be relatively safe from the dark corners of space. Once there, their ship crashed in Siberia and was met with armed Russian soldiers, which were bested by Mar-Vell and they escaped into the frozen tundra to assume new lives and identities shortly after. To this day the Russians still search and keep the ship along with the entire operation classified, that no other nation should ever know about that day.


    "Wanna see...? I dare you to stop me."

    • Flight: She has the ability to fly at great speeds, it has been shown that is able to fly at the speed of light, on one such occasion she has been seen to fly through the moon.
    • Super Hearing: Superlass has the ability to detect and interpret dissipating sound waves, this means that she is able to hear even the quietest of sounds from a large distance away, meaning that she can pinpoint a single person in the world just from their voice or heartbeat, this is done by filtering out every other sound in the world. She can also detect sound waves at a higher or lower frequency than a normal human ear can usually detect, this ranges from sub sonic wavelengths to radio waves.
    • Healing: Superlass is not totally invulnerable and has a powerful healing factor.
    • Super Breath: She can hold her breath for a sufficient amount of time in space.
    • Super Strength: The exact magnitude of her strength is unknown, but she can lift 100 tons with minimal effort.
    • Super–Intellect: Superlass was born into a society hundreds of years ahead of Earth. She lived there for about 15 years and learned much of the technology. Krypton was ruled by the Science Council and it was a huge part of their daily lives. Her Kree hybrid physiology grants more intellect.
    • X–Ray Vision: Can see through anything except lead.
    • Super Speed: Linda can move unbelievably quickly, albeit not as fast as other speedsters, or those that possess the speed force.
    • Super Agility: She possesses great superhuman agility and reflexes to compliment her superhuman speed. She can perform acrobatic feats far beyond that of the finest human athlete and easily evade bullet-speed projectiles as a result of being Kree/Kryptonian.
    • Super Stamina: She can exert herself at maximum effort for up to 24 hours before tiring.
    • Invulnerability: She is impervious to high amounts of damage and can absorb a tremendous amount of punishment without injury. She can survive unharmed in the cold vacuum of space. She is bullet-proof and such attacks merely bounce off her skin on contact. More powerful attacks such as rockets, mortar shells, and bombs are only slightly more effectual, due to the fact that she can absorb their explosive energy. She is unfazed by blows delivered from opponents weaker than her and can withstand blows even by those who are stronger, though continuous and repeated hits by opponents of such great strength can eventually wear her down. She is half invulnerable to energy attacks, and they tend to have more effect than other damage.
    • Energy Projection: She can generate extremely powerful photon OR solar blasts, which are roughly equal to up to 1,000,000 kilo-joules. If she has absorbed a great amount of energy, Carol can generate even stronger energy blasts.
    • Minor Molecular Control: Linda possesses a limited degree of molecular control, which she can use to transform regular clothing into her Superlass costume and vice versa. This power works almost instantaneously, and has the effect of changing her from Linda Carol Danvers to Superlass in much the same way that Clark Kent can become Superman in the blink of an eye.
    • Cosmic Awareness: She can visually perceive all types of energy patterns and was instantly aware of any significant disruptions in space.

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:

    "Stay away from me."

    There is certain radiation that would stagger or even cripple Linda should she be exposed to it. Radioactive pieces of Krypton, and also advanced cosmic radiation could disorient her easily, albeit not being fatal nor severely lethal unless served in copious amounts.

    She is also sometimes careless causing her to get herself into uncomfortable situations. She tends to react very naturally and instinctively, which could also serve to be bad in some situations.


    "Why study again? I could be making a difference..."

    High School student at Midtown High, but works helps her uncle at the NASA offices when she can to make extra bucks. When things go bump in the night however, Linda is an unassuming girl with the prowess of something much much greater.


    "Ugh...what now?"
    1. Speaks fluent English and Russian.
    2. Can be passive aggressive.
    3. She loves the red and blue color scheme for some reason...
    4. Deep down just wants to belong.
    5. A die-hard rebel, doesn't do any social norms.
    6. Been 'Superlass' for about 3 months.
    7. Really independent.
    8. Very fond of Boxing, MMA, and Hockey.
    9. Has a hidden pleasure for cake.

    sample post (open)

    The winds were rushing past with a velocity of the fiercest caliber. The trees leaned and swayed to the highest strength their roots could hold. Rain and a dark overcast sky floods the entire area, almost blinded by the scene of chaos and death. Fog covers every space of oxygen in the air. In the very center of the storm lies Kara, Linda as the world knows her. She stared up into the sky with a raging body vibration fueled by anger and ferocity. Her eyes turn a sun golden-yellow as her light pierces through the dusk and barren atmosphere that clouds the space. Her hair flows like fluid behind her, with her body and face resilient and unmoved with a drive of sheer will. Glare moves across her face as the shiny surface from her target reflects and refracts from her eyes and face.

    Lightning flashes as the shiny and metallic being glistens with prejudice. It remains calm as it returns a look to Kara in her furious demeanor. It readies its body for an impending attack, braced for anything that could transpire. the hurricane swooshes around heavily but the two face off and remain solid in willpower. The being glides down on its silver surfboard looking object and becomes almost level with Kara, his white silver eyes emotionless and meaningless. Debris, and even various life forms all swirls around in the certain oblivion that exists in the widespread ruin. the time was getting close, and Kara knew what she had to do. It was the only way.

    "It's over."

    Kara levitates to meet the silver being's level and her eyes flash white hot now, her trembling reduced to poised fists and a steady mind. She surrounds herself in energy and starts to glow a white aura, materializing a small colored gem in her hands, not really a gem, but it resembled that more of a stone...with it's yellow shining light emanating and radiating in her hand. The silver being sterns its face, as his surf glider starts to charge towards Kara, as she prepares to do the same. With a hastened fury, Kara charges the silver opponent and screams a mean war cry as they become closer and closer. The collision literally rips the storm apart, sending the eye and hurricane into a dissolved frenzy of flying debris and projectiles through the sky. Both clash and crash hard into the concrete of a highway road, and both retaliate with the same will once more, creating a sonic-boom that could be heard around the world.

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  14. These roleplayers are getting crafty. They're beating me to the secret word before we even see a sheet.

    Clever girl.

    Also, the main city we're going to be in is called "Millennium City". It's stylized like Gotham City, but is the "super hero capitol" of this world like New York is in the Marvel universe.
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  15. Editing Coding and layout is hard work bruh. I had to personally find the right size to please myself and color the text and shizz. GLAD I HAVE THE GIST OF HOW I WANT IT DOWN. I WAS NERVOUS OF MAKING IT BREAK.
    Anyways it's late here. I'm on break this week so I'll finish tomorrow *IM INTENSLEY FALLEN FOR CHESHIRE*

    Goodnight everyone <3
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  18. Name: Slade Joseph Wilson

    Alias: Deathstroke

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain: Walking-the Line since he preforms as a bounty hunter and works for whoever pays the highest

    Age: 34

    Regular attire:
    Bounty hunter attire:
    Background and Hero/Villain Origins:
    Slade Wilson was sixteen years old when he first enlisted in the United States Army, having lied about his age. After serving a stint in Korea, he was later assigned to Camp Washington where he had been promoted to the rank of Major. In the early 1960s, he met Captain Adeline Kane who was tasked with training young soldiers in new fighting techniques in anticipation of brewing troubles taking place in Vietnam. Kane was amazed at how skilled Slade was and how quickly he adapted to modern conventions of warfare. She immediately fell in love with him, and realized that he was without a doubt the most able-bodied combatant she had ever encountered. She offered to privately train Slade in guerrilla warfare. In less than a year, Slade mastered every fighting form presented to him and was soon promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Six months later, Adeline and he were married and she became pregnant with their first child. It was at this time that the war in Vietnam began to escalate and Slade was shipped overseas. At home, Adeline gave birth to their son Grant.

    Some time later, Wilson volunteered for a medical experiment designed to stimulate his adrenal gland in the hopes of increasing a soldier's ability to resist truth serums. The experiment did not go as expected, and Slade fell into a coma. When he awakened however, he discovered that he was now capable of using 90% of his brain capacity, and his strength, durability and agility were increased to near-superhuman levels. He applied for re-assignment with the Army, but they refused him. Although his condition was now stabilized, depression took hold of him and he was desperate to serve his country. At this time, Adeline became pregnant with their second child, Joseph. Unable to further his career in the military, Slade turned towards hunting. He became a world famous safari hunter and great wealth followed soon after. Adeline always suspected however that Slade felt unfulfilled.

    A few years later, a group of hired mercenaries broke into the Wilson's mansion and kidnapped young Joey. Adeline attempted to fight them off, but a gas grenade prevented her from saving her son. When Slade discovered what had happened, he knew he could not keep the truth from his wife any longer. Slade was not only a world famous safari hunter, he was also one of the world's deadliest and most highly sought after assassins - Deathstroke the Terminator. He promised Adeline that he would save their son. Together, they flew to Tangier and squared off against a rival mercenary known as the Jackal. The Jackal wanted Slade to reveal important information relating to a client or else he would have his men kill Joey. Slade gambled on the idea that he could save his son before the Jackal could give the order. Unfortunately, Joseph's throat was slashed by one of the criminals before Slade could prevent it, destroying his vocal cords and rendering him mute. After taking Joseph to the hospital, Slade's wife, enraged at his endangerment of her son, tried to kill Slade by shooting him, but only managed to destroy his right eye. Afterward, his confidence in his physical abilities was such that he made no secret of his impaired vision, marked by his mask which has a black featureless half covering his lost eye.

    • Unique Physiology: Due to a military enhancement procedure, Slade Wilson's physiology was changed permanently. First, the procedure crippled his mind and body. Then, the experiment rebuilt his physical and mental faculties further than a human could process or build. These enhancements make Deathstroke a superhumanly enhanced human.
      • Enhanced Intellect: Able to think 9 times faster and utilize that much more of his mind than your average human for information processing and sorting, Deathstroke's mind is virtually a computer built for strategy and problem-solving, one that works at optimal ability even when under stress and fatigue as he apparently uses 90% of his brain (as opposed to the myth that the average human only uses around 10% of their brain). He is also ingenious in devising solutions against superior aspects of opponents, can observe and exploit, and can calculate distance, speed, and time at lightning speeds; his sense of timing is superb, bordering on perfection.
      • Enhanced Reflexes: Deathstroke possesses enhanced reflexes. The speed at which he reacts allows him to dodge fast-moving projectiles such as arrows and bullets. He can usually out-react even the fastest humans, no matter how well-trained.
      • Enhanced Speed: Ability to run at speeds of up to 30mph and long distances far out-performing any Olympic athlete.
      • Enhanced Stamina: Deathstroke can exert himself at peak capacity greater then any human could.
      • Enhanced Strength: His entire muscular system was hardened and fortified making Deathstroke many times stronger than an average human to the point of tearing off an airplane door and twisting steel with his bare hands. He can place the this capability into his strikes, allowing him the augment the concussive force of his attacks. His strength should be sufficient enough to press about a ton with relative ease.
      • Enhanced Senses: Deathstroke's senses have been augmented to heightened levels of function. He can perceive things better than a normal human. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Regenerative Healing Factor: With an accelerated ability to heal damaged tissue, the rate at which Deathstroke's body recovers from injury and capable of being repaired before death. As such, Deathstroke's body can take a tremendous amount of punishment before succumbing to death. Simple gunshot and stab wounds, cuts, and broken bones can heal faster than normal. He was once impaled clean through his chest, and it did nothing but slow him down and cause great pain.
        • Enhanced Immunity: Deathstroke's regenerative abilities have some affect on his body's ability to process through harmful, foreign substances and he has become naturally immune to deadly poisons and illnesses.
        • Decelerated Aging: An important aspect to note is that while Deathstroke is apparently aging, he does so very slowly, appearing younger than he actually is.

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    * His impared vision.
    * Even with all his augements he's still only human and can still be killed.
    * Even if he's working for the wrong people he will always see the job done.
    *His strong attachments towards his family can be used as leverage against him.

    Occupation: (Optional, if your character has an alternate identity)

    Other: EXCELSIOR!

    Sample Post:
    It was just another night for Slade Wilson as he had once more been employed for his "special" services. This hunt was for some poor cop that had managed to piss of some local crime lord or whatever all that really mattered was the pay he was promised in the end. After staking out the house of his target for a few hours he noticed that the man had finally left wearing a jogging suit and began to go for a jog. "Well at least with a bright red suit like that he won't be that hard to track, but now i believe its time to go to work."

    He made sure to stay upon high vantage points whenever he could allow it to avoid being seen by his target. Finally he stopped in a lone parking lot that just so happened to be empty and surrounded by old apartment buildings. He waited around a corner waiting to see what his next move would be until some cars pulled up and a few people got out that looked like they worked for his employeer. "Ah I see so he had a few rats in the midst...I wonder if i'll get a bouns for taking them down." As he wondered upon that he simply listened in on their deal before looking at his watch seeing it count down towards 0 and gave a small smile underneath his mask whispering, "Its go time."

    He pulled out a few smoke grenades and tossed them towards the group and listened to their shocked cries as he put on his infrared goggles. He ran in there swiftly taking out at least three swiftly by finding their heat signatures and cut them down with one of his katana blades before the smoke cleared. Slade stood in the middle of the group with guns pointed at him from every angle, but showed no signs of fear and instead began counting, "Four..five..six..and seven man i must be getting sloppy in my old age." He stared them all down before throwing down his blade and pulled out dual desert eagles and began his move by shooting two of this henchmen in the brain and ran towards cover to avoid the onslaught of bullets headed his way. "I think i've played around for long enough," he thought before jumping over the hood of the car and ran in guns blazing. Thanks to the program he was a part of his reflexes were quick enough to allow him to dodge all the bullets flying at him allowing him to finish the battle rather quickly. Finally he walked over towards his prey who had been cowering in a corner and placed a gun to his head, "Sorry Charles but its a business so no hard feelings right," he asked but blew his brains out before getting a reply. Glad to have that done Slade began to make his trip back to collect his reward after a fun night out on the town.
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  19. I shall try to get in my sample post tomorrow if thats alright.
  20. [​IMG]

    Leon Marion Delgado (Everyone calls him Lyon)
    Agent Venom
    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain:
    Walking the Line (leaning more towards villain)
    Agent Venom Art (open)


    Background and Hero/Villain Origins:
    As a child, his father wasn't around that often, he was very rich and a high scientist at OSCORP. His father was barely home but when he did he would go straight to his office and didn't tend to him. He could of been with the most popular kids in school because his wealth, but hung out with not the unpopular kids, but not very popular either. So his friends in school and middle school were the closest people he had, since he never met his mother. The closest family he had was them, so he didn't count his maids and butlers to be any close relations or even family.

    His friends found it a bit unusual that Leon would come to their houses a lot, but didn't know about what he had to go through, they just knew that he was rich and got everything he wished for, but they didn't know anything else, not even his daddy issues.

    But one day when his group of friends went to OSCORP for a field trip, the group hanged out as most were fascinated by the scenery around them while some, like Leon, were just chatting and bored of the place, but what he didn't know was that his father worked there. As the trip kept going, an alarm went off telling everyone that it was just a drill and for everyone to evacuate slowly. But he and his friends decided to have some fun and got in some lab coats, they then impersonated the scientists. But as they walked past other scientists running the opposite way, an arm grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into another room, it was his father. He asked him why he was here, but Leon kept asking him questions of why he was there, but he pulled him into another room to explain. But when they entered, they needed his fathers help, so he ran to them, he told Leon to stay but he wanted to see what happened so he followed.

    But when he got there, he saw a black toxin moving around and his father with a gun trying to shoot it, he yelled his name so his father looked, but just then the toxin jumped onto his father, the other scientist aimed his gun at his father, saying "sorry" But when he was about to shoot, Leon punched the man in the face. His father told him that they needed to leave so the two ran out of OSCORP and left Millennium City.

    ~Origin Story~
    When they left Millennium City, the two went as far out of the city as possible, so his father drove him somewhere that there was no huge population, the rocky Canyon . "I always wanted to come here, the Rocky Canyon, isn't it amazing?" Leon was upset. "What happened to you? That creature got a hold of you, it climbed on you, then-" His father turned to him, his smile turned to glare. "It's called Experiment 2217438, better known as the Venom Symbiote." Leon was surprised then nodded. "So what is it? Can it kill you." The father chuckled. "It's hard to say...It's an unusual type. I am surprised that you haven't asked more questions-" Leon interrupted. "I guess you don't know much about me, not surprising." His father shook his head. "You need to stop this childish bullshit, this thing somewhere on me, may be dangerous, and i need to train you to become a man, so you need to put all of that behind, and let me train you." Leon was shocked. "What can an old man do?" His father chuckled. "First rule in training, never underestimate you opponent."

    At that point, the two started training, at first Leon and his father weren't on the same page, but as they trained he started to trust him more and more, he learned a lot from him like dodging and basic training like fighting and kicking. But as they kept going they trained with guns and other weapons, he became an expert like his father and became a soldier. He also trained him not only with his body skills but also his mind skills, he learned to not trust everybody and use his mind most of the time and not only the brawn.

    But something happened with his father, the symbiote finally strikes and started spreading through out the outside of his body, but Leon tried to defend his father and started to fight him and defend himself, but as he started to defeat the symbiote, it jumped off his father and spread all over him. After the happening, his father trained him to control it, and so he did. But a few days after he fully controlled it, his father didn't come home after his work, so he walked down the street and found his body laying on the ground.

    After everything he moved back to Millennium City to find his fathers killer.

    • Black Symbiotic Costume: The symbiote grants Flash the following powers:
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Speed, Agility, and Reflexes
    • Accelerated Healing Factor
    • Wall-Crawling
    • ESP (Spider-Sense)
    • Immunity to Spider-Man's Spider-Sense
    • Camouflage Capabilities
    • Constituent-Matter Generation
    • Constituent-Matter Manipulation
    • Night Vision
    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    The Venom symbiote, like all others of its kind, is extremely vulnerable to heat and sonic based attacks. They can cause the symbiote physical pain and discomfort, where as "more powerful" attacks might be completely ineffective.
    High school student.
    Sample Post:​
    "I'm not telling you Sh-" The man was punched unmercifully in the jaw, his head dropped down to his chest, his arms secure from a rope running over his arms and chest then handcuffs holding his wrists. A man knelt down to him and help up his jaw exposing his face but hard to see from his hair.

    "Wrong answer." The other man stabbed the knife into his knee, the tied up man yelled in pain. "Now tell us what you know and you won't die long and painfully." The man gulped but then shook his head. "Fuck you."

    The lights in the building all went black, floor by floor everything went dark, especially the last floor. "What the-" A bullet went straight through the man's skull causing him to fall suddenly but intensely. "Your dead now, don't ever mess with a COBRA agent." One of the men went to the circuit box and turned the power back on, four armed men remained. "Shut up!" One of the men walked over and hit him with his shot gun and hit him over the head. "David Roy got outside and clear the hallway, make sure those COBRA Agents don't get inside." David and Roy passed out the door. "Now the-" Yells and screams were heard outside of the room, which they knew were their other partners.

    two of the men went to patrol the door and slowly creaked the door open, but what they saw were two bodies laying on the floor. Another man looked over to the door when the other men looked outside the doorway, but then the glass broke and the man standing at the window was pulled out off the balcony. The leader of the men was shocked. "Everyone inside now." The door was broken open when the two men pushed at it causing them to fall back. The two men were then shot to death causing the bullets to shoot into their chests. "If you COBRA Agents try to kill me i will kill him." The leader stood behind the tied up COBRA agent, putting a handgun to their head. "Alright alright." Leon walked into the room, the symbiote covering him all over his body. "the f-" The man was shot by Leon. "Thanks man, did they make some super soldier suit or something." Leon chuckled, the venom symbiote moved to expose his face. "Who said I'm with COBRA, quite the difference actually." Leon stopped then stabbed the man with a knife in his stomach. "I'm trying to hunt them."
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