The Trinity Wars (Mass-Fandom Crossover)

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    • Sonneset- Royal Palace


      Years ago...

      Another beautiful day in the world of Chralmede, quickly disturbed by the constant earthquakes near its capital city. They are quite minor, however, and has been happening for some time now. As such, for the normal people, it is of no concern. The Government residing over this world, however, was working day and night to find out the cause, considering these small quakes in the ground to be an omen to something worse.

      Within the palace, near the top of its tower was a war room of some kind, filled with computers across the walls, a balcony overseeing the city, and at its center, a holographic radar with a range stretching beyond the capital and the cities that surround it. As the people inside, some in military uniforms, some in white lab coats, were working on the computers and watching the Radar's malfunctioning holograms.

      "They're getting worse, ...Not by much, the increase is at a crawl on the scale, but they're definitely getting bigger." One of the scientists said, his eyes not turning away from the screen to turn around and say it to the high-ranking military suits behind him.

      "Conflict zone 1R has collapsed, conflict zone 4D has collapsed, both ours and the rebellion's soldiers are falling to their deaths down there." Another scientist was saying. The doors on the opposite side of the room from balcony and up some stairs opened up, and as they looked at those door they saw a man coming down to their level. He was a rather tall man of middle-aged skin, brown hair with small stands of grey, a small beard, and wearing a rather regal attire of red velvet polyester with golden lines across the shirt. The Soldiers there looked towards him and stood at attention.

      "Your Majesty..." One of the high-ranked officers simply said to him. the Kingly man simply raised his hand as he walked down, signalling them to be at ease as he heads directly for the radar.

      "Give me a Status report, General." He said to one of them, while staring at the circular radar table.

      "It's as we thought, the Earthquakes are getting bigger and bigger by the day. For us, it's inconsequential for now, but ground beneath two war zones have collapsed, both sides sank into the ground. ...As far as we know, there are no survivors." The General said.

      "...And the professors?"

      "We lost contact with the both of them. There's no status of them, and they've still had their cloaking devices up on their lab. Worst Case Scenario, that last earthquake caused their lab to sink into the ground. But we're not even sure of that." The general responded. The King slammed his fist on the radar screen in anger in response.

      "So typical, when we need them the most, they're no where to be found. Keep searching for them! If they're still focusing on that meaningless project, there will be hell to pay!" The King yelled out. Almost immediately afterwards, as if in response to his angry words, the planet began to shake far larger than usual.

      "The Scale just spiked, the quakes are getting much higher, ...they're going off the charts!" One of the scientists said. The general looked at them with an expression of shock as he then turns towards the Balcony.

      "...Your majesty..." He said, pointing towards the balcony as the King looks at him. The King then turns towards it and walks out, awe-struck at what he's seeing.

      The sky began to ripple, as an ever-changing web of light flows in the motion of its ripples. It was as if the Sky was completely made out of water.

      "...And the sea shall become a reflection in the mirror of the sky, as the world makes its final struggle. The final judgement of every man, woman, and child, of every manner of beast and burden shall be passed, and the broken sky shall fall. ...It's just as the prophecy foretold." The King said softly, turning his face from one of awe to one of despair.

      "Your Majesty, we have to evacuate! We need to-" The General said.

      "Negate that order, General." The king softly said.

      "What!? But your Majesty-"

      "Where do you suggest we would go, General? The Falarcanic Prophecy has come to pass. The end of our reign, the end of our world, is nigh." The King interrupted.

      "But there has to be some way to avoid it!" The General said in a panic.

      "You know there isn't. I don't want to give up on my kingdom, but I would rather die than watch as its burned away by the fires of fate. We have tried to avoid this to our best content, and for a time, believed that it was simply a folklore tale. We have done all that we could do, I, for one have no regrets." He said. He then headed towards the balcony and looked at the sky.

      Beyond the web of light, an even brighter group of lights appeared, and began growing in quality and size.

      "May the Gods help us all..." This was all the King said. The lights, now seen as giant beams of white light, broke through the sky, shattering it like glass, and shooting themselves into Chralmede, one of them hitting Sonneset's southern plaza and obliterating anything near by.

      The Lights all shot into the ground, piercing Chralmede from all angles, and causing a combined shock wave to cover the rest of it. Eventually, however, they faded away, leaving behind nothing but devastated cities, and a sky darkened by soot and smoke. Those who survived this carnage were either the most fortunate people on the planet, or the most cursed, depending on one's point of view.

      Within only an hour, Chralmede saw its end.

    • Destiny Islands

      Another normal day... That always seems to be how it's like around here, doesn't it? But unlike the old days where they sat around peacefully and dreaming of seeing worlds beyond the stars, now they are here after many adventures across those same stars, both on a break and to arrange a meeting of a sort.
      The greatest enemy of Sora and his friends returned during the Master examination by the mighty wizard and Ex-Keybade Master, Yen Sid, (Of which his best friend Riku passed, but not Sora himself.) and as such, must now prepare for whatever Master Xehanort and his 13 seekers of darkness throws at them whenever he decides to make his move.

      The island's three keyblade residents, Sora, Riku, and Kairi, and a certain fiery friend have been in the secret cave behind their island, discussing the matter of how to deal with their enemy when the time comes.

      Suddenly, however, they all notice something and looked towards a wooden door, a passageway to the heart of the world they live in. At the start of his adventures, Sora watched as his enemy, the Heartless, went through this door and took the heart of the island, and by extension the island itself.

      Now however, the door was starting to sparkle with lightning of a violet color. Everybody except for Riku and Sora stood back, as the two summoned their Keyblades for battle. They don't know what's going on, but they weren't about to let tragedy repeat itself again.

      However, last time it open outwards as if exploding, now, however, it was opening inwards, and the two could suddenly feel a massive force pushing them all inside.

      With the sharp part of Riku's Way to Dawn Keyblade stuck in the ground he managed to keep himself from getting pulled in while Sora grabbed him by the leg to keep himself from getting sucked in as well. The other three wielders of the Keyblade were trying to pull themselves away from the door to keep from getting sucked in. However, that failed, which led Sora to have no other choice for himself. He let go of Riku and pointed his Keyblade at everyone, casting Aero and making the wind push them away from the door while he got caught inside. Everyone yelled his name and tried to extend a hand to him, but it was too late.

      Sora was lost.


      Resistance Base


      A few months later, Sora has woken up from a dream he seemed to have been having while standing.

      "Oi, kid...I know we've been busy, but keep the sleeping to your private time." A member of the Resistance said to him as Sora looked around at his surroundings.

      The resistance has been a minority in comparison to the mighty empire the rules this world, and as such are forced to live as such. Obviously no small building will fit all the members of the resistance, and any big building will be spotted and obliterated easily by the empire. So instead, underneath a dead city they never bothered to assign to anyone, Meters below the surface, is the stronghold and last base of the Resistance. It wasn't much, certainly wasn't anything worth one's wiles, but the technology is slightly advanced, albeit basic in nature, and has enough to protect and service a group like this.

      Sora looked down at a monitor in this main room of the base, the Command Room, forgetting immediately about his dream as he held his head and looked at the member.

      "Sorry about that. Guess I didn't get a lot of sleep last night." He said to him as he looked at the monitor again. The computer in question was a radar that was able to detect life signs and other signals above their base, as well barely able to detect things in a couple cities nearby to see if anything is heading their way. The Resistance members are marked blue while obvious members of the empire are marked red, It certainly wasn't perfect; with so many different species and life signs, sometimes not even life signs as at least one army consists of machines, it was difficult to adequately mark the signals that come within range. But it was better than nothing.

      "Huh? ...What the!?" He yelled out as the monitor started to flicker and unknown signals began to appear from out of nowhere. Checking it in a 3-D perspective, the marked signals, all of them white, appeared to be...falling from the sky?

      "Huh...That's new. We got a few unknowns coming in towards Havensville from...the sky?" Sora asked.

    • Junes: Electronic Department

      Another not-so-busy day at Junes, as its favorite mascot bear works hard at cleaning up the place. He's been going back and forth between janitor duty, aisle stacking, and putting on his bear suit for the kids in town. As such, he's been trying to multi-task by cleaning up the store while still in his bear costume. He is, however, a tad bummed out at the moment.

      "Why'd you have to be so mean, Yosuke!?" He said to himself. Tis the beginning of summer over in Inaba, about a month's past since the Golden Week incident that almost destroyed Inaba and the world. Against his supervisor's permission, Teddie established the swimsuit ware in the clothing department for mid-summer...again. Said supervisor, Yosuke Hanamura, out of frustration assigned Ted on Cleaning duty for a week and took the display down...Again.

      "You know you want to see them just as much as I...huh?" Before Teddie could complete his thought, however, he notices one of the TV acting up, more specifically the big-screen TV they know of all too well. That TV to any other person was just a normal TV, but to Teddie and his friends, they who have the power of Persona, this TV was a gateway to another world, Teddie's home world specifically.
      However, right now it looked like it was short circuiting, purple lightning shooting out in an arc as the screen shows static, and an image through the static of a place the bear has never seen before. Taking a few sniffs with his little nose, Teddie noticed the smell coming off of it. There were a few other scents, but one albeit bearly noticeable one is one he knows all too well:

      The scent of Shadows.

      Teddie looked around and noticed that no one was around the department at the time. This was common since they live in a rural town and a rare few here have the money to buy stuff like this. But that also means the only person who might be able to help at the moment was also somewhere else.

      "Hey, Yosuke!" Teddie yelled out.

      "Not now, Ted, get back to work!" The annoyed teenage voice yelled back. Teddie then looked at TV again and decided to touch it to see what happens. Upon coming into physical contact with the TV's flat screen, the screen began to ripple like water, as his hand, or rather his paw, went through it like a ghost going through a physical object.

      Teddie made a sigh in relief, what just happened was how one enters the TV to enter his world, and it doesn't feel like anything he wasn't already familiar with. However when he got his hand out of the screen, he noticed that it still rippled. But instead of rippling outward, it was now rippling inwards towards the epicenter where Teddie stuck his hand. He then felt as if he was being pulled into the screen, much to his shock and terror. He tried to run, but it was sucking him in with incredible power, pulling in his bottom half first while his top half hangs on screaming.

      "Oh, now what? It better not be a spider again you little-WHOA!" Yosuke said upon hearing the screaming. He was ready to be annoyed by Ted, but that immediately faded into shock as he saw what was happening. Immediately, Yosuke tried to pull Teddie out of the TV but it was no use.

      "How did you even- ...Dammit, I...Can't....Hold on...." Yosuke said. His grip started to loosen from exhaustion. Whatever was pulling Ted did not want him to go. Eventually the grip slipped and Teddie was pulled inside, screaming Yosuke's name as he did.



      He wasn't sure what was going on, but the bear could feel himself falling down. He tries to remember why he's dropping from the sky like this, but he can't for the life of him remember. All he knows is that his throat hurts for some reason, and he's extremely tired.

      Suddenly, he could hear a voice, that of a girl, young and gentle.

      "No, Don't close your eyes yet. Even if you forget yourself, hang on to what makes you who you all are." The voice said. Upon hearing it, Teddie opened his eyes again, and noticed that he was glowing a pure white.

      It was then that he was now completely awake, ...and completely aware of the fact that he was falling from the sky, to which he was completely panicing and trying to get himself up in the air in desperation, going as far as trying to swim upwards as he falls. He continued screaming as he and others covered in aura of white light falls towards the planet. However, before they hit the ground, the velocity seems to turn down as he and the others are enveloped in white bubbles. From falling to floating, Teddie looked at this situation, wondering what's going on.

      As he lands softly on the ground, he notices where he landed, a city absolutely abandoned and in ruins.

      "Wh-Where am I?" He asked looking around. For now, there was nothing but silence as he takes a few steps forward, in the hopes of finding someone or something that could answer that question for him.

      (All Stars land the same way as this.)

    • Musubi

      There is a city, located right in the middle between the Capital, and unknowingly the abandoned city where the Resistance resides. A city that is surrounded in a state of perpetual blood-red fog. In the center of this city rests a tower, stretching high enough to break through the fog below and be seen from almost all of the cities in Chralmede. No one knows what the purpose of this city and its tower was for, Even those few survivors of the cataclysm that obliterated the planet were restricted from accessing it, and as a result, knows nothing about what is within it.

      With the Cataclysm wiping off most of the planet's people, of course, access is now open to anyone, provided they make it through the fog, which is not as easy as it may seem from the outside looking in. Those who enter the tower, however, may find that it's infested with monstrous shadows, the physical manifestations of raw suppressed emotions, now unleashed to run wild within this fog.

      On top of this tower seems to be one who managed to make it through them however, a boy roughly 17 years of age with an X-shaped scar across his face, his short hair as red as the fog below, and wearing a green shirt and pants with both a high-school uniform coat and the sheathes to his swords tied to his waist. Sitting by the edge of the tower, he watched as the Stars came flying in from the sky. Not knowing who these new clowns were, he couldn't help but give a smirk.

      Things were finally starting to get interesting.

    • Sonneset- Covenant Palace


      It was hard to say who had the most responsibility in rebuilding this city and this palace. Each and every member played a part in its reconstruction from a royal capital devastated by the Cataclysm, to an impregnable fortress and the Capital of the Empire that no resistance would dare to enter. Each one also shares a part in inhabiting the Within the city walls nest magic and technology, creatures, soldiers, and demons alike, and protected under the eyes of the Sorceress Aleister Grendel.

      Within its tower like palace in the center of Sonneset, within the War Room rebuilt as it was in the past, albeit as a darker and more ominous room, rest the Covenant, the five emperors and empresses of Chralmede, circled around the the round table, serving as a holographic map of the world on a flatten surface.
      Among them was a business man in an oddly patterned set of clothes watching as the white signals falls from the sky to land in Havensville.

      "While I have called this meeting to discuss the overall status of this Empire, it seems before we begin, that there are new...disturbances appearing. Blue lightning is reported from across the planet, and now we have these unknown objects falling to the planet from the sky. It could simply be debris from space...but it also could be a new group of those cast into this world by accident. Either way, the Spymaster will be observing this force once they land, and report what he finds to us." The businessman known as Hikawa said, knowing that their special 'messenger' would hear this indirect order.

      "With that in mind, shall we begin?" He asked them.

    • The TARDIS

      How long has it been since that fateful day, the destined day of his 'Death'? It probably seemed like a long time for any normal person, and a normal time-traveler would argue it being for a short-time. For the Doctor however, It was quite a few stops ago. There's never a break when it comes to the Doctor, even when he's keeping a low-profile, even when he's travelling alone. There is always something to see in this grand universe, always something to be a part of throughout time and space, always someone or something to save in one planet or another.

      For the Doctor, there is no rest, ...and he's perfectly fine with that.

      Stepping back inside his TARDIS, with a baseball cap on his head, the Doctor took a deep breath and sighed.

      "Well that was fun, might do it again..." He said to himself as he walks up the stairs, taking his hat off and throwing it towards a coat hanger laying around the side of the place. He looked at the circular console on the center of his TARDIS, and noticed one thing in particular...

      "Hmm...The Regulator's malfunctioning even worse than usual. I thought I fixed it after that stray arrow hit it..." He said to himself. He then went around the Console and began pressing buttons to activate the machine. While doing so, he decided to call his old companions, the Ponds, and see how they're doing. Of course it goes to voice mail, but that's alright, a voice mail's good enough so long as they get it.

      "Hello Ponds! Checking in! ...How are you? ...Not much to report; surf the firefalls of Florinal 9... not deliberately, just the easiest way out. Met Mata Hari in a Paris hotel room, ...What an interesting woman. Laid down some backing vocals; I should be with you any day now, literally any day now. Helmic Regulator's playing up, I can't get the temporal steering right." The Doctor said as he then feels an immediate quake and hears something ramming into the TARDIS, ...or is it the other way around? He then looks at the screen with some shock and a little embarrassment, not realizing that the phone was still on, and noticed that the TARDIS apparently crashed into a stone wall in Athena's temple, while the people inside, mostly ancient greeks based on the clothes, watched in terror at the blue box that did this.

      "Oh dear... I appear to have collided in Ancient Greece." He then said. Immediately afterwards, he could hear a loud crashing noise again as the TARDIS jolted hard enough to make the Doctor be thrown to the guard railing. He could then feel as if he was falling, unknowingly screaming as he did for the rest of the Message before it hung up on itself. He then noticed that the TARDIS Console was starting to spark and tried walking towards it, doing various things to try and stabilize it.

      "What in the...Someone or something is pulling us somewhere else, out of time and space as we know it...That's not possi-" The doctor said before he was interrupted by another quake and within an instant, the TARDIS stopped moving. After the resulting crash led him to hit his head, The Doctor noticed that the TARDIS stopped, and looked at the monitor again. Almost immediately after noticing where he landed, he tried to get the TARDIS to move again and move out of where they were, but for some reason, nothing was working.

      "Ah, bugger all, what's wrong now?" He asked, his head still aching as he holds it. He looked at the statistics for the location, noticing that they were all off. It wasn't earth, and it wasn't any planet he's traveled to before, and the time of it doesn't make sense either. He then looks to the door and slowly walks towards it, his head still hurting.


      Chralmede- Sunset Mountainside

      The Doctor opened up the door to outside, still holding head as he walked out to get a clear view, only to see something fitting of nightmares.

      "...Oh dear..." was all he could say as he looked. He was on a mountainside, or at least a cliff, overlooking the Capital of Sonneset and all the cities near it. What wasn't a nightmarish city of fire and technology were wastelands and ruins.

      This was gonna be a long day.

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    • Chralmede - Sunset Mountainside

      Upon the opposite side of the mountain from where The Doctor had crash landed, a piece of grey fabric about the size of a 6ft male in length and width lay still and unmoving, save for the motions of the wind blowing it. The initial impression it yielded was someone had left supplies behind, or secured some Debris, given that it wasn't in motion... Until something underneath began to move, and gave a pained groan. Eventually whatever was beneath it slowly stood upright, being male in physical build, even though most of it was obscured from view. The majority of the figure's face was obscured by the cloak and a hood which hid most of his face in shadows, as he began to get his bearings. As he looked around, however, he noticed a small puddle of blood where his head had been resting. Reaching one hand to the right side of his face, he felt something running down his face. Pulling his hand back to where he could see it, sure enough, there was blood upon his hand.

      "...Well that's just fantastic. I find myself pulled into a dimensional rift before I hit something and black out, when I wake up I'm nowhere I recognize and on top of a mountain, I've got an injury to my head, and god knows how long I've been here. Great start to my day..." The figure thought to himself, as he pulled back his hood, revealing shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. Brushing his hair to one side and holding it in place with one hand, he lit a fireball atop the finger of his free hand and pressed it to the wound, cauterizing it. The figure grit his teeth as this happened, and once the wound had been sealed shut. Despite this, however, he showed no signs of damaged tissue around the wound itself.

      "Ok... That'll heal in time... Assuming I live that long." He thought to himself as he tore off a strip from the bottom of his cloak, and used it as a makeshift cloth to clean off most of the blood, before tossing it aside.

      "Now the question on my mind is; Where the hell am I? Better head to higher ground and take a look around." The figure then proceeded to climb up the mountain.

      "Could just fly, but I don't want to attract any attention when I don't even know where I am. That's just asking to get shot out the sky."

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  1. Five Rocks' Spa Center:
    Artemis was just after a rather hard contract, that she had in a desert planet. With new added wealth she was looking forward to some well-earned R&R (or I&I, figure it out for yourselves, either of which it is) time. She decided that it's best to spend some time giving some rest for her mind and (what little is left of her remaining) body. In the nearest transit station, she ordered a session in a high-end spa. After some arguing and extra fees, she was allowed to take her gear bag, wherever she goes. She changed into a full body swimsuit (even though she came to relax, she was uneasy with showing her replacement limbs, even if by accident) and dipped herself into a pool, she rented all to herself. She merrily plugged in the headphones to listen to some meditational music, while getting some shut eye time, when she suddenly noticed that the pool water started to wave and move. As she opened her eyes, she noticed, that the pool was forming into an increasingly stronger whirlpool. The water streams started to tug on her, and in her survival instinct she grabbed on her gear bag, which she placed right behind her, but the whirlpool was already too strong to get out, and Artemis was pulled in, together with her gear bag. As her final words above water, she proclaimed:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"I heard of whirlpool bathes, but this is ridiculous!"[/BCOLOR]
    Resistance Base:
    Moments after she was sliding down bright, ethereal tunnels, until finally she plopped down on the floor right on her butt. Having one as a cybernetic prosthetic is not entirely healthy - the impact passed through it quite well, sending a strong impulse up her spine. After some pain management and swearing under her breath, she finally stood up, and yelled out after spitting out the water:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Whichever idiot came up with that damn tunnel idea, should try it themselves... Headfirst!" [/BCOLOR]then, as she recollected her bearings, she looked around to evaluate the environment: [BCOLOR=#000000]"But... Where am I? Better yet, what was I doing until now? No, the question of where AM I is more important. Hm... And what am I doing in a swimsuit? Well, this is embarrassing..."[/BCOLOR]
    Arrioch's Palace:
    Nikki was standing in front of her lord and master, Arrioch. To say he was frenzied with anger would be an understatement. There really is no such word in the dictionary to describe his wrath. But then again, being wrathful was his usual state, just like the lord of anger, that he is, and rightfully so. Nikki dreaded being anywhere even remotely close to him - Arrioch was ruthless, always frenzied with anger and your demise may just come for so much as you look at him funny. Right now he was trying to think of a suitable punishment for Nikki, because she failed him in a recent task, that he given her:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Tell me... What should I do with you? I'd kill you, but you wouldn't understand. I'd flog you or rip you apart, but... You would just shapeshift into something to avoid this."[/BCOLOR]
    An infernal mage came along and announced to Arrioch:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"The fluid of spiritburn, that you asked for is done, oh grand overlord and master! It shall dissolve any spiritual essence that comes in contact with it."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Do not interrupt my thinking, you fool!" [/BCOLOR]Arrioch snapped at the mage and cut him in half, before he could even react. As Arrioch straightened out in his throne once again, he said ponderously:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"But the suggestion is not bad at all. Just a small drop of it, and after some diluting... You would be melting for thousands of years, in the truest form of pain, not even infernal flames can provide."[/BCOLOR]
    Nikki was frozen with fear. She's a doppelganger, but Arrioch's throne room is inescapable. That, and that she is leashed to her lord and master, and cannot do anything other, than his instructions - probably for added cruelty points, he will make her dilute it in the first place. Deep inside her mind she was begging for a show of mercy, but she knew that Arrioch is unappeasable. This is it, the final moment, the crystal jar with the fluid is here... She closed her eyes, the most that she can do. Then, suddenly she fell through the cracks of tiles on the floor. Arrioch stood up, turned to the guards and commanded:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Fools, search for her! I want her deader than dead! I want her cut to pieces and served to the hellhounds! I. WANT. HER. TO. BE. IN. THIS. JAR!"[/BCOLOR] even though he went into a fit of wrath again, he couldn't help but feel, that something is amiss. He feels spiritual links to all his troops. Every single one of them. But Nikki... He cannot feel Nikki anymore, as if she would have vanished. Maybe she destroyed herself? Even being a demon this ancient, Arrioch heard of nothing quite like it. How could she manage that? She's merely a doppelganger.

    In the meanwhile, Nikki felt that she is falling. She felt lost, as to per why she haves her eyes closed. She opened her eyes and sighed:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"I shouldn't have opened my eyes..."[/BCOLOR]
    And then she curled up and covered her face with the palms of her near-ethereal hands. As she fell, through a gap between her fingers she noticed that white light started to surround her. She observed how the land becomes closer and closer with every passing second. She inhaled deeply, bracing for imminent impact, but then noticed, that her descent started to slow. She wasn't sure what was going on, but so long, that it does not flatten her, she's not in the position to abject. In a few moments she was only a short fall away from the ground, and she straightened up, preparing her legs to touch the ground. After the miraculously soft landing she observed the surrounding ruins of a once big city:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Why do I get an odd feeling, that this is an improvement?" [/BCOLOR]she said, then she noticed that there are other fallers as well in the sky. She decided to check out the remains of the trail, closest to her. Maybe that will give any wise insights about what is going on. After a brief, but a low profile walk she noticed Teddie. Unsure how this alien being may react to her presence, she decided to replicate his looks. Upon shifting into exact replica of Teddie, she came out of the corner of a ruin, right in front of his sight and waved cautiously, her legs prepared to run in case this does not work out.

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    • [Loading…Now loading Final Fantasy VII- Hurry Up!]

      They were running, running running running. Away from his other half that called himself brother. He feared the madman, feared his corruption- oh how fitting a name it was- feared his obsession with him. He glanced back at the girl- yes, he called Primary a girl- who was looking at him with slight irritation and worry. He didn’t care, he wanted her away from his other half's- or so he claimed- wrath. She needed to be safe, away from him, and there was no telling what he would do to her if she lost. His heart couldn’t take the thought…

      The ran and ran into the digital world, still being chased, still being tittered at, still tired as ever. They ran until they reached the edge of a glitched out zone, glowing violet and dancing as madly as the two halves would at a club. He looked at her before turning around to face his other half, to offer himself too him only to run away another day, but it was too late. He collided with them, sending all three into the glitched out zone. He screamed, silently screamed, it hurt so much, but that wasn’t what bothered him. There were two autotune screams, his other half’s and his beloved's. He needed to get to his beloved, he needed to-!


      [Now ending Final Fantasy VII- Hurry Up!]

    • [Loading…Now loading Off- Pepper Steak All Levels at Once]

      Primary_Batter rubbed its temples, a nagging sensation on its mind. What was it trying to remember? It couldn’t remember anything though. …How long had it been, since it got here? A few months? Quite a long time.

      The sound of the computer’s alert brought it back out of its thoughts and it immediately got out into the real world. What now? It frowned and tapped its metal bat onto the ground as the anomalies indicated there were more coming down, both blue lightning and- what was that? White light? It glanced around to see if someone else was seeing this.

      [Now ending Off- Pepper Steak All Levels at Once]

    • [Loading…Now loading Cytus- Entrance Right Wing Version]

      Several months had passed since that fateful day since he was brought to Chralmede, ooooh yes. Several days since he created a city of his own and ruled it with charm and poise and- well, you get the idea. Fun, fun, fun stuff, hehe.

      “R-R-RuN rUn RuUuUuN 1!tT13 b00000000Y~” Corruption cackled as he chased after a terrified User. Not as fun as trying to find his other half. Poo, he wanted him right now… The boy screamed as he caught up to him and sliced him and stabbed at him. Oh don’t worry, he’ll respawn in another area. But he was getting bored, off with his head! Off- hack- off- hack- off~ And there went his head, whoopsie daisy. He flicked the blood of his short sword and proceeded to go outside into the real world.

      [Now ending Cytus- Entrance Right Wing Version]

      [Loading…Now loading Final Fantasy X- Ominous/Creep]

      He wandered the halls where the cryo pods were, putting a hand on a sleeping person. Oh yes, they trapped him in there for a while, he couldn’t tell what time. Nearly drove him mad it did, being awake but not being able to move, breathe, live. At least he could still call out to someone with the computers. That was how he was set free, a foolish girl believed him and let him out and, well, he had to put eeeveryone in the cryo pods as punishment for what they did to him. The little girl was gone, somewhere, in the Green District, having left her alone. He owed her, after all. With a snicker, he proceeded to go back into the digital world to play some DDR. He was bored, and dancing helped with it…somewhat. More fun torturing people, but his leftover data loved dancing too.

      [Now ending Final Fantasy X- Ominous/Creep]

    • [Loading…Now loading Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team- Dream]

      How long had he been drifting in and out of consciousness ever since he got into this glitched out place? Sometimes he dreamt that he was running alongside Primary for something, other times he was dreaming of avoiding his so called brother and other half. He didn’t know how long he was asleep, but it would sure be nice if he woke up.

      Wake up.


      [Now ending Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team- Dream]

      [Loading…Now loading Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Tea,- Boss Battle]

      He felt the whoosh of air and found himself falling and falling and falling and panicking and silently screaming- why was there no noise?- and nearly crying and-

      [Now ending Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team- Boss Battle]

      [Loading…Now loading Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team- At the End of the Road]

      And as suddenly as it had come, he found himself floating towards the ground until his back rested upon ruined concrete and he was staring up at a cloudy sky. …Wow. What a nice view of the clouds surrounded by ruined skyscrapers- what. Enrem got up and looked around. Where was he? Cities weren’t supposed to look like this! …Wait, how did he know? He held his head and grimaced. He…couldn’t remember anything. Just the feeling that he’d been sleeping for a long time…

      [Now ending Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team- At the End of the Road]
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    • The Resistance Base:
      Scem'Hoar Ionlink awoke to the voice of that overly loud kid with the big key for a "sword", apparently something had happened in the main room, he wouldn't know as he made sure to keep himself apart fromt the others, sleeping in a simple room a few corridors away in the underground maze. For one, he didn't agree with the need for working together, and then he would weaken anyone who was forced to work with him.
      Not that he wanted to, but that was the reality of things, the F.E.N. caused everyone to lose power, simple as that. Pulling his trenchcoat-jacket over his shoulders he set course for the main room, not happy with being awake nor with having to interact with people.

      Walking through a doorway to the big room housing numerous waking resistance-members and the two useful machines in the base. The big monitor-screen showing a map of their surrounding to a surprising range, and the coffee-machine the technopath had made. He instantly felt the F.E.N. push him down as it began targeting every single person, thing or machine around him. While it normally went almost 10 feet in every direction, he had learnt to instinctly reign it in just over 5, making the F.E.N. reach approximately 4 feet. So after having poured himself a cup of coffee black enough to hurt he placed himself at one end of the little space surrounding the monitor, taking in the situation, as it were a few new life-signs detected falling down across one of the nearby cities. This could be interesting, if he was to go alone... and that would not be the case, no matter the fact that most other members were making a point of it to keep their distance even at the moment.

      Perhaps due to the floor directly around him being empty, the new arrival consisting of a woman in a swimsuit didn't fall on top of someone. It was quite uplifting to watch someone appear in this world of Chralmede, one little moment of memory, and then bewiderment at their new situation. He supposed he had been the same, though he prefered to think it had been for the worse.

      "Here, and welcome to Chralmede." Scem said to the new member as he hadned her his jacket, not that it would make much of a difference, but he would rather not have her cause to much of a delay in whatever the situation with the new falling lights would lead to.

    • City of Havensville:
      A white light was falling towards a city of Chralmede, along several other lights just like it.
      Inside the light was Ver'lie Zelft, wanderer, cat and a thousand other... Cat? A cat was falling towards a sure death unto the ruins of a city while enveloped in a bright white light. Spinning around to at least land on his paws the cat continued falling, if albeit a bit slower, still with enough speed to turn him into a bloody puddle on the ground. Well, no use worrying for things that were certain. Zelft felt a bit better as he had come to terms with his imminent demise.

      A voice inside his head urged him to not despair, not that he was, but he was thankful for the encouragement, which proved to be true as he landed like on cushions. Actually floating for a few moments before coming down on a old road clearly in need of some repairs. Taking a look around the cat decided that the way that smelled slightly less in ruin would be the best, and off he went, taking leaps on footing too lose for any but a feline creature, or a goat, but felines were far better.

      The black cat soon arrived near the landing of another white light, there was something with the individual in that particular light that drove him to find whoever it turned out to be. A girl as it happened, a girl that smelled of magic, a wonderfully intoxicating sensation to be close to.
      Something moved in the corner of his eyes, a female form hiding surprisingly well inside the broken top-floor of a nearby skyscraper, but somehow Zelft knew that whoever it was didn't intend any harm.

      As the girl dazed looked around to get her bearings the cat made his most appealing meowing sound and walked over to her, purring as began stroking himself around her legs.

    • Above ground - City of Ruin:
      The Spymaster was looking out across the ruins of the city the Thread-Ruin had built their new home underneath, fittingly named "Ruin", it gave him a sense of going full circle somehow. He thought back on how he had found himself in this wonderfully post-apocalyptic world.

      A prepared but supposedly inactive summoning ritual had between one moment and the next shone up like the sun from the stars in the sky, forming a portal, a gateway to someplace else. He had been able to feel to intention of the being pulling him inside, and he had followed eagerly, there was no more for him to do in his homeworld, no far land where his thread did no longer reach. He had reformed the organization, and his success left him void of drive, void of goals. No longer could he have endured without bringing the world down around him. And in that moment a higher being reached out a hand to give him a purpose... It had almost been too good to be true.

      While he had made the first trip the "Guardian" had spoken to him, given him knowledge of the world of Chralmede, and the part he would play, vaguely if he had ever had something explained to him, but then that was the only way higher beings were generally allowed to share their thoughts. He had then gotten the knowledge for how to open the portal once more to bring operatives of his choosing into the new battlefield. A portal that taxed the Guardian more than it let on. But the Spymaster had understood enough to manage it on his own, happy to have a goal once more, and he did not see the need to give away any possible skill and expertise at his disposal for the cause.

      The first he had done was summon enough operatives to build their new home, and once that was done he had set out to spread his thread as far and wide as he possibly could. His operatives pouring in to fill the new ranks. Retrained and reequipped with gear and knowledge hundreds of years ahead of their own, but that was an obstacle barely worth mentioning. Using the native survivors as working citizens of the subterranean complex they circumvented the loss of troops, there was never a need to treat them as slaves or similar, through quickly integrating them into the Thread there arose no issues, no troubles and no drawbacks.
      Through dark magic and biological science, they would come to bear, care for and supply the next generation.

      Four months they had been here, four months of constant work and less sleep than was healthy, even for himself, but then he had worked the hardest. He had sent operatives into the nearby cities to find any survivor that would listen to their arrangements, to find viable sites for raw materials and more pressing resources. There had been no breach in command, there had been no questioning his word, and now things were finally falling into place. Ruin was becoming a place worthy to call his "spider in the net", and the grid of information was spreading both quick and fast across the world of Chralmede. Every empire-ruled city within its threads, the one place still eluding him being the base of the Resistance. Which irked him more than he let on, but he had his suspicions, and thus he continued to cycle the operatives on the grid, confirming his theories while none was the wiser.

      The reason he was currently standing on the empty rooftop looking out over his city, had after all nothing to do with nostalgia, but everything with what the Thread was made for, information. A few operatives stood behind him, not the same ones from one moment to the next however, as they came and went with the ebb and flow of information running through the net. Only coming forward with what they thought to be important enough to divert their masters attention from his current undertaking.

      In front of the hooded Spymaster stood big ravens made of black magic, like their conjurer they were gazing out across the landscape, but what they saw was something else entirely, and thus also what the Spymaster saw. Through the eyes of special operatives they were following one particular situation unfolding, the city of Havensville and its new inhabitants, arrived as white lights, as falling stars.
      At the first sign of something new on Chralmede he had made sure to send the "Eyes" to investigate, operatives linked to his conjured familiars. And now he was watching the lights go out once they hit the ground, revealing new arrivals, but arrivals belonging to neither his own nor the Guardian of the Resistance, maybe these were to be the people of the third Guardian, who had so far done nothing, perhaps biding its time for the right moment, and that moment seemed to be now.

    • Covenant palace - Sonneset:
      Stationed to relay what transpired to their master, operatives of the Thread-Ruin watched every empire leader as well as their cities, not even the Covenant were free from the eyes and ears of the "messenger" of the empire, appointed thus by their Guardian. And thus the meeting of the five true emperors and empresses of the empire was not as guarded a meeting as they would be prone to believe. And as Hikawa mentioned the Spymaster, one of the presences observing the meeting dimmed.

      Above ground - City of Ruin:
      Seemingly out of thin air an Inner Watcher appeared between the lower operatives and their leader on the rooftop overlooking the ruined "over-city" of Ruin. The other operatives involuntarily took a few steps back.
      "The Covenant are meeting. Hikawa asks for your assistance." The Watcher relayed to his master, not needing to tell him what kind of help and why it was needed.

      Without turning around the being before the Watcher let out a sigh, the air on the rooftop suddenly heavy enough to force the lesser operatives to their knees. "And you left your post for this? Do you question my height of attention over this world? Resume your watch." Not a sound left the present operatives as their master once again turned his attention towards the city of Havensville, not daring to move before the air became light again. At which point all of them disappeared, moments passing before others took their place.

    • Inside the Sunset Mountainside - old node for power-lines:
      The man was walking back and forth across a rectangular room 24 by 36 by 23 by 36 feet, a miscalculation in the construction that was now causing him all but physical pain.
      "Not square, not oval, no good!" Neltan Oldlake pushed his arms in between the cables and wires he had uncovered behind a panel on one end of the shortest wall, sparks flying all around him to quickly dissipate. Then he went on to walk back and forth again.

      "Enough yet? Maybe, possibly? OF COURSE NOT ENOUGH! IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!" He shouted as he suddenly stopped in the middle of the room, both arms reaching out towards the walls, his fingers spread as if trying to encompass as much as possible between them.

      He stood like that for what felt in his mind like hours, while truly it had only been minutes. And then his eyes shot open as a spasm went through his body, threatening to fell him to the ground. Until electrical currents strong enough to bathe the room in piercing light shot out from his fingers and connected to cables running behind the panels covering the walls. The light shone for more than a minute through a sound like someone short-circuiting a hundred car-batteries.

      Tunnels beneath the Capital of Sonneset:
      Neltan was dragging himself along the old service-tunnels and passage-ways he and Felix had sent men to map so many long years ago. After hours of searching he found what he had been looking for, a supply-room. One that he had upgraded with a bed, a big blanket and a door-sized mirror, there were also numerous batteries and energy-cells scattered across the floor and stacked inside lockers. Sitting down on the bed he took up a med-kit and started patching himself up, burns and lacerations covering both arms and reaching down across his front and back from his shoulders. Then he grabbed some of the canned food the supplies mainly consisted of and ate it with a wooden spoon.

      "Still alive... Big catch today, days of new life. I'm tired." Minutes later he slept like a child.
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    • [​IMG]
      .:General Grievous:.
      General Grievous was inspecting the progress of his city from the top of his spire. The large office room, which also served as a meeting space stood in a dull light from the even duller sky. The General himself was standing behind his large desk and black chair, with his hands behind his back as he watched the work beneath through the large window panels. Only a person with improved optics like Grievous could make out the droids working in the "streets". Rubble from the devastated factory complex was removed, but most of it would be reused. Large machines on caterpillar track cleared the paths while worker droids began to rebuild the destroyed factories and stockpiles. Further away stood the first completed and successfully running Energy Spire, its red light sending waves of energy underground. Where and what the energy was used for was hard to tell for those unaware of the evil plotting going on in General Grievous's head. But a stubborn scout would realize that more and more droids was coming up from the exists halls. Put that together with the fact that the General had opened large mining operations close by the city and you could only come to one grim conclusion.

      Using his optic General Grievous zoomed in on a bulldozer making its way through more rubble, just as a young black haired boy began to run out from his now destroyed hiding place. Completely in the open, the kid didn't get far before he was shot dead by patrolling B1 droids. He was far from the first to be killed upon sight, as more than a dozen survivors had decided to come out of their emergency bunkers. Not that Grievous had much care for such bugs. The factory complex was his now, and he could not have any survivors bring intel to the Resistance or rival villains. In the distance had the construction of the remaining two Energy Spires commenced, and they would play a key role in expanding the output of droids. Soon he would have a army and with the help of a certain Covenant member, he would conquer more land. The last thing he watched before he turned around was the blue light ascending down from the sky. For now, he would wait until ordered otherwise he thought to himself.

    Kerrigan stood by the war table, her skeleton wings folded behind her back and her face in a bored expression. 'Five Supreme "villains" ruling together? What a laugh' She thought to herself as she watched the others. The others was likely planning against her, just like she was against them. For now she played along, but surely this wouldn't last long. She was surprised they had managed so far. "Blue light? Surely the Protoss could not have come here" She asked, while mumbling the last part to herself. The Protoss was known for their blue light, but as falling stars? It didn't make much sense. It was more likely to be falling debris, like Hikawa had suggested. But perhaps she should order her 'General' to investigate the objects. Just in case, she thought to herself. She didn't trust this "Spymaster" anyway. She would let General Grievous know after the meeting. "If you say so. I'm ready to start either way".

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  • Resistance Base:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Whoop dee fucking doo!"[/BCOLOR] Artemis said, still looking around the place. She looked at Scem, and said: "Thanks, buddy, not to be rude, but I think this bag with my name on it, over here may just have what I need. It wouldn't hurt to check out the bag either way." After unzipping it, she rummaged through it, finding a disassembled antimateriel rifle, a carbine assault rifle, a machinepistol, a boot knife, and some ammo, magazines and accessories for the mentioned firearms. Upon better inspection she found her mercenary suit: knee-high boots, a dessert pattern camouflage uniform without any specific markings, other than her name attached to it, a chest rig, and a webbing belt with pouches for ammo and canteen attached. She shrugged, and then started getting into the uniform:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Well, this is not as elegant or discrete, as I'd prefer this to be, when dressing up, but ain't gonna be freezing here either."[/BCOLOR] she said, and once she was finished, and patted the uniform off for comfort, she said:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"I'll keep the introduction brief, because I don't remember jackshit - I'm Artemis. And now I've to be rude once again and ask, where's the douchebag-in-chief of yours? Cause you know, from what I see, this is definitely a militant place, and where's a militant place, there's contracts, and I need to sign one, before I go anywhere, since I don't do charity work. I need to remain supplied, and... to be honest... keep the limbs running. Plus, I need to get briefed on what's exactly going on here."[/BCOLOR]
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    • [​IMG]
      The Tenth Doctor

      The TARDIS

      The Doctor sighed as he circled the console. Adelaide was right. What he- no, what the Time Lord Victorious did was wrong and he knew it. He nearly became the Master, the sum of everything he fought against and hated. It made him sick. But, the damage had been done, no going back and preventing what had just happened to him on Mars.

      The Doctor was literally shaken out of his train of thought when the TARDIS lurched violently. "Oi! What's gotten into yooouuuu!" He shouted as he was flung across the console room by another violently jolt. Then, the shaking suddenly stopped.

      Rubbing the back of his aching head and grunting as he got back on his feet, the Doctor ran over to the console to see what had just happened. "Shhh. The worst part is over now." He cooed, affectionately stroking the console as he checked the status display. He frowned and muttered to himself, "B-but, that's impossible!"

      Apparently, the TARDIS had landed on a planet that existed outside of time and space, which also meant that he was stuck there with no time and space for the TARDIS to surf upon. Quickly grabbing and putting on his brown trench coat over his brown pinstripe suit, the Doctor made his way to the door.

      Chralamade - Sunset Mountainside

      The TARDIS' door creaked as it opened and closed when the Doctor stepped out. "Oh! Why can't it ever be a nice paradise planet!" He pouted, looking over the desolate waste land below him. "Well, it can't possibly get any worse..." the Time Lord's words trailed off when spotted his TARDIS and a young man dressed like a college professor on a cliff a few feet above him.

      "Well, this can't be good."
    • [​IMG]
      Darth Vader

      Darth Vader, with his arms folded across chest, silently listened to what Hikawa had to say with the only sound coming from the Dark Lord was his bone-chilling mechanical breathing. Vader overlooked each one of his 'co-rulers', a temporary setback to the Empire's invasion of this world but he would dispose of them when the time is right. But for now, they would all be working together. However, the probability of the five of them backstabbing each other at some point was nothing new to the Sith Lord.

      "Sending the Spymaster alone is a waste of time and efficiency." Vader finally spoke up and glanced over to Hikawa, his deep mechanical voice vibrating throughout the room. "With probe droids, he would be able to complete the task far more efficiently, stealthily, and quickly." He stated as a reminder to all present that he had the greatest fighting force and was the most technologically superior of the five.
    • [​IMG]

      Echo Base - Hoth, Hoth System

      "Of all the planets in the galaxy, why Hoth?" The protocol droid, C-3PO whined.

      R2-D2 whirled his dome head around to face his counterpart, stopping what he was doing. He then gave Threepio a teasing beep.

      <Oh? I thought you said that Yavin was too hot and humid?>

      Threepio huffed. "Well, I didn't expect the Alliance to choose a planet with the opposite climate."

      <Yeah, yeah.> Artoo warbled, going back to work on Luke Skywalker's X-Wing.

      Suddenly, a fissure emitting a blinding blue light opened up beneath the little droid's treads. Artoo made a surprised squee as he lost balance and began to fall into the crevice.

      "Artoo!" Threepio cried out in horror as he desperately tried to catch his friend.

      Unfortunately, the protocol droid was too late as Artoo fell through the crack as Threepio lost balance as well.

      "Someone heellllpp- Umph!" Threepio face-planted the unbroken snow-covered ground. The crack gone and R2-D2 nowhere in sight.


      Upon rebooting, Artoo found himself all tangled up in a mess of broken wires and pipes dangling from the remains of a destroyed building. Using his circular saw and rocket boosters to free himself and safely get himself on the ground, the little rotated his in a 360 to see that he was in the ruins of a city on some unknown terrestrial world.

      How did he get here? Why can't remeber who his masters were? Did he even have any masters? If he had a master who gave him a memory wipe, why would he/she abandoned him here?

      Making a confused hum, Artoo extended his third foot forward and proceeded to wander around the ruins in search for some answers.

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    • It had been a long journey leading up to this point. After losing the amulet to that Osh-Tekk fool Ko'atal, she had since narrowly escaped from captivity, and her certain death...and Ko'atal had lost the amulet. Mileena could still recall the fury she felt after being informed about such a turn of events. Though, at the same time, she had to thank that slimy Kytinn D'Vorah for stealing it made it easier to steal it back. Mileena still crushed her beneath her heel like the bug she was. She and Quan Chi had still been able to free Shinnok, but two frail sorcerers were nothing when compared to the might of Ko'atal's army.

      Quan Chi had been ripped to shreds, and lie torn in half in the far end of the Jinsei Chamber. The room glow red, with Earthrealm's life-force corrupted. That was soon going to change. The great Shinnok, fallen Elder God, and leader of the Netherrealm...was now squirming beneath Mileena's boot while she choked him with the heel of it. The half-blood lowered her purple mask to reveal her jagged, toothy grin, while her slitted eyes peered down into his in delight.

      "So, the all-powerful Elder God, bested by the daughter of Shao Kahn." she spoke with spite, still driving the end of her boot against his windpipe, the sound of his desperate gurgling fueling her bloodlust. "I haven't forgotten what you did to him, you manipulative wretch!" in a split-second motion, she unsheathed her sai, and drove them both straight through his wrists, and through the stone floor, locking his arms in place. Now that his throat was no longer under duress, she could hear his agonizing screams in full. Mileena giggled maniacally and brought her hand across his mouth. "You speak a single word, and your face goes first.~" she then revealed two more sai, and pierced his shins, locking his legs in place as well. She began to heave, unable to contain it any longer.


      "Dinner time!"
      With her claw-like nails, she swiftly ripped his robes to shreds, and then his flesh, allowing her demonic instincts take hold of her better thought. Shinnok's screams began anew, and with vigor. It wasn't long before Mileena began to stuff her face with his guts, delighting in the bloody feast. It had been too long since she had a real meal. All the blood and guts not caught by her gaping maw was flung across the Chamber, dirtying its pristine stone floor, and across the murderous half-blood's skin and clothes. It didn't matter what she was eating; his flesh and bones were crunched by her huge teeth, and his guts were scarfed down like pasta, buttered up by his gushing blood. Soon, the screaming stopped, and the blood stopped flowing, and began to pool within the hole in his body her ravenous actions had left. With a low snarl, she had finished, and her sai disappeared. Mileena stood, retrieved the god's amulet, and crushed his skull beneath her foot for good measure.

      It was done. The forces of the Netherrealm had been bested, and soon, too, would Outworld belong to her once again. But, as she made her way out of the Jinsei Chamber, she felt...tired. Extremely so. Perhaps it was from the rush of the kill being returned to her after so long. Either way, her vision began to blur, and her feet began to stumble. She felt Shinnok's amulet begin to slip from her grasp...but it wasn't downward. It felt as if it were...levitating from her grasp. As Mileena stumbled to her knees, dazed, the last thing she could see before her eyes fluttered closed, was the amulet she had fought so valiantly for floating into the Jinsei, before a bright flash put her to sleep.

    • Mobius was in a state of panic. The ground beneath them shook, stirred, and crumbled all around the furry inhabitants of the peaceful planet. It was complete chaos, and the Freedom Fighters had to find a way to stop it. Thankfully, they had a good place to start. Two sources of immense energy were found in both the north and south ends of Mobius, both bearing a striking resemblance to the sort of power that was released in the Super Genesis Wave. Their curiosity was piqued, and they had to figure out the mystery. Both Tails and Antoine were deployed in the Ice Cap Zone, where the first beacon was active, while Amy, NICOLE, and Sally were deployed nearby Knothole, where the second beacon was active, and left the rest to tend to the Sky Patrol.

      However, after seeing the shape Knothole was in; riots happening in the streets, doomsayers raving from the rooftops, and citizens running amok like a chicken after having its head chopped off; Sally decided to stay behind to calm the people, and sent Amy and NICOLE on their way. They needed to find the beacon ASAP.

      "You seeing anything yet NICOLE?" Amy asked,

      "For the fifth and final time, no, Amy! Continue heading south, I'll inform you when I begin picking up a stronger signal." snapped the computer program, obviously a bit ticked off by the young hedgehog's nagging.

      Amy huffed, and picked up the pace, the forest becoming lighter the further she ran towards their target. "So...what're your thoughts on the whole...two worlds thing?"

      "What do you mean?

      "I dunno, like...just...everything about the Super Genesis Wave. How the chaos emeralds can-"

      "Amy, stop. Now is not the time for deep thinking. Now is the time for heroism." interrupted NICOLE,

      Amy sighed, "Then tell me when we get back to the Sky Patrol."

      She didn't have very much time to respond, as another earthquake shook their footing, and rustled the light foliage surrounding them. "We're close! The beacon is just up ahead!"

      Amy nodded and continued on.

      "Stop! I can sense it, it's right below us! Dig!"

      "Dig?! You don't seriously expect me to-"

      "End of the world, remember?"

      "Why don't you-"

      "Computer program, remember?"

      Amy scoffed and rolled her eyes, setting NICOLE down and sifting through the loose dirt quickly, until something shone through the dust. She quickly scooped it out, and gasped after noticing what it was.

      "A chaos emerald, of course! They must be the source of the earthquakes!-"

      She was interrupted, as another emerald shot from hole, then another, and another, and another, until six others were floating along the treeline. NICOLE's synthesized voice turned from gleeful, to mortified in an instant.

      "Oh dear...Amy, whatever you do, don't-"

      Amy's grip on the emerald slipped, and the gem flung itself into the group above them.

      "...let go of the emerald."

      Amy smiled sheepishly, and chuckled embarrassingly.


      The seven chaos emeralds began to spin together, picking up immense speeds, until their colours were one rainbow blur. The both of them looked up at the display stricken with fear.

      "Should we run?"

      "Excellent idea."

      Amy swiftly swiped NICOLE off the ground, and dashed back into the forest as fast as her little legs could take her, and she could feel the earthquakes growing in power beneath her. She needed to make it to Knothole and warn everyone. Amy weaved through the trees, and shrubs, being sure to avoid the branches and sticks littering the forest floor, and before long, Knothole was in sight, and so was Sally. In an act of desperation, the girl raised her free hand up and shouted to her friend.

      "Sally! Sally!-" in an instant, the earthquakes shook Amy of her feet, and fell head-first against a large rock that was sitting in her path. She got knocked out cold, and couldn't feel a thing...spared the sight of the chaos emeralds tearing Knothole asunder.

    • [​IMG]

      One thousand thoughts...trapped, within a single mind. Mileena could see things...smell things...hear things...things she could not recall, or understand, whenever she closed her eyes. There was...war...conquest...bloodshed. Lots of bloodshed. And in every vision...she saw herself. What did it all mean? Was this the future? The past? No, no...certainly not the past...she couldn't recall a single piece of her past. She could only see a man, and hear him say...Mileena. I Mileena? I must... she silently wondered. Her daydreaming was quickly broken, however, as a ruckus was being stirred through the halls of the Resistance Base. She could see them scramble around a single computer monitor, while lights across said monitor blinked, and bleeped like mad. She strolled up into the group and looked to the monitor as well, noticing another member had put it into 3-D. Mileena squinted her eyes at the figures.

      "Are those...people? Where did they come from?" she questioned, sounding like she was demanding an answer.

    • ...Am...





      Wake-, up!-

      The pink hedgehog gasped as she was rudely awakened by her faint dream. She blinked her eyes open, only to shut them again in pain, holding her head. " head is..." Amy's words trailed off, as she felt...weird. It felt really windy, and cold. She opened her eyes, and screamed once she noticed she was plummeting towards the ground, and that her fur and clothes were glowing bright white. She covered her eyes in fear as she came closer to impact, and was surprised that she hadn't hit the ground in a long time.

      She soon opened her eyes to see...a ruined city, and that she was no longer falling, but floating. In a...bubble? This was crazy. Though, the bubble unexpectedly popped, and gave Amy a rough landing regardless. She groaned in the minor pain, and sat upon the rubble, taking a gander around to see- OH MY GOD A GIANT TEDDY-BEAR - HOLY SHIT TWO GIANT TEDDY-BEARS. Amy shrieked and fell back, rolling roughly into a pile of crumbled stone and dust. The shock had hit her pretty hard.

      @The Jest

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    • Kira let out a groan while rubbing her temples, the maintenance on the subterranean base's outer power systems was a nightmare. If something broke down out there it was a slow painful process to figure out where exactly among all those lines, nodes, sensors and hubs that something had broken down. And whoever had made the manual with all these annoying tabs for each section that did not help at all slowing down her reading up on this hell spawn of a creation.

      Finally having enough of the thing she threw the notepad on the table, leaving the chair walking over to the main terminal. "Fuck it im doing it with the powers instead migraine or not" the woman muttered to her self and placed her hands on the holo-interface. When this was done they better let her do some fieldwork instead this place was driving her nuts with the work needed to keep it running. Kiras thoughts where interrupted by one of the routines for the command centre lighting up, curious she opened it to have a look and saw what the others had seen previously to.
      With a smirk the engineer called upon another program and activated the probe launcher. Far out on the perimeter earth rumbled as the machined raised from the debris aiming it's hollow barrels skyward. With a powerful thudding sound the ball was launched.

      Those lights meant more people, that meant more possible enemies and this time she would get the data on them.

    • "you lost to?" Chiharu hunched down and patted the purring cat, finding comfort in that she was not alone in this frightening place.
      She could not even remember how she had ended up here. And that thought became much scarier when she realized that she could barley remember anything at all.
      "you don't happen to know where we are do you?" The girl asked softly to the kitten before lifting it up only getting a small "mrreow" in response.

      Heading further into the ruins the young girl tried calling out to see if there where others there. Her voice hesitant, almost trembling when all she got back was the echoes of her own queries.

      "am i all alone here?"

      The old ruins slowly crept up on the girls imagination making her jump at shadows. hugging the kitten tightly Chiharu was ready to give up hope for now her vision becoming blurry at the edges as tears began to cumulate. "anyone?"

      Show Spoiler

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    • Warlord Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unta sat in his fortress, on his throne, which was decorated with a great many pointy sticks, with even more heads stabbed onto them, some of which were dripping with blood. Before him, a whole lot of Orks were milling about or relaxing around large fires, above which mostly human bodyparts were being roasted, with the smaller greenskins, the Gretchins were running about, tending to their needs, and trying to avoid swings or debris thrown their way. The biggest Orks were centered around the throne, with some of them reporting the going ons of the city to the boss.

      Most of the streets had been cleared of whatever was useful or in the way. The wall around the city had been patched up and armed. There was now enough Human slaves and Gretchins working in the mines, so there was a steady influx of metals and fuel, to feed the factories and mek-shops, which in turn meant shootas, choppas, armor and vehicles were being pumped out to arm the ever-growing army. And of course, the boyz had settled most of the ruins, putting up the Warlord's banners everywhere, and slapping on guns wherever they would fit.

      Soon, he'd be ready to lead the ladz against whatever enemies they could find! Get into a proper fight again! Having kept the horde in line this long without anyone good to fight had been hard enough.

      But in just a few days, he'd lead his Waagh!!

      The Orkz had come to a new rock. And now, they'd make this planet learn to fear them!
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  • Resistance or something I don't know formatting


    Everything, has a meaning. Even the terrible things, or even death. Even the things we deem 'pointless', or unnecessary. Eventually, we must all accept this.

    Elizabeth stood within the blank blue elevator, staring forward blankly as the elevator ascended endlessly. Igor was gone for no given reason, leaving Elizabeth to care for the Velvet room herself. She had no problem with this, but if her guest were to walk in she could only help him so much compared to what Igor could do. The silence of the room was so blissful, but the amount of silence Elizabeth had in her life- being here all her life - was maddening. It was as if she was in purgatory, with no sounds. Nothing to see. The girl then glared down at the book. After a few moments, she looked away "No. The guest isn't here, I have no reason to use it..." As she kept looking astray, the book at the corner of her eye, the temptation was eating at her. She tapped her finger on the table, waiting for something to sooth her thirst for something to happen before she used the book without proper permission.

    "I doubt it will do anything terrible, however.." She muttered to herself, giggled lightly. As she reaches for it, she gets a sense of dread. As if something terrible is about to happen. She restrains her hand for a moment, sighing and pulling it back. "I really don't think I should, though..." Elizabeth proceeded to pounce at the book. As she grabbed it and sat back down on the coach, the elevator stopped. As Elizabeth realized what was happened, she stared forward blankly. "Oh...No...." She whispered to herself before the elevator started to plunge downward. She screeched as it descended, everything beginning to turn white...


  • image.jpg

    Somewhere amidst the Stars, in the TARDIS



    "And I would walk five-hundred more."


    "To fall down at your door."




    In an instant, everything went wrong. It had been a pretty average day for Daniel, aka "the Doctor". He took a quick power nap before he and K-9 hiked along the Jriana Peninsula, made a quick visit to the Rings of Akhaten, narrowly escaped a run-in with the Cybermen, decided to re-watch the birth of the galaxy (with a set of 3D glasses for extra "oomph"), and then had Sunday brunch with his Mum before heading off on more adventures. Things had been going just fine (minute the Cybermen) until this particular moment. Daniel had decided to link his iPod up to the TARIDS console so he could jam to some tunes while he flew around time and space, but he had never been in this situation. He always played music whilst he flew... But never before had he been crashing. Quickly checking the vid-screen to see what was going on, Daniel realized the suckling truth: not only was he crashing, but he was crashing through a time rift and crossing over into an alternate dimension. Another world, separate from his universe! Travel between universes was impossible, but right now he was in the process of entering the unknown realm. He was falling through a place without time, without space... There was only one way to react in a situation like this:

    "K-9, WE'RE GOING DOWN! WHOOOOOHOOOOOO!" Daniel exclaimed, an excited look on his face. "Keep'er stabilized! We need to make sure we're not entirely wrecked when she lands! C'mon, Auntie, hold together please!"

    Flipping switches and grabbing hold of the controls, Daniel smiled and laughed heartily as he plummeted through the Void, exiting his universe and entering an entirely new one. Sparks flew from the console and flames erupted around the room as the circuits began to fry. Grabbing his sonic screwdriver, Daniel pointed it towards the flames and tried to activate the fire-extinguishers installed in the flooring to try and keep the TARDIS from falling apart. Things were going haywire... And Daniel was relishing it. Another adventure in time and space was waiting!

    Chralamade - Sunset Mountainside


    The TARDIS swung around wildly in the air, spinning uncontrollably as it plummeted towards the earth below. Things were not going well for the crew of the TARDIS, as both Daniel and K-9 been thrown around the cabin as a result of the gravity manipulator losing all power. For something that was well over 2000 years old, the TARDIS was only now truly showing off its age. It was getting older, but Daniel had managed to get it repaired and upgraded whilst he was on Gallifrey in the pocket dimension. But then again, he never went to alternate dimensions, so the ride wasn't always this rocky. After about the 76th time passing the console, Daniel finally managed to grab hold of the gravity manipulator's switch and used his sonic screwdriver to redirect power from the vid-screen to the broken piece of equipment. Once the little green light came back on, Daniel threw down the controller and brought back the gravity. In an instant, everything stopped moving and Daniel fell straight down, landing on his back with an audible thud. K-9 managed to use it's miniature rockets to keep itself from falling and floated down to the floor gently. They had stopped, apparently. Slowly getting up by using the hand on the console to support himself, Daniel looked at K-9 and laughed. "Now, that wasn't so bad... W-Was i-" he chuckled before everything tilted to the right and Daniel almost went flying again, had he not grabbed the console with both hands.



    Groaning in frustration as he pulled himself upwards, straddling the console with all of his limbs, Daniel let out a sigh and let his head flop downwards. A solitary spark flew from one of the round things on the wall and he heard the soft sound of K-9's jets floating up beside him. "K... K-9.... D-Damage report..."

    "Master, my sensors indicate that the TARDIS has sustained serious damage. I will now run a diagnostic check to see what systems are still online... Diagnostic: Complete. Life support systems are still online. All transportation systems, including the Time Travel matrix, are still online and running at 30% capacity. Defence systems are still online. All rooms and their individual systems are still online. Total damage report: approximately 85% of the TARDIS has been destroyed and will take days to rebuild. The heart of the TARDIS has also been minimally damaged, but repairs are already being made."

    Sighing heavily after K-9 explained the damage report, Daniel grunted and heaved himself up onto the north side of the console, standing up straight so that the front door was directly above him. Smoke billowed out from the console room, escaping into the air outside and slightly chocking Daniel. Coughing, Daniel reached into his coat pocket and grabbed a handkerchief, covering his mouth with it and sliding his sonic screwdriver back into his pocket. "K-9... *cough* C-Could you g-get my cane? I *cough cough*... I could really use a lift..."

    Soon after Daniel made his request, the little robotic dog flew over to his master, the hook of the large black cane already wrapped around its body. Gripping the handle with his free hand, Daniel jumped into the air as K-9 thrusted its jets at 60% power, which was just enough to slowly levitate him out of the flipped over TARDIS. Once they reached the door, K-9 jacked its boosters to 90% and thrust it open, allowing them to burst free from the wrecked spaceship. The pillars of smoke were not far behind the two and as soon as the doors opened, the poisonous gases began to escape the TARDIS, but Daniel quickly kicked the door closed and sealed them in. Pulling the cane off of K-9, who dropped to the ground shortly after, Daniel reached out his other arm and caught the light-weight metal dog. "Y-Y... *cough* Y-You alright?" Daniel asked, still coughing as he set down his robotic companion.

    "Affirmative, Master." K-9 responded, nodding its head.

    Nodding back, Daniel redirected his attention to the landscape sprawled out before him. He didn't have time to marvel at it's beauty or even comment on the crash before he noticed something that instantly caught his attention: a TARDIS! It looked just like his, but it was... Older. More damaged and covered in dirt. Standing in front of it, was a man dressed in a trench coat wearing a set of runners... The Tenth Doctor! Smiling like an idiot as he looked over the form of his father's old form, he noticed that 10 was staring at something. What was it? Following the 10th Doctor's gaze, Daniel's surprise grew even more when he saw another TARDIS, but this one was cleaner and bluer. It more closely resembled the one he was currently traveling in. But, a little whiles away from it, was a man with a goofy haircut wearing a tweed jacket and a cool red bowtie... The Eleventh Doctor! Two Doctor's in one place together? How was this at all possible? Daniel was working over the details of how or why this was possible, but for the moment, he simply stepped off of the TARDIS' door and jumped onto the ground beneath him, with K-9 close behind him. He looked between the two men, grinning like a madman before he loudly cleared his throat to get their attention. Once they were both looking at him, Daniel leaned on his cane and adjusted his bow tie. Putting on a smirk, Daniel began to speak. "Mornin', gents! Fancy running into you two here. Now, you're probably both wondering who I am, but since I know who you are, I'll go ahead and introduce myself... *ahem*... 'Ello, I'm the Doctor... And I'm your son."

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  • The Empire
    4 months. It took 4 months of painstaking directions to rebuild the city. His city. Ever since he landed on Charlemede, Max had fought to continue this project, to recreate his home in his own image, recreating a Golden Age for Chicago-the 1930s. A time of which this city had meant something-up it was a symbol. Of fear. Of security. A veritable grey area, where the good and bad people would mix, unaware of each others' morality.

    Of course, it wasn't a perfect replica. Max had insisted that electricity-specifically neon lights-to be added. This now bathed his kingdom in am eerie glow. His city. He liked the sound of that. He liked how his city emulated the places he'd seen in the Noir movies he'd watched as a child. Well, the ones that he had watched. Daredevil. Max's entire life had been a cruel mockery of Daredevil's to make him 'like' him. To create a replica. A duplicate. Well. It hadn't worked. He'd freed himself from those who tormented him, the lab-coat wearing puppeteers who made him dance in the name of Science and Psychology. Upon these thoughts, Max decided to clear his mind. He effortlessly leapt from building to building, swinging and flipping, his tail holding him on when it seemed that he were about to fall. This was perhaps the only similarity he valued. The only one he wanted. The only one he needed. The people of the city-the gangs and minions, the heroes and monsters head bought with him, had now filled the city, enacting their business as if unaware of how they'd got there. Max smiled. He was in charge. He was the puppet master now. He wasn't who he was forced to be. He was...The Chicago Devil.

    • [Loading…Now loading Devil May Cry 2- Mission Start]

      Primary_Batter hefted its metal bat onto its shoulders and went towards the Commander. [If I may,] it murmured quietly, [May I join this reconnaissance mission? I know I’m not strong, but I do believe no one would think much of a teenager like me being out and about.]

      [Now ending Devil May Cry 2- Mission Start]

    • [Loading…Now loading Cytus- Entrance]

      Enrem pondered many things as he threw his chakrams- where the heck did he get these? He wasn’t a fighter! …How did he know that?- into the air, juggling them as he smiled lightly. Ho hum, he was here, trying to ponder how he had so much knowledge, when he had the nagging sensation he should be doing…something. What though?

      A tiny nudge on his mind caused him to slip, having one ring bounce on his head and the other to roll away. He rubbed it with a frown, although he quickly began to smile again with a silent bark of laughter. Apparently he liked being mute, as he learned while pondering. Something wrong with his vocal cords perhaps? Or the part of the brain where he could talk, maybe that was damaged. But it didn’t seem to affect him much, so… He picked up his chakrams and began to make his way to where his mind was nudging him.

      [Now ending Cytus- Entrance]

    • [Loading…Now loading Puella Magi Madoka Magica- Connect DDR Mix]

      Corruption hummed to the music as he danced to the beat, stepping where the arrows wanted him to step. Yaaaaay, fun fun fun! What made it even better was the Avatar he was competing with, one of the better dancers there were. Fun competitions, it was boring to play by oneself…most of the time. It’s why he loved having minions- “friends”, actually, hehe. He frowned when he missed a step though, causing the other Avatar to win. Oh phooey.

      “@Ww, ! 10$t,” he whined, pouting as the Avatar whooped. Several Avatars came rushing in and called for Corruption.

      “We spotted strange anomalies flashing down in an abandoned city,” they reported, though any further reports were interrupted by the glitched out piece of data.

      “8000R!nG, 80r!Ng 80R!nG 80r!Ng 81U3 1!gHtN!nG, 3v3Ry0N3 kN0W$ wH@t Th@T M3@ns.”

      “No, these were white meteors falling from the sky,” one of them piped up. That piqued his curiosity.

      “Wh!!!T3?” he asked, “000000h, !-!-!-!-! 1000000V3 wH!t3. 0-0-0Pp0$!T3 0f 81@(K, ! 1!k3 81@(K 83tT3r. @Nd R3d! Pr3TtY, pR3tTy R3d~ F!nD 0uT w-w-wH@t’$ G0!nG 0n, HmMm?” They nodded and quickly dispersed, intent on traversing to the abandoned city via electronics. He sighed and proceeded to get himself something to drink. He was tired, all that dancing worn him out. But ah, new players now, after one, two, three or so months? This was going to make the game even better!

      [Now ending Puella Magi Madoka Magica- Connect DDR Mix]

    • [tab=The Resistance]

    • Sonneset - Palace

      Aleister stood by the war table in silence, a small smile on her face. It was rare for the five of them to actually meet in person. Mostly they just schemed behind each other's backs, waiting for an ample opportunity to slide in a knife between the ribs. Oh, she was just as guilty as the others. She didn't trust this lot one bit and would gladly do away with all of them if the chance ever came. But she'd play along for now.

      The blue lightning hardly interested her. If it was anything important, her Dolls would report to her. But let Hiwaka and Vader squabble over it. With their eyes elsewhere, she'd have more room to work on her own operations.

    • Chralmede - Sunset Mountainside

      A young girl dressed in robes befitting a priestess was forcefully awoken from her nap by a loud crashing noise. Quickly gathering her bearings, she looked down from the small cliff she was on, spotting three people... and three, blue police booths. Well, color her intrigued. Her first encounter on this trodden and beaten planet. "Do you lot always travel about in blue boxes?!" She yelled down at them as she began to make her way down the steep cliff-side.

      Within a few moments, she was down and regarded the three of them with a sunny smile. Sniffing the air, her expression changed to a confused one. "And why do two of you smell the exact same?"


    • "...There laid nothing, soon to be filled with the products of an invisible equation that ran for as long as there was 'idea'. A consciousness dwelling within separated swathes, but together nonetheless in earnest, caged by the language of time - 'entropy'. All around it and all within it, the sums of an unseen machinist, unknowable but existing as the foundation of instinct... 'god'. All... but the 'zero'. The zero... is a lack of idea, the base of entropy, and the antithesis of god. For it was nothing, and therefore everything. And by right, everything shall eventually return... to zero."

      There and then, at that very peak, he would've lost. The end to an eternity waited both ideas, shaped in the form of common men. Him against... he'd forgotten. Who had he fought at the endpoint of history? Who laid against him? ...With him? In the end, were they the beliefs and dreams of each and every mind, every soul that they had encountered throughout the sphere... That anchored him amidst the streams of the worlds? Here, within these waves of countless lives - past, present, and future... One voice sundered all doubt and steered him into the choice that was right; his. Not out of hate, not out of fury... not out of love. He gave into need, and as he swung the final blade, light gave way into a familiar, comforting nothingness. It was here, that perhaps he could make things right. It was perhaps here, that... He could stop being so selfish.


      "Come on, let's go then. We can't have everyone waiting on us again."

      "... I can't."


      "...I'm sorry, Thistle. This time... I can't follow you where you'll be going."

      "... Ge... off...?"



    • Resistance Base



      The armored figure looked up suddenly, and revealed the life hidden within its limbs when the main computer brought notice to a new situation with a repeated blinking of its lights. The computer cautioned the people in the command room, including Sora and Hayabusa, that several objects were falling down from the sky.

      At that moment, the leader of the Resistance, Commander Shepard walked in, and he turned his attention to her instead. It wasn't long afterwards that she decided on a survey mission to the area involved, and called out to volunteers as she walked back out. Though he heard the swordsman ask Sora at the terminals a question, the armored figure had already stood up and quietly left the room by then. He followed after the commander, as he had not joined in on a mission for days. He knows her a capable leader, and the few that (he thinks) can understand him well despite a lack of proper speech on his part, which would allow him to work better on the field for the sake of the group. Besides, the commander was a person most precious to the Resistance, and he felt he needed to be there to make sure she returned safely yet again. The commander was being approached by another fighter in the group, whom the figure in the armor knew as Primary, when...

      "...Sir!" a male voice seemed to call out from down the hallway. The young man dressed in ragged, worn-out military uniform walked towards the commander, seeing the bat-wielding... fellow, and the mute, armored one which he personally referred to as 'Heavy Jr.', because the prongs on his helm-head looked like the ones on his currently useless mobile suit. "Going out into the field, sir? I heard some loud thunk coming from where Kira was..." he saluted the commander, glancing at the other two a few times. "Ah, right. It's my turn for some guard work now? I guess that means you get to move some muscle around, eh Heavy?" he seemed to verbally nudge the armored figure from where he stood, smiling to the three rather casually.

      'Heavy', realizing then that he hasn't made his presence properly known to Commander Shepard, decided to wait and see if commander had realized he was even there. But given her keen sense, he wouldn't be too worried. He would, however, nod to Primary_Batter and the young man in the uniform, Birgit.


    • Schwarzwald City

      Schwarzwald, a city in the midst of rebirth that lies at the foot of a snowy mountain. Various levels have been set up under the earth of the mountain to mine for materials, and to grow a military base that may take advantage of the mountain's spine to defend against enemy attacks. The base, as is the city, is still small, but hands have been busy at work for months in order to let it mount its full strength in the nearest future. The main gate leads to the actual city outside, where hundreds of workers, flesh or not, continually scour the desolated buildings to gain more space and equipment.

      Where they have been, new circuitry and technology were built in and remain, monitored by the relevant specialists as assigned by city administration. Most of the streets and roads have been cleared of rubble, with some buildings which were too ruined to be of actual use torn down by the leader of the city himself. Skyscrapers have been converted into relay towers, and the plan is for the city to possess the crux of a planet-wide communications network, wherein it would serve as the hub for information that passes through the network. Towards this end, the city has constructed a working outer space launch site as a temporary placement while plans for a proper mass driver are in the works.

      The silhouette of the dark city, where hundreds of relay towers are scattered all around a central point, lends well to its name. Upon the center, a block of towers stand, where administration currently occupies. And within on of those towers, a being is at work to properly identify and understand the nature of another city and its inhabitants...

      "...Contemplative..." the stout figure muttered as he reviewed a stream of passing data on the screens, before continuing to work in silence as he had done for past few hours. However, a noise started flooding the room, coming from a single, smaller screen at his right. The sounds of electricity crackling and buzzing gave way to a feminine voice on the other end;

      "...Sir, my sector has detected the motions of several objects breaking through the lower cloud layer. They're visible, and have fallen in the direction of the Capital." said the voice to the four-legged digital monster. "It is apparent that they would land in the middle of the area of Havensville. I've already informed the aerial scouts to--"

      "They would be unneeded." the figure responded.

      "But sir...?"

      "He has already begun on his way."​

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  • Adjonta'al's Throne Room:
    Adjonta'al was pacing about his throne room, waiting for any kind of news from his messengers and scouts. A shadow demon appeared in the throne room suddenly, and announced:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"The Frenzied Beast has been moved at the gate of that city, as requested, oh grand overlord and master!"[/BCOLOR]
    Adjonta'al was "renting" his beast for Nohetzlav. He wasn't sure what he was trying to keep safe, but he knew two things: One was that the Frenzied Beast is going to keep whatever it is VERY safe, and two, Adjonta'al is going to benefit from it one way or the other. He was promised souls and new worlds to conquer. Both good things in Adjonta'al books. And if bargain is not kept, Adjonta'al can simply release the beast. Hardly anything can stop that blind, frenzied creature, and those chains were about the only thing, keeping it bound to do its purpose. He felt in a charitable mood today, so for his temper he was quite calm, and felt like finally governing some matters all by himself. He sat down on the throne, and dismissed the demon:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Very well, that is all I need to know, get back to searching for souls."[/BCOLOR]
    The shadow demon bowed, and disappeared into the thin air. The head Pendemonial approached him, as soon as that conversation was over:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Oh, grand overlord and master, we would like to start carrying out the soul search rituals. With your permission of course."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"We both know you are going to be useless at it, you fool. Leave soul searches to the scouts. Your magic is useless on this world. Whatever phenomena causes this... It certainly turns your spells into a joke. I've yet to know why... I've different orders for you - I want you to figure out how my brother, Bethrezen used to make the corruption spires. They would strengthen our forces in defensive situations. We will be able to secure garrisons inside that world in relative safety with them."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"But grand overlord and master, I don't even know from where to begin with this! It's a lot of information to go through. A lot of different ideas to test. We don't even know what weakens us exactly."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Was I asking for your opinion? I WAS ORDERING YOU!"[/BCOLOR] anger lunged into his eyes again: [BCOLOR=#000000]"Do not try my patience, if you will not figure out how to do this until I step outside the rift... I will also be taking you outside the rift and feeding you to the frenzied beast! But speaking of information... I want my library here. Every single book and manuscript describing aural atmospheres. This must have to do something with it."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"As you wish, oh grand overlord and master!"[/BCOLOR] the Pendemonial bowed and left the throne room.
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"He is in a good mood, we should ask him."[/BCOLOR] infernal mage whispered a suggestion to another infernal mage. The two of them approached Adjonta'al, and kneeled:

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Oh, grand overlord and master, we believe we found a temporary solution to our security problem."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"What you two machinates are up to? What's in it for you? Do you think I don't know your kind? Speak up!"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"For one we could test the few new magic and alchemy tricks we recently learned, while making a good defensive buffer from any immediate attacks or infiltration attempts."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"You cowardly lot as the first line of defense? That's the best joke I heard in thousands of years! Once again, you are up to poisoning me, aren't you? But no matter, you have my permission, as I've a feeling this will be amusing. And, Ar'khiel!"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Yes, my liege?"[/BCOLOR] The armored demon, guarding one side of the entrance replied.
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"You know alchemy and thaumaturgy. Supervise their work. If they are up to anything what can harm or destroy you or me, you have my permission to devour them."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Devouring them will be my pleasure, my liege!"[/BCOLOR] the armored demon grinned menacingly, his eight eyes gleaning with joy. He had an earlier grudge with those two particular mages, and was constructing a plan of their demise for a long time now. Even if he will not be able to execute them, at least he will be kept amused by prying in their business, without them being able to abject.
    The head Pendemonial and his subordinates returned into the throne room, hauling a pile after pile of books with all kinds of infernal and divine writings. Adjonta'al stood up, picking up a handful of books and scriptures, while opening them with a very gentle aural magic:

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Ah, my books, at least you are good at menial work! The whole lot of you, I am not to be disturbed for the next two cycles. You DO NOT come here into the throne room, unless it is VERY, VERY important, now begone!"[/BCOLOR]
    All the attenders of the throne room bowed and left Adjonta'al alone to his studies.
    Barren Fields:
    This land... What did he miss out? What was that the he could have stopped, but he did not? Where did he fail? He was angry at himself right now. Whatever happens right now is correlated to the cause. And he could have foreseen the cause. Could he not? He's the vigilante, after all. He's the vigil-one out of the many people. Apparently not, though. His gut feeling was telling him, that the worse is yet to come, especially if the cause of this disaster is not found and not finally taken care of. After searching several meteorological computers for the atmospheric data, he determined, that he was close to the former epicenter of the storm, where it all started. The computers could be lying though. They only show what input they get, and they could have recorded it wrong, if the sensors were affected. When he went to those computers and satellites, most of their meteorological sensors were damaged beyond repair, so it's a distinct possibility that they are wrong, even if the data correlates. But it was his only lead, even if not reliable-one. He took a brief 'nap' (if that can be the applicable term, for someone mainly mechanical), before carrying on with the search. His electronic voice sighed, and he told himself:
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Right, Aero, let's review the objectives. Objective one - find the cause of the event. Objective two - control, contain or destroy the cause of the event. Whichever is applicable. Objective three - terminate the interlopers. High priority side-objective - find spare parts and repairs materials."[/BCOLOR]
    Now he looked around the area - this once were nothing, but vast farming fields. Now, it's just nothing, with occasional debris littering the landscape. Nothing of use for him, though. His mind was set on the interlopers now: so many different beings arrived into this world... Them enslaving what locals have remained alive, and further weakening this world. He already intercepted some of their scouts, but even after interrogation, there hardly was any valuable info beyond that. Their defensive technology was random, but nevertheless they were numerous. Considering the sizable amount of these interlopers, the most realistic option of getting rid of them for once and for all was finding intercontinental ballistic missiles. The leaders always loved to spout about the peace, while sharpening the biggest knives they've got. For once those missiles might do something useful. The problem with the idea is that the missiles' locations were always kept top secret, and no missile silos have a big flashing, neon sign, proclaiming 'missile silo over here, come and get some missiles yourselves, at great discount prices! They make perfect gifts for any warlords!', nor is Aero aware of any locations, that have ICBMs. If these interlopers are all concentrated in one spot he could use himself as a ballistic missile, by overloading his two nuclear reactors, but it's not the sacrifice he is prepared to pay for cleansing a dead world of nuisance. He felt like rebuilding it with what survivors are left, but if these survivors are to stand a chance, they have to be safe from the harm of interlopers, even if it calls for drastic measures. Aerophobia scanned the area again, and activated the jet packs, heading for the planned direction. Once he arrived, he saw nothing incriminating, only more dust and ruins. The exact spot, that the salvaged sensor data lead him to an empty plot, with clear outlines. Judging from the the size it could have been just one of the barns, blown away by the cataclysm. It wouldn't surprise him, as those buildings usually don't have deep foundations. He looked around the outline, scratched the earth and sampled the soil, but he found nothing unusual.
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"God fucking dammit!"[/BCOLOR] he yelled angrily, kicking the dirt. Nothing but dust. His thermal imaging also does not show anything unusual. Maybe whatever the cause of the storm was got moved? Or destroyed together with the rest of the buildings? He chose not to believe so. Whatever is the cause, mechanical or otherwise, still has to exist. It must to exist, otherwise there would be no more interlopers coming into the world, but instead they were like maggots, burst-hatching from a corpse. For the moment he was considering to see what the scientific missile launch pads have to offer. Maybe he would be able to assemble a probe, which he could launch, to scan the planet for any unusual emissions? That sounds doable. Provisioned that none of those interlopers already salvaged such prominent, non-hidden places. Rocket fuel is not exactly easy to come by, in a post-apocalyptic world, as it turns out. His fury wore him out again, and he went inside a ruined building to get some rest. Maybe it's not emotions, though? It might mean his reactors do not give off as much alpha and beta radiation, as they used to before the cataclysm. He was out in the open, during the cataclysm after all, trying to get what people he could find, into what few civic fallout shelters there were. Status reports were claiming, that he needs to wait for hydrogen to diffuse all too often. It must be the reactors at fault, there's no other explanation. He sighed again:

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"New high priority secondary objective: find intact high isotope number neptunium cells, or of equivalent alpha, beta radiation output fuel cells."[/BCOLOR]
    Then he sat against the wall, and put himself on a standby, only his visual and audio sensors being on standby, to alert him of anyone approaching.
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  • "I-I'm sorry. Did you say 'my son'?" The Doctor asked, clearly dumbfounded by Daniel's statement. It was obviously some kind of trick being played on by whoever brought him here and he was going to fall for it. "Oh! That's a good one!" He laughed and sighed giving him a smug grin, "Sorry but that's not gonna a work so easily." He taunted the boy and crossing his arms. "You can drop the fiasco now 'cause I've seen better tricks than yours," the Doctor said, glancing at the 'mock' K9 and then back at the boy, "and you can also tell me why I'm here while you're at it."

    @The Jest @Sora1297

    "That's because we're the same man with a different face." He answered the girl's question, motioning to himself and the man in the bowtie. "But, he," He added, pointing to the boy, "isn't, which is why only me and chinny here have the same scent."

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    • Bzzzzrrt...


      "System crash averted. Excessive chaos energy detected. Hard reboot required."

      A dying digital voice ran through its motions amongst the rubble, as the handheld computer system it spoke from rumbled and stirred, while colourful sparks flared within its creases.

      "Hard reboot attempt #1 initiating..."



      "Hard reboo-o-ot attempt u-unsuccess-s-sfull-l. Ex-x-x-xternal-l assista-a-ance required. Ru-u-nning emer-r-rgency-y protoco-o-ols..."

      The handheld's screen shut down, before a message began to blink, reading "REBOOT REQUIRED", and the digital voice faded until the system began to beep like an SOS signal. Hopefully, the nearby droid would be of use...

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