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  1. Description
    Welcome to The Thin Skinned roleplay. This is a fantasy/animal/anthropomorphic roleplay.
    There are two different types of beings in this roleplay, humans or thin skins (Skinners for short). Skinners are humans with one animal form of your choice. You can be anything from a Bumblebee to a Griffon. So there are mythical creatures involved, if you wish. If you were to be a mythical creature, since you may be more powerful than a bear or whatever your fellow roleplayers choose to be, you cannot go around killing them for unknown reasons. It will be accepted in a situation where they have to fight, but a dragon going around picking fights with a dog randomly. Making people mad at you, which results in fights is your fault and you may die. Humans are also allowed in this roleplay. They can be fellow companions of the Skinners or family of them. Humans may also be the villains that made the Skinners who they were. During human form some of your animal form characteristics may show, such as a tail, eyes, a skin tone, small claws. All Thin Skins have 3 digit code imprinted on their neck that the scientist used to identify us with.

    Humans of all ages were once kidnapped and brought to a facility where they were tested on. Only certain humans were picked for the testings and only some survived. We are the Thin Skinned. Bacteria and chemicals roll through our bodies making us one certain animal. One night after living behind caged doors for years, you wake up in a cage but you're surrounded by other people, people like you. You are in a plane flying to an unknown area, the scientists are planning something but what is it?

    1. Follow Iwaku Rules
    2. Try not to be the same animal form as others.
    3. Do not have the same 3 Digit Code on the neck
    4. Do not excessively swear.
    5. No picking unfair fights unless its necessary.
    6. No more than 2 characters per player.
    7. No wings in human form.
    8. No powers like fire breathing in human form. (message me if you are uncertain)
    9. HAVE FUN



    Sexual Preference:

    Human or Thin Skinner:

    Animal Morph (Only for Thin Skinners):

    Human Appearance:

    Animal Appearance:

    3 Digit Code on Neck: [ ]



  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Name: Nadia Whittaker

    Age: 15

    Sexual Preference: Straight

    Human or Thin Skinner: Thin Skinner

    Animal Morph (Only for Thin Skinners): Snow Leopard

    3 Digit Code on Neck: [006]

    Personality: Bubbly light personality. Scared easily. Can be quiet at times but isn't shy. Get's along better with guys.

    Past: Before Nadia was taken from her family she enjoyed reading and playing her gameboy. Her parents weren't very good parents as her mother was an alcoholic and her father just wasn't there. The scientist came when she was ten, taking her without even letting her say goodbye.

    Other: Slightly allergic to dogs.
  3. image.jpg
    Alexander Colchester


    Sexual Preference:

    Human or Thin Skinner:
    Thin Skinner

    Animal Morph:

    3-Digit Code:

    Kind, protective, caring, strong, level-headed. These derive from wanting to protect his sister.

    Alexander was living a normal life before he was turned into a Thin Skinner. As a young boy, he was interested in what all boys are interested in; running outside, playing sports, and videogames. He had a nice family, his two parents taking great care of his younger sister and him. However, one day, they were taken to become guinea pigs for those scientists. He never saw his sister again.​
  4. Awesome!!!! Accepted!! I'm going to wait a few more hours to start, waiting to see if anyone else will join.
  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Kila Tarmen

    Age: 16

    Sexual Preference: Straight

    Human or Thin Skinner: Thin Skinner

    Animal Morph (Only for Thin Skinners): White Bengal Tiger with Blue eyes

    Human Appearance: Blue eyes and brown curly hair

    Animal Appearance: White bengal tiger, Black stripes and blue eyes. Has a bit of red coloration on her paws and a few patches of red elsewhere.

    3 Digit Code on Neck: [187]

    Personality: Her Animal personality and her human personality are quite different. When she's in her animal morph she's kind, silly, playful and sweet.
    Her human personality is similar, But if you get on her bad side you'll find another thing coming. She prefers snow and the cold, It making her feel alive.

    Past: When she was seven the scientists took her away, It was in the middle of the night, which was quite odd. Her family and her kept in contact via mail and e-mail, But soon the scientists found out and kept her isolated. She now is free, Just looking for someplace to call her own.

    Other: She grew up in a family full of sickness. Her grandmother was deaf, So she learned ASL Quickly. Over the years she's inherited a certain type of Arthritis, which can really wear her human body down.
  6. Reserved, working on it atm.
  7. Alrighty! :) Awesome guys thanks for joining
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Arthur (Last name unknown.)

    Age: 17

    Sexual Preference: Straight

    Human or Thin Skinner: Human

    Animal Morph (Only for Thin Skinners): Kodiak bear, (Ursus arctos middendorffi)

    Human Appearance: Standing at 5'9 and weighing a healthy 185lb is neither an exceptionally large or small guy. He has a slightly stocky build and while he is strong his appearance is that of an average male. He has brown, medium length hair that is somewhat unkempt with side burns going just beyond his ear. With warm, brown eyes and devilish smile he has a handsome, roguish look to him and looks older than he is.

    Animal Appearance: A large, brown Kodiak bear with brown eyes.

    3 Digit Code on Neck: [10]

    Personality: Generally he is quiet and keeps to himself, preferring to be left alone then to be bothered by anyone. He is often calm and collected and can rarely be found getting angry. His personality changes as he does with his overall outlook becoming more aggressive when he transforms.

    Past: Arthur was one of the first to be brought to the facility and at very young age as well. He was given the name Arthur and was raised as a test subject. As he grew older he was only given a basic education and so he is very unknowing of the outside world.

    Other: Sporadically changes between human and animal form for no apparent reason. Also prefers to be in bear form more than human.

    (Is this character ok? If not I can change him up.)
  9. He sounds great! I'm excited to start. When do you think we should? Should we wait a bit longer for more people or is this enough? I'm quite new to this site so I'm unsure.
  10. Well four people isn't bad, but it depends how many people you want.
  11. I think we could wait for one more, if there's none in another hour which is likely that none will join, then I'll start.
  12. Its kind of a slow part of the year. Might not get many more right now.
  13. Alright then we'll start. I posted my in character post on the thread. I'm guessing summer is the most active time, seeing there's no school and what not?
  14. Yeah I think so.
  15. Okay, i posted ^^
  16. Got it! So excited for thiss!!
  17. Just posted as well
  18. [If you're still accepting >.<]



    Ace Smith


    17 years old

    ::Sexual Preference::

    ::Human or Thin Skinner::
    Thin Skinner

    ::Animal Morph::
    American Shorthair [Tabby]

    ::3 Digit Code on Neck::

    ~Confident [can be seen as Cocky]
    ~Attention Lover
    ~Child-like [at times]

    Ace had a normal life before he was taken by the scientists. He had six other siblings, all of them being younger than him and girls. He had to grow up quite quickly and that's the reason he sometimes acts like a child now. Being a child of divorce, he made sure to fill in the hole that his father left for his family. He acted as his little sisters' brother and father. It was the most he could do while his mother struggled to get them all by. When he was taken by the scientists at 12, not too long ago, he kicked and screamed all the way, only thinking about how his family was going to get by without him

    He enjoys laser pointers.

    [Might make a human later on.....lacking them, I see.]
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  19. Sounds great! Accepted for sure. We started the in character thread but we aren't very far so feel free to start whenever.
  20. Name: Kaiser

    Age: 21

    Sexual Preference: Straight

    Human or Thin Skinner: Thin Skinner

    Animal Morph (Only for Thin Skinners): Dragon

    Human Appearance:
    Looks almost normal at 6' tall with pale skin and red eyes that show through his mask.

    Animal Appearance:
    Stands at nearly 8' tall with body standing at about 6' 1/2, length comes out to 30' making him very visible from the side. Wingspan comes out to 34' fully extended. Despite being a dragon Kaiser has no elemental power. Instead he relies on his brute strength and sharp claws.

    3 Digit Code on Neck: [113 ]

    Personality: Friendly despite his faceless appearence. However in his dragon form he is easily provoked

    Past: Kaiser was a rebellious person. He never followed orders growing up and always felt people in higher powers were the ones that caused the suffering to everyone else. After he lost his home the only thing he took with him was his Guy Fawkes mask that he used to continue his protesting every day of the week. However one day he vanished with out a word. Some suspected he died of an overdose, others suspected he was murdered and hid somewhere. Although those endings would be too good for him.

    (If I missed anything let me know and I'll correct it.)
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