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    Aleksandra watched on the outside threw the window, it was nothing more than desert as long as the eye could see. She didn’t like to live in such a warm place, but there was pretty good airconditions inside so it didn’t matter as long as she didn’t go outside. Aleksandra often got horrible headache because of the sun and couldn’t go out that often, but they barely let their students go outside even though there were nowhere to run.

    She remembered the day she had gotten to the school, suddenly some men had come to her home and taken her away from her family, she were only twelve at the time and had been in the school ever since. Some got to the school early in their life and some got there very late, it all depended on the power they had. If they had a power that were very visible then they would be noticed much easier. Aleksandra had the ability to move fire, a very dangerous ability if it wasn’t controlled properly. They got to know about her excistense when she made a lighter’s fire fall down on the floor and spread fast around the building. She didn’t want it to happen, it just did.

    Fire was hard to controll and even though she had gone in the school for so long she still couldn’t keep it away all the time. Especially not when she got headache because of the heat. She started to believe that she would be stuck in that school forever. Now she were seventeen and she still weren’t able to controll her powers so good, it was horrible. Some people were able to learn to controll their powers after just a year, but they still needed to be in the school untill graduation. There had been people that tried to run away, but the most got killed by the desert or they had gotten catched before getting anywhere. Everyone that got caught were severly punnished, it went around rumours that they got tortured if they tried to run away but no one had proof of what really happened to the runaways.

    Aleksandra sighted and turned away from the window, but just as she did she heard something weird. Her head turned back towards the window, a big black van came close to the school. Maybe a new student were on the way there. It was the only time they saw the black van. If it would have been the food car then it would have been bigger and gray, not black. It was a while since they had gotten a new student to the school, there had even been rumours about that everyone with powers already had been taken in, ofcourse no one had believed such a rumour. Her eyes was set on the car untill it stopped outside the school, dropping off a person. He had guards around him, it must mean that he had tried to resist from getting there.

    She turned from the window and started to walk down the stairs. Usually she wasn’t curious on new people or any other people, but now she wanted to know who the new student were. She had only seen someone that had guards with them once before and that was four years before. Who was he?
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    Kaleb had been wandering about the forest like he had been for the last five years when he spotted something strange. He had found the edge of the forest, and it lead to a desert. Vast and endless like the sea. The sun blared down on him as he slowly took a few steps beyond the protection of the trees. This was uncharted territory, but something told him he didn't really belong. Unlike most Gifted he was never put in a place that would punish him for his powers. While most of his kind were put into an Academy, he was able to walk free and he learned much more of his strength than most others. All the Gifteds could do much more than they ever thought possible, but most were cut off at an early age. Kaleb was already able to summon rain clouds and make small waves when around a body of water. He could also control lightning to an extent. He was only ever able to give someone a small electric shock.<br><br>The boy groaned at the bright sun and moved his hand in front of his face to block it from his eyes. Kaleb turned his back on the desert and started back for the forest. That was when a net engulfed him from behind. Three men with black masks, Capital guards. He struggled within the net but it was no use, and when he calmed down they tried to hand cuff him. As they were hand cuffing him he swung his elbow and hit one of the guards in the face. The other guards pummeled him, giving him a bloody nose and a swollen lip as they dragged him back to the black van parked just over the hill. They threw him inside and and closed the door. Within minutes the van was on its way, driving over the dunes and letting Kaleb roll around in the back, smashing into the metal walls. He sat up in the corner so he wasn't rolling anymore and watched the sun from the tiny window in the back. They were heading south away from the forest.<br><br>It was about a ten minute drive, and Kaleb didn't know how many miles they had covered, all he knew was the giant building before him was an Academy. The guards took him from the van, warning him not to try anything funny. As if he would do anything stupid right now. By now the blood from his nose was drying on his face and his lip was swollen and tender. Kaleb didn't put up a fight as they took him inside the building, passing through a security check. The guards lead him deeper into the building, students gathering around the entrance to see what all the talk was about. Kaleb tried to avoid eye contact with all of them, after all, he had was covered in blood and looked like a wild animal compared to all of them in their uniforms.<br><br>He glanced up and caught sight of a girl with long brown hair and held her gaze for a few seconds before continuing into the principle's office where they made him a student under a different name because Kaleb wouldn't tell them who he was. They just called him John Doe and the guards escorted him to the nurse's office where they would clean him up.
  3. Obviously she wouldn't be able to talk to the guy if she went to him just when he had gotten there, especially not if he were guarded. She hadn't seen him that clearly but if he had been taken there by force then he should be a litle hurtened, which meant he should be dropped off at the nurse's office. But first he would need to go see the principal, all new student's had to. Aleksandra went to the nurse's office fast so she would be there before the guy came there.

    Because she had been so long at the school, longer than the most people, she had become the student president, this was her third year as the student president and in the job she were supposed to welcome new students. Most of the times she hadn't liked welcoming new students, she wasn't a sociable person so it was mostly just bothersome. But this time the person looked a bit interesting so she didn't mind welcoming him. Instead of waiting on the principal to call her there at the same time as the new guy she could as well meet him right when he arrived. Maybe that would relieve a bit of stress that he maybe would feel after all that he had been through.

    Aleksandra talked to the nurse, telling her why she was there. She lied a litle bit telling the nurse that the chairman had told her to go there and talked to the new student as he came. A litle lie now and then wouldn't hurt and the nurse wouldn't confirm it with the chairman anyways so it didn't matter.

    It didn't take long before the guy came in to the room, there were some guards with him and she had already guessed that it would be. Just a minute before she had told the nurse that she could help the new student by herself and made the nurse leave the room on the condition that if something happened she would come and get her immediately. Ofcourse Aleksandra had agreed. The guards got surprised by seeing her in there standing at the window. She gave them a small smile before telling them with her light voice that she could help the new student and would appreciate it if they waited outside the door. Then they would be close enough if something happened and he wouldn't need to feel comfortable about them being there. First they hesitated, the student principal couldn't give them orders but she were a person that many people respected because she often had good ideas and were right.

    It took a while before they left, telling her to be careful and shout if something happened, then giving the guy a warning to. With the guards just outside the door and the nurse outside the other door he wouldn't dare to do anything anyways, so she wasn't worried at all. She took up a wet towel and walked closer to him so that she could start with taking off the blood off of him. But she were careful so he wouldn't try to hit her away, if he had been treated roughly by them then he could still feel like he couldn't trust anyone.
    "My name is Aleksandra, what's yours?" She started, she mostly wanted some way to open a conversation with him.
  4. From the moment he walked in, everyone was immediately his enemy. They all were using kind words and speaking very calmly as not to provoke any violence out of Kaleb. But already he was thinking of how to escape. The guards wouldn't be able to stay with him forever, so Kaleb would just lay low and keep away from everyone until they let their guard down and he would make a run for it. They way the principle spoke to him was like he was talking to a three year old. "Powers are not permitted to be used. Your powers are evil and wrong, and you will be punished harshly should you use them." The man spoke to him slowly. Kaleb chuckled at the man, did he honestly think he could do anything to intimidate Kaleb? He stayed silent as the principle filed the paperwork, ordered a uniform for him, and assigned him a dorm room. Usually there were two students to a room but they didn't want Kaleb hurting anyone.

    After a few more minutes of asking Kaleb questions that were not answered they sent him off to the nurse's office to get cleaned up. They still had his hands secured behind his back as they lead him through the halls, their heavy boots echoing. Violent thoughts were the only ones going through his head. Pondering the many different ways he could harm the three guards walking him around like a dog. He tried to put these thoughts out of his head. He would need to play this smart if he wanted to get out of it alive. Try to keep away from as many people as possible, avoid questions and classes until they thought he had changed. Then, and only then, would he be able to make a run for it.

    They arrived at the nurse's office, a clean, white room with half a dozen beds and seats for the sick and injured. Kaleb looked up to find the girl he spotted from earlier, and it didn't seem that there was another nurse around. They had to have a legitimate nurse. So why was he being greeted by this girl? She was able to convince the guards that they could wait outside. "Come on, I'm a student now. Let me out of these things." Kaleb said to one of the guards. The three looked at each other and decided it would be okay as long as they guarded the door. The hand cuffs were removed and he rubbed his sore wrists. The guards left and the girl came up to him with a wet cloth to clean his face.

    She told him her name was Aleksandra, and asked for his name. "Nice to meet you, Al. They told me my name is John Doe." He replied, giving her a shorter name that was easier for him to remember. He allows her to clean his nose before he took the wet rag from her. "No offense but I don't trust you. Who knows the kinds of stuff you'll tell your principle." Kaleb walked away from her and over to the window with the cloth. He took a deep breath to concentrate and with a flick of his wrist he took some of the water out of the rag. The water separated from the cloth and hung effortlessly, like a tiny puddle in the air. With another hand motion the water froze into an ice cube. He grabbed the ice cube before it could fall and placed it against his swollen lip.
  5. Aleksandra kept her eyes on the guy all the time so that she could be ready if he would do something. He didn't trust her but she didn't trust him either so it didn't matter. He wouldn't tell her his real name, instead he told her the name that was asigned to him which meant that he hadn't spoken at all to the principal. But a name wasn't a big deal, it didn't matter if the principal knew his name or not as long as his powers were kept away from normal people. After all, it was to dangerous to let people like them out amongst other normal people if they couldn't keep away their powers, they could hurt other people if they weren't careful.

    "So you have things to hide." She established when John told her that she didn't trust him. "Don't worry about it, no one will trust you either untill they are certain that you won't try to get out of here." She told him. Some students would probably throw themselves at him out of curiousity but no one would trust him before they were certain he wouldn't be dangerous for the people around.

    He started to walk away from her towards the window with the cloth in his hand, John started to pull out the water of the clothing and then turned it in to ice. "I'm certain that you are fully aware that the thing you just did are forbidden, you will get in to trouble if the principal gets to know that you are using your powers like this." She warned him, but she wouldn't tell the principal this time. He had just gotten to the school and needed to get used to how things worked, she didn't like when people got punished because they hadn't gotten used to things on the first day.

    "I'll overlook it this time because it's your first day, but if you keep doing it then I will need to report it to the principal." She warned him. Hopefully he would adapt to this new situation he had gotten in to and then he would come to understand why this school was so important to attend. Before the school were built there was a lot of people without controll over their powers and they hurt people without even wanting to do so. She had only heard stories about it but it was enough to convince her that the prison they called school were important.
  6. The ice he created felt great on his swollen lip, he could already feel the pain dulling, but as for his nose the pain still shot through his skull. He had a massive headache from the moment he arrived so he was already irritable. Right now the calm, cool, and collected head he would need to escape this place wasn't going to happen. That's okay, he'll let them all think they did a great job by breaking his spirits. He'll fall off the radar eventually. Besides, it's not like they could really do anything to him. They couldn't kill him, such a thing would send the schools into an uproar and the end of it would be quick with such a multitude of Gifteds in one place. He knew that when a Gifted dies their energy is released. Those without powers are unaffected by others of his kind would suddenly have a lapse in their control unless disciplined like Kaleb was.

    The girl in the room was talking, but he only half listened. Her ramblings were the last thing on his mind. His sharp, trained blue eyes scanned the scenery out the window, only finding a sea of sand and dunes. This kind of terrain was not one he was used to. Escaping would not be very easy. Maybe if he made a blanket the same color as the sand? Al spoke again, this time saying something about how no one would really trust him until they knew he wouldn't escape. Kaleb let out a half hearted chuckle. "What makes you think I'd want to be trusted in the first place?" He said quietly, more to himself than to her.

    She didn't seem the least impressed when he turned water into ice. Interesting because he doubted she had ever seen anyone else preform such a thing. Sure, when you control water the easiest thing to do is be able to slosh it back and forth if you're near a lake or a river. But taking moisture out of anything, a cloth or even paper, was no easy task. It had taken him a full year just to master that. Another 6 months to manage to change a small amount into ice. There was no limit to his possibilities as long as he practiced. But instead of commending him, she just gave him a lecture on how it wasn't permitted. "You really think I'm concerned about being punished, Miss Snitch?" Kaleb said with sarcasm. Al said that she would overlook it this once and Kaleb shrugged. "Gee, thanks." He said with more sarcasm.

    He paced away from the window and back toward the girl, still holding the ice against his lip. Kaleb walked around her, studying her closely, but at the same time keeping his distance. He had no intentions of hurting her, he was just getting a feel for her energy. It wasn't like she was the first Gifted he had ever met. "Hm, your element is fire then?" He said, more or less just thinking out loud. "I can't imagine what it must be like to have to hold in all that energy. You could do so much." He closed the distance between them and reached for her hand, holding it in front of her, palm up. He took the ice off of his lip and placed it in the center of her hand. His free hand hovered over the ice for a moment, and he moved his fingers and the ice melted into a puddle in her hand. With one finger he made a circle in the air, causing the water in her hand to swirl around. He flicked his wrist and the water became ice again, but this time in the shape of a small flower.

    "Thanks for the warning, but this is a part of who I am. No matter how much they punish me they can't take it away." Kaleb left her with the ice flower and turned away, walking back toward the door where the guards were. He opened the door and shoved his hands in his pockets. "Where to next, gentlemen?" He asked the guards who then escorted him to his dorm room.

  7. This guy were really irritating, calling her snitch because she need to tell them if he breaks the rules. The principal would get to know it at some point anyways if he used his powers to often so it wasn't like it would help if she didn't say anything about it. If she didn't tell the principal and they got to know about that she had known about it then she would get in trouble as well, just this litle would get her in to trouble if they got to know about it. But in the nurse's office there were no cameras so there shouldn't be a way for them to figuring it out. Hopefully if they did get to know about it then she wouldn't get punished for keeping information from them because she had been loyal for so long, if she were lucky then she would only get a warning for it.

    Then all of a sudden he left the window and started to walk around her, it was like he were studying her and would learn something by doing so. Aleksandra backed away a bit, she felt really uncomfortable by having this new guy whom she didn't even know the real name of walking around her like that. It felt like a shark were surrounding her and were going to attack any moment. But he didn't, instead he said something that shocked her, he knew that she could use fire.

    Her eyes became wide opened and she starred at him, how did he know about that? She hadn't used her power and she had made sure to be careful so she wouldn't loose controll. On top of that even if she lost controll there wasn't any lights in that room, there were some in the corridor outside but he couldn't even see them. She really didn't like what he was telling her, even though she could do so much with it she had to keep it locked up, she didn't have any choise. People would get hurtened if she didn't. He closed the distance between them and took her hand, she backed a step away but didn't try to get her hand back from him. He took the peace of ice he had and layed it in her palm. She shivered of the cold for a moment before getting used to it. Then he started to melt the ice which only took him a second.

    she should have tried to stop him, this was against the rules. But she were amazed by what he was doing. She kept her eyes on the water as it started to swirl, she had never seen anything like it. Ofcourse she hadn't, no one was allowed to use their powers in this way. As he turned the water in to ice again it had become a small flower. Aleksandra could barely say anything. As he spoke again she looked up at him, something in his words, in his voice felt like it was right, as if he or anyone else didn't really belong there. But still she knew how dangerous they were for normal people, they needed to be there. So why did it feel so wrong all of a sudden?

    Without another word he walked out of the room, asking the guards where to go next. As they walked in the corridor she woke up from the shock in the room and went out of the room, watching as the guy were walking away with the guards. She would soon get a call from the principal telling her to meet the new student, untill the call came she should just go to her room. Aleksandra looked down on the flower in her hide, it would soon melt. When she came to her room to wait for the call she let the flower slowly melt in her palm, not carring about that she got wet of it. A while after the flower had melted she got the call, the principal told her to meet the new student before school the next day and show him around. Untill then the guards would take care of him. It was probably to see so nothing would happen during the night, if he would run away or become violent.

    The next day she woke up early, she hadn't gotten any more calls so her meeting with the new guy would soon take place. She didn't know if the guards had told him that he would be shown around by a student or if he thought that the guards would take care of him. After preparing herself for half an hour, getting all papers she needed and put on the uniform she went to the guys room to take him down to the breakfast room. She stood for a while outside his room before knocking on it, had he calmed down today? Would he be a bit more reasonable this day?
  8. Kaleb couldn't help but smirk at the girl's reaction to his discovery. She seemed surprised but it was a natural thing all Gifted had. He had seen only two other fire wielders before, both of them had been male. But even though he didn't have a whole lot of experience with the Fire Gifted, he could still tell which element was hers. He watched her face after he made the ice flower, and it was nothing short of enchantment. He believed that all power was beautiful if wielded with care, and he had given her a great example.

    The boy left the room and was escorted by guards to him empty dorm room. One of the older men told him that they would be bringing dinner to him instead of putting him in a room full of students. They still had no idea when he could lose his head. Instead Kaleb became very agreeable and as nice as possible. He entered his new room without hesitation and collapsed onto his bed. The guards closed the door and left him be, keeping watch from the hall. Kaleb didn't try anything suspicious, he just lay in his bed and lost himself in thought. He thought of the two Fire Gifteds he had met. Two guys traveling together, just trying to get by and keep their freedom. When they met in the woods battle stances were taken. His Water stance was much different from that of Fire, but after a moment they all knew they were the same as they could all sense each other's aura. The aura was pure energy that surrounded everyone, not just Gifted, but all normal humans didn't put off much energy. Like most humans, the guards out there had a very small, gray aura, nothing too exciting. The fire wielders he had met in the forest, their aura's glowed red. They both told him that his aura was deep blue with some yellow.

    He had made camp with the two Fire Gifted, and they all exchanged stories. He learned about fire power, and he told about water power, but he had no idea why his aura had yellow in it. The older man explained to him that auras change as you grow older and discovery new powers. The yellow in his aura meant he would be learning something new. A few weeks later he discovered his electric powers and was able to gently shock others with a poke.

    A few hours passed and his food was served, and Kaleb asked if he could have any painkillers for his massive headache. He finished his dinner, took his medicine, and it was lights out. Kaleb didn't fight it, he was tired and the bed was like a cloud. Even though the bed was comfy, he still yearned for the forest. He would find the most cushiony, soft moss and lay down to sleep. The smell of dirt, the wind through the trees, the sounds of the night. He wished to be there, but for now this would just have to do.

    The next thing he knew he was being shaken. "Come on, boy, wake up!" One of the guards spoke as he shook him by the shoulder. "I'm up, I'm up.." Kaleb groaned. "You sleep like a rock, boy! And you snore really loud." The guard gave him a punch in the shoulder for good measure, and Kaleb slowly lifted himself up and out of bed. The guard told him to get dressed and meet him outside. Slowly, but surely Kaleb dressed himself in the stuffy uniform. Suddenly he wished he could control fire and torch the ugly thing. He felt like a monkey in a suit. He made an attempt to tie his tie but it was no use. He just let it hang from his neck, untied.

    Kaleb walked out of his room and the guard lead him down the hall. There was only one of them escorting him this time, he supposed laying low had done the trick so far. "You go with her." The guard told him, pointing to the girl with long brown hair that he had met yesterday. Kaleb walked up to her, stretching his arms above his head and yawning. "How do you even move in these things?" He complained about the uniform, as he rolled his shoulders after his stretch. He reached up and ran his fingers through his hair, giving him worse bed head than before, but he wasn't concerned about it. "Where to, Al?" He asked the girl since he was supposed to be following her.
  9. No one opened the door when she knocked, she tried to knock again but still no answer, had that guy died during the night? Maybe he had run away and they were now chasing him. But if that were the case then she would have been informed that she wouldn't need to meet him. She sighted deeply, he was probably still sleeping and she didn't have the key to his room so it would be impossible for her to open the door. The only thing she could do were to go to the principal and make him get a guard to unlock the door. She really didn't like to meet the principal in person, but he never answered on the phone if a student called, it was only he who called the students if he needed something. The principal scared her a bit and if there were problems then he would get irritated.

    But Aleksandra didn't have any shoice at the moment, she needed to get him out of the bed or else she would get problems for not making him get up, at the moment she were responsible for that stupid guy. She started to walk towards the principals office, even though she wanted to go as slow as she could she walked with fast steps because she couldn't spill any time. When she got there the principal let her in immediately, he always did. All the other students would have needed to wait untill he were finnished talking to the person that were with him at the moment, or untill he were finnished with a paper he were reading or writing on. But he always seemed to have time for her, she were the only student that he could trust he had said, and she were the only student all the other students liked. Even though he didn't tell it directly to her she knew that as long as she were directly under him then the other student wouldn't complain except one or two now and then. The only thing that bothered the principal were that she still hadn't learned to keep away her powers even though she had been there so long.

    She walked in to the room and the principal smiled to her, another woman were in the room and weren't that happy about seeing Aleksandra there, she had probably interrupted their meeting. But what she had to say didn't take long so they could soon get back to their meeting, she just told the principal that the new student John didn't come out from his room when she knocked, but she fast told him that she were certain that he hadn't run away, he was probably just sleeping. The principal didn't become happy about it even though he didn't say anything but he showed it with his eyes. He called one of the guards and gave him instructions and then sent Aleksandra away to wait for John.

    She did as he said and went to the place the principal had instructed her to go to, it took some time before she saw the guard comming and 'John' was with him. She still didn't like not knowing his name, but what she liked even less were that his tie wasn't tied. She shoke her head at his comment and took a grip on his tie starting to tie it. Just to be mean because he were so lazy she tied it extra hard before letting it become more loose. "You learn to breath in them, and while you learn that you should also learn to tie a tie." She told him a bit irritated because she had been forced to go to the principal because of him. "First we shall go to the dinning hall and eat breakfast, after that I will give you a map over the school and then I shall show you around. We are in the same class so I won't show you the classrooms this morning, instead you will just have to follow me around during the week and see which classrooms we are in."

    As she talked she had started to walk towards the dinning hall, the most students had probably not started to eat yet. They only did it so that they could do the tour in the morning instead of the afternoon, she would have prefered the afternoon because she liked sleeping as long as possible but the principals word was law, so she didn't have a shoice but to get up.
  10. Before she even said hello the girl looked at him with some level of disgust. Apparently he was too untidy for her taste. She shook her head at him and gripped the tie hanging around his neck, causing him to lean forward. She concentrated on tying his tie, looking rather irritated overall. The way he held himself didn't seem to improve her mood. She told him to learn how to tie it, and finished by pulling extra hard and hurting his neck before loosening it. He straightened back up and rubbed his now sore neck. "I did try to tie it, but I've never worn one before." He coughed, tugging on the tie some more to loosen it. Kaleb could tell the girl was in a sour mood, probably because of him, and he wasn't in the mood to deal with an angry girl so he kept his mouth shut and tried not to sound like a jerk.

    They began walking and she explained how the day would work out, she would be showing him around the school. She mentioned going to class and Kaleb made a face but didn't say anything. It wasn't like they were going to ever let these kids into society, so what was the point of making them sit through class? Kaleb wondered what actually happened to the kids after they graduated. They were probably sent to work in hard labor, in a place that had nothing of their element around. A Water Gifted like himself would probably be sent to work making weapons and working with metal. A Fire Gifted might be sent to a rice field where their feet would always be submerged in water. He silently wondered if grades had anything to do with where they were sent after this place.

    Kaleb silently followed Al through the building and ended up in the cafeteria. It was a massive room with a dome roof, music very quietly echoing through the chamber. There where tables of all shapes and sizes and against the wall there was a buffet. Kaleb had never seen anything like this in his whole life. Food, just laying there, up for grabs? There was no hunting, no skinning, no gutting, no cooking? Just grab it and eat it? He didn't want to seem over excited, so he just followed Al like a puppy, mimicking how she grabbed her own plate and served herself. Kaleb took eggs, bacon, toast, and a small bowl of fruit and got himself a cup of milk. With so much food around he could now understand why so many students around here seemed a little chubby. Somehow Al didn't seem to have any fat on her.

    He followed her to a table and sat down across from her. He began eating, slowly and tried not to be a huge slob like he was when no one was around. But this fork thing wasn't the easiest thing for him to use, so he tried the spoon instead with better results. After a few minutes of silence passed Kaleb looked at Al, who still seemed irritated. "So, what's bugging ya? I mean, other than me." He asked, taking a drink of milk.
  11. Once they got to the dinning hall she noticed that her assumption were correct, no one were there. It would probably take another hour before anyone would go to get some breakfast, the school were pretty good in the way that the students started nine instead of eight that it usually were in other schools. Not because Aleksandra had any memories of experience such schools because she came to this school so early, but others had talked about how they always started eight in the school they went in before comming to this one. The clock were about seven and everyone else usually ate at eight, one hour before the classes would start.

    She went towards the buffet and started to take her food, she didn't eat breakfast that often but letting him eat alone seemed rude so she took some food anyways. A small sandwitch and an apple that she could eat later if she got hungry, then she grabbed a glass of water. It made her glad that he kept quiet so that she didn't need to become more irritated than she already was, he had probably already noticed that she weren't in the best mood. Well anyone would notice that when the person were about to strangle them with their tie. She smiled in her mind at the thought but on the outside she remained the same. Aleksandra led John to a table for two people at the window, even though there wasn't much to see she still liked to look out at the view.

    The most of the times she looked out at the desert she didn't really see the desert before her, instead she saw a lot of other places that she made up in her mind. Places that she remembered from when she were a kid and lived with her father. Sometimes they had walked in a forest and sometimes they were traveling down a river, her father was a adventurer and he had often taken her out even though he didn't make her come with him on anything dangerous. She had no idea what her father had done when he got to hear that she had been taken to this school, her mother had been home alone with her when they came for her and her mother hadn't been able to stop them. She didn't know if her father had tried to take her back or if he had accepted what happened.

    John took her out of her thoughts and she hadn't even noticed that she already had eaten half of her sandwich. What was bugging her? Well a lot was bugging her, he because she had been forced to go to the principal, the principal because he once again favorited her and let her talk with him before finnishing his meeting, the list could get long if she just thought about it for a bit. But she had to be careful with what she said, if the principal got to know that she was talking bad about him then he wouldn't let it go. Because he trusted her so much he would probably feel betrayed if she showed her dislike for him so that would only make the situation worse.

    "It wouldn't be safe to tell you what's bugging me." She said, everyone knew that the school wasn't safe if you said or did the wrong things, it could lead to severe punishment. It wasn't often she thought about things she shouldn't think off or did things she shouldn't do, but during the moments that she did she got afraid because it felt like the principal would sneak in to her mind and see it and then she would be screwed. Even though he had never done anything towards her before she knew that he had done things to others, to people that had tried to escape or said things that wasn't acceptable. She didn't want to become one of them. "This isn't a place were you can speak up your mind if you think wrongly." She warned him but didn't look at him. Her thoughts were wrong because the principal had said so, but why did she think so if they were so wrong?
  12. Kaleb watched her closely as she gathered her food. Half a sandwich, an apple, and a glass of water. So she had managed to stay thin because she didn't eat much. Something like that didn't compute with Kaleb. Of course, where he came from food was a luxury that you had to work for. Here food was just handed to you on a silver platter. However, as Kaleb ate he wasn't exactly pleased. This food didn't taste right. The eggs came from birds who were fed grains when they were supposed to eat bugs. The bacon came from pigs raised on slop when the wild hogs he had killed before had been eating grasses and all sorts of stuff. The milk tasted as if they had put it through fifty filters and there was nothing natural about it. Even the fruit wasn't as juicey as it was when he had plucked them from a tree, ripe and plump. Still, it was fuel and he put as much as he could stomach into his tank.

    At his attempt to make a conversation, Al just told him it was unsafe to say such things. He looked at her weird, the students here were not even allowed to say what was on their mind? What the hell kind of place was this? Not only did they make these Gifteds hold in all of that enormous energy, they also made them hold their tongues and not have opinions? This place made no sense, everything was upside down. Doing something like this was not safe, making Gifteds hold everything in was like shaking a can of soda, eventually it would pop from pressure. "So, you're not allowed to have opinions then? You can't even rant about something that's bothering you?" He asked gently, trying to not upset her. He pushed his food aside and looked at her seriously. "Al," He said, trying to get her to look at him. "If you don't let out your emotions, you'll have another accident soon." Kaleb said with his voice down as not to attract attention. "Come on, there has to be somewhere where we can talk. The roof, maybe? I have some information you might be interested in." He whispered this time, barely moving his lips. But since Al's attention was on him, he was sure she heard him.

    He took a quick, casual glance around to see in any employees were nearby, and they weren't seated too close to any of the camera. He turned back to her and whispered again, moving his lips as little as possible. "I can help you with your fire."
  13. She understood that he thought it was weird, in the 'outside world' as a lot of people in the school called it they were allowed to say their oppinion about anything. It was in there to, as long as it wasn't about powers, escaping, the school system or the principal. The biggest crime were to have the wrong oppinion about the principal. When that happened he usually punished the person and then told people that it were because he or she had tried to escape. Ofcourse they hadn't dared to tell anyone after the punishment that it was because they had said the wrong thing about him, but she had heard one guy talk bad about the principal, just some hours later he had been taken away from the classroom and didn't come back in a whole week. The few that knew what he had talked about was certain why he had been taken away but the rest of the school only believed in the reason the principal had given.

    "There are one person you can't have the wrong opinion about." She whispered as quietly as she could, she were closest to the principal so if he knew that she were betraying him in her thoughts then she had no idea what would happen to her, he wasn't a man that thought forgivness were an option. She looked up at her first when he said her name, there was probably fear in her eyes, this wasn't something she should talk about with anyone. To try making herself feal a bit at ease she started to brush some of her hair that were lying over her should with her fingers. There was no way of going up on the roof, the only way up there was locked. But there was a classroom that wasn't used anymore because of an accident that had occured in there. A fire user had burned the whole room during class, luckily no one got hurtened, unluckily that someone was her and the accident had occured less than a year ago. The school hadn't been able to fix the room yet and all the cameras had been burned so they didn't work.

    This wasn't something she actually should think about doing, this was forbidden, she should tell the principal about him using his element and trying to find places to maybe use his powers and talk about things he shouldn't. Even though she thought it she knew that she couldn't do it when he told her that he could help her with her power. Her hands were chacking, she never did anything that were against the rules, she had never gotten in to trouble for doing anything. It wasn't because she wanted to do what she did, it wasn't because she wanted to be the principals 'pet'. She were to afraid to do anything wrong. She nodded a bit hesitatinly, "I know a place were there is no cameras and no one would walk in." She whispered even lower than before.
  14. There was only one person you couldn't have negative opinions of, Al explained. Kaleb assumed she meant the principle. So this was the kind of guy who ran the school, a man who believed himself to be a king. He ruled over all of this students with fear and ultimate control. This was the kind of thing that made him sick. Kaleb watched as his words made her expression twist in fear. She was one of the principle's favorites, probably. By the time she spoke again, she was shaking like a leaf. The idea of using her powers frightened her, but little did she know that the more she feared her powers, the more accidents she would ultimately have.

    She told him that there was somewhere she could take him, and he nodded. "Take me." He said quietly. He stood up from the table and collected everything from the table, including her things. He followed her to where he deposited the dishes, and allowed her to lead the way to a hallway where at the end of the hallway there was a door to a classroom, the area around the door had scorch marks. Even from here he could smell the remains of ash and fire. Had she had an accident right here?

    They entered the room, and the damage wasn't quite as bad as he expected. Kaleb paced the room, observing it all closely. After a minute he walked back toward Al and gave off a sigh. "My real name is Kaleb, not John. John is lame." Kaleb said with a small chuckle. He needed her attention and her trust, he figured a good way to start was with his real name. "Now, tell me what's on your mind. Talk to me about your fire." He walked back toward the window and leaned against a part of the wall that hadn't been torched by fire.
  15. First she hesitated when he told her to take him there, but as he rose up and took all the things off the table she rose with him. This would never end good, if the principal got to know about this then they would both be in big trouble, if any of the guards saw them doing something then the principal would know about it. She lead the way towards the classroom, the memories of the day when she started a fire in it flashed before her eyes.

    She had been really tired that day and the headache were torturing her, the heat were umbearable and the aircondition had broke in that room just that day. For the most she needed an already started fire or else she wouldn't be able to use her power but just this day the temperature had been so high so somehow she had made all the curtains burn at the same time, because they had been heaten up by the sun it didn't take that much to make them start burning and because of the warmth and her headache she hadn't any power to stop it. The fire fast spread to the walls and floors while people ran out of the classroom. The school guards were able to put out the fire but it took almost an hour, but they were able to keep the fire inside that room so it didn't spread to any other part of the school.

    Ofcourse the principal had gotten to know about it soon afterwards, he got disappointed in her because she still didn't have any control at all. People that loose control like that often need to take extra lessons so that it won't happen again, but it had never helped her. But that was only half of what they did to the people that lost control, the first week afterwards the person gets isolated in a room and won't be able to talk to anyone. It was so that the student would know that they needed to study harder or else they would be punished like that again. She had been in that room way to many times, she hated being alone and only thinking about it made her frightened.

    She opened the door to the room and walked in to the room with John right after her. She closed the door carefully and even locked it just in case, she didn't know if the lock worked after the fire but she wanted to be as safe as possible. She walked towards the window so the she would stay as far away from the walls as possible, she couldn't let anyone hear her.

    It surprised her that John, no Kaleb told her his real name even though he had been so against it just some time ago. Then it meant that she had more secrets from the principal, if he would get to know about it then. She stopped the though before it reached the surface, the only two people that knew his name were herself and him and as long as they shut up then no one would find out about that. Aleksandra started to calm down. He told her to tell him what was on her mind and to talk about her fire, but where should she start? There were a lot on her mind. "About the fire there isn't much to say, I loose control all the time and burn down everything. About what's on my mind there are so much so even if I wrote ten books it wouldn't be enough." She said with a distant voice, her gaze were locked at the desert outside but her mind was locked at the green forest outside.
    "What do you want to know?" She asked then, thinking it would be much easier if he just told her what he wanted her to say.
  16. He watched Aleksandra as she entered the room. He watched as her eyes wandered, remembering and regretting how she burned it down. So, then, it really was her accident that destroyed this room. There was some discomfort in her body language, it was obvious she hadn't done anything even mildly out of line before, at least not on purpose. Kaleb wondered what kind of punishment the principle made the students go through if they had any slip ups. But he spoke soft and calm, and he could see that Al was beginning to relax a bit. She started by telling him a little bit about what was churning in that head of hers. She looked at him, asking where she should start but Kaleb just shook his head. "That's an alright place to start." He walked away from the wall and into the middle of the room.

    "By now I'm sure you know that the Gifted, that's us, can control one or maybe two elements. Usually when you have two elements, you are much more powerful with one than me other. Me, for instance, I control water and electricity but I haven't quite got the hang of electricity just yet. And for each wielder the energy for your power comes from a different place." Kaleb began explaining the things he had learned over the years, then he took his regular fighting stance. He began moving, slowly, and carefully, preforming his water wielding moves. "For Water Gifteds, our source of power comes from being calm and collected. Our powers are also much greater at night when the moon is out." He finished his stances and returned to the middle of the room. "Earth Gifteds take their power from being stubborn, Wind Gifteds from being independent. And Fire Gifteds are fueled by determination, or your fighting spirit."

    "Now, each Gifted has the power to see someone aura, this skill becomes more powerful the more you understand and practice your element. This was how I was able to tell your element is fire. But I can also tell you're afraid, scared of your power because you believe fire is only meant to destroy. But these accidents are not your fault. Fear of your power is something that the principle here put in you, and fear of something that is a part of you will only make the accidents worse." He tried to explain as gently as he could. "But there is good news. You have the power to create fire, yes? Then that means you also have the power to extinguish it. You are the master of fire. Fire needs a leader with a firm hand or it will burn out of control. If you are firm with it, it will listen to you." Kaleb tried to offer her a smile, hoping all this information would be helpful to her.
  17. She listened to him and understood what he was telling her but somehow it didn't feel like she were gripping what he told her. She let him speak to the ends and noticed how she shrugged when he mentioned the principal, the most students didn't fear the principal, it was only the people that did wrong that had a need to fear him, then it was her because she were so close to him. One wrong step and she would be in worse trouble than anyone else in the school would be for the same crime.

    He kept telling her about that she could control the fire if she had a firm hand, there was just one problem, she had no idea how to be like that. She always followed other people, at the moment it was the principal that she followed, she feared him that's why she followed him, she feared fire that's why she followed it instead of taking control of it. "I don't know how to be like that." She said turning her head towards the window again.

    "The only reason you can say these things are because you haven't been locked up here since childhood. It isn't only me, the earlier you get here the harder people have to break rules or stop being afraid. The ones that learn to keep their powers hidden first is the ones that comes in latest but it's also them who gets in trouble the most because they know about the outside and wants to get out of here more. They long for something more than this prison. People like you can't understand the feelings someone feel when they don't even remember how grass felt like, we only know fear that's why we submit easily to what frightens us the most. People like you fight against what's frightening even though they could be killed." She continued, she didn't think he would understand, they were to different.

    He had been free his whole life up until now, she had been locked up since she were a kid and barely even remembered how her father looked like anymore. She had been threw things that made it impossible for her not to be afraid, things that wouldn't make him feel anything because he weren't a kid when it would happen to him if he would go threw the same things.
  18. Kaleb knew the things he was telling her probably wouldn't go over very well, and he was right. She didn't have a thirst for knowledge about powers like he did. She had never really been exposed to them, to her they were alien and unwanted. This state of mind about her powers was just one of the reasons she had frequent accidents. She told him she didn't know how to be like that, and Kaleb just smiled and chuckled. "Oh, but you do. It's in your blood." He said, but left it at that since Al had a lot more to say.

    Aleksandra spoke to him, almost lecturing him because he could never understand her. He allowed her to speak, it was good for her, he was getting a reaction out of her and she was letting out feelings. "You're right," Kaleb spoke only after she had finished. "I wasn't captured as a child and forced to be here. I was free, and I will never be able to completely grasp what it must feel like. But there is a reason why I wasn't captured. I was not born cool and calm, like a water wielder needs to be. I was stubborn, headstrong, and hyper as a kid and my powers never showed up early on. I lived with my mother, father, and brother in a small village in the middle of the woods. My father taught me how to be silent in the woods, and which plants were okay to eat. My mother showed me how to prepare the food we caught. I was about seven when I first showed a sign of being Gifted. Someone in the village told a guard, and while I was out picking berries, the guards came and burned down village looking for me. My family died in the fire, and that was the first time I made it rain." Kaleb said to her slowly, his face becoming hard and serious.

    "People like me fight against things that frighten us because we have to. Bravery isn't something you're born with, and it took me a very long time to get used to it. Even now I'm not all that brave." He admitted, his gaze falling to the floor.
  19. She didn't understand where he wanted to come with his story, telling her about his family like that hurt. She shouldn't have anything to do with this trouble maker, he would only get her in to trouble. She should go to the principal immediately and tell him about what the new guy were doing, that he used his powers the day he had come to school. But that would mean that she had kept that information to herself for a day and hesitated to go to him, which meant that she would get in trouble to. But even if she could still tell the principal, would she have been able to do it?

    She turned her head to look at him when he told her about the guards that burned down the village. Her eyes then turned to look in to the floor when the part about his family dying came. His family were dead, hers were at least alive even though she wouldn't be able to see them again. She could never know if they were fine or not but she knew that they had been alive when she had been taken to the school. Her mouth remained shut, there was nothing to say because words weren't enough. She turned back to the window again like if it would protect her by doing so.

    "It's to late to be brave when you're already locked up. There is no one that has been able to escape."
    She said in an abscent whisper. "If you ask other students then you will hear a lot of stories about people that were able to escape, but that's just because they don't know that some of the people that tried to escape were killed if they were to troublesome to take care of."

    It wasn't meant for her to know about it either, but she had been so close to the principal for so long so in the end she had gotten to know. She were supposed to get some papers from the archives on two students, when she were searching after those two students papers then she saw the paper of a student that had escape a while ago. He had still not been forced back to school and everyone thought he had succeeded to escape. She took a look at his papers and on it there was written that he had died. She checked more of escaped students that hadn't come back, they were all dead. No one would ever be able to escape from the school, bravery wasn't nesseccary if they were going to stay there forever. Bravery were just stupid.
  20. He often thought about his family. His father, mother, and brother. It had been so long ago, and in the beginning everything was a struggle. He had been lucky to learn the ways of the woods and how to defend himself, gather food, and be silent, but when it first happened he couldn't remember anything. He stumbled around like a fool and cried constantly, after all he had just lost his family. The rain clouds seemed to follow him when he was upset, and he soon realized that guards could track him by using those. Kaleb had to learn to be calm and not let his emotions take over otherwise there would always be a rain cloud over his head.

    The first Gifted he ever came across was an air wielder, draped in a long robe and very slender looking. She was a monk, and taught him that all life was sacred. She had been very kind to him, but never mentioned her name or his, she simple called him water wielder. She taught him meditation, and through this he was able to see her aura, mostly like a white haze with a little bit of blue swirling around her. She also taught him about dodging and evading. Over the years, even after he had left her, he could still recall her teachings and her methods were still greatly used him his fighting today.

    However, Al was still not convinced after his story. He wasn't really sure what he was trying to convince her of, other than she was worth more than she had been taught to think. Maybe it was just because she followed the rules so closely and he had such a disregard for them, maybe she would never be convinced. When she spoke of others that had escaped, he shook his head slightly. "Right, and about the same time they are killed are there more accidents within the school? When a Gifted is killed, there is an enormous release of energy that we absorb that makes our powers go into hyper drive temperamentally, it's a defense mechanism. That's the only reason no one is killed right here. There would be so many effected that the school would be flattened in under a minute." Kaleb told her, just feeding her more information she would probably cast aside anyway.

    "Besides, those who escaped didn't know how to defend themselves." He added as an after thought. "I had let my guard down when I was captured, but it won't happen again. Sooner or later I'll get out of this place and be back in the woods where I belong." Kaleb began walking toward the door. He gripped the handle of the door and held it open for Al. "So, class next, then?" He asked, waiting for her to lead the way.
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