The struggled life of business.

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  1. It was a busy day for Mythias Mechanics and Cars, everyone was working hard on fixing certain customer's cars and as well as making new cars for selling. Meanwhile with Vance the manager of this busy establishment, he was in his office handling some billing related things. He was good at math so it didn't take him long. But it wasn't until more paperwork came in and he had to sign or fill out a certain paper, just business.

    It was kind of annoying to Vance but he dealt with it, and just went right along no matter how it bothered him. He sighed slightly and kept doing paperwork for the time being.
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  2. ViolaSteps tapping on the hardwood floor of the estate, Viola made her way up the stairs leading to Vance's office. A nervous feeling was sitting in her gut as she got closer and closer to the room Master Vance was currently in. An accident had happened while some workers were creating a new car, and now the car was damaged. It felt like bad luck, since the car had almost been completed. Her job was to report this happening to the Master's office so that he may handle it.

    Finally reaching the door, she stopped... hesitating. She didn't really get to speak much to Master Vance face-to-face, and that nervous feeling in her stomach grew as she reached out a hand to knock.

    Knock knock.

    She took a step back from the door as she waited for a polite "Come in!" or for someone to answer to door.
  3. Vance looked over to the door and stopped what he was doing for the moment. "Come in." He said, hoping it was not more paperwork. If it was more paperwork he might throw a tantrum, he moved his current paperwork to the side of his desk and put his pen down.
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  4. ViolaGently, Viola cracked open the door and peaked inside shyly at Master Vance.

    "U-Um... I have news to report, s-sir." She stuttered as she finally took a few steps into the office.

    Her gaze was set on the floor, feeling too shy to make eye contact with the Master, and her cheeks flushed a gentle hue, dusting her cheeks a pale pink color.

    "Some workers made a mistake with one of the cars and now it is damaged. S-So... uh... " She tried getting the words out, but felt sillier the more she spoke of the situation.

    "Should I give the workers your orders? Or uhm maybe you would like to do that yourself."

    She honestly had no idea how to speak to Master Vance. She was mostly given orders from other workers who were above her in rank. The girl wasn't sure if she sounded out of line or not. She sure hoped not.

    ((Sorry if this post turned out kinda weird. I literally just woke up and was like "OH GOD I HAVE ROLEPLAYS TO REPLY TO" as I drunkly tried to get out of my bed lol))
  5. Vance was a little confused at first what she was trying to say, but eventually got what she was saying. "Mistake? Oh great.. well looks like I can't do a simple thing without having something get in my way.." He sighed and rose up from his seated position in his chair.

    It was a pain for Master Vance that his workers aren't quite experienced as he is in mechanics, but he was glad to get a break from all that dreadful paperwork. He looked at Viola. "Thank you for telling me this.." He said then walked down to where the mechanics are doing this new car.

    ((It's fine, I know how that is xD))
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