The Street Family

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Will you join?

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  3. no have fun though

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  1. Have you ever wondered what those on the street whom are young and have no family or their family mistreated them. Well their is a a family for those on the streets who either need it or want to stay alive. They Join the Family, their is a Mom and Dad of the family they make the decisions. However their life is that of crime. Will you join? are you already in and what is your story?

    Kinda open ended rp with free rain. Their are cops kinda side characters, but this is about the family.

    Mom: @Scorpio Queen
    Dad: @Shayla
    @MST3K 4ever
    @Scorpio Queen
    @Charlie Vasilyev

    1 @MST3K 4ever
    2 @Shayla
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  2. Be patient. Bumping is kinda annoying.

    So basically, a criminal syndicate except it's made up of kids and functions like a family. Sounds cool.
  3. opinions

    and yes basically got the idea from a Law and order Svu episode
  4. Seriously, the more you bump, the less likely you are to get people. A thread with lots of posts in it looks like it already has a lot of players and new players feel less welcome in such.
  5. opinions thanks
  6. *advice
  7. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  8. I know I meant opinions not advice thanks though for the opinions
  9. if it was advice you PM me and let me know and if you truly wanted to be helpful you could tag people you think be interested
  10. Thanks for the tag but I'm not interested.
  11. No worries
  12. I'm out. A GM like you would just be constant work to deal with. It's not worth it.
  13. your prerogative
  14. I might be in, is it kind of just like a bunch of orphans running around acting like a family? Or is it actually a family?
  15. orphans acting like a family but they really consider themselves family
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  16. Yeah, why not. I'll probably take one or two kids if that's okay?
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