The stories behind the Usernames/Avatars:

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  1. What is the story behind your username/avatar
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    what is the story of your username/avatar ?
    Do you change this story when you feel like it ?
    What do you imagine when you see another persons username/avatar, does the picture in your head change when you read the persons posts?

    *Do you see a string of letters and a mix of colors painted as something?

    *Does a movie start in your mind that tells a random story?

    - - - - - - -

    So, then.
    What is your thoughts when you see the username and avatar the earlier posters uses O.O
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  2. Diana is my name! :D It is not the name I was born with, but it is my TRUE NAME. When I was a kid, my name didn't feel right, so I always ran around telling people to call me by some name of the week. Everyone thought it was a phase. >>; It wasn't. By fourth grade I stumbled over the name Diana, and that has been my name ever since.

    My full online name is Diana Notacat. When I was using Diana in a Sailormoon chat room, people kept thinking I was Diana the cat. >< Little Chibi Usas and Reenies kept trying to pet me. I wound up screaming "I'M NOT A CAT." so much I just added "Notacat" to my name. And thus, that has been my user name for the past 15 years. XD

    MY AVATARS. For the past few months I have been using super adorable owl art by Cyra R. Cancel. Owls are my current obsession!

    When I am not using those, I use Derpy disney/other animated stills. Silly silly things, because I can rarely take myself seriously long enough to use really fancy pretty elegant avatars, no matter how much I try. >>; I always revert back to the silly ones.
  3. What is the story behind your username/avatar, what is the story of your username/avatar ?
    *clears throat awkwardly* Well you see, a few years ago is when I first got really into anime. I decided it'd be cool to come up with a Japanese name, but NOT JUST ANY Japanese name. I took the meaning of my first and last name and fed them through a translator... possibly Google Translate, it's been a few years. What came out was kind of weird, but the name Shokkou was cool enough that I kept it.

    Do you change this story when you feel like it ?
    No. That is the true story, and I stick with it.

    What do you imagine when you see another persons username/avatar, does the picture in your head change when you read the persons posts?
    I don't really picture anything.
  4. Sabine is actually my name. ^^ I'm one of those stupid people.
    It's uncommon enough that a lot of people don't seen to realize I'm a girl, especially on more male-dominated sites, so I got in the habit of putting Lady in front of it. Also because just plain Sabine is taken on a lot of sites.

    As for my Avatar, I usually change it with my current inspiration in life. I want to be an archaeological anthropologist when I grow up, so Laura Croft is a pretty big inspiration. XD And what everyone thinks of when I mention wanting to explore ancient tombs and structures.
  5. Fijoli. The name Fijoli came into my hearing while playing Skyrim. While in winterhelm you meet a man desperate to find his daughter Fijoli he is convinced that she is dead. So long story short you go on the side quest to retrieve a sivler thalos charm (somethin g super similar to thors hammer Mjolnjir)

    you find the necklace and return it to the father. the name Fijoli stuck with me for a while until I once used it as a DnD character. I'm sure i've said this before, I failed at making my first Iwaku account and fixed that problem by making another ( Yes, the first accidental account has been removed because multiple account are not allowed, I notified vay and he took care of that)

    Fijoli was an accident, but now it has become my name. Even people who know nothing about Iwaku call me Fijoli. Originally it was for its Epic Norse roots.

    Fijoli has become my alter ego, much like what sheik is to Zelda. in the Iwaku universe Fijoli is currently making her story with @October Knight , in an RP we called The Great Divide. so there is RL and IC.

    As for my avatar I use my drawings, I tend to draw my characters and others when I draw a newer version of @Fijoli , That is when I change my avatar but my images stay my origninal art work. Iwaku and many of its members have inspired me to be more creative than I have ever been. Very soon my avatar will be changing, when I finish this new drawing.​
  6. Scrap Iron originated, I think, from my old AIM handle, ScrapIronHeart. Not that I use AIM anymore, but anyway. I always felt like a bit of an outsider and the idea of being a robotic entity of some sort, especially one made simply out of scrap metal, kind of appeals to me in that way: Made of leftover junk, perhaps kind of ugly and unwieldy, but functional.

    As for my new avatar I just changed to, well. I'm kind of obsessed with the movie Her right now and that is the loading screen animation for OS1 in the movie.
  7. Peregrine was my attempt at a meaningful username. Since I was little I always wanted to use usernames that were random and nonsensical. So I would flip the keyboard over and type until I was happy with one. That is how I wound up with usernames like Randivaskil, Siebidsaek, and Jiskastya. It was always fun to tell people that is how I got my username. But I liked a lot of my friends online who had names that meant something. So I picked Peregrine, pretty much out of the blue. Sometimes I wish I could go back to one of those others, but this is me here, and I'll stick with it.

    My avatars are mostly just pretty pictures, but I try and stick with a general theme, since I identify a lot of my partners by their avatar picture, and changing it messes with me. So I make gradual changes, most of the time.
  8. So many diverse reasons ^^
    Thought of a few things when I read all you posts:
    Show Spoiler
    I should have split this into different threads xD
    And I need to learn that I'm not always making sense :s
    I wanted to ask both the story behind your username/avatar.
    But I was also wondering if you had ever thought together a story FOR your username/avatar o.O
    And then if you had changed that internal story sometimes ^^
    Thirdly I wanted to start a flowing discussion regarding your own thoughts on the username/avatar of the user befory you ;)

    But I have decided to split it into three different threads instead xD

    The story behind my own username is that I used my IR name and made anagrams, and Windstormugly appeared, fit like a glove on my hand :D
    My avatarat the moment was found when I decided that I would show a methaphor for part of one of the concepts regarding my love for stories... time spiraling down without an end.
    The used themes when I search for my avatars are mostly methaphors for concepts regarding my username/relation with stories or just plain awesome :3
  9. My username has to do with my...argument about Spock.

    You see, Spock isn't as logical as he is put out to be. He constantly complains about humans even though it is well known that they are illogical. what sense does it make to constantly point out that fact? It is most illogical.


    And then I derive my logic from

    Spock's Logic. Thus, LogicfromLogic.

    It's a simple username with a hidden meaning to it. As cheesy as that sounds, it enables me to put my two cents in without actually doing so.

    As for my title;

    Madman of Iwaku.

    To most of you, you already know that I am mad. Stark raving mad.

    My current avatar, Skywise, stemmed from my past. My best friend and I used to play ElfQuest all the time, and I was always Skywise. So you can say my current one is really just me being an old guy reminiscing my youth.

    I had one of Kili from The Hobbit (Jackson's version) because I have a boy crush on him.

    Spock, Timon and Dr. House are common ones for me to use just for theme.
  10. My username is The Red Tazelwurm and it's actually a character from the show 'The Detentionaire' and the picture is the character. :3

    It's my username because I absolutely love the Taz because he is awesome and adorable in a ferociously horrifying way. :3
  11. This screen name came about many years ago, when I first stumbled into online roleplay in yahoo rpg chat rooms. The first name was basically created by removing the 'phiro' from Sephiroth. I mean, hell, everyone and their mother was running around online as a Sephiroth or Cloud in those days.

    As for the last name, well the words Blood moon sounded pretty cool in my mind back then so I jammed the words together. And no, he's never been a were creature! That's been asked many times over the years hahaha.

    As for the avatar, well, I was a Sephiroth fan from the first instant I saw him turn around and walk oh so calmly into the village he had just lit up. He was also the basis of this character's appearance.
  12. Oh, snap. Lemme see here..

    My username: Stacisaur
    My name is Staci. I am a dinosaur. Ssssssh. Don't tell anyone.
    That explains that. Also, my RL bff calls me that sometimes. Soyeah.
    My gaming username, and the username I first joined Iwaku as was xXPurpleStaticXx. Just simply came up with that because.. purple is my favorite color and how would purple static not be effing awesome?

    My avie currently: It's pretty cute, there's a chocolate heart box in it, and it is specifically for Valentine's Day season. <3
    I adore cute things.

  13. I always thought you were named after the knight Lady Sabine in the Beka Cooper books by Tamora Pierce. It is literally the same name.

    As for my own, there's not a lot of story. I'm usually very shy, and quiet unless someone urks me, so that's where the name Quiet One came from. It just seemed to fit. The avatar - it took me forever to figure out how to change out of that bunny. The Yin Yang symbol speaks for my love of graphic detail and my ability to cause either peace or unease wherever I go.
  14. I'm a pretty big Tamora Pierce fan. ^^ Not all that similar to the character, though. XD
    I'm actually a compromise. My dad wanted a traditionally German name or one that's in his family. My mom wanted a river or a tree.
    My eighth-great grandmother who came from Germany to America was named Sabine. The river between Texas and Lousianna is Sabine. Los Sabinals (sp) is Spanish for Cypress. It made them both happy. XD It also beats my dad's first choice (Gertruda) and my mom's first choice (X*).

    X, middle name Calla, because my last name is pronounced ber. So, Excalibur. My mom is funny. Also Malcolm X is her favorite historical figure.
  15. My username, fatalrendezvous, was actually a fairly recent creation.

    In college, I was part of an undergraduate mock trial team, which is a competitive sort of trial advocacy team. Each year we would get a fictional case (with literally hundreds of pages of content), and work to represent either the Plaintiff/Prosecution or Defense in that case against other schools at tournaments nationwide.

    My senior year, I played a witness in the case who was a famous actress, best known for her work in the (fictional) film Fatal Rendezvous. This was my favorite role of my collegiate mock trial career and I won numerous recognitions for my portrayal of this witness. I was an avid RPer at the time and had been searching for a username which I felt I would identify with that would link all my profiles together. At the time I was a chatroom RPer and would create new usernames for each new character, but had no real central account to serve as my primary account.

    Partially as an homage to my mock trial roots, and because I actually really appreciate the title Fatal Rendezvous for being an interesting combination of deadliness and charm, I promptly created the username and have been using it ever since.

    The attractive young Asian woman in my avatar is a friend of mine who does model work on the side. She has no idea I have been using her in my profile pics lol.
  16. My name is Michael James Frances Saulnier. I used to use an online handle for any accounts I made online. That name was taken from a Metallica song, The Outlaw Torn.

    Now, being much older and giving significantly less of a fuck about anonymity, I decided to be forthright about it. Using my name and middle initial is more prominent, respectable, and just plain straight up. It suits the artist I am striving to be. And when some of you go to the theater to see one of my films, I want you to think to yourself, 'Michael J. Saulnier.... Why does that sound so familiar? ... Oh my god! I think I used to RP with that guy!!!'

    Honesty is something I live, and will die by.

    As for ze Avi. I'm just a HUGE Wolverine fan. What can I say?
  17. If we're both still active on these forums when this happens, I will personally make a thread to let you know that it happened. :D
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  18. There's no fun or interesting story behind my current avatar and username. I change handles a lot on the internet, and as a result, many people don't know who I am even after I've interacted with them at some point in the past. The irony is that I'm mistaken for other people all the time.

    Anyway, Judge and the Eagle stems from my recent obsession with the Judge Dredd universe. I re-watch the new movie recently and decided on the change of pace because I CAN. I'll probably end up changing it again a few more times before finally settling.
  19. heliacalRebirth refers to a phoenix/firebird. heliacal means to be close to the sun and rebirth means, well, to be reborn. It reminds me of the constant cycle of growth that each individual undertakes, being made anew with each decision and each footstep forward. This kind of reflects how I view the world, as I don't hold grudges and I believe everything can be made good again. It also sounds cool and smart :P

    My avatar at the moment is just a super quick sketch I made for funzies. I really didn't put much thought into it.
  20. Blame Diana for my name.

    I joined MW's with bbrit219 and she had a fit about the numbers and changed it to Britty. Ever since then that's all I go by, and I love the name <3
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