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  1. Name: Faith
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Personality: Shy to start with, bad temper to those that judge or act like assholes. Can be really sweet and caring to her fitness and loved ones and will go to great lengths for them. Bit of a bay dreamer and very creative.
    Family: mum, dad, baby sitter and older brother
    Appearance: big blue eyes, round glasses, freckles, long red and wavy hair. Small and slim with a pixie like face. Mostly wears jeans, t-shirts, convers and a worn out leather jacket
    Bio: Recently move to a new town due to strange events that lied the family to move for the parents job promotion. Ever since the move she's been having strange dreams of other worlds in danger. When she was 10 her grandmother gave her a red, tear drop necklace and told her to always keep it with her, Faith hasn't taken it off since
    Powers: Has the ability to heal those she care about but she doesn't realize she can
  2. Vincent Marquis, Gold
    Name: Vincent Marquis
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Before Vincent lost most of his soul he used to be sweelt and loving, as well as very righteous and believed in justice as well as giving others second chances, not lost most of his soul he has lost all of his feelings and most of his beliefs and even his memories of the ones he cares for.
    Family: Though he doesn't remember them anymore Vincent's mother and father were Michael Marquis and Vanette Marquis.
    Biography: Vincent lived a life of poverty and decided to become a royal knight like his father once had, though he left him and Vincent to become one, he looked up to his father and always wondered what his father was thinking when he had enough courage to leave them to become a royal knight, even though he had never since seen his father since he was of the age eleven, his mother raised him until she died of an illness when he was seventeen in which he then left home to become a strong and noble knight, now he has to protect the dimensions from colliding but in the process somehow lost his soul and has to regain each piece of his soul in forms of gems to regain all he knew, his memories of his loved ones, his feelings, and even his powers he once had, all he now holds is mastery over swordsmanship, that is all he has left to remember and his mission to save the worlds.
    Powers: Vincent can creature azure flames at a moments notice which only burns that in which he wishes it to, though now lost his soul he can't remember how to.
  3. It was another normal saturday for Faith, she had gotten up and headed straight out of the house for her morning walk. The teen had started walking around to try and get used to the place but she took a detor from her usual path and ended up by a canal. She didn't know why she had been drawn to it but her necklace glowed faintly and even though she was sure she was seeing thing she could have sworen she had seen some kind of knight or warrior refecting in the water
  4. Vincent had woken up early in the morning since he had an important meeting to go to at the capital about some mission he needed to go on, he was calm and serious about the situation as he was always, he took being a knight as a serious thing, he was willing to put his life out on the line as a royal knight though he wasn't quite a royal knight just yet, however he heard this mission was very urgent and that if he could complete it he would become a royal knight like he had been aspiring to become, as Vincent was walking with his sword on his back he was going through town and in a window he saw the reflection of a girl with a glowing necklace, he wondered who she was, though he had no time for such leisurely thoughts he needed to get to his meeting quickly.
  5. Faith shook his head quickly and rubbed her eyes "seeing things again" she muttered to herself, she had been seeing that knight and a few other odd visions in reflective surfaces and even in her dreams but she tried to ignore them because she just didn't have time to be going crazy
  6. Vincent headed toward the capital's Castle to go to his meeting and see what mission they needed him for, he wondered as they had said they needed a skilled knight to accomplish a very important task, and they had sent specifically for him since they had heard of his valor, he was on his way to the castle now and had a couple of hours left until he would reach the capital. "I wonder what is so important that they would specifically request for me to come to the capital?.." Vincent stated as he was quite curious and serious about this mission he was going to be taking on since it seemed so important and urgent without him even knowing what it was yet.
  7. As Faith continued to walk down the road her gem got brighter and brighter. The teen knew it wasn't normal but she used the glowing as a hot and cold teller to lead her to a small bush where there we another gem, only this was blue and looked almost like it was meant to fit next to the other gem
  8. A couple hours later Vincent had made it to the Capital and headed for the Castle to get briefed on his mission at hand, it was all he cared about and knew anymore ever since he changed one faithful night for some reason no one knew why, he made it up to the castle as he went inside looking calm and composed as he entered the meeting room. "I am Vincent Marquis.. I heard that the Capital has sent for me for a specific mission.. What is it the capital needs of me?" He asked without any look of emotion in his face.
  9. Faith frowned as she slowly picked up the small, blue gem and with a gasp the item flew at her necklace and disappeared in to it

    The commander nodded "as you know, there have been strange weather patterns and natural disasters with no cause. But we have found the cause and it isn't good. The dimensions are colpsing in to one another"
  10. Vincent was feeling a bit strange as he suddenly got a flashback of his past, there was a woman, she was beautiful and sweet to him, could it have been his mother? He didn't know but he was to busy being surprised for the first time since he lost his emotions, it seemed he had gotten the emotion of being surprised back though he didn't know why. "What?! The dimensions are collapsing into one another?! What is it you need me for then? I can't fix that can I? I'm merely one man." Vincent exclaimed looking at the commander. "If there is something I can do to prevent it then tell me and I shall fix this problem sir." Vincent stated looking at him as he had his fist balled up and his fist against his chest side ways as if to be saluting him in an old fashioned way.
  11. The commander shook his head "calm yourself. There are still many things we need to talk about and for now all you need to know is about a young girl called Faith from one of the middle range dimensions"
  12. "Oh? And what of this Faith sir? What do I need to know of this girl that is so special?" Vincent asked the commander as it seemed unorthodox to be speaking of a young girl while the dimensions were in jeopardy.
  13. The commander walked over to a screen and pressed a button, brining up a photo of Faith smiling "this is Faith. See that amulet? That is the part of your soul and power that were taken from you"
  14. Vincent looked at the girl and then the pendant trying to remember something anything but he couldn't. "What do you mean?.. How is that Amulet related to me?.. And how could it hold my soul?.. I mean I don't understand.. What are you saying? That girl holds the key to all I've lost?.. How is that possible I've never met this girl before." Vincent stated as he sat down trying to figure things out, it was giving him a headache, sure he didn't have all of his emotions but he could still feel pain.
  15. The commander shook his head "we're not sure but as far as we know your energy is somehow linked even thought the dimension wall. Somehow, she gained your soul gem and it holds everything you lose along with being the key to unlocking your true power
  16. Vincent looked at the commander completely surprised. "That.. it doesn't make any sense.. But if that's true then what did you call me here to do then? I don't understand. I'm here to stop the collision of the dimensions right? Well then what do you want me to do about the girl?" Vincent asked the commander as he stood up now he was more composed once more.
  17. The image on the screen changed to a photo of Faith with what seemed like a glow around her coming from the saky "that is a wave length from the dimension wall and for some reason she is able to breach them in her sleep and where the wall is weakest. You can stop the dimensions by getting this girl to collect the other gems for you to unlock and give back what you lost"
  18. Vincent listened carefully as the royal knights commander explained to him what he was saying. "Wait so then are you telling me.. that the entire reason the dimensions are colliding is because of my lost soul?.. that it's bringing the dimensions together because I lost my soul, my feelings and my memories in which her pendant holds?.. And that they are trying to get back to me in such a large fashion its making the dimensions collide just to do so because of me?.." Vincent asked as he looked at the commander for an answer.
  19. The commander nodded "that's correct but do not blame yourself. You losing your soul, memories and emotions was not your fault. They were taken from you and once you get the girl to find and restore them you will be a royal knight. You just need to talk to her and get her to help"
  20. Vincent continued to listen to the commander. "What do you mean my soul, memories and emotions were taken from me? Who could steal such things from a person?.. And why would they steal the from me?.. And how am I to communicate with her and get her to help me?" Vincent asked the commander not understanding everything of what was going on with him and the dimensions.
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