The Snake and the Moon

Got it. Just needa figure out what to post. :3 Should I make them wander off?
If you want, you can either continue to focus on the everyday world OR you can move them into the New World in your next post. It'll largely be up to you and how much you want to linger in the everyday world.
Can I go ahead and post an intro or should I wait for Fluffy>? Also, Does my character know that they will be coming to the forest>?

EDIT: I posted.
Yes that's fine. There's no real sense in preventing people from posting if they so choose to, especially this early on in the plot.
Okay. Hopefully, it wasn't too much of a rush but Wilma and Justin are now in the Otherworld. Archy and Fluffy, you'll do what you do best and be all ZOMGWTF.

OK, you'll be with me. The Jester and Gauge will discuss their early plans. We might be able to throw the Ancient One's militia off by doing a random attack on the wagons that will be rounding up whatever fantasy critters are running around. We won't be able to rescue the main hero and heroine from the Ancient One this round, but we'll quickly change that once they are in the Caste.

Anyone have any comments or concerns? Just let me know.
Alright, that sounds good to me. Are you going to make a Jester post>?
Yes, I will after class and lunch.
Okay. While you guys don't need to make your posts colored coded, I tend to do so. The Jester will always be in red. Any posts involving narration and/or the Ancient One will be in golden rod.
Just waiting on Archy to post soonish. He did say he had school work, so that's fine. Fluffy, if you wish you can hijack Justin and post.

OK, still just you and me preparing to blow shit up.
Cool. I'm working on a pre-battle post atm.
Okay. If you want we can also have some NPC allies. Up to you though.
Okay. I'll have the Jester and Gauge engage the Militia alongside some Resistance NPCs. This is what will spark the Ancient One to find Wilma and Justin.
Just waiting on Archy to post. If he doesn't I'll hijack Justin and we can get a move on in the plot.
Rory, I nearly deleted this because, despite being labeled "Sci/Fantasy", you put it under miscellaneous. x(