The Snake and the Moon

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The Snake and the Moon

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.
Mark Twain "

In the not too distant future, mankind discovers that parallel universes do in fact exist. Of course, I had didn't expect that the fabric of the time space continuum or whatever it's called would rip me and my girlfriend from our reality to some God forsaken realm of Inquisition and paranoia.


It had happened quickly. Wilma and I were just walking around the busy streets of our home city when we heard this loud cracking noise. Wilma screamed and if she hadn't been grasping me so tight, I probably would have done the same. The world around us fell apart like a mirror crumbling into thousands of shards.


We both found ourselves in a forest of great beauty. The problem was that almost as soon as we got there a figure looking like an ancient man called for us, "Welcome Children of Chavvah. We've been expecting you for some time." Then without warning, we found ourselves entrapped in a caged wagon. The ancient man said we were going to the Castle, a place in which all magical and special people are concentrated to keep them safe from the cruelity of the outside society. I'm guessing some how the old man knew we were both outsiders.


Wilma and I have only been in this place for a little more than a week but already we seem to be object of great attention to both the Ancient Man and an eccentric masked figure that is aptly named the Jester. Over the course of the days and hours, he slowly revels what this place really is. A death camp. Yep, just like the ones that the Nazis put all 'em poor souls in the 1940s. He's trying to convince me to join up with his resistance movement.


I'm considering this as our only option out of this fucked up world...At least I hope it is....

Justin Ballew: Main Character of the Plot. He and his girlfriend have been trapped in the Castle for nearly a week. He is of great interest to the Jester.

Wilma Jones: Justin's girlfriend even since High School ended. She's not happy with the situation that they are stuck in and is desperate to get out.

Assassin [Name to be Determined]:A hitman for the Jester. He lives in the swamps that surround the Castle. He especially hates the Ancient Man for rounding innocents up. How he hides his firearms is still unknown to all but him.

The Jester (Name to be Determined): A mysterious masked man that has high magical ablitiles. It is rumored he was hideously scarred and that's why he wears this outfit. He is dead opposed to the oppressive nature of the Castle. He seeks to hire Justin to his cause.

The Female Knight (Name to be determined): The most mysterious figure in the Castle. Her profile shows up on most of the paintings in the Castle, yet she has no memories or clues as to why she constantly appears in them. She keeps to find the Book of the World locked in the Ancient Man's quarters, since she believes this is were all the clues to her past lie. She is allies with the Jester.

House Rules:Please pay attention to any requests or specifics given

Game Masters: Rory

Characters: Four to five players will be accepted. Only one character per player.

Posting Expectations: At least once a week.

Rating: Mature, some adult content is too be expected.

Genre: Apocalypse, Sci Fi Fantasy, Surrealism, Adventure, Drama.

Atmosphere/Mood: Serious, dramatic, horror, dream-like.

Timeline: Unknown, it seems like this land is one full of paradoxes. Advanced machines exist, but there's no signs of airplanes or automobiles.

Basic Plot: You choose the role of one of the four or five possible character profiles. You'll determine the character's destinies as the plot advances. The key is to escape from the Castle and find your way back home or create a powerful enough rebellion against the Castle and liberate the prisoners....

Questions: Please PM me or Ask them in this thread.


Character Name: (If characters have name, please keep it)




General Appearance: (Please use the photos provided, but feel free to add more details about their looks)

General Personality:

General History:

Powers/Skills: Each character has a power that makes them stand out from the general population. Please be original. No two characters may share the same powers or skills.
Welcome aboard Fluffy.

I'm probably going to with the Jester since he fits my liking of the shaman sorts.

A secondary note, I am giving random invites for people to play certain roles. If in doubt about what roles are still open, please PM me. I'll consider opening it to more players, if the interest should arasie; however, I will still keep it lower than 7 peoples.
Character Name:
Wilma Jones


Support and Medical Attendant/Justin's Girlfriend


General Appearance:

General Personality:
Wilma's a brave young woman with a big, loving heart. She has an adoration for everyone and everything, no matter how hideous they appear. She can see the good in everyone and continues to believe it exists even within the most vile people. This girl is one of the most loyal women you'll ever meet, most definitely someone you can lean on for support or rely to be somewhere on time.

General History:
Wilma was a popular girl throughout her entire school life because of her social skills and charm. Even so, she refused a lot of people asking for dates because she didn't want to take anything too far until she met the right one. She had a crush on Justin all through high school since the day she met him and they finally got together starting in their junior year. They had been together ever since. Wilma longs for the day he'll propose to her for marriage, her hopes high that he had been making big plans for it. She loves him with all her heart and feels like she'd do anything for him. They often exchange stories with each other about fantasy worlds they wish existed.

Wilma has no powers, but she is skillful with morale support as well as medics. She got a technical degree in nursing when she went to college.
Okay. So far we have Fluffy as Wilma, OK as the Assassin, Myself as the Jester, and Sakura is interested in playing as the White Knight. Now we just need someone to step up to the plate to play as the Hero, Justin!
Character Name: Gauge Fendell

Gender: Male

Job Role: The Jester's Assassin

Age: 30

General Appearance:

View attachment 1647

Pale, pasty complexion. Prominent, dark circles under and around eyes. Very thin and lanky, but has good muscle tone from a rigorous work out each morning before breakfast.

General Personality: Slightly reclusive, he keeps to himself as much as he possibly can. Angry and hate filled. Paranoid and distrusting. Generally unhappy about his existence. Despite all this he is Dedicated to his beliefs. His hatred for the Ancient man and his actions is about all that has kept him going lately. His servitude as an assassin to the Jester is absolute and unwavering.

General History: As an orphan, Gauge spent his early years bouncing around from churches to orphanages as well as foster families. Finally he wound up on the streets and was taken in by the only real friend he ever had, a man named Rufis. Rufis, an ex special ops soldier, took Gauge under his wing and became a tutor of sorts. He taught him about weapons as well as the art of stealth. Later he used Gauge to make money doing hits for local underground organizations. When Gauge finally realized he was being used, doing all the work but reaping only some of the benefits, he killed Rufis and went to work on his own. He was 25 at this time.

Powers/Skills: Stealth; Can move without being seen or heard. Is skilled in the use of most available weaponry. Has the ability to kill without regret or remorse.
Character Name: Isaac Oberon

Gender: Male

Job/Role: The Court Jester, Leader of the Resistance

Age: OO

General Appearance:

General Personality: The Jester is an alchemist, a magician, creating realities in the duality of time and illusion. Jester is a symbol of living life for fun. He gets bored relatively easily unless he feels like he has some gain to what he does. He is the wise-fool. It is he, through his creations that destroy, points out the flaws in carefully constructed societies of man. He rebels against authority, pokes fun at the overly serious, creates convoluted schemes, that may or may not work, plays with the Laws of the Universe and is sometimes his own worst enemy. He exists to question, to cause Justin to question and not accept things blindly. He appears when a way of thinking becomes outmoded needs to be torn down built anew. He is the Destroyer of Worlds at the same time the savior of all.

General History: His past is unknown, mostly because a figure of his nature has no need for a long narrative. The little that is known is that he believes that the Female Knight is the rightful ruler of the Castle and not the Ancient One. Thus, one can believe that he was once the Court Jester. Other rumors say he was once a knight that was against the Ancient One and was burned at the stake but didn't die, thus leaving a charred man wearing a mask to cover his disfigured shell. The one agreed upon fact is that he was one of the first in the Castle and wishes to unite all the beings in the Castle against the Ancient One, even if they don't agree with his policies.

Powers/Skills: Jester was summoned to try to pull the monarch out of his angry or melancholic mood. He possessed a wide range of skills and attributes. Jester was a musician and acrobat who performed pratfalls, physical comedy, classic juggling, fire eating, swallowing swords, strumming on the lute, stilt walking and various magical illusions. He was also an exceptionally articulate raconteur and can recite a wide variety of topical rhymes and riddles. It is Jester's madness or imbecility (real or pretended), that gives him a license to abuse and insult even the most exalted nobleman. The elusive jester was not just an entertainer, he often served as an advisor and critic. For the most part, Jester lives by his wits! It is Jester's nature to speak his mind when the mood took him, regardless of the consequences. Jester isn't known for flattery or fawning. For the most part, Jester has little little to gain by caution and little to lose by candor. Wisest of them all, the sinister Jester is fate disguised as a fool.
Okay, then. Archy is interested in playing as Justin. Now we have our full cast.

How I would like to start this RP is to NPC the Ancient One for the time being. He'll talk a little bit about the world the main characters live in and then it'll open with Archy and Fluffy's characters waking up in the Wanderjher Forest. From there, they'll be chased by the Ancient One's minions and wind up in the Castle. Once that occurs, OK you'll be working with me in welcoming the two new comers.

Does this sound good to you all thus far? Please discuss.
Cool, Sounds good to me. Also, you have me on skype if there is anything to go over.
Sounds like a plan, man. Wake up in a forest, get chased, get trapped. Got it. :P
Okay then, we only need Archy to finish up Justin's Bio and we'll be ready to RP. The female knight will be introduced a little later in the plot, so I am not in a rush for her bio.

As always, my RPs are set up to be episodic, so each chapter will be around 25 posts long, sometimes short, sometimes longer. Occasionally I will do a GM hijacking if the plot strays or becomes too lolrandom.

The tentative outline for the RP is something like this. Justin and Wilma wind up in world----->They get captured---->In Castle, they learn of the conditions they'll be living in---->Meet Jester and other characters---->Rising action----->Climax----->Resolution----->End.

Right now, I believe 8 episodes should be enough to tell this story properly, unless we want to go normal TV route and do 13.
Character Name: Justin Ballew

Gender: Male, duh.

Transdimensionally-Displaced Person; The most normal guy

Age: 24

General Appearance:

General Personality:
Justin has a strong sense of justice, that the cruel and wicked need to be punished and that the good deserve to live free. Good stuff like that. He does like to make friends and talk to people, but prefers a small circle of close friends to a larger one. Justin feels that Wilma's "everyone has some good" mindset is a very good thing for her to have, but that it may get her in trouble, and it's his job to protect her from that. He likes talking with Wilma about their fantasies, and enjoys reading comic books (especially Tom Strong).

General History:
Justin was more reserved during school, though he did get along fairly amicably with everyone. When Wilma first asked him out on a date, it was a pleasant surprise. Since then he's come to deeply love her, and is working out preparations for his marriage proposal. A good ring is hard to get when you're trying to put yourself through law school.

Powers/Skills: Nothing special here. He is your standard everyman! Except for the beginnings of the law degree, but that's not particularly useful in alternate realities.
As Borat says, "Ayyyye, very nice." Looks like we can start as soon as I get a chance to make an intro post.
if you're npc'ing the ancient one, you still want this bio brotherman?

Character Name:
The Ancient One

Gender: presumed male

Job/Role: ruler of the castle, Warden of the prison.

Age: Unknown, but presumed to be centuries old.

General Appearance:

Albiet he generally doesnt wear the tube mask, instead wearing a dulled and ancient steel half mask shaped like the lower half of an old sage's face, the expression peaceful.

General Personality: Honestly believes that imprisoning the "unnaturals" is the best thing for both them and the world, is seen and feels like a father figure to the guards, and in some cases, the inmates themselves.

although, should anyone break the rules, disobey orders or otherwise act other than the way the Ancient one believes they should, he is both disappointment and cold hearted, delivering harsh and brutal sentences to those that have 'broken the rules'

General History: other than that he is the current Lord of the Castle, and has been for many years, and that he has slowly been collecting and imprisoning 'unnaturals' under the guise of doing whats best for both the unnaturals and the general populace

Powers/Skills: Lordly Power; In Medieval Europe, it was the generally accepted notion that Lords were masters of all they surveyed, able to change anything within the boundary of their power.
in this case, the Ancient One Literally has full control over the Castle/Prison grounds and limited control over some of the inmates and the guards, for instance he can cause rather severe mental trauma or even open up the ground below a guard that failed in his duties.

Although unknown to most within the Castle, this is due to a 'Storestone' a magical artifact kept in a lockbox in his bedchamber, whereupon all his power is both stored and connected to the castle.
He who controls the Storestone Controls the castle itself.

(Not too keen on the power, but since he's the big bad, i figured he'd need something that would enable him to be both powerful in offense and defense, but also sort of feature a plot macguffin that would enable the heroes to be able to beat him when the time comes.)
Yeah, it'll just be for the opening act that he'll need to be NPC'ed. Or if we can get ourselves organized I can do a 3rd Person Omnipotent narrator sort as well.