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  1. Welcome to Deneria, a country lying on the coast, inhabited by countless numbers of people and creatures since the first port city sprang up. It is now an economic giant, but something has gone wrong, trade ships are disappearing. Some blame pirates, but one survivor has said that monsters are sinking the ships! The people are in a panic! Nobody is stepping up to face these monsters, everything is falling apart! But, there is hope, YOU have decided to step up and go end this monster plague. Your first order of business is to get a ship, and to assemble a party to head off on your adventure.

    The World

    Posted on the message boards of the cities of Origin Point, Castinray, and Port Varus. Are news of monster attacks and trade ships being destroyed. The Lord of Deneria is offering the highest of honors and rewards to whomever stops these attacks for good. Though the head of a monster will fetch a nice price.

    High Bounty Monsters:
    Cetus [A.K.A. The Kraken]
    Cetus (open)

    Charybdis [Good luck killing this...]
    Charybdis (open)

    Iko Turso
    Iku Turso (open)

    Tlanusi [A.K.A. The Giant Leech]
    The Giant Leech (open)
    Giant leech.jpg

    The Hydra
    The Hydra (open)
    The Hydra.jpg

    Medium Bounty Monsters:
    Black Annis [A witch and any of her kin]
    Any Sea Serpents
    Evil Mermaids

    Low Bounty Monsters:
    Monstrous Fish
    Monstrous Jellyfish
    Unknown Creatures

    For information on the monsters, please speak to your neighborhood Chronicler.

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  2. In the Lycan Village on the Zen Desert, there's a mercenary and bounty hunter known as Okami, he loosed his parents when he was younger, he was raised and trained by one of the best mercenaries, his name was Kryos, now, with this thing of the monsters the people are in panic, some of them have contrated mercenaries to end with this.

    Kryos called Okami, Okami was in the main hall of the house and Kryos was at the mission room.

    Okami entered to the room and stared at Kryos as he waited for him to talk.

    Kryos-"Here's a new job" He said at Okami as he took out a pile of documents from file.
    "So...What's the job?" Okami asked Kryos as he stared at the documents on the table.
    Kryos-"I'm sure that you have heard of the Monster Seas, your next mission as mercenary is to go there and stop the monsters, doesn't matter the cost, the mission was submitted by Iko Yokura, an oriental importator of silk and fragances, mission level SSS, reward 100,000 in pure gold lingots. Now, this also gives you some bounty hunter tasks, there's a reward set by the king for the monster's head, you know what to do" He replied at Okami while reading some of the documents.
    "Mission accepted" Okami replied as he took the documents to his room, there he reed and memorized them.

    After 2 days of prepairing himself, Okami finally starts his travel to the cost, where he was going to look for a ship and a tripulation.

    After 3 days of travel on horse, he finally reached the port.
  3. 100,000 ingots was a lot of gold. Carrn had heard of that particular bit of employment through the grape-vine, and had immediately set out to learn more. After a bit of legwork, he'd determined that the company who put the bounty together were putting a crew together as well, and sending them off on a state-of-the-art vessel into the Old Oceans, as his people called the deep waters to the west.

    The bare-chested and muscular dwarf, dressed only in a pair of ragged cloth pants that ended just below the knee, tugged the thick strap traveling across his body up higher onto his shoulder. This readjusted the heavy bag that was cinched tight to his back, and allowed him to walk a bit more comfortably. His hand resting on the head of his large war-pick, the bare-foot dwarf made his way up the gangplank to secure his position as a ship-wright.

    He was there ten minutes before he'd already shoved an inexperienced oaf into the water. He had been scraping barnacles off the side of the ship (or at least looking for them. After all, the ship was almost brand new and didn't have much of anything on it yet), and hadn't properly secured himself to the deck. With a look at the captain he was talking to, the dwarf flicked the rope, and the youth tumbled into the briny ocean next to the dock.

    "Yeh need some more experience on this tub, Captain," he said, smiling and leaning against the railing. He glanced down at the boy floundering in the water, and Carrn quickly undid the rope still dangling from the side. He lowered it down to the boy and pulled him up, all the while discussing arrangements aboard the ship.
  4. "Did you hear, they're offering pretty big bounties for whoever offs even one of those monsters."

    "Good luck with that, it's a suicide."

    "Yeah... It's pretty tempting though, don't you think?"

    Scottie couldn't hear the response as the two guys discussing the issue about the monsters rounded a corner and disappeared from his hearing range. The discussion wasn't anything interesting though so the harpy didn't care anyway. It was all everyone talked about these days, monsters and money, what a glorious world. The young male was starting to get sick of it, he didn't want to get reminded of the way his father probably died on a daily basis. Though he couldn't just shut it out of his mind forever, he had to do something eventually. Besides, he couldn't be completely sure his old man was dead, could he? Missing wasn't the same as dead, right?

    Gritting his teeth, Scottie took few running steps on the street before launcing himself into the air with a kick that wouldn't have needed to be so powerful. Scottie loved flying. When he was soaring through the skies with wind ruffling his feathers, he had no worries or obligations. He was simply free.

    Though that feeling could never last for long. He couldn't keep ignoring the bad things and hide behind his wings for all eternity, everyone had to grow up sooner or later. Even if it meant he had to board a ship to depart on a hopeless quest to find someone who was most likely dead and face monsters that would kill him too. But everyone were just talking and doing nothing and it might as well stop with him even if he wasn't that thrilled to step up.

    Swooping down in front of his apartment, Scottie let himself in with his jaw set and a determinated look with a glint of fear in his eyes. He'd do this, no chickening out. He threw some things he deemed useful along with few clothes and some food and water into his dark green backpack that wasn't particularly spacious so he had to dump some thing after a while of consideration.

    He wouldn't tell his mother or his three younger sisters what he was up to, no goodbyes, it was easier that way. Though his mother was so gonna kill him herself if he ever did come back. That however, was something to worry about in the distant future, now was now with different things to think about.

    The thing about flying is that it's a fast way of travelling, the whole sky was his road and there was no traffic to speak of or anyone trying to rob you. Usually. It also meant light luggage and solitude but he could live with that. Not that he was about to fly all the way to Origin Point in one go, he wasn't nuts.

    Castinray was located on the shore but it didn't seem like any of the shipowners were willing to actually sacrifice their vessel on such a mission, let alone their lives. So the young harpy had turned his attention to Origin Point, maybe there was someone crazy enough for this in there.
  5. Okami finally reached the Origin Point, a big port city, full of live and shops, it was the main commercial city until the monsters started attacking the ships in the seas, he was there for that reason, to accomplish his mission a ship and a crew are needed, yes or yes, for that reason the first thing that he did when he reached the city was go to the port and look for what he needs.

    Finally he finds a ship with a captain, there was some kind of dwarf between the crew but he didn't mattered, Okami walked toward the captain with a full serious gaze.

    "I want to hire this ship and the crew if possible" Was the only thing that he said to the captain, he wasn't very close to him, but it seems like the captain was a good person, that might be bad for his mission.

    As he waited for a response, Okami just stared at the dwarf, he noticed something strange about him, that thing wasn't only a dwarf, that's what he noticed after using his senses to smell the dwarf from distance.
  6. The captain of the ship, was a tall, dark haired human. He wore a leather jaket of black and red, he was armed with a cutlass on his belt and two pistols crossed upon his chest. He looked at the dwarf who approached him. He said, "I can't afford experienced crew member. Lose em' too easily. But, welcome aboard The Serpent. She's my pride and joy this ship." He then looked at the newcomer. "How much you willing to pay?"
    (Note: The currency exchange in this world is a 1-5 ratio. One coin here is like 5 USD. A general ship hiring would be about 500 USD inthis world, so 100 coin.)
  7. "500 derians for everything" Was his response to the captain's question, like he was a recognized mercenarie and bounty hunter the amount of derians disposable for him wasn't small, but he isn't rich, most of the times a big amount of money is used in his missions.

    "Do we have a deal?" Okami asked to the captain before turning around his head, he noticed an strange being flying right over their heads, it was like a huge bird, but it wasn't a bird, the smell was too strong for a bird, the most possible is that it was a harpy, he just stared at this strange character that was watching them.
  8. The captain eyed the man. "Indeed we do." He grabbed his hand and shook it before turning back around and stepping up near the wheel. He then addressed the crew, about half the size of what a ship this size needs for a crew. " You hear that boys? We're hired!" The men gave a hearty cheer and a few grabbed some rum before the captain came back down. He sat down on a box, and in front of him was a table of sorts, on the other side was a second box, he motioned for the man who hired him tp come and sit. Set upon the table was a bottle of rum and one of wine. Along with two glasses.
  9. Carrn watched the boy come up the gangplank onto the ship, and he cocked his head slightly. He sniffed deeply through his fat, blocky nose and then sneezed violently. Odd. He chalked it up to something the boy had on his clothes and leaned against a railing, listening to the discussion. Before the captain pulled away to discuss the deals with the youth hiring the vessel, Carrn said "It ain't a bad vessel, captain, I'll do my best to keep her afloat." He then leaned against a railing, watching the conversation between the captain and their employer...until he noted one of the younger sailors carrying too much and teetering towards the edge. He rushed over to assist, keeping a keen ear out to the discussion going on.
  10. Okami decided to ignore the flying creature as he accepted the captain's hand shake, he sited next to the captain and ignored the alcohol on the table, he doesn't really enjoys the drink, the alcohol can make the mind weaker, allowing curses and mental manipulation be easier than ever. Okami looked around and watched the entire crew, most of them where experienced sailors, it was like they where up to everything, but...Will they be up for Okami's mission in the Monster's Seas?

    "We are going to the Monster's Seas" Okami said after he served a glass of rum to the captain, the most possible is that half of them quit right in the moment, but he didn't care, he will go with only 3 mans if necessary.
  11. The Captain nearly choked on his drink when he heard the job. "Ahem...the Sea of Monsters? You mean where all those ships be disappearing?" He thought for a moment. "Well, all right. Not like us privateers got much else to do anyway." He finished off his drink then stood up and looked over the edge of the ship. He then started stating off the schematics of his vessel. "32 broadside cannons, a metal ram at her bow, Dual Reverse Cannons, two frontal mounted Tri-Cannons [Cannons with three barrels] and armor that can take some serious punishment. If any ship be ready to fight a monster. It's The Serpent, she runs quick and smooth, cutting the ocean like a hot knife through butter. She'll get us where we need to go. I just need to ask one thing of you. Can you secure a bigger crew for her? She ain't fit to go right now."
  12. Okami stood of his chair as he looked the surrounds of the ship, he was right, if there was a ship for fighting monsters, it was this one. "So, we need more mans" He thought as he walked to the pope of the ship.

    "Good, i'ill get more mans, you start preparing the ship, we are sailing in 2 days" (Giving time for all the characters to appear) He said as he went out of the ship and entered to the closest pub to eat something. After a moment Okami saw the harpy that was still staring at the ship and the crew.

    "Hey, come here" He said to the harpy with a sharp gaze as he walked toward a building waiting for the harpy to go down, he just want to know why is that harpy staring at the ship, but if he seems something suspicious for sure he will kill the harpy with no regrets.
  13. Carrn quirked his head as he listened to the conversation, and watched the boy get up and leave to secure more "mans," whatever that meant. Probably spoke some different dialect of common. He did look a touch foreign...Bah, it didn't matter. Carrn could respect anyone looking to brave those waters, but as someone who also knew of the bounty on monsters in that area, Carrn felt he should bring it up. He strode back to the captain when the youth was gone, and said "Captain, yeh know about the bounties out there, right? If this boy wants to go hunting, he'll get all the gold for each kill we help him make. We oughta negotiate a cut of the reward money, at least."

    Carrn was a very shrewd creature. You have to be when you are adventuring for profit, for if you don't negotiate properly and get a fair deal, you will never get enough for your work, especially when said work is dangerous. "This isn't some mercenary job, this is dangerous stuff, even for a ship like this one. We should be getting paid as much."
  14. Darcia looked upon a beautiful ship laying in the waters. She couldn't help but be amazed. Her last job was on a slight small boat just a fishing job. Sadly the owner had fall sick and she wasn't able to go on her own yet. So for the time being so was broken up with the sea she loved so much. She could see people talking they probably were crew. Her mind started thinking about countless ideas of what they would do. Did they ever come across new land? Find treasure? Her eyes couldn't help but shine up the more she looked upon the ship. She had to ask.. she just had to she didn't know to who but she would find out.

    Darcia's though got interrupted as she heard a strong "Hey, come here" as she looked down she blinked a few times was he talking.. to her? A slight feeling of being nervous got over her.. He could have seen other flying creatures but she saw him at the ship earlier so he must be part of the crew. This was her chance of getting back to sea! Darcia landed as soon as possible near boy who she saw as a boy of her eye. "E-Excuse me.. is that your ship?" she asked as she pointed towards the ship laying in the bay
  15. Reaching Origin Point, Scottie flew over to the harbour while keeping a wary eye on the sea. Honestly, he considered turning back and he secretly hoped no one would be willing to venture to the Sea of Monsters. Landing on the ground a bit sloppily, the young harpy sat on a wooden box that just happened to be there. Man he was exhausted, maybe he should've taken more breaks on his way over. Eyeing the ships, Scottie spotted one that seemed to have some life on the deck and his fatigue was pushed out of the way of curiosity.

    Flying low, the harpy stalked closer to the ship. These guys would probably laugh at him or call him crazy but there was never harm in asking, right? However, he still hesitated and didn't quite manage to muster the courage to board the ship and go talk to anyone. He was already close to leaving when he heard a somewhat commanding tone of a male.

    "Hey, come here"

    It caught Scottie off guard and he almost fell to the ground from the startle it gave him. Landing carefully, he spotted a young male who didn't seem too friendly. However, before he could respond to the stranger, Scottie noticed a female harpy doing that instead. He had been foolish to think the guy had been talking to him. Before he turned his attention away from the two, he took another glance at the woman. She couldn't have been a harpy like he had assumed, at least not fully, she seemed... Too different. She kind of didn't feel the same as all the other harpies he had met. The female was colder in a way?
  16. Okami noticed both harpies coming at his direction, the first one was this female that was trying to talk with him, the other one was the male that he was calling for.
    "Something like that" He replied to the female harpy that was next to him, he then noticed the male harpy trying to stay away.
    "Hey you, come here" He said again to the male harpy, Harpies...They could be a good addition to the crew He thought as he stared at both harpies with a serious gaze.
  17. Darcia eyes twinkled slightly as the male had noted the ship was his. Along with Darcia herself an other harpy had landed she could feel him staring at her. She knew it all to well she was different she had a colder blood running through her veins. She slightly got nervous about the fact the other harpy was scanning her. That and the fact the other boy was staring with a serious glaze.
    Was she not allowed to be here? Was she in trouble? "Uhm... was I not supposed to be here?"
  18. Andromena

    Not far from the bustling harbour, the elven sorceress prowled through the local market, peering at each stall individually before moving on swiftly. She'd only surfaced from her cavern after discovering her pantry was clean out of dwarf eyes and clay pots. The last feast had resulted in much of her crockery being shattered and charred. As for the dwarf eyes... they were just a tasty snack she'd been craving recently.

    "Come on, someone here must have eyes... I thought they were in high demand..."

    Although the hunt for the eyes was still on going, Andromena had managed to acquire a party set of hand crafted dishes and bowls which she now carried in her enchanted purse - a little old bag which had endless storage. It was a present from an ex lover... his head now hung in her living room above the fire place.

    She reluctantly gave up the search for dwarf eyes and headed back to the forest via the port; not exactly a short cut but it didn't hurt to feel the fresh sea air whip through her golden mane.

    Putting down the hood on her cloak, Andromena took a deep breath and let the wind caress her face. It was pleasant. A change from the stale gases that circulated through the stretched passages which connected the caves where she dwelled. What could possibly go wrong on a day like this?

    Just as she got used to the chatter that surrounded her, the wind carried the sound of beating wings. Unusual - she thought. Her smouldering eyes searched the skies for a bird like creature, knowing the sound was far too loud to come from a pedigree fowl. It was then that she noticed two harpies gathered around a young man. A man whom stank of dog but also wealth.
  19. "Hey you, come here"

    After glancing around himself to make sure there was no one else around him the other boy could be talking to instead of him, Scottie took few steps closer to the other male. Not too close however, if he tried anything funny, Scottie would be able to bolt up to the sky and out of the other guy's reach in time. Unless he had some super duper speed ability or such which Scottie doubted and besides, he wasn't too slow either so he felt relatively safe where he stood.

    "Uh, yeah...?"

    Scottie subconsciously brought his wings up to cover his chest and the lower half of his face while he stood in a hunched, submissive posture. It wasn't anything unusual of him and he rarely even realized he was doing it. Having his wings between himself and other people simply made him feel safer, like the feathers were a barrier beween him and everything bad in the world. It was stupid. A habit that stuck with him from childhood but yet, he couldn't help himself from doing it, over and over again.

    He didn't usually feel as shy and wary around new people as he was feeling now. Perhaps it was because the other male came off as hostile as far as Scottie was concerned and the female harpy-like creature was making him confused. What did the guy want with him anyway? The whole setting was making him uncomfortable and catching the gaze of a beautiful woman looking at them from further away didn't help with his growing uneasiness.
  20. The captain looked at the dwarf. "Of course, of course. I would never turn down such a massive profit." He then turns when he hears the slund of wings beating. Two harpies? "Hmm.." He walks over to where they are. " I see you got right to it looking for a crew. Ello, I'm the captain of this ship." He said to both harpies.
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