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    A long time ago, somewhere in another Universe, there was a Terra inhabited by elves and humans; dwarves and giants; dragons and all sorts of creatures. They thrived in the best way they could; they reaped the benefits that Nature and Magic had to offer.

    Until the Aliens came.

    This was a fortunate event. The Ancient Alien Race, whose name is now forgotten, brought with them new technologies and a complete new way to harness the Magic Flow. They called it The System of Seven, and they kindly shared all their knowledge for the greatest benefit of them all. They progressed so efficiently, so fast! Civilization almost reached a status comparable with utopia.

    Almost. Unfortunately, the System was too complex for Terra's native inhabitants to fully comprehend. Greed and hate, despite the Ancient's best efforts, were never completely eradicated, and conflict aroused once again, this time devastating and consuming the planet's resources alarmingly. War, diseases and famine slowly decimated the world population.... And with it, what was left of the Aliens. Nobody ever saw them again.

    So, humans, elves and dwarves had to restart everything again in their barren planet. It was very hard in the beginning; little magic did they know, and they chose to rely more on technology. That was something they could understand, better at least than the System of Seven. Slowly, very slowly, their world started to recover; they managed to build cities once again, and to cultivate their lands once again. But they lost all knowledge about magic. All that was left from their golden era were some undecipherable hieroglyphs and a myth. Magic, which once flowed so freely on that planet, was now almost nonexistant, and regarded a myth.

    Until they made contact with other civilized species once again.

    Thousands of years had passed by then. The terrestrians had finally managed to reach other planets, other cultures across the universe. They started to hear rumors... echoes, of their own myth, spread all over the galaxy. Was it possible that so long ago, an advanced alien race spread their knowledge on several planets? Was it possible that the System of Seven actually worked, that magic was just another one of the universe's resources, waiting to be used? Some doubted it. Others denied it. Others, feared it.

    But others believed it.

  2. Re: The Seventh Amulet

    Hello and welcome to The Seventh Amulet! For a while I had been looking for a sci-fi roleplay that also included most elements of high fantasy here on Iwaku. Then I realized I wanted a bit more than just that. I wanted to create one! And here it is. If you are interested... please join!


    Our story takes place in a Terra somewhere in the Erigeron Galaxy. It is the year 4203 (after the catastrophe, of course) and we have a decently developed civilization composed mainly of the three races, or mixes between the three races: Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. You may also find some aliens, but these are relatively new since terrestrians only started making contact with other civilized species some 300 years ago.

    As explained above, once magic was everyday matter, ages and ages ago. Now some of the terrestrians started to believe in the old myths, encouraged by evidence of the same myth found on other planets. Cults started to spread across the galaxy; they study the hieroglyphs that were left behind, and try, without much success, to understand how did the System of Seven work.

    The Ancient Race, or The Forgotten Ones as some prefer to call them, understood how the magical forces flowed and influenced everything in the galaxy; everything, some even say, across the entire universe. They classified the energies in seven categories; and everything they did, everything they believed, was based upon this system of categories. They spoke of six major energies and a seventh that mastered it all; unfortunately, almost no information regarding the seventh energy was left behind, rendering their system useless... but not for long.

    One of their beliefs was that these energies were also able to predict people's personality and life, in a similar way we have astrology and horoscopes today. They assigned a birthsign for each of the six, and made their calculations for such predictings. Some planets like Terra still keep an Ancient Calendar that shows when each Sign is ruling or not. Terrestrians, back then during the Ancient Times, assigned each alien Sign a name that reflected the essence of each sign in a representative way.These are The Dragon, The Chimera, The Manticore, The Necromancer, The Siren, and The Dryad.

    However, some progress was made with the system research. Apparently, some cultists have found out that there is one amulet corresponding to each of the magical forces. Such amulet must be activated to allow the magical force flow back again into the universe... Only someone born under the same sign can keep the amulet activated. Therefore, in example, only a Siren can activate and keep the Siren Amulet. A Keeper thus gains in power, as he or she is directly in contact with the amulet. If a Siren keeps another amulet, nothing happens; but if that Siren keeps its opposite amulet (The Chimera), the magical flow of the amulet/s is blocked and the Keeper is weakened.

    * * * The Signs * * *

    The Dragon (the Life Force)

    The Dragon (open)
    Rules over:
    All creatures, including all magical and mythical creatures;
    Life energy;
    Light (and thus, darkness)
    The basic, primitive instincts ( hunger, sleep, self-preservation, etc);
    and also the high ideals and purposes of the conscious mind.

    Personality traits:
    Imagination- Creativity- Visualization- Versatile
    Strong Personality- Charisma-


    ·Command Others (the more primitive or brute the mind, the easier to command; the more refined and/or magical, the harder)

    ·Light/Shade Manipulation (Dragons may be able to draw energy from stars, especially suns)

    ·Evolution- as they represent the life force in the flesh, their flesh is also able to be changed. Dragons have the potential to adapt their bodies to the circumstances if they require it. Like a lesser shapeshifting ability...

    Also, advanced Dragons may transform into pure light for a determined amount of time and travel under that form.
    Their Air affinity may make them able, with a lot of practice, to manipulate this element and learn how to fly, or at least glide with it.

    Elemental affinities:

    Colour: Yellow
    Opposite sign: The Necromancer


    The Chimera - (The Matter Force)
    The Chimera (open)
    Rules over:
    The material world; unanimated matter

    Personality traits:
    Emotionally self-controlled - Resourceful tactician- Logical thinking- Patience
    Knows how to get distanced


    ·Manipulating matter; materializing stuff and de-materializing it

    ·Transforming matter

    ·Shapeshifting (these are the true shapeshifters)

    ·Gravity manipulation

    Elemental affinities:
    the Chimeras can manipulate most elements as long as there is matter to play with them. Metals suit them better, and playing along with them is far easier than manipulating anything else.

    Colour: Orange
    Opposite sign: The Siren


    The Manticore (The Destructive Force)
    The Manticore (open)

    Rules over:

    ·Fire, combustion
    ·Temperature (Hot/Cold)
    ·Its own magical energy (Mana, if you want to call it like that)

    Personality traits:

    Magnetic personality- Energetic, Self-assured - Combative -


    ·Temperature manipulation (such as Cold or Hot blasts, etc)
    ·The Manticore as said before is master of its own mana or magical force and stealing energy from them is harder than stealing from any other Sign.
    ·Manticores also can use this energy to push their physical bodies to extreme limits of strength and speed.

    Elemental Affinity:
    - Fire,
    -electricity (lesser)

    Colour: Red
    Opposite Sign: The Dryad


    The Necromancer (Entropic Force)
    The Necromancer (open)

    Rules over:

    The spirits of the dead, stray souls, demons/other entities, the undead and corpses.

    Personality traits:
    Good communication skills- Reflexive nature- Tenacious- Recollective mind, good memory-
    Courageous, daring


    ·Summoning/conjuring spirits
    ·Channeling/Talking to the dead and spirits
    ·Reanimating corpses and other soul vessels (such as golems... well in a futuristic setting, why not androids!)
    ·Hypnotism and soul control over the weak

    Necromancers are also able to make the Life forces vanish, or consume them as they see fit. That does not mean they are more powerful than Dragons; they simply work with things in the opposite way.

    Elemental affinities:
    None in particular. Necromancers may play around with ectoplasm though...

    Colour: Purple
    Opposite Sign: The Dragon


    The Siren (Psychic Force)
    The Siren (open)

    Rules over:

    Mind and Emotions;
    Dreams-(dragons also have strong dreaming faculties but Sirens are more adept at manipulating them)
    Water element

    Personality traits:
    Sensitive- Emphatic- Flexible minds- Overly emotional
    Adaptable, Intuitive


    ·Dream Interpretation
    ·Empathy- knowing or feeling what others feel
    ·Emotional manipulation (advanced, of course. A Siren might be able to manipulate other's emotions)
    ·Illusion, Hypnotism
    ·Teleportation(advanced, of course)

    The Siren is the psychic by excellence. They are always one step ahead; it is hard to catch them off-guard, unless they are having problems with their own emotions.
    Sirens are also able to manipulate other's perception of the world, often playing tricks with their minds. By blocking thmeselves out of perception from someone else, Sirens can infiltrate unnoticed, among other things.

    Elemental affinity:
    -Water. Sirens may learn to manipulate the weather around them.

    Colour: Blue
    Opposite sign: The Chimera


    The Dryad (Regenerative Force)
    The Dryad (open)

    Rules over:

    Healing, Regenarating forces
    Growing, expanding; reverting,
    Alchemical properties

    Personality traits:

    Discerning, hard to fool- Good student skills- Calm, self-contained
    Work-devoted, Caring, Wise


    ·Alchemy and Potioncraft (This does not mean others can't poison others or make potions. This means that Dryads are exceptionally good at it, actually, supernaturally good at it)
    ·Growth (Basically we are talking about plant and animal tissue; not much the grow-large-in-scale sort of thing, although this may be mastered too with time)
    ·Plant Manipulation (imagine those vines growing at a speed high enough to become an obstacle for someone)
    ·Enchanting objects

    Elemental affinities:
    -Earth. Healers always know where to place their feet. (Advanced Healers may also be able to produce earthquakes or tremors at least)

    Colour: Green
    Opposite sign: The Manticore

    Character Sheet Skeleton


    Race: (almost anything is valid here....)

    Sign: Choose one of the Six for your character!


    Appereance: Pictures and at least some descriptive words.

    These are skills others than the powers the Amulets may offer. Is your character a good cook? a lame dancer? Explain strong and weak points.


    Short Bio:

    Extras:Not really necessary, you know, add if you feel like it.


    Choose whatever Sign you feel like. There can be more than one character with the same Sign, that is not a problem.

    I'd recommend you to pick your sign based on their powers and not on the personality traits they have. These are just general guidelines. It does not mean all Sirens are overly emotional. It does not mean you can't make a cowardly Manticore.

    As a final note, let me say, once your character gets hold of its amulet, it acquires some of the powers listed on its sign, but not all of them. Your character must train these skills if he/she wishes to improve.... However, once an Amulet is activated, so is its force. This means that if your character is not currently an Amulet Keeper, but someone else has activated the Amulet, then your character also acquires powers, although not even half as powerfully as the Keeper does.

    Does that make any sense?

    Well that's about it. If you have any doubts or questions just ask!
  3. The story would begin as the cultists find out about the Amulets and try to steal one of them. The wife of Terra's Governor would get killed because of this... triggering their hunt thoughout the entire galaxy.

    What we need:

    -Cultist Leader (Ossochanter volunteered for that one :D )
    -Terra's Governor/Leader (Vay!)

    -More cultists
    -People belonging to Terra's or Galactic Police (either against or supporting magic but always meant to chase the cultists down)

    -A sort of Hans Solo character. We can have more than one. The amulets are scattered all around the galaxy... we need someone with a ship willing to work for the cultists

    -Anything else you can think of! More ideas are welcome!

  4. Name:Delago Hyacinth





    General: Knowledge: Nature, Knowledge: Art, Whistling, Meditation, Weapon: Dart Gun, Reading People (motives, emotions, body language).

    Compounding: Delago excels at his craft; compounding. He possesses a keen eye and great potential, able to take almost any substance, analyze its properties, and combine it with others for unique effects. Healing balms, rainbow coloured dyes, lethal poisons, the potential is as limitless as one's imagination. Delago is especially fond of making medicines; cures for illnesses or treatments that sooth and relax the user.

    Body Art: Delago decorates his skin with dye compounds. The dyes come in an assortment of colours, some with unique properties (such as boosting energy, relaxing the body, increasing awareness, etc.). These dyes can be applied to the skin or hair of most terrestrians.

    Opal-lily: Opal-lily is a flower that grows on most planets with plant-life. It is known for its unique opal glow which it emits in the dark, as well as the effects one experiences depending on the manner in which it is consumed. Delago frequently uses the flower in his research due to its lesser known ability to bolster one's immune system.
    Methods Of Use (open)

    • Eaten: Opal-lily tastes minty and slightly sweet with faint bitter under-tones. It can be used as a herb in most recipes, or consumed on its own to freshen one's breath. When one eats Opal-lily, the brain releases endorphins into the user's blood-stream. The individual experiences an overwhelming sense of happiness and most are subject to fits of laughter or giggling. Due to the method of consumption, any food containing the flower will glow, as will the tongue of anyone who consumes the flower.
    • Smoked: Opal-lily can be dried and ground into a powder. An individual can use this powder to make incense, or to place in a pipe for direct consumption. When ignited the powder emits a minty-scented smoke which glows the same as the flower in the dark. When inhaled, the smoke relaxes the user, but also may cause hallucinations. Anyone who inhales the smoke may have their eyes, nostrils, or tongue glow the same as the flower.
    • Skin/Hair: Opal-lily, when made into a powder, can be combined with an acidic compound to release a dye which emulates the colour and glow of the flower. This dye can be applied to the hair (permanent), or skin (not-permanent). However, it must be left on for at least a day to take effect. The initial results are invisible. But, after three days the stain left by the dye will become visible during the day, and radiant in the evening. At this time the user will also begin to feel the effects of being imbued with the dye: their senses are enhanced and immune system increased. The feeling is similar to the consumption of an energy-drink except longer lasting (skin – wains as skin sheds, hair – wains as roots are exposed). It should be noted that use of Opal-Lily in this manner is not common knowledge except for a few planets. This method of consumption also comes with considerable risks.

    Cooking: Due to the nature of studying plants and their effects, Delago has become an excellent cook. "It's all in the chemistry." He will say. Compounding and cooking are really one and the same, and so sometimes the effects of certain compounds can be infused into a delicious dish. Sometimes it's a nice subtle way to influence people without their knowing.

    Frieda: If anything happened to her, he'd be crushed.

    Passive: Delago is a lover, not a fighter. While he is able to defend himself and flee, the man isn't skilled with any weapon with immediate effect. He relies on compounding and misdirection. Compounds are a wonderful resource, able to weaken, confuse, or completely debilitate one's foes. However, their effects are not always instant and need to be administered. This can also be a problem when trying to assist others, as the same applies to healing effects which often must be administered after the fact.

    Compounding (Drawbacks): The major limitation to relying upon compounds is that one can only carry so much. The tools of the trade can also be cumbersome at times. For the most part, one has to prepare their compounds ahead of time. There are very few instances where a compound can be made within a short time frame and without special conditions. Compounds can also sometimes be unpredictable, and in Delago's case are sometimes even untested. Negative side-effects are not uncommon, and with certain compounds an individual exposed may develop symptoms without regular exposure to said compound (like addiction withdraw). Also, if a compound is somehow stolen, it can be used against the compounder or his allies (although one might not know the properties of said compound).

    Opal-Lily (Drawbacks): Opal-Lily is a controlled substance. Use and distribution is regulated in most parts of space, and on some planets use of the herb is illegal or forbidden. Hiding the consumption of the herb can be difficult in some places. When the lights go out, anyone and everyone can see who has been actively using the flower (a method frequently employed in areas where use of the plant is restricted). The reason for its restriction is not something often elaborated on by politicians or enforcers. It's often associated with criminals and vagrants, which does not help its reputation. But the main belief for the regulation is that the substance is addictive and can create manic behaviour in some people.

    To some degree this is true. Some methods of consumption can result in hallucinations, and all methods of consumption affect the brain or body in some way. However, only one method of use is known to result in an addiction. When applied to the skin, opal-lily dye boosts an individual's immune system. As the dye fades, the immune system normalizes. The body becomes confused because of this. White blood-cells become amnesic, and the user will suffer symptoms of illnesses they may have never had. Fevers, rashes, the pox: all are possible reactions as the dye fades. To avoid this, one must frequently re-apply the dye to the skin. Otherwise, they might accidentally kill themselves with self-induced hyper-allergic reaction. Emotionally, it can be taxing on a person. So one who dyes their skin with opal-lily keeps a supply of the flower ready.

    Delago is dedicated to his research because he is dedicated to his sister. She was his prime motivator academically, and is the reason why he continues to make constant sacrifices for what he believes to be the greater good. If he can find a cure, he will not only help his sister, but also many others suffering from similar conditions. His research could also lead to curing other illnesses, or even improve the lives of people in general. He is hopelessly altruistic and more heart driven than he'll ever admit to. On the surface he seems aloof and disconnected because of his work, but deep down his motivations are pure. The calm demeanour is a necessary facade to keep others from worrying, because the man is much more emotional than he lets on.

    Due to the chaotic nature of his family growing up, Delago believes it necessary that he keep his emotions in check. Often he'll use compounds for relaxation or meditative purposes. That way, when he is feeling emotionally weak his fragility is contained. For Delago, weakness is unacceptable. He wears the weight of the world on his shoulders, truly believing that his destiny will be to save his sister. Sometimes he feels crushed beneath it, overwhelmed by personal obligations. In his line of work he must be precise, accurate, empirical. Mistakes are unacceptable and can be fatal. So any negative, in his mind, will be amplified. At times, because of this, Delago will appear neurotic or high-strung. His patience wains when he knows nothing constructive is being done, and sometimes he may even criticize or chastise others. So to avoid this behaviour, he'll often meditate or use compounds with relaxing properties.

    Short Bio:
    Delago's life revolves around his little sister, Freida. Freida suffers from an immunodeficiency disorder. Regular illnesses hit her harder than regular people, and in many cases could pose life-threatening harm. As a child growing up Delago was forced to watch his sister time and time again be sent to the hospital until eventually she was no longer able to leave. The medical bills were taxing on the family, and it seemed the doctors could never find a permanent solution to her condition. This created a lot of friction in the family, and Miguel, Delago's younger brother, resented their sister for being the source of their parents bickering. Their parents fought constantly, and a number of problems resulted in the family due to expenses beyond their wealth.

    Despite all the trouble she caused the family, Delago still loved his sister. Before her time in the hospital they were able to play and act as normal children. It was only later in life that her weakness became so apparent. He visited her, talked with her, played with her when he could. But seeing her there - seeing her suffer was torture. Delago wanted to do something, he wanted to help. And so he dedicated himself in school to becoming a doctor, or rather, becoming something more than a doctor.

    Conventional methods weren't saving his sister any years. Something new had to be discovered. On his route to becoming a doctor Delago found something much more interesting, much more promising than modern medicine. He discovered that plants sometimes had unique properties, healing properties in some cases. The Opal-Lily, long thought to be only useful as a recreation drug, could be used to enhance one's immune system. Delago discovered this during an independent field study on a planet left relatively untouched for years. There, the locals used the drug as a means to prevent disease. It had to be specially treated and turned into a dye for the skin, but it worked. However, there was one problem. The dye had to be applied regularly or else it had the opposite effect.

    Delago was excited, but also fearful. What he found was a potential cure, but a potential cure that could do as much harm as it did good. There had to be some way to counter-balance the effect. But to find that out he would have to experiment. He couldn't possibly risk his sister's life, and the flower was illegal or restricted in most areas. The most secure method would be to test it on himself. Delago could keep track of the effects and see if anything else combined with the plant would find a whole solution. And so he delved into the world of compounding, seeking out various plants and substances throughout the universe to combine and find their natural effects on the human body. He will find a cure, by any means necessary.


    Likes: Creativity (thinking outside the box), Innovation, Nature, Peace, Frisbee

    Dislikes: Dogma, Restrictions, Conflict, Robots

    Unique Inventory:
    PDA, Dart-Gun, Compounding tools/containers.

    -Alright, looking back this is a bit lengthy and all over the place. Going to come back to it and condense it. Might make a few changes but they will be relatively minor. Also still need to find a playby.
  5. Name: Johan Mancort

    Race: Human

    Sign: Dragon

    Gender: Male

    picture (open)

    Under his suit he still has bandaged around his tight shoulder from the night his wife was taken from him and there are rings under his eyes from long nights trying to find the truth about who was responsible. He wears her ring around his neck on a chain.


    Commanding - Johan is a natural leader and despite recent events still has a lot of support and respect in the government as well as the public.

    Athletic - Johan has been involved in many sports and while not the strongest is fit and flexible even after being forced to rest by his doctor.


    Recent tragedy - His wife was taken from him in a senseless attempt on his life. This had forestalled his career and shaken him to his core and turned his mind towards revenge.

    Personality: Vengeance, thats what he wants. Nothing will will bring his wife back but whoever took her is up to something and that alone is enough to want to stop it. If the world happens to be saves in the process.. then that can't be a bad thing.

    He retains the charisma that made him famous and makes him a good governor and the drive that got him where he is and while most thing hes displaying irrational grief he knows better, he will find people to help him and get the job done. Those terrorists must pay.

    Short Bio: Since he was young Johan was born to lead, popular,, everyone's golden boy, in college he met an elf who he courted and despite a romantic rivalry with the college bad boy married. His life was perfect people were already chanting his name for president when we was elected governor but he refused to run saying he'd rather take care of his own city, his own state before moving on.

    His life was at it height, when it all came crashing down.

    He doesn't remember a lot of what happened that night at the opening of the largest hospital in the nation. But he did see the news the next day from his bed in the hospital. An explosion, mysterious figures, all that was found of his wife was a wedding ring and a large red smear on the ground.

    They told him he would never walk without help again. He was doing it in six weeks. He returned to office but he was a changed man with a singular goal. The news says he is in mourning and is expected to return to normal soon. But he remembers a little of that night, enough to know it was no accident.


    Lysona Mancort (open)

  6. Name: Solomon Martyax

    Race: Half-Elf

    Sign: Chimera

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Roughly mid-thirties, with a handsome but scarred face; a thin and jagged line breaks his right eyebrow and skirts the outer corner of his eye. His hair and eyes are dark, and he maintains a well-trimmed, pointed goatee. Both of his arms are fully bionic, but they are usually obscured by his clothing, which runs toward ceremonial yet practical.

    These are skills others than the powers the Amulets may offer. Is your character a good cook? a lame dancer? Explain strong and weak points.

    Personality: Scheming, brilliant, and charismatic. Solomon has a flair for glibness and sweet talk, but that's just scraping the surface. His true nature is egomaniacal, calculated, and unfeeling. Others are sacrificed in a heartbeat if it means he can get what he wants.

    Short Bio:

    Extras:Not really necessary, you know, add if you feel like it.
  7. OK. So here goes my character. Work in progress, since it's 4:30 AM(!) and I'm really tired. Something tells me the image may not be visible for everybody. Will be fixed tomorrow.

    Name: Kumari Leeunn

    Race: Human

    Sign: The Siren

    Gender: Female

    Appereance: Stands at about 5'6, looks like a girl in her late teens but she's actually in her early 20's. Dark skinned, bright green eyes, has a lot of curly frizzy hair that she usually keeps tied up in one bunch. She has a slim, lean body that is definitely neither muscular or voluptuous.



    She might not be physically strong but she's light and agile, and a fast runner. Although not a chatty person, she socializes easily and rarely has trouble with others, provided no harm was intended on her.

    Kumari adapts easily to most activities or tasks she's faced with, as long as these don't require excessive amounts of logical or reasoning power (or physical strength). She's a good swimmer and dancer, although not particularly interested in neither of those.

    She really dislikes spiders, especially big ones.

    She keeps a low profile and tries to remain unnoticed. Somewhat shy in public, she feels fine when talking or socializing in person as long as not faced with huge crowds, or simply crowds, which intimidate her. Rarely nervous, Kumari appears to be calm and quiet; but she can be easily distressed depending on the circumstances. She's not one to hold up a grudge for long; she lets out her anger in a short burst before giving into sadness or running away.

    Short Bio: Kumari was born on Terra. She barely knew her father, who came to visit her and her mother once in a while. Kumari's mother, on the other hand, had mental health problems. Even though she was a work-devoted woman, and Kumari went to school and always had everyhting she needed, dealing with her mother at home was hard at times. As time passed by, Kumari's mother had to be sent to a health institute. Given her difficult situation, Kumari applied for social help, and the government offered her a job position as a secretary assistant at the governor's offices. She accepted and, given her calm nature and discretion at work, someone in the offices suggested she might do just as well as the governor's personal assistant, which required someone low-profiled and loyal more than anything else.

    She was a witness at the museum incident. She was working with the governor, keeping his paperwork in order as his assistant. She saw the cultists; she felt suddenly afraid, and she had the feeling that something bad was about to happen. However she never imagined it was going to end with the governor's wife life and almost with the governor himself. She still feels guilty about this, as she distanced herself as much as she could from the place where the explosions occured, thus seeing it all and coming out unscathed. If she had only known better....
  8. Hello i hope this is alright^^:

    No one really knows for sure but NIKKO is written on her back and she seems to respond when it's spoken.

    Race: Believed to be a human/mech hybrid, but considering her height and having no normal ears to look at she could be an elf/mech.

    Sign: The Chimera

    Gender: Female

    Pic (open)
    (Please ignore the human arms in the picture as my character will not have them and will only have the mechanical arms.) She has a long metal spine like tail that she uses as a whip like weapon, she also has a great ability to grasp with it which makes it easier for her to reach things farther away. She has no normal ears and the mechanical ears she boasts move at her will and emotions. She has large backwards bent mechanical feet which seem to be have separate claws and pads. As if they were taken from an actual animal and placed in a metal mold. The feet make her height 6'2" which adds to her ease of length with the arms and tail.

    Skills: NIKKO cannot speak, whether it being a complete inability no ones for sure, but considering she makes no noises at all that is most likely. Some of the time she must rely on a strange ability to pull a small screen from one of her arms which will type what she is trying to say in the viewers language. She doesn't like to use this ability often as it takes quite a bit of her strength. She boast a large long sword that is held by a deeply engraved copper sheath. One of her skills is being able to wield the weapon with her metal tail but she uses it best when using her mechanical claws.She can also use her claws to attack if her weapon is unavailable but only as a last resort.

    Weaknesses: She has a weakness to liquids, whether it actually hurts her or not is not for sure but she will avoid most liquids as much as possible. She also becomes immobile when extremely high pitched vibratos are played. Sometimes when certain situations occur it will trigger a distant memory and she will become unable to move or fight until the memory has passed.

    Personality: She's very she and quiet, thoughtful and loves to explore any new surroundings. She'll often touch surfaces to see if she has them in her 'Grid' and new unkown surfaces enlighten her though she rarely shows the emotion when around other people. She will rarely become frustrated when someone cannot understand and it takes several attempts. If someone does not even try to understand her signals before asking her to resort to using her screen she will deem them 'annoying' and refuse to continue speaking with them. Which is her quiet, calm way of ending the situation. Though there are some exceptions for those who do not know.

    Short Bio: NIKKO was a lab result of trying to merge elements and a living being. Her only memories are a sterile white room, tall liquid filled tubes and sand... the most prominent being the sand surprisingly. She knows how to use all of her equipment exceedingly well but she does not remember what it is for. She will become excited with the chance of new elements or really any matter that she does not know of and take 'grid samples' even though she never does anything with them. People will sometimes find her sitting or staring seemingly staring off into space and she is usually, Sleeping, Making Equations with her Grid, Or having a Memory Link. Although she does not know who made her or why she was made she still continues to push forward hoping for something new to find. The Seventh Amulet would be huge for her.

    Extras: None that i know of. If you need any more details ask. ^^. Can't wait XD
  9. Bullet: Thanks for joining! Most of the CS is looking good. There are some things I feel we must set up clear, but that is mostly because I did not say anything before about this. This also applies for any other player:

    1- The abilities of each sign awake once that sign's amulet is activated. Meaning, at the beginning of the RP, NIKKO would not have any transforming abilities.

    2- Weapons that are not guns or vulgar knives (such as a sword, a crossbow, an axe) will be introduced later on as the game progresses. My idea was that once The Dryad amulet becomes active, such items can get enchantments (any item could, actually, if an enchanter did the job). However if you really feel this sword is important for you to start with at the beginning, let me know and we'll work it out.

    3- Alignment. I did not say this on my CS as I was waiting for more characters to join, and I already knew the other's position before starting as well.
    Is NIKKO part of the cultists forces or not? Is she on her own? Or is she working for the police?

    Also, I know she's a hybrid, but it would be nice to know for how long she's been around.

    Finally, it does make more sense to me if NIKKO was 'born' somewhere else than our Terra. It does not sound like there such experiments would be legal and, besides, you've got plenty of space throughout the galaxy to hide a lab like that. You may- and I recommend you- start with your character already on Terra for the sake of making things easier, but that is up to you.

    (Yay! More characters! :D )
  10. I am fine with not having transforming abilities until later. I will just change my character to have only mech legs and not human ones and her transforming ability will be able to transform into a full cat form or something later. If that would be alright. So then she would not have human legs, just the mech cat formed ones. Also with the weapons not having the sword until later is also perfectly fine. She can always use her tail and claws for attack as of now. It would probably fit the character better anyway. I only stated the sword since it was in the picture. So i will fix that to have her weapons as her tail-whip and her claw hands ^^. Also if that's alright that is. And for the alignment, since you said it would probably be best that she came from another planet I'll just have her be from an unknown experimental moon and she came to Terra searching for a future, and so she would be somewhat on her own but considering she is supposed to be user friendly lol excuse the pun i figure if she finds someone she likes/cares for she will either fully join there side or just be their companion. Also should i edit my character info to have these new things or just leave it here. ^.^ I hope this fixes things and thank you.
  11. Is there any magic remaining, like the rare few who can use some minor part of their powers? Say that a particular Necromancer can see and talk to ghosts even before finding the amulet?
  12. Name: Rezlien Melaor

    Race: Half-elf

    Sign: Necromancer

    Gender: Male

    Appereance: anime_kid.jpg Rezlien is a rather short fellow, standing at five feet, six inches and not seeming very muscular at all. In fact, he looks quite a bit wimpy and skin that seems to be almost sickly pale, though that is only when he is talking to the departed. His clothes are all the standard fare of threads except for his cloak which is made of rough sack cloth, a rather uncommon material now a days.

    The hood of his cloak tends to be up most of the time, covering the slightly pointed ears that show his mixed genealogy and making most people assume that his black eyes are just their eyes playing tricks on them. In actuality, his eyes really are black, a mutation that was so insignificant that it doesn't really matter.

    Rezlien has a rather uncommon ability which is the ability to see an talk with the souls of those who have remained here. He can see, understand and talk with any spirit that posesses any significant presence to it.

    He is gifted with nimble fingers that are equally suited to playing the keyboard to picking pockets. Which he has done.

    He is also able to sing quite nicely, if one can get him to.

    He isn't used to being in daylight all that much, seeing as he is mostly out at night.

    He has a bad case of insomnia and he often sleeps durring the day and is awake durring the night. He can be very grouchy when woken up durring his day time "nap."

    He is very receptive to spirits and their influences. One spirit in particular believes it is a source of fate and will go out of its way to manipulate Rezlien into being a part of it. He hates that spirit.

    Personality: Rezlien is a kind of person that would prefer to just lounge around all night and sleep all day if he could. (Un)fortunately, life and circumstance has not let him do that at all. In fact, life is positively crap for him.

    He is usually pretty calm, almost to the point of monotone but he can have his moments of panic, mania (really rare), happiness (less rare than mania) and love (So rare that it has never happened). He is an extreme downer and pessimist, if only to get through life.

    Short Bio: To sum up Rezlien's life would be similiar to reading a very depressing novel about a person who just can't seem to get a break. Here is the abridged version. Rezlien was born in one of the many sprawling slums that cover much of the land, and some of the seas of the planet now. His parents were laborers, working for corporations that didn't give a damn about them and would have replaced them all with robots if they could save even a penny in wages. The corporations didn't provide anything for them except food per unit of organic mass. In short, the slums were full of kids who were bred simply so their parents could have another piece of bread and serve their gracious corporate masters when they grow up.

    And they wonder why Rezlien is such a downer... Though, to be fair, that is not the only reason. The main reason that he has such a negative outlook on life is because he sees dead people. Always. He can't chose not to hear or see the spirits and some of them just love to royaly screw with his life.

    It is quite am amazing feat that this half-elf didn't decide to just end it all like oh so many others who didn't see the dead people... if not for the fact that he could see their spirts and was seriously tired of their moanings. Yes, life is not nice to someone who can see spirits and can't tell them to shut up.

    Just when he was resigning himself to a life of being such a downer that people would leave him alone, when a really persistant representative from a really persistant cult came knocking at his cardboard box until he went there. Honestly, the cult was fun enough but they wouldn't just shut up about those amulets or what not. Why would anyone want to speek with the dead was beyond him, its not like they are up on current events. Or are any pleasent to deal with.

    Extras: Rezlien has a small, insignificant criminal record for picking pockets and stealing. Its only to survive people. Only to survive.

    He does have a metal pocket knife on it, which isn't that much but enough to defend himself with. And to pry open cans.
  13. Bullet:

    Sounds good to me. So is your character starting with both mechanical legs and arms? It is not necessary for you to remove info from your CS, just add some explaining and you are good to go! :D

    About the character alignment, I was thinking perhaps it is better if NIKKO already starts with another character as friend and thus already having a side chosen- this is actually valid for most players. In that case, we might save ourselves introducing some of our characters to the others and we can get started with the action sooner.

    We can leave things like this and once we gather more players, arrange and pre-plot things a bit. I was aiming at having two 'teams' in the beginning; the cultists seeking the amulets, and the squad that chases them.


    Yes, there is always some flow around. Most noticeable with Necromancers and Sirens, and perhaps Dryads. However this would be something rare and never comparable to what it is after each amulet is activated. Some Dragons, before their amulet gets activated, would be naturally good at creative stuff and things that required imagination; others perhaps at training animals. A Chimera might have a knack at working with metals, be it as a jeweller or as a spaceship mechanic. One would just say it's talent; instead, a Siren, before having the amulet activated, may from time to time dream about something that might happen or a Necromancer may contact a spirit, briefly, once in a very while. And so on. But nothing too powerful.

    (think of thr sort of stuff you see and hear today IRL... I can say I have some useful dream every now and then, and I know people that claims seeing or talking to ghosts sometimes.)

    I will set the amulet discovery order based on our characters once we have enough to start.
  14. Yes lol i'll just post a quick picture link of what my legs would looks like as mech(and what i might look like shifted.) So i will no longer have human legs just the mech. ^^ And sure i don't mind starting with someone, just give me a heads up or whatever so I kinda know what I'm going into? Like which person I'm starting with and which faction so we can maybe plan something out? If that's ok... Actually I wouldn't even mind being a somewhat sentient pet companion. ^^ I seem to be good with those. Just so long as they don't start off treating meh like crap O.O Lol. But whatever you think would fit is fine with me ^^ I just can't wait to get it started XD
    Pic (open)
    sorry about the view <.> only one i could find that looked right ^.^ and was wearing a necklace XD. Anyway can't wait.
  15. *laughs*

    Well yes the view is rather striking... However I think it's not that terrible for the rest of us to understand that she has mecha arms and legs, based on what you said. Don't worry about teaming up- I'll let everybody know everything once we're good to start. I'm afraid you will have to wait a bit tho. I've been waiting for a week for this to pick up some players! I'm so happy now!

    And I can assure you I have not yet met anyone in Iwaku that treats others as crap, so relax about that too. I already know these four and they're great people.
  16. That's great it always good when a rp is full and of good people. ^.^ And okies i wait i wait >.< -pouts- How many more people do you need? Also thanks for understanding the pic ://. I look forward to starting this with you all then.
  17. Damn use spoiler tags next time some poeple are at work. =|

    No seriously.
  18. OMG I'm so sorry <.> I haven't figured out how to use spoilers on this site yet. Please forgive me, the other site i use has a spoiler box set up. is it just the
    Show Spoiler
    like other sites? If so i will start using it again please forgive me <.> edit- nvm i figured it out i promise i will use them from now on please forgive. ><
  19. True- good call Vay, I apologize for not taking that into account.
  20. Like so.

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