The Seven Sisters of Abrielle

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    In the kingdom of Abrielle lives a King, his beautiful wife and their precious 7 daughters. Once reaching the age of 17 they are betrothed. The Weddings will happen on their 23rd birthday, in royal tradition. But in the land there is at least some chivalry so between their 17th and 23rd birthday they are courted by their to be husband. The only way out of a betrothal is to have an agreement signed by both betrothed and their parents. This has only happened once in the history of the Abrielle Royal Family.
    Spots (open)

    Royal Women- In order by age
    1 Hanako of Abrielle -21- @FangirlingSinceBirth
    2 Elizabet of Abrielle -20- @AuratheDemonPriestess
    3 Minus of Abrielle -19- @Boxateer
    4 Anneliese of Abrielle -18- @DarkStarLove90
    5 Loreli of Abrielle -17- @Lazy_Not_Bored
    6 Kizue of Abrielle -16- @HollowEastWord
    7 Alice of Arielle -15- @Haruka
    Royal Men
    1 Gabe of Merlot -21- @Lazy_Not_Bored
    2 James of Genisai -19- @Lazy_Not_Bored
    3 Salem of the Eastern Isles -18- @Justaddnutts
    4 Alexander Montross Reaper -22- @N0VA™
    5 Suko Rinji -19- @DapperDogman
    Peasant Boys
    1 William Mostas -18- @Boxateer
    2 Scotton Kirthmire -18- @SirDerpingtonIV

    Betrothals (open)

    1 Hanako of Abrielle :heartbeat: Alexander Montross Reaper
    2 Elizabet of Abrielle :heartbeat: Gabe of Merlot
    3 Minus of Abrielle :heartbeat: James of Genisai
    4 Anneliese of Abrielle :heartbeat: Suko Rinji
    5 Loreli of Abrielle :heartbeat: Salem of the Eastern Isles

    Rules (open)
    Rules (open)

    • These girls are being betrothed and I will be picking the couples. Nothing is set in stone you can have an affair with a peasant boy, or fall in love with your sister's betrothed for all I know. But other than the 'Crush' section in the Skelly you shouldn't ask me to set you up with fulanito
    • Because they are sisters there can only be one 15 year old one 16 year old etc. Unless twins which I'd like to keep to maximum of 1 pair. For the daughters their surnames are 'of Abrielle'
    • You can have two characters but they must be of opposite gender, again unless twins.
    • This isn't so much of a rule as it is a preference: Pictures for looks Anime or drawings
    • No God Moding
    • No Mary and/or Gary Sues
    • While this is a romance, it is not a porno PG-13 please
    • If you got this far put an emoji somewhere in your skelly
    • And be creative! For example a peasant boy can be a butler, a civilian, or a traveler. Just use your imagination please.
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  2. Alexander sat on the floor in his usual position, he had just heard the King's betrothal proposition for him; he nodded quietly and clenched his fists looking towards the ground. He had viewed all of the girls and from all of them the one that appealed to him the most was Elizabet of Arielle, he had suddenly stood up and gazed at the King and Queen right into their eyes... his displeasure of the proposition was clearly seen in his eyes as they hid under his cloak "King and Queen, I do not doubt your decisions 'nor do I wish to not follow it but my own right judgement of heart and mind forces me to act out of my bounds. Forgive me for the words I might speak I mean no harm for the things I crave for and the things I wish for are two different things..." he paused for a moment "...all of your are as beautiful as your queen and wise as you are but my eye only caught one of them. And that one is not the one your majesty." he said with a sharp and clear words "The choice you have made for me I can only respect... but not love. Why bound us together when we both know we do not love each other and do not want each other and with my choice when one of is willing, willing to love a lot of things can happen." he looked at Elizabet of Abrielle "She is the one that caught my eye and won't leave my mind. For the last time my King, I humbly ask you to re-think your choice. I beg of you, if I would have to I would beg on my knees, just ask of it and I will do it." he said as he looked at both of them and then remained quiet. Thoughts circled his mind, he was not about to leave the choice of his future wife to someone else, he would rather have his wife picked by himself than someone else, as much as he appreciated and respected the kings decision due to his standing, age and wisdom he had to dare and oppose him for the one who sits silent is the one who loses, whether it's his life, his money or his image. He was about to place a great deal on the line for a girl he merely viewed from a far, a girl that looked like an angel to him.
  3. Soku looked at the man, who seemed to have an eye for the other woman he had liked, true, Elizabet was beautiful, and seemed like she'd make a fine wife, but why would he be displeased with the betrothal he had received?
    "Sit down, you fool" he muttered under his breath. This man would get himself into a lot of trouble...someone else had been betrothed to Elizabet...and there would be little chance they would want to give up such a fine woman
    He'd been betrothed to Anneliese, who was a beautiful girl, but, he like the man who dared to speak out, had eyes for Lizza...
    He would happily take Anna instead, however, as she had caught his eye too, she was stunningly beautiful, and she seemed to someone he would happily marry, she was cheerful if a little shy, but of course, he found that to be adorable, and he liked it

    She was such a nice girl, he wouldn't trade her for anyone else...not even if he'd wanted to, which he didn't
  4. Scotton stood, straight as a pole, in the throne room, holding a silver plate in his hands, on which were several golden wine cups. He utterly hated his position, but in order to achieve his ambitions, he had to follow through. He watched the two nobles, polar opposites of eachother almost. The first one, "Alexander", as he heard, seemed to be arrogant, and foolish, almost like a Kirthmire, he thought to himself life a slight smile. The second one, "Soku", seemed to be quieter, and would obey the king's rulings. He continued on, listening to Alexander make a fool of him self, and proclaim the beauty of Elizabet, and how he'd marry her instead. I could live a 'undred years, and never understand what the fuck goes on inside the minds of these people. Atleast the lordlings and Chieftans back in Garania made sense, he thought to himself. I mean, seriously, how could you merely see someone, and "Fall in love" with them? I've seen it a thousand times here, but never on the trips I've taken to my home. He had only been to Garania a couple of times, to see how the region was doing, and who was in power and such. A fat nobleman, one of the king's advisors called for wine, and Scotton walked over, carrying the platter. He stood infront of the man, who took a glass, before being stopped by other noblemen. Within a matter of seconds, his plate was empty, as he headed back out of the hall, to the kitchens. He heard his shoes clack dully against the stone floors, as he entered the kitchens, grabbing some more wine.

    He reentered the throne room, taking his position again.
  5. Voices from the Throne Room echoed down the hall right outside of its door.The hall was pretty empty,excluding the ornaments and the blue-haired princess who was eavesdropping right outside of the Throne Room door.Alice,the youngest princess of Abrielle,lightly leaned her ear and hands against the tall doors of the Throne Room and listened to what they were talking about.She knew that they were going to talk about the Betrothals,but she doesn't really KNOW know what it exactly is and why they have to go through it.A princess gets introduced to some prince from whateverland at age 17 or something,and then at around 23 they get married.That's pretty much the only stuff she knew.

    "But shouldn't there be more to it than just that?" she recalled asking her mom when her Highness told Alice about it when she was 10.She still tried to ask her about it now,but she always just gave Alice a smile,turning her down by telling her that she would find out about it herself one day.

    Alice heard footsteps approach the door.Quickly she pulled herself away from the door and slid behind one of the statues to hide.She watched Scotton walk away with an empty plate from her hiding spot.A few minutes later she watched him come back with wine and enter the Throne Room once more,and right after he closed the door Alice proceeded once again with her eavesdropping.She knew the consequences of what she was doing since their parents themselves taught them to not listen to other people's businesses,but so far she had only been caught once by her parents,and a few other times by either her sisters or some staff.Since she's the youngest,she wouldn't really get a huge punishment when their parents catch her,and this is also one of the reasons why she eavesdrops.Sometimes being the youngest have their own benefits.

    Loreli walked down the hall ready for breakfast that was being held back an hour because of a meeting her parents are having with princes from vast places. Loreli sighed dreamily. New betrothals for her sisters she couldn't be happier. As Loreli was walking to the dining room she saw a small ball of person rolled up next to the door to her dad's study. The tiniest smirk was on her face but she tried to hide it while scolding her sister "Alice" Loreli said loud enough to get her attention from about 5 feet away.


    Gabe woke up in his room in the castle's guest house. He rolled his eyes at the brightest of lights shining into his face he flipped over and tried to go back to sleep but that light turned on his brain and Gabe was now planning out his entire day with his eyes closed. After a minute Gabe got up and stretched. He was to be joining the royal family for breakfast as always before teaching the girls their daily studies. Gabe got dressed in a button up and slacks with his shiniest shoes, He picked up his teaching supplies and two personal books before leaving for the main building. Gabe was greeted by a maid they said their hellos and Gabe left to the long dining table it held about 20 but it was normally just ten of them for breakfast. His and Her majesty, their 7 daughters and himself when invited. Gabe sat in his normal seat between Lizza and Hanako, The two eldest one being his fiance. Gabe sat in the empty table and started to read one of his personal books.
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  7. Anneliese, pink
    Anneliese was still in her room at the moment, brushing her long brown hair out, mother always said that 100 strokes made your hair shiny and soft. Anneliese's hair needed no help with that but she liked to do it anyway, it had become a habit every morning now. She looked at herself in the little mirror, today she would meet her betrothed, she was scared beyond any doubt, afraid that she would not measure up against expectations of her. She stood and smoothed out the front of her gown, the pink color complimented her complexion nicely and made her hair and eyes stand out even more than usual. She bit her lip and slowly turned toward the door, she hoped that some of her sisters were already in the dining hall, she was too nervous to go in alone, she walked briskly to her door walking out it and heading down the hall searching for one of her sisters to walk with along the way.
  8. Minus, purple An earsplitting ringing shot Minnie awake from her two hour sleep. She opened her red eyes and saw the window that was across the room was still shut. Minnie laid her head back down on the ever so soft pillow and started mumbling to herself. "I really love the darkness..." and tightened her grip on the wine bottle that was in hand. Her mind drifted off to a different time when she was younger and life was much more simpler with her family. almost seems like she was forgetting something. Minnie just shrugged and took a deep sigh, trying to get her mind off of the hangover she was currently enduring. Then, it hit her. "Breakfast!", she nearly shouted. Minnie jumped out of bed and begun her duties as a lady (or at least trying to look like one). A little while later, Minnie was struggling to get a comb down her purple locks as she didn't brush it in over five days. She rushed out her room in her normal purple dress with the comb still in her tangled hair. She had completely forgotten about it and rushed down the hallway, wanting to eat some food right now and the hangover making it worse.
  9. Alexander's gaze darted towards the man that spoke to him "Silence? Don't address me you wretched being... if you wish to play sheep then do, but be wary of the wolf in the sheepskin. Now be silent for I am not so peaceful as I appear to be." he turned back to the king and queen "I asked peacefully and most humbly for what I held in my heart but you shot me with your silent stares and quiet voices. I will not take lightly to this, my age might be a minor one that yours but I have earned my scars unlike some." he said and then began walking out off the main hall. Walking down the hallway bloody thoughts twisted his mind but he managed to shake them off... he wasn't the calm type of people and would excel more on the battlefield than during peace time, as he walked down the hallway he abruptly bumped into a girl with his force pushing her to the ground... he immediately stopped, snapping out of his angered state as he looked at the girl "I am terribly sorry... I did not manage to see you there." he said under his cloak and gave the girl a hand to get up.

  10. Suko shakes his head and sighs "Bloody fool, to speak so lightly to the monarchs who've granted him their should have his betrothal undone and see the man put to death" he says standing "I am most grateful for your proposition, and shall gladly take your daughter's hand"
    Although his words were merely a façade to keep his slight displeasure at the man's insinuation, about his muttering being a sign of weakness, rather than quieted wisdom, he cared not. The words did what they were intended to do, and he found himself kneeling once more

    "My gratitude couldn't be expressed with words, so I shall have to make it up to you by giving your daughter the very best life I can manage...I know I don't come from such a prosperous land, but I shall see to it that she lives as comfortably as my funds allow"
    His land was mostly just agriculture, with no gold or diamond mining. This meant the land was rather poor, but food was plentiful, so they had begun to export goods, that is where his father had made his way to nobility, he was a shipwright, selling cargo vessels at high prices to allow adventurous farmers and merchants to try their hand at selling their wares oversees, to live a much better life in other lands

    The real reason why Suko was here, was because of what he'd done to help his land's economy...

    Suko had started a silk farm, a huge one, farming massive amounts of silk, it hadn't brought it in it's first harvest yet, but the instant he made it known what he was farming, he'd received word from the king...

    no doubt the huge wealth he was going to gain had caused the king to consider him a worthy suitor for his daughter
  11. ((I love this character. XD))

    ((No one is RPing as the king, so I guess I shall until someone else decides to.))

    ((Since we don't have a physical description of the king and queen, or anything at all from them, the king shall look like,
    [​IMG], and the queen shall look like,

    The king stood up now, at Alexander's words. "If you are not happy with my daughter, than you can leave my castle, Alexander Montross Reaper! I brought you here, for great opportunity, and you simply spit it back in my face?! Have you no shame?" he bellowed. The king was a rather old man, in his late fifties now, same for his queen. He needed to marry his daughters off to some capable nobles and richmen, who'd hopefully be able to keep his kingdom afloat admist the sea of problems it faced. The unrest in Garania, to the east, the draughts in the South, and the ever increasing amounts of Skjioljar raids from the North. If he and his wife left this kingdom without a strong heir, it would fall within a matter of weeks! His wife glared at the man infront of him, this Suko. "I don't need someone else kissing my husband's ass, thank you. For many assassins and sowers of chaos hide their intentions behind honeyed words and false smiles. How do we know, that you truely have good intent in your coming here?" The King looked over at her now, and they began to talk in lower voices, that few others could here. "I chose these men for a reason, for all of their different qualities, to help this kingdom survive." he said. She paused for a moment, "But they all have faults to go with their qualities. Alexander is arrogant, even though he is skilled in a battle, Suko is secretive and cunning, even though he is ambitious and economically skilled. Perhaps we should rethink who we've chosen?"

    He sighed now, thinking for several long seconds. "I chose these men for a reason, Michelle. This is the last we speak of this." The queen adopted a rather sour facial expression, as the King raised his voice. "Suko!" he called, looking at the man before him. "I am grateful, for how much you respect my authority, and are thankful, for bringing you here. You may go." The King and queen wanted some time to speak to themselves, ((Plus, like 3 pages of people yelling at eachother in a throne room isn't particularly fun. XD))


  12. ((Haha, thank you @SirDerpingtonIV ))

    Minus, purple Minnie didn't have enough reaction time or time to think when she had bumped into a man under a cloak. Her migraine worsened at the thought of what to do. 'What do I do?! Do I grab his hand or what?!?' Tired and hungry, she weakly grabbed his hand and pulled herself up. 'Strong grip.' She stuttered and bowed a little. "I, u-um, am very sorry to bump into you sir! I wasn't thinking straight, so please do not worry about me at all!" She said as her stomach growled loudly. 'God dang it! How long have I not eaten?' She had thought within her mind. Then, she saw her comb on the ground and got on her knees to pick it up, with her stomach growling even more.

  13. Alexander looked at her "It was indeed my fault that I bumped into you, my anger got the better of me and I rushed in without watching where I was going. Please I insist that I somehow repay myself for my actions, I would be very disappointed if I do not redeem myself to you." he said as he bowed slightly with his hand across his chest, this was the way his people bowed, and rarely did they bow... he heard her growling stomach and thought of one thing, food "Well it appears that you are hungry. Why not let me repay myself by taking you to get some food? I think that would benefit us both, it would quench your hungry and I would be able to redeem myself?" he said and smirked under his mask and hood.
  14. Minus, purple Minnie blushed at his words. 'He really wants to repay me, eh?' She stood on her feet with her blush still there. I-I'm not sure if you would like having a lady who can not see anything in front of her. But, if you insist mister...?" She asked, not knowing who was under that mask. If fact, she was so 'busy' in the wine cellar, she had completely forgot that today the girls were going to meet their betrothed. Even so, she had never met him and want to be rude to tell him to take off his mask if he didn't want to.
  15. Suko bowed slightly and made his exit, wondering exactly what he was meant to do. He grabbed at the sword which a guard had taken from him, he looked it over and nodded "I see you haven't been bashing it against the each other's suits..." he mutters, having expected them to test the blade he had forged from the finest steel his land could manage to get it's hands on. It would take something of immense hardness to dent or damage it's blade, but he still didn't want anyone to mess with it, as it cost him a small fortune to procure

    "I cannot fault your queen, she is a cautious lady, she knows character when she sees it" he smiles a little as he puts the scabbard onto his belt and puts his jacket over it, hiding most of the sheath from view "Caution is scarce amongst nobles, I can respect that"
  16. Alice perked up at the sound of her name that echoed down the hall.She started to ease a bit after realizing whose familiar voice it was."L-Loreli?" she squeaked,turning around and looking up to her pink-haired sister."I-I.." Alice started twiddling her index fingers as she spoke."..It's not like what it seems,I w-wasn't listening to them earli--" She quickly covered her mouth with both hands after realizing what she just said.Yup,I'm a bad liar.. Not like her sister would believe whatever excuse she would say though.She had been caught eavesdropping several other times,and there was really no way to get around it right now.

    Suddenly she heard the king's booming voice,which was an unquestionable sign that he was displeased.A few moments after a man in a red cloak burst out of the other door and walked down the hall.She watched the man walk away,now curious if they were done with the meeting.
  17. Alexander chuckled, a thing he very lightly did... not many people had seen him smile, laugh or even pretend to fake out a smile. He was simple, silent... but he had manners that he upheld at all times... he removed the demon mask covering the bottom half of his face and rose his cloak a bit so she could see his face. A smirk was wide on his face as tiny scars went through it all.


    Bright blue eyes looked up and down at the girl before setting his eyes upon hers. He smiled and looked at her with his hand still extended towards her "Alexander Montross Reaper..." he said and paused for a moment "...from a far away land which I most likely think you do not know." he said as he continued looking at her.
  18. At this point, Scotton was dismissed from his duties at the moment, and sent off with a dismissive "Go clean up the halls" from the Head Servant. He walked down the hallway to the supply closet, grabbing a broom, before continuing to stroll down the hallway, looking for things to "Clean". He was humming to himself, a tune from his mountainous homelands, about the birds of the sky, and the bears down low. It was a rather somber tune, but for some reason, the song had always raised his spirits, reminding him of home, and his goal of returning there. He had heard rumors among other servants who belonged to more.. chatty advisors, that the kingdom's problems were growing, and Garania yearned towards freedom. He knew he had to make his move soon, to find some way to escape this damned city. He was actually talking to himself at this point, about returning home, and such, as he rounded a corner, and noticed Alexander and Minnie talking. The foolish masked man, and the indigo/blue haired princess with the red eyes that he believed was named Minnie. She was blushing as they talked, so, Scotton decided this would be a good moment to turn around and get the fuck out of there. He'd been caught "Eavesdropping" before, and it... hadn't worked out too well. He could still feel the pain in his back occasionally.

    However, when he turned to leave, he tripped over his broom stick, falling onto his chest, as the broom stick clattered to the ground with several loud clacks. He sat there, rolling onto his back, watching them, eyes wide, hoping they didn't notice.

  19. Minus, purple Minnie laughed. "As you should know I am Minus the third best child out the seven!" She boasted about herself. She felt his eyes on her and felt like there was a large weight on her back. "Well then Alexander from another country, shall we go eat because I am starving-" A large clash sounded off in the hallway and Minnie saw behind Alexander, a servant that was on his back.
  20. He smiled at Minus and was about to speak when suddenly he heard a sound behind his back, he remained silent and put back his demon mask and pulled down his cloak to what it was previously. He turned around slowly and watched the servant that was on his back, he walked over to him calmly and extended his hand towards him pulling him up to his feet. He dusted him off slightly and looked at him "Be careful and don't trip." he said and then turned back to Minus and walked over back to her "Alright, shall we go and eat now?" he chuckled at her and smiled.
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